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Old Red Rock Cemetery
Bastrop County, Texas

Total records = 378. Records contributed by:

Old Red Rock Cemetery, Bastrop County, near Red Rock, Texas cemetery is located about .25 miles south of Hwy 812 on unpaved road, about 1 mile west of Red Rock

Adams, Myrtle, b. 3/8/1897, d. 3/13/1897, Dau of Ed & Nora, [TO]
Allen, Beverly L, b. 2/7/1870, d. 8/7/1871, [TO]
Anderson, Charlie, b. 05/07/1910, d. 04/25/1940, [TO]
Anderson, Elizabeth, b. 11/13/1845, d. 05/21/1924, w/o J.A., [TO]
Anderson, Elly C, b. 6/24/1885, d. 08/09/1904, [TO]
Anderson, Elmo, b. 06/18/1910, d. 12/08/1925, [TO]
Anderson, F. W, no dates, Stone not Found, [TO]
Anderson, Infant, no dates, Inf of Tom & Jewel Anderson, [TO]
Anderson, J. A, b. 3/25/1839, d. 03/31/1904, [TO]
Anderson, James Jim, b. 6/25/1876, d. 01/26/1940, [TO]
Anderson, Jas H, b. 10/9/1892, d. 09/25/1902, [TO]
Anderson, John H, b. 2/22/1868, d. 01/23/1923, [TO]
Anderson, Josh, no dates, Stone not Found (Husb of Josephine Moore?), [TO]
Anderson, Lillie, b. 08/15/1912, d. 08/20/1912 At Rest, [TO]
Anderson, Myrtle, b. 10/01/1900, d. 11/01/1900, [TO]
Anderson, R. L, b. 12/30/1904, d. 1989, [TO]
Anderson, Rebecca, b. 2/4/1872, d. 06/18/1953, [TO]
Anderson, Robert "Rob" Larry, b. 1926, d. 04-14-1989, h/o Rose, [TO]
Anderson, Rose Purcell, b. 1918, d. none, w/o Robert, [TO]
Anderson, Samuel, b. 10/16/1873, d. 10/15/1878, s/o James/E., [TO]
Anderson, Susie Riddles, b. 12/8/1888, d. 09/14/1974, w/o James, [TO]
Anderson, Tommie Lorraine, b. 11/18/1947, d. none, [TO]
Anderson, W. A, b. 2/2/1870, d. 03/11/1931, age 61, s/o Jim Anderson and Lizzie Bradshaw, [TO]
Armentrout, D. E, b no dates, [TO]
Armentrout, R. E, b no dates, [TO]
Awalt, Benjamin J, b. 6/14/1872, d. 12/12/1872, s/o W. M. & C. Awalt, [TO]
Awalt, Burtha, no dates, Stone not Found, [TO]
Awalt, George Henry, b. 4/26/1860, d. 10/05/1934, Father, [TO]
Awalt, George Jr, b. 12/23/1812, d. 12/27/1882, h/o Rebecca, [TO]
Awalt, Infant, b. 5/4/1895, d. 5/26/1895, Her Babe Mary, With Mary E, [TO]
Awalt, Irene, b. 2/8/1860, d. 1825, w/o Jacob Samuel, Nee Bradshaw, Dau of W M. & C, [TO]
Awalt, Martha C, b. 1/18/1870, d. 11/16/1873, d/o W. M. & C., [TO]
Awalt, Mary Ann, b. 11/31/1856, d. 06/14/1929 b. IL. Nee Morain, w/o Jacob Samuel Awalt and Jacob Robert Tally, [TO]
Awalt, Mary E, b. 9/18/1865, d. 5/5/1895, w/o G. H, Buried with Babe, [TO]
Awalt, Mary Emma, b. 5/4/1895, d. 5/26/1895, Sister, [TO]
Awalt, Missie Sould, b. 7/6/1859, d. none, w/o W. M., [TO]
Awalt, Rebecca, b. 3/4/1815, d. 8/2/1870 Nee Bradshaw, w/o George, Has two stones., [TO]
Awalt, Sam (Jacob S.), b. 7/2/1857, d. 04/1940, s/o George and Rebecca, h/o Irene Bradshaw and Mary A. Morain., [TO]
Awalt, W. M, b. 11/3/1834, d. 3/15/1874, m. to Missie Souls 7/6/1859, [TO]
Awalt, William R, b. 10/17/1880, d. none, [TO]
Bailey, Arcada E, b. 12/25/1835, d. 8/22/1869, age 35 yrs 7 mos 27 dys, w/o W. F., [TO]
Bailey, Wm. H, b. 1/22/1862, d. 8/15/1868, age 6 yr 6 mos 25 dys, s/o W. F. & Arcada E, [TO]
Barnard, ?, no dates, Unmarked, h/o Mary, [TO]
Barnard, Doris E, b. 02/06/1924, d. none, [TO]
Barnard, Knox, b. 9/8/1873, d. 12/29/1908, WOW, [TO]
Barnard, Levi M, b. no date, d. 04/09/1901, age 95 yrs, [TO]
Barnard, Levi N, b. 09/07/1904, d. 03/04/1985, [TO]
Bolton, Ella, b. 1/6/1861, d. 6/23/1892, m/o SM & Rosa, [TO]
Booth, Infant, no dates, Stone not Found, [TO]
Bowen, Albert Barnyell "Brian", b. 6/1/1892, d. 06/23/1928, [TO]
Bowen, Elizabeth J. Awalt, b. 12/18/1836, d. 1924, w/o John W. Bowen, [TO]
Bowen, Ellen "Dutch", b. 10/4/1857, d. 12/01/1938, w/o Henry M, [TO]
Bowen, Henry M, 8/1/1857, d. 12/24/1939, [TO]
Bowen, J. E. "Lish", b. 1879, d. 1948, [TO]
Bowen, John A, b. 11/11/1869, d. 10/3/1873, s/o J.W. & E.J., [TO]
Bowen, John Wriggs, b. 2/18/1831, d. 05/10/1907, Mason, h/o Elizabeth J, [TO]
Bowen, Maggie M, b. 1882, d. 1966, w/o J.E., [TO]
Bowen, Manervia W, b. 9/15/1867, d. 1/30/1868, d/o J. W. & E. J., [TO]
Bowen, Sarah Alyce "Sally", b. 9/20/1894, d. 04/25/1981, w/o Albert, Beloved parents, [TO]
Bowen, Zula H, no dates, 8 yrs. Dau of J.E. Bowen., [TO]
Bowers, Mary Jane, b. 10/25/1847, d. 11/19/1891, Earth has one mortal less, heaven one angel more. Sister of J. A. Bowers, [TO]
Bowers, Willie, b. 8/12/1889, d. 8/23/1889, [TO]
Bradshaw, Inf, b. 1875, d. 2/1875 Inf of J. R & M. W., [TO]
Bradshaw, J. R, b. 8/9/1852, d. 09/30/1920, [TO]
Bradshaw, Lenard, b. 6/1/1887, d. 7/6/1887, s/o J.H. & M.A., [TO]
Bradshaw, Mildred, b. 1/16/1855, d. 12/04/1931, [TO]
Bradshaw, Nancy Lucinda, b. 1826, d. 1887, [TO]
Bradshaw, Otto, b. 8/3/1894, d. 8/13/1894, s/o W.K. & O.T., [TO]
Bradshaw, S. H, b. 1836, d. 1915, Pvt ARK INF 1862-1865 CSA, [TO]
Bradshaw, William Madison, b. 12/2/1871, d. 2/4/1872, s/o J.R. & M.W., [TO]
Bray, Mary Ellen, b. 8/27/1865, d. 1/10/1895, Daughter, w/o F.A., [TO]
Bridgewater, Wilma (Lentz), b. 9/16/1915, d. 10/5/1993, w/o Kaskie P. Bridgewater, d/o Osceola Bryan Lentz and Annie Clara Pester Lentz, [LC]
Bridgewater, Walter Lentz, b. 09/16/1915, d. none, [TO]
Briggs, Mary Ann, b. no date, d. 1898, Grandmother, [TO]
Bruening, Lisa, b. 5/1/1873, d. 2/6/1880, Inf Dau of J. & D., [TO]
Bryant, Berther Awalt, b. 1890, d. 1961, [TO]
Bryant, Earl C, b. 1889, d. 1962, [TO]
Buchannan, Martha, b. 1868, d. no date, nee Curl, m. 11/3/1853, Enternal Rest, [TO]
Buckner, J. W. Mrs, b. 3/10/1848, d. 09/03/1933, Gone but not forgotten, [TO]
Buckner, James W, b. 3/2/1843, d. 12/10/1927, Pvt CO B Allison's Regt, TN CAV CSA. Gone but not forgotten, [TO]
Buckner, Kennie, b. no date, d. 05/01/1913, 13 yrs, [TO]
Burrier, Richard Frederick, b. 11/15/1880, d. 8/11/1882, Inf s/o R. M. & S. F., [TO]
Bushnell, Donald Ray, b. 1931, d. 06/21/1905, [TO]
Cain, Flora, no dates, w/o Columbus, [TO]
Cain, Leatrice Mozelle, b. 09/24/1921, d. 01/18/1925, d/o C.P. & Flora M, [TO]
Callahan, Verlin, b. 1881, d. 1916, [TO]
Carlton, Gussie, b. 9/24/1866, d. 01/05/1919, w/o W.H., [TO]
Carlton, Woodville H, b. 9/18/1858, d. 05/01/1935, Rest in Peace, [TO]
Carroll, Annie, b. none, d. 1987, [TO]
Carroll, Deo L, no dates,, [TO]
Carroll, Frank, b. 01/19/1902, d. 08/03/1976, [TO]
Carroll, Roy, no dates, Twin to Coy in Watterson, [TO]
Cast, Andrew B, b. 5/26/1891, d. 05/08/1972, [TO]
Cast, Ann nee Miears, b. 8/9/1851, d. 01/01/1936, [TO]
Cast, John T, b. 1853, d. 03/07/1905, [TO]
Catchings, Ben F, b. 5/23/1845, d. 02/28/1917, h/o Elizabeth Craig, [TO]
Catchings, Betty, b. 9/15/1845(9), d. 12/20/1912, [TO]
Catchings, James F, b. 9/12/1883, d. 03/29/1904, s/o BF & Betty, [TO]
Chambliss, Henry H, b. 10/11/1869 Leoke CO, MS, d. no date, d. in Bastrop Co, TX, s/o H.F & A. Has two stones, [TO]
Chambliss, Henry, b. 1788, d. 11/12/1875, [TO]
Chambliss, Sarah, b. 1803, d. 9/28/1879, [TO]
Clark, Ann Yoast Hemphill, b. 06/04/1907, d. 01/05/1994, Our Mom., [TO]
Corball, David, b. 1880, d. no date, New Red Rock, [TO]
Corball, F. Daisy, b. 1926, d. 1934, New Red Rock, [TO]
Culpepper, Aletha, no dates, Inf of Carl, [TO]
Culpepper, Billy Joe, b. 05/30/1928, d. 09/02/1983, US Army, s/o Dora Nally and Jack Culpepper, [TO]
Culpepper, Dean Vernon, b. 07/15/1917, d. 10/26/1996, 36th Div USA WWII. SGT, [TO]
Culpepper, Dora Tally, b. 6/13/1888, d. 01/06/1964, w/o Joe R. Wed 9/8/1907, [TO]
Culpepper, Eld. A.A, b. 9/1/1874, d. 04/15/1923, Father, h/o Elizabeth, [TO]
Culpepper, Elizabeth, b. 9/10/1846, d. 03/20/1928, A sleep with Jesus., [TO]
Culpepper, Elizabeth, b. 9/19/1910, d. 12/18/1910, d/o J. b. & Dora, [TO]
Culpepper, George Bryon, b. 11/30/1892, d. 10/20/1938, Texas Bos'n Mate 2 CL USN, [TO]
Culpepper, Henery, b. 1/22/1897, d. 05/27/1904, s/o W.H. & I.T., [TO]
Culpepper, Homer N, b. 06/18/1912, d. 06/13/1914, s/o J.R. & Dora, [TO]
Culpepper, Hurchel, b. 12/3/1899, d. 07/24/1913, s/o W.H. & I.T., [TO]
Culpepper, Ida F Culberson, b. 1878, d. 1939, w/o W. H., [TO]
Culpepper, Inf, no dates, Inf of John, [TO]
Culpepper, Jeffery Thomas, b. 06/09/1989, d. 08/27/1989, Our Beloved Son, [TO]
Culpepper, Joe R, b. 2/2/1885, d. 02/25/1964, m. 9/8/1907, h/o Dora Tally, [TO]
Culpepper, William H, b. 1875, d. 1944, [TO]
DeSaulniers, J, b. 1929, d. 06/09/1905, Vet Flag, [TO]
Densman, V. I, b. 10/26/1888, d. 07/16/1908, w/o C.S., [TO]
Dick, Lera Tally, b. 4/15/1881, d. 09/28/1974, w/o J. M. Dau of Frederick Tally and Nancy J. Hemphill, [TO]
Dickonson, John W, no dates,, [TO]
Dixon, Clarence O, b. 1901, d. 1968, Father, [TO]
Dixon, Ivy Sims, b. 1901, d. 1970, Mother, [TO]
Dixon, Terry A, b. 1945, d. 1991 Son, [TO]
Doherty, Beulah May, b. 02/28/1905, d. 11/21/1906, [TO]
Doherty, D. H, b. 2/12/1843, d. 1/5/1888, [TO]
Doherty, Fay Clifford, b. 01/08/1907, d. 12/17/1908, [TO]
Doherty, J. H, no dates, (John H?, h/o Martha R Chambliss?), [TO]
Doherty, Julia Lee, b. 01/20/1919, d. 01/30/1920, [TO]
Duran, Almeda Sorrells, b. 10/5/1859, d. 02/22/1937, w/o David C., [TO]
Duran, Charlie Thomas, b. 11/19/1879, d. 3/2/1880, It was an angel that visited green earth & took the flower away., [TO]
Duran, D. C. (David C.), b. 10/18/1857, d. 07/22/1913, s/o James & Elizabeth Chambliss Duran, [TO]
Duran, Elizabeth, b. 9/2/1831, d. 08/05/1903, w/o J.M. Born in NC., [TO]
Duran, J. W. R, b. 6/27/1854, d. 01/13/1902, [TO]
Duran, James M, b. 9/13/1831, d. 09/05/1915, Blacksmith 4 ALA CAV CSA, [TO]
Elder, A. M, b. 7/22/1927, d. 08/05/1992, USA Korea, [TO]
Eppler, George A, b. 11/24/1873, d. 10/24/1874, s/o H. G. & E. L., [TO]
Eppler, Guilford, b. 7/2/1873, d. 6/12/1881, s/o J. G. & R. E., [TO]
Eppler, Minerva Elizabeth, b. 12/11/1877, d. 10/3/1878, d/o H. G. & E. L., [TO]
Eppler, Robert M, b. 2/9/1877, d. broken, s/o J. G. & R. E., [TO]
Eppler, William Marcus, b. 4/27/1880, d. 4/18/1881, s/o J. G. & R. E., [TO]
F, J. A. (J. A. F.), no dates, carved rock (James A. Foreman?), [TO]
Faires, Robert Forrest, b. 12/14/1978, d. 12/29/1984, [TO]
Foreman, Infant (2), no dates, to be found., [TO]
Foreman, James Andrew, b. 8/23/1883, d. 11/27/1935, Rest In Peace, [TO]
Foreman, Lee Ora Awalt, b. 10/11(31)/1884, d. 02/12/1956, [TO]
Franklin, A. T, b. 12/17/1850, d. 03/05/1906, [TO]
Franklin, Lee, b. 12/4/1874, d. 1/3/1898, [TO]
Franklin, Louis, b. 01/1912, d. 06/1912, [TO]
Franklin, Martha, b. 5/6/1886, d. 10/4/1888, Little Martha, Dau of Jeff & Sally, [TO]
Franklin, Sally, no dates, [TO]
Frankum, Lewis Delmer, b. 1/14/1912, d. 06/23/1912, unmarked, [TO]
Frankum, Lewis Delmer, b. 1/14/1912, d. 6/23/1912, [LC]
Fredrick, Richard, no dates, [TO]
Gain, Beautrice M, no dates, [TO]
Gibson, Daughter, no dates, Dau of Alvin, [TO]
Gibson, James Sidney, b. no date, d. 1925, [TO]
Gibson, Mary L. Pearson, b. 10/26/1861, d. 03/26/1950, Mother, [TO]
Gibson, Melvin Sidney, b. 10/19/1938, d. 10/19/1938, [TO]
Gibson, Raymond Estall, b. 8/2/1934, d. 09/1937, [TO]
Gibson, Shirley Ann, b. 03/30/1941, d. 03/30/1941, [TO]
Gilliland, Ellen, b. 9/1/1869, d. 07/25/1932, [TO]
Gilliland, Hiram, no dates, [TO]
Gilliland, James, b. 11/20/1869, d. 03/23/1950, [TO]
Gray, F. K, b. 1/10/1836, d. 04/25/1914, Father, [TO]
Gray, Levy, b. 11/25/1842, d. 10/25/1927, Mother, [TO]
Hanna, L. R, no dates, [TO]
Hanna, Sylvia Sims, b. no date, d. 10/18/1986, 86 yrs, [TO]
Harl, John, b. 5/17/1869, d. 11/17/1889, h/o Emma, [TO]
Harl, Mary Lou, b. 1/21/1879, d. 1/1/1895, d/o R. A. & N. J., [TO]
Harl, Robert A, no dates, CO G 1 ARK INF CSA, [TO]
Harlow, Infant (3), no dates, [TO]
Harlow, Joseph "Joe", no dates, age 60 yrs., [TO]
Harris, A. D, b. 9/18/1854, d. 08/03/1918, WOW, [TO]
Harris, A. L, b. 8/13/1875, d. 08/02/1935, Father, h/o Julia, [TO]
Harris, Annette, b. 5/9/1855, d. 12/30/1937, Mother, w/o A.D., [TO]
Harris, Eliza, b. 1/5/1829, d. 12/2/1892, Mother, with Mary Ellen Bray, [TO]
Harris, Julia, b. 6/13/1877, d. 09/06/1939, Mother, In loving memory, [TO]
Harris, Louisa, b. 5/2/1823, d. 07/24/1900, Mother, [TO]
Hemphill, Joseph Rogers, b. 11/9/1877, d. 08/02/1949, Our Daddy, h/o Ann Yoast Hemphill Clark, s/o Joseph and Sarah Hoskins Hemphill, [TO]
Hemphill, Viola, b. 9/6/1889, d. 11/09/1904, nee Wright, w/o Joseph R wed 2/25/1904, [TO]
Hendrix, Bertha, b. 8/28/1887, d. 1/12/1889, Little Bertha. Inf dau of M. F. & A.B., [TO]
Hendrix, C. L. (Cornelius), b. 12/17/1855, d. 10/20/1872 b. Bastrop CO, TX. Thrown from a horse and Kild, s/o D. C. & F. J. Hendrix, [TO]
Hickson, John Wesley, b. 3/31/1885, d. 7/8/1888, [TO]
Hill, Lola, b. 5/13/1881, d. 09/30/1952, Rest In Peace, [TO]
Hironymous, Adam Charles, b. no date, d. 4/8/92, [TO]
Hodges, Barbara Pratt, b. 09/08/1937, d. 06/11/1993, Free Spirit, [TO]
Johns, T. C, b. 7/8/1848, d. 9/14/1897, CSA VETERAN. Picture of veteran with one arm., [TO]
Jung, Elsie Laura, b. 1890, d. 1891, Infant, Unmarked, [TO]
Jung, Lena Eva, b. 1892, d. 1892, Infant, Unmarked, [TO]
Jung, Lester Walter, b. 1899, d. 1899, Infant, Unmarked, [TO]
Keton, Theressa, b. 6/23/1873, d. 8/6/1873, d/o C. H. & J. A., [TO]
Lentz, Annie Clara (Pester), b. 10/26/1876, d. 10/23/1947, w/o Osceola, [LC]
Lentz, Tabitaha Frances (Shoemaker), b. 5/27/1831, d. 2/4/1880, w/o Ashley, [LC]
Lentz, Elizabeth Browning (Wardick), b. 3/24/1838, d. 11/1/1921, [LC]
Lentz, A. R, b. 1/25/1826, d. 12/13/1906, [TO]
Lentz, Annie Clara Pester, b. 10/26/1876, d. 10/21/1947, Mother, [TO]
Lentz, Ashley Rozelle, b. 1/25/1826, d. 12/18/1906, [LC]
Lentz, Ashley Rozelle, b. 1/25/1826, d. 12/18/1906, unmarked, [TO]
Lentz, Daniel Webster, b. 8/17/1857, d. 1/22/1874, [LC]
Lentz, Daniel Webster, b. 8/17/1857, d. 1/22/1874, s/o A. R. & T. F., [TO]
Lentz, Daniel, no dates, Infant, [TO]
Lentz, E, no dates, [TO]
Lentz, Edith Mary, b. 12/12/1910, d. 01/27/1912, d/o O. b. & A. C., [TO]
Lentz, Edith Mary, b. 12/12/1910, d. 1/27/1912, [LC]
Lentz, Elizabeth Browning, b. 3/24/1838, d. 11/1/21, unmarked, [TO]
Lentz, Erma Lois, b. 3/21/1902, d. 1/23/1903, [LC]
Lentz, Erna Lois, b. 03/21/1902, d. 01/26/1903, d/o O. b. & A. C., [TO]
Lentz, G. M. (Gabriel Moore), b. 6/24/1834, d. 01/06/1909, Mason, [TO]
Lentz, Gabriel Moore, b. 6/24/1834, d. 1/6/1909, [LC]
Lentz, Infant Son, b. 11/22/1867, d. 11/22/1867, Inf, s/o A. R. & T. F., [TO]
Lentz, Nona Lee, b. 1/7/1920, d. 10/2/1920, [LC]
Lentz, Nora Lee (Nona?), b. 01/07/1920, d. 10/02/1920, d/o O. b. & A. C., [TO]
Lentz, Oscar Highgrove Dr, b. 1919, d. 1963, unmarked, [TO]
Lentz, Osceola Brian, b. 9/11/1872, d. 5/22/1959, [LC]
Lentz, Osceola Bryan, b. 9/11/1872, d. 05/22/1959, Father, [TO]
Lentz, Rosa Sydolia "Becky", b. 10/04/1917, d. 06/27/1983, [TO]
Lentz, Rosa Sydolia, b. 10/4/1917, d. 6/27/1983, [LC]
Lentz, Tabitha Frances Shoemaker, b. 5/27/1831, d. 2/4/1880, [TO]
Lentz, William Norman (Duncan), b. 5/11/1904, d. 1990, [LC]
Lentz, William Norman Duncan, b. 5/11/1904, d. 1990, unmarked, [TO]
Linstrom, Carl Thomas, b. 6/28/1880, d. 12/21/1880, [TO]
Linstrom, John A, b. 12/16/1845, d. 4/27/1887, Father, [TO]
Linstrom, Martha Jane, b. 6/3/1860, d. 08/23/1908, Mother, [TO]
Lovell, Emma Culpepper, b. 04/19/1904, d. 08/24/1991, [TO]
Lunday, Callie, b. 1871, d. 1952, Wife, Together Forever, [TO]
Lunday, Charlie, b. 1851, d. 1898 Husband, h/o Callie, [TO]
Martin, Maggie L, b. 1884, d. 1915, [TO]
Mattingly, Delia, b. 6/5/1822, d. 04/23/1901, age 78 yrs 9 mos 18 dys, [TO]
McCleskey, Mary E, b. 8/1/1839, d. 6/24/1870, w/o J. B., [TO]
Meredith, ?, no dates, unmarked, [TO]
Miears, Allie, b. 11/7/1882, d. 08/21/1900, In memory of daughter, [TO]
Miears, H. T, b. 7/22/1849, d. 07/10/1906, [TO]
Miears, Infant, b. 1/8/1880, d. 1/23/1880, In memory of our Babe, [TO]
Miears, Infant, b. 8/31/1881, d. 9/28/1881, In memory of our Babe, [TO]
Miears, Sallie, b. 4/23/1861, d. 1/10/1880, w/o H. T., [TO]
Mitchell, Infant, b. 5/1/1864, d. 5/1/1864, Infant of G. R. & L (Gustavis Richardson and Lucy Hemphill Mitchell), [TO]
Mitchell, Jesse H, b. 1/21/1839, d. 5/11/1883, age 44 yrs (Jesse Hardy), h/o Mary Jane Bilton, [TO]
Nabours, Mary Curtis, b. 01/12/1902, d. 04/16/1977, Grandaughter, [TO]
Necessary, Aver Victoria, b. 10/4/1897, d. 2/15/1898, d/o Wm & E, [TO]
Nixon, Laura E, b. 8/26/1880, d. 01/14/1910, d/o J. W. & I. P., [TO]
Nixon, Mary, b. 1/13/1800, Jackson CO, GA, d. 7/25/1870, age 70 yrs 5 mos 25 dys, w/o James. Dau of Stephen & J. Potts, [TO]
Nyegaard, Elijah, b. 2/15/1881, d. 2/15/1881, [TO]
Nyegaard, Elisha, b. 2/15/1881, d. 2/15/1881, [TO]
Nyegaard, John H, b. 3/10/1853, d. 10/07/1936, [TO]
Nyegaard, Mamie, b. 1/6/1883, d. no date, [TO]
Nyegaard, Rebbecca, b. 12/15/1855, d. 01/07/1931, [TO]
Nyegaard, W. E, b. 6/5/1878, d. 9/15/1881, [TO]
Nyegaard, Willie, b. 1/15/1876, d. none, [TO]
Osborn, Mary Augestine, b. 5/2/1820, d. 11/24/1877, w/o Thomas, [TO]
Osborn, Thomas, b. 10/25/1812, d. 5/16/1883, Marker: Vet of the Texas War for Independance 1835-36, Velasco, Gonzales, Bexar & Coleto. Erected by the State of Texas 1962, [TO]
Page, Dow, b. 3/28/1888, d. 10/4/1888, Infant, [TO]
Page, Edith, b. 1/14/1892, d. 1/14/1892, [TO]
Palacio, Josephina, b. unkn, d. 07/29/1928, d/o Masolino Balacio? & Guadalupa Gonzales, [TO]
Paltauf, R. L, no dates,, [TO]
Pearson, James, b. 6/1830, d. 10/28/1903, b/o Robert and Major, h/o b. A. Pearson, [TO]
Pearson, Robert, b. 3/15/1829, d. 02/29/1920, b/o Robert and Major, h/o Louisa Jackson, [TO]
Pester, Herman, b. 2/15/1837, d. 11/27/1912, [TO]
Pester, Otilie, b. 8/18/1862, d. 5/22/1888, Laid at rest in NY, [TO]
Pester, Valeska, b. 11/16/1845, d. 01/16/1901, [TO]
Pogue, Infant, no dates, Inf of Claude Pogue, [TO]
Pokerny, ?, b. 1908, d. 1994, [TO]
Pokerny, Marilyn Joyce, b. 08/09/1930, d. 02/23/1991, [TO]
Pratt, Bernice Sims, b. 09/09/1915, d. none, [TO]
Pratt, Jane Sue, b. 1933, d. 1998, [TO]
Pratt, Marvin A, b. 02/03/1912, d. 06/23/1964, [TO]
Queen, Mattie Purlie, b. 3/19/1894, d. 05/07/1935, [TO]
Randolph, Hanna Lonnie, b. 01/03/1908, d. 01/14/1981, [TO]
Reinhardt, Carolina H, b. 4/1842, d. 10/1929, Rest In Peace, [TO]
Reinhardt, G. L, b. 2/13/1838, d. 05/18/1913, [TO]
Reinhardt, Patricia Noel, b. 03/25/1936, d. 08/15/1999, Together Forever. with Tom Roy, [TO]
Reinhardt, T. A, b. 5/7/1871, d. 08/28/1905, [TO]
Reinhardt, Tom Roy, b. 12/20/1933, d. none, Beloved Parents, [TO]
Riddles, Millie A, b. 2/27/1873, d. 3/13/1892, d/o b. F. & Betty Catchings, [TO]
Roberts, Charlie LeRoy, b. 12/6/1899, d. 09/16/1900, [TO]
Roberts, David, b. 8/24/1859, d. 4/9/1890, [TO]
Roberts, Edward, b. 12/14/1883, d. 4/11/1884, [TO]
Roberts, Elizzie, b. 5/1/1851, d. 10/11/1878, w/o b. M., [TO]
Sarrell, Delia Itosca, b. 7/1/1858, d. 9/29/1864, d/o W. L. & Ellen D Sorrell, [TO]
Sarrell, Edith, b. 2/26/1869(1860), d. 2/26/1968(1860), Dau of W. L. & Ellen D Sorrell, [TO]
Sarrell, Ellen D, b. 10/17/1838, d. 9/28/1892, w/o W. L. Born in VA, [TO]
Sarrell, F. A, b. 5/8/1861, d. 1/4/1870, s/o J. S. & A. M. (James S and Amanda Stone Sorrell), [TO]
Sarrell, Jacob, b. no date, d. 4/27/1869, age 77 yrs. Born in Bertie CO, NC. Husband of Susan Swain Sarrell, [TO]
Sarrell, James S, b. 4/27/1827, d. 2/14/1873, age 45 yrs 10 mos 18 days. Mason. Husband of Amanda Stone Sarrell, [TO]
Sarrell, Mary A, b. 7/21/1839, d. 9/27/1868, [TO]
Sarrell, Susan nee Swain, b. 1794 Bertie CO, NC, d. 9/8/1867 Bastrop CO, TX. Dau of James and Winnefred Daughfin Swain, [TO]
Scarborough II, Albert, b. 08/30/1963, d. none, [TO]
Schofield, Charlie, b. 7/18?7, d. 9/23/18?8, [TO]
Schofield, Edna, b. 11/11/1889, d. 12/14/1892, [TO]
Schofield, Lizzie, b. ?, d. 2/27/1891, [TO]
Schofield, W. C, b. 1832, d. 11/2/1894, [TO]
Scott, Josephus 7/14/1821, b. 10/04/1910, Terre Haute, IN, [TO]
Scott, Rochel B, b. 12/26/1829, d. 09/07/1904, Terre Haute, IN, [TO]
Shely, Jason Michael, b. no date, d. 08/22/1985, Inf, s/o Dale & Robin Shely, [TO]
Shocklee, Lennie, b. 4/11/1866, d. 04/17/1909, [TO]
Shocklee, Mr, no dates, Should be oldest grave, [TO]
Sims, Anna Mae, b. 01/09/1913, d. 06/29/1981, [TO]
Sims, Bobbie Merille, b. 1928, d. 1939, [TO]
Sims, Bruce C, b. 09/16/1943, d. 10/21/1943, [TO]
Sims, Gayla, b. 01/20/1902, d. 04/11/1912, [TO]
Sims, John Henry, b. 09/22/1903, d. 02/17/1979, [TO]
Sims, John M, b. 5/19/1877, d. 02/26/1955, [TO]
Sims, Myrtle M, b. 7/12/1882, d. 07/15/1966, [TO]
Smith, Emma E, b. 7/20/1869, d. 10/15/1894, w/o W. B., [TO]
Smith, John T, b. 9/2/1869, d. 09/19/1932, [TO]
Smith, Loucinda, b. 3/7/1878, d. 10/25/1900, [TO]
Smith, Nora V, b. 9/27/1873, d. 10/13/1906, d/o E. N. & Nannie, [TO]
Smith, Webster D, b. 1867, d. none, [TO]
Sorrell, Charlcy, b. 8/26/1877, d. 12/9/1890, d/o W. L. & Ellen D, [TO]
Sorrell, Hettie, b. 10/1/1865, d. 04/09/1920, d/o W. L. & Ellen D, [TO]
Sorrells, Deliah P, b. 1/6/1843 Johnson Co, AR, d. 06/14/1914, Age 71yr 5mo 8da, w/o Nathias, nee Awalt, She died as she lived, trusting God., [TO]
Sorrells, Nathias, b. 12/18/1831, d. 6/25/1888, h/o Deliah. Mason, [TO]
Sorrells, Rebecca, b. 1/19/1872, d. 02/28/1952, [TO]
Sorrells, Terrell, b. 8/29/1889, d. 11/04/1904, age 15 yrs 2 mos 12 days, [TO]
Sorrells, W. L, b. 3/5/1835, d. 1/22/1902(8), Father, born in TN. Husband of Ellen., [TO]
Stephens, Andrew Jackson, b. 1862, d. none, [TO]
Stirling, Infant, b. 02/02/1910, d. 03/05/1910, Twin Daughters of L. F., [TO]
Stone, Ellen A, b. 8/17/1845, d. 10/12/1888, Mother, w/o F. A, Asleep with Jesus, [TO]
Stone, F. A, b. 11/12/1889, d. 07/18/1915, Father, [TO]
Stone, F. S, b. 4/22/1829, d. 9/12/1867, (Sarah Frances nee Sorrell) , [TO]
Stone, Lora A, b. 4/3/1865, d. 6/9/1866, d/o F. A. & E. A., [TO]
Stone, Susie, b. 3/22/1887, d. 11/9/1888, [TO]
Sue, Samuel, b. 10/1870, d. 8/6/1877, [TO]
Talley, Mathew N, b. 1882, d. 1973, s/o D. D. Tally and Mary Caldwell., [TO]
Tally, Annie, b. no date, d. 11/14/1931, d/o F. H. & N. J. (Frederick and Nancy Jane Hemphill Tally), [TO]
Tally, Ava Theo, b. 9/18/1873, d. 11/15/1973, d/o F.H. & N. J., [TO]
Tally, Bertha Marie, b. 09/21/1925, d. 06/08/1927, [TO]
Tally, Bertha May Harris, b. 1/12/1898, d. 09/30/1967, d/o Lon Harris. Wed 2/2/1916, [TO]
Tally, Daniel V, b. 2/14/1891, d. 07/14/1965, TX Wagonner USA WWI, s/o JR & MA Tally, [TO]
Tally, David D, b. 7/12/1852, d. 5/12/1898, [TO]
Tally, Eliza F, b. 10/26/1883, d. 6/6/1891, d/o W. P. & G. J. (William Pearce and Garnett Sorrell Tally), [TO]
Tally, Ella Maud, b. 12/3/1879, d. 8/1/1885 EMT footrest. Dau of F. H. & N. J., [TO]
Tally, F. H, b. 5/30/1845, d. 10/04/1921, Father. Husband of Nancy Jane Hemphill, s/o Matthew and Angeline Hendricks Tally), [TO]
Tally, Garnett, b. 5/14/1864, d. 10/22/1950, nee Sorrell, w/o W. P. Gone but not forgotten., [TO]
Tally, Jacob R, b. 1844, d. 1903 4th TX CAV CSA. Born in Jackson CO, AL, h/o Mary Ann Morain, [TO]
Tally, Lonnie Edward, b. 01/21/1920, d. 06/23/1921, [TO]
Tally, Lonnie Erbin, b. 9/26/1893, d. 04/07/1985, s/o David D. Wed 2/2/1916 to Bertha Mae Harris., [TO]
Tally, Mary C. Nora, b. 06/22/1918, d. 07/26/1920, Sleep on dear child and take thy rest in Jesus arms forever. Blessed., [TO]
Tally, Mary F, b. 1/25/1864, d. 12/19/1936, nee Caldwell, w/o Dave. wed 10/16/1881, [TO]
Tally, Matthew N, b. 11/4/1882, d. 09/05/1973, s/o D. D. Tally and Mary Caldwell., [TO]
Tally, Nancy Jane, b. 5/10/1848, d. 01/20/1927, nee Hemphill, Mother, w/o F. H. Dau of James Byrd and Eliza Sorrell Hemphill, [TO]
Tally, Susan A, b. 12/27/1849, d. 7/15/1867, Mother. Dau of Elisum & Sarah Frances Sorrell Stone, w/o J.R. Tally, [TO]
Tally, Susan M, b. 7/12/1864, d. 7/23/1880 1st Wife of David D., [TO]
Tally, W. P. (William Pearce), b. 7/27/1857, d. 06/15/1936, h/o Garnett Stone Tally, [TO]
Tally, William A, b. 3/30/1867, d. 7/27/1867, s/o JR & Susan Tally, [TO]
Tchell, Infant, no dates, Infant of Gr & LM, [TO]
Thomas, Mona Julia Tally, b. 12/02/1916, d. 11/20/1997, [TO]
Turner, R. A, b. 2/10/1867, d. 10/21/1890, [TO]
Valasquez, Dominica, b. unkn, d. 5/22/29, Dau of Feliz Valasquez and Panfueia Valdes, [TO]
Voigt, A. O, no dates,, [TO]
Wainscott, Bettie, b. 5/12/1870, d. 03/09/1934, Died in peace with God, [TO]
Wainscott, Cecelia, b. 5/10/1870, d. 07/19/1948,With James W, [TO]
Wainscott, James W, b. 6/14/1865, d. 09/12/1914, [TO]
Wainscott, L. A, b. 4/8/1840, d. 05/27/1924, [TO]
Wainscott, Roberty E, b. 1880, d. 1890, [TO]
Watson, James W, b. 12/8/1873, d. 8/1878, [TO]
Wendlend, Arnold Albert, b. 08/12/1921, d. 08/19/1997, age 76, [TO]
Wheelis, Harold Allen, b. 07/22/1927, d. 04/26/1985, [TO]
White or Winters, Mrs, b. none, d. 1920's, m/o George, [TO]
Wichmann, Christoph, b. 10/23/1808, d. 11/10/1889, [TO]
Wilkerson, W. T, b. 10/1/1874, d. 02/01/1902, [TO]
Wilson, A. D, b. 2/4/1803, d. 03/27/1923, Asleep with Jesus, [TO]
Wilson, A. E, b. 1/9/1887, d. 06/08/1906, In beloved memory, w/o T. H., [TO]
Wilson, Eliza, b. 3/10/1845, d. 10/27/1889, A tender Mother, a faithful friend., [TO]
Wilson, W. H, b. 9/8/1868, d. 6/3/1893, Gone But Not Forgotten, [TO]
Worley, Infant, b. 6/21/1894, d. 10/22/1902, s/o L. J. & Lela, [TO]
Worley, Jason Kent, b. 09/29/1964, d. 10/24/1992, [TO]
Worley, Phyllis Foley, b. 02/24/1938, d. 06/13/1990, [TO]
Worley, Travis Wright, b. 08/29/1939, d. 11/20/1994, Beloved Husband & Father, [TO]
Wright, Della D, b. 6/27/1898, d. 09/23/1983, [TO]
Wright, Eula, b. 01/31/1906, d. 06/10/1919, [TO]
Wright, George R, b. 7/21/1894, d. 10/22/1902, s/o L. J. & Lela, [TO]
Wright, Lela Irene, b. 3/23/1873, d. 07/28/1951, Mother, [TO]
Wright, Louis Jones, b. 12/29/1859, d. 03/27/1918, age 52, s/o Abner and Martha Joe Wright, WOW, [TO]
Wright, Mary A, b. 8/21/1862, d. 5/24/1890, w/o L. J., [TO]

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