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Lost Creek Cemetery
May, Brown County, Texas

Lat: 31° 57' 50"N, Lon: 98° 00' 33"W

East from Brownwood, Brown Co., TX go .5 mile on Highway 67/377. Turn left on Highway 183N, go 17 miles into the town of May, left or west on County Road 411, go 5.8 miles, cemetery on right or north side of road.

On the USGS and Topo maps this cemetery is also listed as Hog Creek Cemetery, not sure if this is an error or not.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 18, 2007. Total records = 39.

Contributor's Index:

Chambers, Monroe C., b. 12 Apr 1893, d. 10 Dec 1984, m. 1 Feb 1914, h/o Nora F. Chambers, [CM]
Chambers, Nora F., b. 30 Jul 1894, d. 12 Dec 1951, w/o Monroe C. Chambers, [CM]
Chambers, Thelma L., b. 23 May 1915, d. 6 Nov 1986, [CM]
Davis, Baby, d. 12 Sep 1947, [CM]
Davis, Infant, d. 1898, c/o Mag Teague Davis, [CM]
Davis, Madie B., b. 24 May 1911, d. 3 Mar 1989, w/o Sammy E. Davis, [CM]
Davis, Sammy E., b. 13 Jan 1909, d. 17 Jan 1970, h/o Madie B. Davis, [CM]
Gotcher, A. B., b. 16 Apr 1889, d. 25 Jul 1892, Sonof J. H. and I. T. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Amanda E., b. 1861, d. 1957, w/o Charles Boyd Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Carl Lloyd, b. 22 Sep 1915, d. 22 Jul 1979, m. 4 Jan 1937, h/o Laurie Edmon Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Charles Boyd, b. 1863, d. 1942, h/o Amanda E. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Elsie K., b. 9 Jan 1875, d. 7 Apr 1961, w/o S. N. (Nat) Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Ettie, b. 22 Oct 1893, d. 9 Nov 1893, d/o J. H. and I. T. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Gene B., b. 15 Sep 1928, d. 27 Jun 2001, Pvt US Marine Corps Korea, [CM]
Gotcher, Gibbie Dudley, b. 1904, d. 1970, [CM]
Gotcher, Ida Ethel, b. 1 May 1897, d. 11 Nov 1898, d/o J. H. and I. T. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, James R., b. 14 Jul 1888, d. 9 Aug 1976, h/o Jimmie Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Jimmie, b. 17 Mar 1889, d. 19 Dec 1933, w/o James R. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Laurie Edmon, no dates, w/o Carl Lloyd Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Perry Duddly, b. 5 Aug 1920, d. 13 Sep 1952, Texas Tec5 9206 Tech SVC Unit WWII, [CM]
Gotcher, R. M. , b. 24 Dec 1838, d. 1 Nov 1908, w/o W. R. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, Rhoda C., b. 10 Nov 1896, d. 9 May 1911, d/o S. N. and Katie Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, S. N. (Nat), b. 19 Nov 1870, d. 29 Jan 1948, h/o Elsie K. Gotcher, [CM]
Gotcher, W. R., b. 17 Aug 1832, d. 20 Mar 1897, h/o R. M. Gotcher, [CM]
Graves, J. W., b. 17 Apr 1849, d. 23 Nov 1874, [CM]
Ray, Minnie, d. 4 Aug 1900, Age 20, w/o K. S. Ray, [CM]
Stubblefield, James V., b. 1847, d. 1919, h/o Martha C. Stubblefield, [CM]
Stubblefield, John W., b. 20 Dec 1877, d. 31 Dec 1958, h/o Zula E. Stubblefield, [CM]
Stubblefield, Martha C., b. 1845, d. 1933, w/o James V. Stubblefield, [CM]
Stubblefield, Thomas J., b. 1874, d. 1945, [CM]
Stubblefield, Zula E., b. 26 Jun 1888, d. 26 Oct 1973, w/o John W. Stubblefield, [CM]
Taylor, James F., b. 18 Apr 1885, d. 13 Jul 1969, m. 17 Mar 1907, h/o Laura L. Taylor, [CM]
Taylor, Laura L. Wheeler, b. 28 Mar 1882, d. 27 Dec 1961, w/o James F. Taylor, [CM]
Taylor, Willis Raymond, b. 20 Nov 1911, d. 4 May 1989, PFC US Army WWII, s/o James F. and Laura L. Taylor, [CM]
Teague, Alfred Marion, b. 1871, d. 1960, [CM]
Teague, Ida, b. Aug 1885, d. Sep. 1903, [CM]
Teague, J. H., b. 4 Aug 1873, d. 9 Dec 1932, [CM]
Teague, J. R., b. 25 Sep 1828, d. 1 Aug 1896, [CM]
Wheeler, Thomas B., b. 19 Aug 1888, d. 16 Apr 1964, [CM]

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