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Sotelo Cemetery
Atascosa County, Texas

Lat: 28°58'45"N, Lon: 98°26'56"W

Contributed by Christina Robles, Aug 10, 2001 [crobles@mithoff-jacks.com].
Total records = 58.

If you are traveling from San Antonio, take 1-37 South towards Corpus Christi. Take the 97 exit and go West towards Pleasanton. Travel 1.4 miles until you come to Corgey Road. Make a left on Corgey road. After you have traveled 0.2 miles on Corgey road, on your right, you will see a gate with "Cementerio Sotelo" written on top of the gate.

Sotelo Cemetery is an old family cemetery located in Pleasanton, Atascosa County, Texas. The first burial appears to be of Rita de la Luz Emeteria Delgado Sotelo (1866). Wife of Ignacio, Sr., mother of Ignacio, II, and grandmother of Ignacio B. It is important to note that the older section of the cemetery is located to the left of the gate entrance (the Sotelo family) There are two very old mausoleums that I cannot identify because they are old.

This information was compiled by Andrew Robles and Christina Robles on June 18, 2001, by transcribing the information off of the tombstones.

Much appreciation is given to Robert Lee Tarin, Jr. for the information he provided on the dates of birth, dates of death and relationship regarding the Sotelo family, whose tombstones were very hard to read because they were old.

- Christina Robles

Aguilar, Juan E, b. 03/23/1930, d. 12/20/1990
Aguirre, Brigido, b. 12/24/1911, d. 03/25/1964
Aguirre, Fidelia, b. 04/24/1910, d. 08/13/1983
Aguirre, Miguel, b. 09/29/1904, d. 12/24/1949
Alarcon, Ysidra, b. 1921, d. 1999
Escalante Cipriano, b. 09/16/1911, d. 04/19/1952
Escalante, Emiliano M., b. 08/08/1915, d. 06/17/1990
Escalante, Francisco, Sr., b. 10/04/1918, d. 01/01/1994
Escalante, Inocencia, b. 12/28/1875, d. 12/16/1968
Escalante, Jose, b. 03/19/1882, d. 06/20/1967
Escalante, Julia V., b. 09/04/1933
Escalante, Maria M., b. 09/03/1932, d. 01/22/1949
Escalante, Pablo M., b. 03/02/1929, d. 04/20/1991
Escalante, Ramona M., b. 1890, d. 12/02/1941
Garcia, Jose Angel, b. 10/02/1902, d. 09/17/1969
Garcia, Petra R., b. 02/10/1906, d. 10/26/1992
Garcia, Ventura, b. 07/14/1927, d. 10/31/1969
Garcia, Ynocensio, b. 12/28/1862, d. 01/10/1924
Gonzales, ____, b. 11/22/1884, d. 11/10/1937
Gonzales, Lorenza, b. 05/13/1904, d. 05/13/1931
Gonzales, Saturnino, b. 11/29/1892, d. 07/08/1969
Hernandez, Johnny Arthur, b. 11/19/1965, d. 8/15/1998
Hoyos de, Clemente, b. 1934, d. 11/07/1955
Huizar, Blasa, b. 01/08/1882, d. 12/28/1918
Huizar, Maria Vidala, b. 04/0?/1858, d. 10/27/1918
Huizar, Teodora, b. 4/20/1869, d. 2/04/1900
Lambaria, Maria S., b. 11/06/1902, d. 12/14/1987
Leal, Cleofas G., b. 1886, d. 1940
Leal, Cruz, b. 1883, d. 1940
Leal, Juana R., b. 1916, d. 1939
Lopez, Adelfina, b. 1900, d. 1903
Marin, Josepha, info unreadable
Marin, Maria, info unreadable
Marouse, Francisca, b. 12/?/1881, d. 1902
Martinez, Eligio Eloy, b. 1915, d. 1986
Molina, Josefa Sotelo, b. 05/23/1899, d. 03/11/1983
Pacheco, Joe, b. 1986, d. 1987
Peoples, Dora Elia, b. 01/27/1946, d.
Peoples, James Lee, b. 09/09/1945, d. 07/24/1987
Ramos, Eliel H., b. 12/5/1922, d. 06/05/2000
Ramos, Raul R., b. 07/23/1951, d. 11/07/1980
Rangel, Eusebia, b. 10/18/1915
Rangel, Rosalio, b. 07/04/1888, d. 10/22/1980
Rodriquez, Juan Jose, b. 03/30/1946, d. 07/19/1969
Rodriquez, Maria Luisa Sotelo, b. 08/25/1884, d. 03/03/1926
Sotelo, Cristina H., b. 1937, d. 1987
Sotelo, Daniel C., Jr., b. 12/24/1923, d. 10/15/1974
Sotelo, Daniel M., b. 01/15/1906, d. 09/23/1987
Sotelo, Ignacio B., b. 01/22/1869, d. 04/23/1927
Sotelo, Ignacio, II, b. 11/28/1849, d. 02/25/1918
Sotelo, Ignacio, Sr., b. 02/20/1823, d. 04/05/1899
Sotelo, Juanita, b. 6/24/1884, d. 4/04/1887
Sotelo, Melchora C., b. 04/02/1906, d. 09/12/1983
Sotelo, Pauline, b. 03/02/1936, d. 03/06/1992
Sotelo, Pilar, b. 02/28/1910, d. 10/25/1931
Sotelo, Rita de la Luz Emeteria Delgado, b. 10/20/1823, d. 08/??/1866
Soto, Demetria, M.,, d. 07/23/1967
Tarin, Maria Josefa, b. 10/29/1851, d. 08/10/1878

??, Unidentified, b. 04/08/1943, d. 10/29/1943
??, Three, more Aguirre crosses, but they are unreadable.

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