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Liberty Grove Cemetery
Burial Records

Loretto, Lawrence County, Tennessee

liberty grove cemetery, loretto, tn
Liberty Grove Cemetery, Loretto, TN

GPS: 35.0398, -87.3842

768 Fairview Rd
Loretto, TN 38469

Submitted by: Marie Wallner [mail]
Published: February 29, 2024
Total records: 314

Located behind Liberty Grove Baptist Church, along the north side of Fairview Road, about 300 feet west of the intersection with State Highway 227.

Liberty Grove Cemetery was established in 1913, alongside the Liberty Grove Baptist Church. It is still owned and maintained by the church to this day. The church can be contacted via email at libertygrovebaptistchurch@gmail.com or phone at (931) 853-7103.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were compiled from tombstone inscriptions by Marie Wallner during a visit to the cemetery on July 19, 2023. These contains all legible burials. There are known to be a few additional fieldstones in the cemetery.

ADAMS, Dona M., b. 3-Dec-1914, d. 5-Aug-2012, "FATHER / MOTHER", s/s with Talford Adams
ADAMS, E. Talford, b. 16-Dec-1910, d. 17-Oct-1981, "FATHER / MOTHER", s/s with Dona Adams
ANDERSON, Linda Gail, b. 15-Feb-1955, d. 12-Jul-2022
BAKER, Ola, b. 1917, d. Abt. 1942
BAKER, Ora, b. 1920, d. 1961
BARBER, Annie, b. 9-Mar-1939, d. 24-Jun-2015, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND / PRECIOUS MOTHER"
BECK, William Wesley, b. 21-Oct-1901, d. 22-Feb-1921, "BELOVED BROTHER"
BOHANNAN, Julie, b. 1880, d. Abt. 1940
BOHANNAN, Katie, b. 1880, d. 1963
BOHANNAN, Mary A., b. 19-Apr-1902, d. 21-Nov-1928, "Gone but not forgotten"
BOHANNAN, William Kirby, b. 1875, d. 1959
BRAND, Mary E., b. 3-Mar-1853, d. 22-Jul-1931, "We hope to meet her again."
BROCKWELL, Mary, b. 26-Sep-1932, d. 7-Mar-2023, "TOGETHER FOREVER / APR. 5, 1952", s/s with Thurman Brockwell
BRYANT, Beverly Smith, b. 9-May-1957, d. 12-Sep-1976, "AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO KNEW HER / LADY MUSTANG NO. 13 NOV. 23, 1971 - MAR. 20, 1975"
BURNETT, Charles Daniel, b. 3-Apr-1941, d. 1-May-2014, "MARRIED MAY 28, 1960", s/s with Dorothy Burnett
BURNETT, Dorothy Newton, b. 14-Jul-1943, d. 18-Jul-2008, "MARRIED MAY 28, 1960", s/s with Charles Burnett
CAGLE, Liley, b. 14-Feb-1884, d. 21-May-1920, "The lost to sight to memory dem."
CAMERON, Wylodean V., b. 7-Oct-1926, d. 29-Nov-1990
COTTON, A. B., b. 28-Sep-1935, d. 3-Jan-2000, "REST IN PEACE / In Loving Memory"
COTTON, Amos James W., b. 28-Oct-1926, d. 8-Jun-1999, "IN LOVING MEMORY / PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II", military footstone
COTTON, Branigan Skye, b. 13-Nov-1982, d. 22-Jun-1999, "Daughter"
COTTON, David Brett, b. 25-Feb-1961, d. 4-May-2013
COTTON, Emma E., b. 1-Apr-1901, d. 2-Jun-1988, s/s with Marion Cotton
COTTON, Infant Son, b. 1929, d. 1929
COTTON, James Spencer, b. 25-Oct-1930, d. 8-Sep-2006, "Beloved Grandfather / PVT ARMY NATIONAL GUARD", military footstone
COTTON, Lillian U. V., b. 1927, d. 1931
COTTON, Marion O., b. 28-May-1894, d. 17-Sep-1969, "TENNESSEE PVT CO G 305 INFANTRY WORLD WAR I", s/s with Emma Cotton, military footstone
COTTON, Raymond Levi, b. 5-May-1924, d. 29-May-2003, "MARRIED JAN. 5, 1942", s/s with Rosie Cotton
COTTON, Rosie Ilene, b. 25-Aug-1924, d. 16-Dec-2008, "MARRIED JAN. 5, 1942", s/s with Raymond Cotton
COTTON, Savannah M., b. 25-Mar-1894, d. 7-Jan-1985, s/s with William Cotton
COTTON, Tammy Jo, b. 5-Sep-1948, d. 17-May-2020, "Mother"
COTTON, Terri A., b. 9-Feb-1948, d. 7-Jul-2000, "Married Aug. 27, 1977", s/s with Wm. Cotton
COTTON, Vetris, b. 25-Jul-1920, d. 30-Nov-1920
COTTON, William C., b. 19-Nov-1890, d. 20-May-1974, s/s with Savannah Cotton
COTTON, Wm. "Billy", b. 9-Jul-1950, d. 11-Aug-2005, "Married Aug. 27, 1977", s/s with Terri Cotton
CREEKMORE, Infant Sons, b. 1955, d. 1955, "INFANT SONS OF MR. & MRS. J.W. CREEKMORE"
CREEKMORE, Jewel V., b. 4-Apr-1938, d. 11-Jul-1984, "IN LOVING MEMORY"
CREEKMORE, John W., b. 18-Dec-1916, d. 9-Nov-2009, s/s with Nova Creekmore
CREEKMORE, Mamie Gray, b. 8-Mar-1918, d. 15-May-2009, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND", s/s with Wm. Creekmore
CREEKMORE, Nova Lee Wilson, b. 28-Oct-1920, d. 25-Jun-2009, "MARRIED 72 YEARS", s/s with John Creekmore
CREEKMORE, W. Bruce, b. 1949, d. 1963
CREEKMORE, Wm. Fines, b. 7-Oct-1914, d. 10-Apr-2002, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND", s/s with Mamie Creekmore
DAVENPORT, Judith Annette Allred, b. 9-Aug-1949, d. 10-Apr-2020, s/s with Phillip Davenport
DAVIS, Charles E., b. 5-Jul-1946, d. 22-Feb-2019, "Daddy", s/s with June Davis
DAVIS, George Thomas, b. 25-Feb-1943, d. 28-Feb-2012, "Beloved Father / A1C US AIR FORCE VIETNAM", Freemason symbol, military footstone
DAVIS, Mary Susan, b. 18-Nov-1917, d. 26-Feb-2000, "TOGETHER FOREVER", s/s with Walter Davis
DAVIS, Walter Lee, b. 9-Mar-1915, d. 1-Oct-1986, "TOGETHER FOREVER", s/s with Mary Davis
DAVIS, Walter Wayne, b. 7-Dec-1952, d. 25-Apr-2008
DILLON, Tylor Chad, b. 28-Jun-1996, d. 28-Aug-1996, "OUR LITTLE ANGEL"
DOMINY, Gerald Alec, b. 6-Jul-1939, d. 3-Nov-2013, "Sept. 8, 1959 Together Forever", s/s with Bonnie Dominy
DOMINY, Melissa Kay, b. 7-Sep-1961, d. 11-Jun-2016
DOWNEY, Agnes I., b. 16-Jul-1909, d. 25-Sep-1991
DOWNEY, Bedie E., b. 29-Apr-1875, d. 6-Sep-1922, s/s with James Downey
DOWNEY, Elbert, b. 14-Aug-1900, d. 10-Mar-1932, "Asleep in Jesus"
DOWNEY, James D., b. 2-Dec-1874, d. 25-Sep-1966, s/s with Bedie Downey
DOWNEY, R. J., b. 13-May-1902, d. 3-Nov-1972
EDDY, Mary, b. 23-Mar-1938, d. 14-May-2015, s/s with Charles Eddy
ELKINS, E. C., b. 9-Nov-1849, d. 25-Jan-1929, "Gone but not forgotten / WIFE OF W.J. ELKINS"
ELKINS, J. M., b. 1872, d. 1942
ELKINS, James Luther, b. 4-Sep-1902, d. 3-Mar-1952, s/s with Minnie Elkins
ELKINS, Martin Luther, b. 12-Dec-1929, d. 7-Jul-2010
ELKINS, Minnie Carolyn, b. 5-Feb-1897, d. 15-Oct-1961, s/s with James Elkins
ELKINS, Mollie, b. 15-Jun-1881, d. 29-Dec-1936, "WIFE OF W. L. ELKINS"
ELKINS, S. J., b. 1871, d. 1965
ELKINS, W. J., b. 23-Dec-1849, d. 19-Jan-1930, "Gone but not forgotten / HUSBAND OF E. C. ELKINS"
ELKINS, W. L., b. 17-Mar-1870, d. 13-Nov-1930
ELZEY, Austin Brett, b. 5-Nov-2009, d. 9-Jan-2010
FAUGHT, Dora E., b. 18-Aug-1909, d. 21-Feb-1988
FAUGHT, Elizabeth M., b. 13-Mar-1884, d. 5-Jun-1967, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with William Faught
FAUGHT, Henry, b. 7-Nov-1915, d. 14-Oct-1933
FAUGHT, Robert Lester, b. 25-May-1921, d. 17-Sep-1944, "PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II", cenotaph
FAUGHT, Ruthie J., b. 29-Nov-1904, d. 12-Nov-1982
FAUGHT, Thomas Wiley, b. 6-Mar-1913, d. 12-Feb-1985, "PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II", military footstone, headstone has incorrect death year of 1984
FAUGHT, Thressa Ann, b. 15-Feb-1961, d. 15-Feb-1961
FAUGHT, William H., b. 20-Feb-1881, d. 26-Oct-1936, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Elizabeth Faught
FERRELL, Edna, b. 6-Apr-1923, d. 8-Apr-2017, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND"
FERRELL, Major E., b. 22-Mar-1874, d. 23-Dec-1918, "To him, we trust a place is given Among the saints with Christain Heaven", Woodmen of the world memorial
FERRELL, Roma Z., b. 22-May-1896, d. 23-Sep-1978, "GRANNY / AT REST"
FERRELL, S. E. (Lizzie), b. 26-Jan-1870, d. 15-Jan-1955, "A TENDER MOTHER AND A FAITHFUL FRIEND"
FISHER, Ron K., b. 8-Jun-1960, d. 18-Oct-2012, "I AM REDEEMED A LOVING SON AND BROTHER"
FLEMING, Beatrice Evelyn, b. 7-Nov-1925, d. 3-Apr-2001, s/s with Daniel Fleming
FLEMING, Billy Ralph, b. 19-Feb-1946, d. 21-Jun-2010
FLEMING, Daniel Loyd, b. 30-Jan-1922, d. 8-Dec-1997, s/s with Beatrice Fleming
FLEMING, Infant, b. 20-Nov-1926, d. 25-Jan-1927, "INFANT OF W. M. & LUCY FLEMING / Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest."
FLEMING, Iva Jean Smith, b. 7-Aug-1924, d. 28-Oct-2009, "MARRIED APR. 6, 1947", s/s with William Fleming
FLEMING, Lucy, b. 12-Jul-1900, d. 30-Aug-1992, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Milford Fleming
FLEMING, Mary Alice, b. 12-Jan-1868, d. 22-Jan-1945
FLEMING, Milford, b. 7-Mar-1898, d. 1-Oct-1963, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Lucy Fleming
FLEMING, Ottis Lenzie, b. 2-Mar-1928, d. 30-Aug-2018, "WWII VETERAN / LOVING HUSBAND, FATHER, GRANDFATHER & GREAT GRANDFATHER // S1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II", s/s with Arlene Fleming, freemason symbol, order of the eastern star symbol, military footstone
FLEMING, Uton A., b. 13-Apr-1931, d. 20-Jan-2012, "HOW GREAT THOU ART / APR. 30, 1955 // PFC US MARINE CORPS", s/s with Sherry Fleming, military footstone
FLEMING, William Hollis, b. 30-Sep-1919, d. 12-Nov-1999, "MARRIED APR. 6, 1947 / SK2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II", s/s with Iva Fleming, freemason symbol, military footstone
FOSS, Dale Winfield, b. 4-Aug-1935, d. 6-Mar-1998, "PFC US ARMY", military footstone
FOWLER, Bruce M., b. 16-Feb-1939, d. 9-Mar-2018, s/s with Patricia Fowler
FOWLER, Elmer C., b. 25-Aug-1914, d. 26-Oct-1965, "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE", s/s with Lela Fowler
FOWLER, Estil, b. 22-Apr-1919, d. 28-Dec-1955, s/s with Wiley Fowler
FOWLER, Frank Melvin, b. 28-Sep-1911, d. 25-May-1989, "Married Nov. 3, 1934", s/s with Lorene Fowler
FOWLER, Kevin Bruce, b. 22-Aug-1962, d. 16-Apr-2004, "WITH GRAND-DADDY / If Tears Could Build A Stairway And Memories A Lane, Id Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again", s/s with Tina Fowler
FOWLER, Lela M., b. 18-Feb-1913, d. 22-Jan-1996, "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE", s/s with Elmer Fowler
FOWLER, Lorene Rusk, b. 21-Dec-1916, d. 19-Oct-2005, "Married Nov. 3, 1934", s/s with Frank Fowler
FOWLER, Triston Lynnette, b. 21-Sep-1998, d. 21-Sep-1998
FOWLER, Wiley B., b. 19-Dec-1903, d. 20-Jan-1971, s/s with Estil Fowler
FRANKLIN, Sheila Darlene, b. 8-Nov-1963, d. 9-Nov-1963
FULKS, Edith M., b. 10-Dec-1928, d. 10-Feb-2012, "I'm going home"
FULKS, Effie G., b. 4-Dec-1906, d. 1-Sep-1979, "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN", s/s with Virgil Fulks
FULKS, Glenn, b. 24-Jan-1934, d. 9-Jul-2021, "I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3", s/s with Juanita Fulks
FULKS, James Hoyt, b. 12-Aug-1925, d. 9-Oct-2004, "In God's Care"
FULKS, Virgil S., b. 11-Sep-1893, d. 15-Feb-1972, "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN / ALABAMA PVT CO A 60 MACHINE GUN BN WORLD WAR I", s/s with Effie Fulks, military footstone
GASS, Nancy Dorris, b. 2-Apr-1945, d. 13-Jan-2007, "LOVED BY ALL / ANGEL WHO WENT HOME"
GIBSON, Barak Breshear, b. 29-Aug-1942, d. 22-Aug-1995, "SNCH US COAST GUARD VIETNAM"
GIBSON, Eva G., b. 14-Mar-1907, d. 22-Jan-1964, "WIFE & MOTHER"
GIBSON, LeRoy, b. 22/7/1899, d. 23-Sep-1956, "HUSBAND & FATHER"
GIESKE, Verna Mae, b. 17-Sep-1913, d. 14-Jul-1982, "IN LOVING MEMORY"
GODSEY, Earnest J., b. 5-Jul-1926, d. 30-Jul-1933
GRAY, Art, b. 24-Dec-1886, d. 28-Jul-1965, s/s with Bertha Gray
GRAY, Bertha, b. 22-Dec-1888, d. 8-Dec-1932, s/s with Art Gray
GRAY, Florine Ferrell, b. 9-Nov-1906, d. 10-Jan-1997, s/s with Jester Gray
GRAY, Harold Glenn, b. 6-Sep-1946, d. 30-Oct-1956
GRAY, Hassie, b. 18-May-1898, d. 26-Dec-1939, "MOTHER SLEEPING IN PEACE"
GRAY, James Alvis, b. 16-Sep-1937, d. 31-Dec-2021, "Jan. 4, 1958", s/s with Betty Gray
GRAY, Jerry W., b. 30-Aug-1943, d. 18-Dec-2021, s/s with Marlynne Gray
GRAY, Jester Alvin, b. 8-Dec-1912, d. 13-Jul-1993, "S2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II", s/s with Florine Gray, military footstone
GRAY, Louise Zimmerman, b. 3-Sep-1917, d. 28-Jan-1971
GRAY, Melvin Lewis, b. 10-Dec-1939, d. 26-Aug-1944
GRAY, Miley C., b. 1888, d. 1959, s/s with William Gray
GRAY, William H., b. 1891, d. 1959, s/s with Miley Gray
GRINNELL, Glenda S., b. 3-Aug-1945, d. 24-Nov-2007, "IN LOVING MEMORY", s/s with Anthony Grinnell
GRINNELL, Shannon D., b. 29-Oct-1970, d. 30-Sep-2006, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND"
HANSON, Alice, b. 11-Aug-1868, d. 9-Feb-1927
HANSON, Benny Leon, b. 11-Sep-1943, d. 12-Sep-1943
HANSON, George H., b. 1883, d. 1963, s/s with Romer Hanson
HANSON, Glenn Morris, b. 2-Jun-1932, d. 27-Sep-1981, "MARRIED AUG. 11, 1956 / NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE // CPL US ARMY KOREA", s/s with Betty Hanson, military footstone
HANSON, Grace Mae, b. 19-Oct-1906, d. 4-May-1988, s/s with James Hanson
HANSON, James Ezra, b. 14-Aug-1905, d. 30-May-1974, s/s with Grace Hanson
HANSON, Kevin Wade, b. 8-Apr-1959, d. 29-May-2013, "Rest in Peace / Roll Tide // AB US AIR FORCE", military footstone
HANSON, Martha C., b. 1-Mar-1851, d. 12-Jan-1917, "AT REST / WIFE OF S. P. HANSON"
HANSON, Romer E., b. 1883, d. 1955, s/s with George Hanson
HANSON, Stephen P., b. 2-May-1857, d. 5-Jun-1925, "AT REST"
HANSON, Wynell, b. 6-Mar-1939, d. 3-Feb-1941, "OUR BABY / little bud of love gone to live with God above."
HAYES, James Kenneth, b. 9-Aug-1958, d. 15-Feb-1996, "July 2. 1983", s/s with Darlene Hayes
HENDRIX, Jennie, b. 16-Oct-1842, d. 10-Aug-1921, "WIFE OF A. W. HENDRIX / She died as she lived, a Christian."
HENLEY, Matilda Adeline, b. 1854, d. 1940, "AN INSPIRATION TO ALL WHO KNEW HER"
HENSON, Lisa Ann, b. 12-Jan-1968, d. 3-Oct-2022
HILKERT, Rosie Etta, b. 12-Aug-1902, d. 30-Jul-1993
HILL, N. Frances, b. 16-Dec-1950, d. 16-Dec-1950, "INFANT DAUGHTER OF ELLIS & BEATRICE HILL"
HINES, Tessie Mae Newton, b. 7-Jun-1933, d. 26-Nov-2007, "MOTHER / In our hearts you'll always be"
HINES, Travis Lee, b. 19-May-1952, d. 19-May-1952
HOLT, George W., b. 16-Aug-1867, d. 27-Jan-1923
HOLT, Mary L., b. 3-Jan-1877, d. 23-Nov-1956
HOLT, Sarah E., b. 29-May-1878, d. 16-Jun-1940
HOLT, Thomas A., b. 29-Feb-1904, d. 17-Oct-1927
HOLT, William K., b. 29-Jul-1877, d. 6-Jun-1931
HUSON, Clyde A., b. 26-Feb-1909, d. 4-Jun-1960, "ILLINOIS S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II BSN-PH", s/s with Ettie Huson, military footstone
HUSON, Ettie H., b. 28-Dec-1914, d. 8-Sep-1977, s/s with Clyde Huson
JOHNS, Naomi Faye, b. 24-Sep-1970, d. 14-Feb-2012
JOHNSON, Brenda J., b. 12-Mar-1943, d. 28-Jun-2020, "HOW GREAT THOU ART", s/s with Robert Johnson
JOHNSON, Robert J., b. 16-Apr-1962, d. 10-Feb-2011, "MM2 US NAVY", Military Headstone
JOINER, Buford C., b. 27-Nov-1913, d. 20-Aug-1999, "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE", s/s with Ora Joiner
JOINER, Marvin Dee, b. 11-Oct-1948, d. 3-Apr-2020, "Married July 23, 1966 / The Dream Never Dies… Just the Dreamer", s/s with Patricia Joiner
JOINER, Ora M., b. 3-Jun-1913, d. 7-Sep-1971, "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE", s/s with Buford Joiner
JOINER, Patricia M. Elkins, b. 15-Dec-1948, d. 2-Dec-2005, ""PATSY"/ Married July 23, 1966 / The Dream Never Dies… Just the Dreamer", s/s with Marvin Joiner
JONES, Bennie Loyd, b. 4-Jan-1933, d. 21-Jan-2008, "MARRIED MAR. 17, 1951", s/s with Docia Jones
JONES, Docia Mae, b. 26-Jun-1930, d. 24-Sep-2004, "MARRIED MAR. 17, 1951", s/s with Bennie Jones
KIRBY, Yearl, b. 3-Aug-1949, d. 17-Oct-2020, "TOGETHER FOREVER / APRIL 3, 2004", s/s with Jeanette Kirby
LEMAY, Brenda K., b. 21-Jul-1950, d. 23-Jul-1950, s/s with Linda Lemay
LEMAY, Dannie L., b. 21-Nov-1952, d. 27-Jun-1957
LEMAY, David J., b. 27-Sep-1928, d. 14-Jan-2013, s/s with Nina Lemay
LEMAY, Deborah R., b. 29-Sep-1955, d. 27-Jun-1957
LEMAY, Linda F., b. 21-Jul-1950, d. 21-Jul-1950, s/s with Brenda Lemay
LEMAY, Nina R., b. 28-Oct-1930, d. 27-Jun-1957, s/s with David Lemay
LOVELADY, Bellzora S., b. 13-Apr-1874, d. 6-Jul-1954, s/s with Ruben Lovelady
LOVELADY, Ella, b. 18-Jul-1898, d. 16-May-1966
LOVELADY, Ruben S., b. 4-Jul-1874, d. 15-Feb-1963, s/s with Bellzora Lovelady, freemason symbol
MARKS, Autie Austin, b. 9-Sep-1926, d. 3-Apr-2005, "PRECIOUS MEMORIES", s/s with Imodene Marks, freemason symbol
MARKS, Butler, b. 5-May-1918, d. 9-Jun-1998, "Married April 6, 1946 / In our hearts you'll always be // PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II BRONZE STAR MEDAL", s/s with Novie Marks, military footstone
MARKS, Imodene Fleming, b. 24-Sep-1924, d. 29-Dec-2021, "PRECIOUS MEMORIES", s/s with Autie Marks
MARKS, Novie E., b. 21-Mar-1922, d. 25-Mar-2010, "Married April 6, 1946 / In our hearts you'll always be", s/s with Butler Marks
MATNEY, Jean Ann H., b. 3-Jan-1949, d. 14-Apr-2019, "COCK-A-DOODLE-DO"
MATTOX, Ellen Dean, b. 26-Oct-1946, d. 26-Oct-1946, "INFANT DAUGHTER OF MR. & MRS. LESTER MATTOX"
MESSER, Frank, b. 20-Nov-1914, d. 28-Feb-2003, "REST IN PEACE / Husband of Vernia Jones"
MESSER, Harvey, b. 26-Aug-1955, d. 21-Jan-2004, "BROTHERS: EDDIE AND DALE / Rest in Peace"
MESSER, Linvel Dale, b. 21-Nov-1937, d. 26-Jun-2021, s/s with Mary Messer
MESSER, Mary Virginia, b. 24-Jun-1942, d. 25-Jun-2019, s/s with Linvel Messer
MOORE, Willie, b. 9-Dec-1907, d. 25-Jan-1921, "OUR BOY"
NELSON, Fannie Sue, b. 9-Apr-1939, d. 5-Nov-2019, s/s with Joe Nelson
NELSON, Joe Floyd, b. 21-Oct-1939, d. 19-Jun-2017, s/s with Fannie Nelson
NESMITH, Bernice Joiner, b. 6-Feb-1939, d. 3-Nov-2021, "WED JULY 2, 1955 / PRECIOUS MEMORIES", s/s with Billy Nesmith
NESMITH, Billy Ray, b. 23-Jun-1934, d. 1-Apr-2000, "WED JULY 2, 1955 / PRECIOUS MEMORIES", s/s with Bernice Nesmith
NEWELL, Infant, b. 15-Sep-1925, d. 18-Sep-1925
NEWTON, Arthur E., b. 30-Mar-1907, d. 25-Jun-1963, s/s with Mary Newton
NEWTON, Clara, b. 12-Dec-1905, d. 13-Aug-1994, "TOGETHER FOREVER", s/s with Jess Newton & Ernest Newton
NEWTON, Ernest, b. 7-Jan-1938, d. 21-Oct-2015, "TOGETHER FOREVER", s/s with Jess Newton & Clara Newton
NEWTON, Eunice Mae, b. 28-Nov-1918, d. 9-Jan-2003, "MARRIED NOV. 13, 1937", s/s with James Newton
NEWTON, Henry, b. 1901, d. 1950, s/s with Ida Newton
NEWTON, Ida, b. 1904, d. 1998, s/s with Henry Newton
NEWTON, James Rex, b. 26-Nov-1915, d. 16-Dec-1993, "MARRIED NOV. 13, 1937", s/s with Eunice Newton
NEWTON, Jess, b. 26-Oct-1899, d. 21-Jul-1975, "TOGETHER FOREVER", s/s with Clara Newton & Ernest Newton
NEWTON, Mary Elsie, b. 19-Aug-1915, d. 9-Dec-2008, s/s with Arthur Newton
NEWTON, William R., b. 14-May-1929, d. 3-Nov-1967, "REST IN PEACE"
PATTERSON, Calvin S., b. 1849, d. 1925, Freemason Symbol
PETERS, Herbert Wesley, b. 4-Jan-1980, d. 4-Jan-1980, "INFANT SON OF STEVE & ANGELA PETERS"
PETERS, Lenard Elmer, b. 31-Mar-1939, d. 11-Jul-1976, "DAD / A1C US AIR FORCE", s/s with Barbara Peters, military footstone
PETERS, Mark David, b. 11-Feb-1962, d. 29-Nov-2019, "Mar. 26, 1988", s/s with Beverly Peters
PLUNKETT, J. J., b. 21-Apr-1871, d. 19-Jun-1941
PLUNKETT, Margaret C., b. 31-Oct-1871, d. 20-Nov-1935
PLUNKETT, Otis Ruben, b. 6-Dec-1924, d. 4-Nov-1926
POE, Betty Louise, b. 22-Oct-1940, d. 27-Mar-2011, s/s with Jerry Poe
POE, Jerry Edward, b. 6-Mar-1938, d. 1-Dec-2022, s/s with Betty Poe
PORTER, Terri Denise Joiner, b. 16-Sep-1970, d. 22-Mar-1993, "A ROSE FOR A SPECIAL BOUQUET"
PRESTAGE, Donnie Richard, b. 27-Dec-1955, d. 1-Jan-2020, s/s with Gina Prestage
PRESTAGE, Gina Kay, b. 18-Aug-1964, d. 19-Aug-2021, s/s with Donnie Prestage
PRUETT, Baby, b. 26-Jun-1920, d. 26-Jun-1920
PRUETT, Baby, b. 10-Jul-1929, d. 12-Jul-1929
PRUETT, Dave S., b. 4-Jan-1904, d. 10-Mar-1980, "MARRIED JULY 24, 1929", s/s with Sallie Pruett
PRUETT, Ruby Ima Jewel, b. 14-Sep-1926, d. 21-Nov-1934
PRUETT, Sallie Mae, b. 17-May-1907, d. 28-May-1973, "MARRIED JULY 24, 1929", s/s with Dave Pruett
PRUETT, Sine D., b. 18-Dec-1872, d. 16-Sep-1932, "Dear mother though we miss thee much we know you rest with God."
PRUETT, Wm. H., b. 18-Sep-1867, d. 7-Mar-1922
PUTMAN, Jeffrey Lee, b. 12-Sep-1972, d. 28-Aug-2021, "Doulos-Servant of Christ", s/s with Jean Putman
PUTNAM, Minnie Lemay, b. 18-May-1930, d. 24-May-1997, "PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND"
REED, Duane D., b. 23-Nov-1925, d. 22-Sep-1991, "PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II", Military headstone
RIDDLE, Eva L., b. 17-Feb-1908, d. 18-Jun-2003, "MOTHER / IN LOVING MEMORY", s/s with Fletcher Riddle
RIDDLE, Fletcher A., b. 14-Jul-1911, d. 21-Nov-1978, "FATHER / IN LOVING MEMORY", s/s with Eva Riddle
RILEY, Randy J., b. 5-Jul-1954, d. 2-Jun-2023, metal marker
ROBERTSON, Infant Son, b. 16-Mar-1943, d. 18-Mar-1943, "INFANT SON OF MR. MRS. JESS ROBERTSON"
RUSK, D. Calvin, b. 22-Nov-1911, d. 30-Aug-1968, s/s with Verdie Rusk
RUSK, Marie, b. 26-Jan-1936, d. 23-Oct-1937, "DAU. OF MR.-MRS. CALVIN RUSK"
RUSK, Verdie Lee, b. 23-Jul-1914, d. 23-Apr-1991, s/s with Calvin Rusk
RUSSO, Angelo Paul, b. 8-Mar-1916, d. 1-Mar-1988, "PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II", s/s with Juanita Russo, 33 degree Mason symbol, military footstone
RUSSO, Juanita W., b. 4-May-1923, d. 4-Jan-2007, s/s with Angelo Russo, Order of the Eastern Star symbol
SIMS, Wm. T., b. 16-Jun-1905, d. 31-Dec-1927, "HOPE / Gone but not forgotten"
SMITH, Benjamin Brownie, b. 18-Nov-1931, d. 14-Sep-1995, "DADDY / SGT US ARMY KOREA", s/s with Estelene Smith, military footstone
SMITH, Estelene Taylor, b. 12-Sep-1934, d. 11-Oct-2021, "MOTHER", s/s with Benjamin Smith
SMITH, Robert Fredrick, b. 7-Sep-1939, d. 10-Sep-1939, "SON OF ALFORD AND IDELL"
SPRINGER, Jerry Glen, b. 13-Nov-1950, d. 19-May-2011, "IN LOVING MEMORY"
STANFILL, Connie A., b. 13-Aug-1954, d. 25-Apr-1957
STANLEY, Buddy, b. 1936, d. 2021, "IN GOD'S LOVING CARE", s/s with Wanda Stanley
TAYLOR, Estes W., b. 23-Dec-1909, d. 10-Jan-1977, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Lucy Taylor
TAYLOR, Herbert Lee, b. 18-Nov-1928, d. 20-Nov-1928, "INFANT SON OF ESTES W. AND LUCY TAYLOR", Newer stone in front of worn headstone
TAYLOR, Lucy T., b. 16-May-1906, d. 16-Jun-1995, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Estes Taylor
THOMAS, Bertha, b. 30-Aug-1906, d. 28-Jul-1997, "MARRIED SEPT. 22, 1922", s/s with Rufus Thomas
THOMAS, Doyce Willis, b. 11-Mar-1940, d. 17-Jan-2014, "In Loving Memory / We Love You Pop / TSGT US AIR FORCE VIETNAM", military footstone
THOMAS, Gracie, b. 27-Mar-1910, d. 7-Jan-1969, "REST IN PEACE"
THOMAS, Howard C., b. 1-Feb-1914, d. 2-Sep-1994, "HOW GREAT THOU ART", s/s with Idora Thomas
THOMAS, Idora C., b. 19-May-1921, d. 28-Jun-2012, "HOW GREAT THOU ART", s/s with Howard Thomas
THOMAS, Infant Son, b. 7-Feb-1939, d. 7-Feb-1939, "INF. SON OF MR. & MRS H. C. THOMAS"
THOMAS, James Andrew, b. 24-Apr-1923, d. 30-Jun-1945, "I know that I will see my Pilot face to face. When I have crossed the bar. // 1LT US ARMY AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II", F/O title, military footstone
THOMAS, Jerry Arthur, b. 19-Mar-1908, d. 5-Jun-1964
THOMAS, Job L., b. 20-Jan-1882, d. 5-Mar-1969, "MARRIED JAN. 3, 1901", s/s with Vandely Thomas
THOMAS, Michael Waymon, b. 31-Jul-1952, d. 8-Dec-2018, "LCPL US MARINE CORPS VIETNAM", military footstone
THOMAS, Mindy J., b. 26-Jun-1877, d. 14-Feb-1932, s/s with William Thomas
THOMAS, Pauline Lemay, b. 4-Dec-1921, d. 13-Dec-2020, "MOTHER / MARRIED JAN. 19, 1941", s/s with Revel Thomas
THOMAS, Revel R., b. 16-May-1923, d. 11-Aug-2004, "DADDY / MARRIED JAN. 19, 1941 // US ARMY WORLD WAR II", s/s with Pauline Thomas, military footstone
THOMAS, Rufus, b. 1-Jul-1902, d. 5-Apr-1980, "MARRIED SEPT. 22, 1922", s/s with Bertha Thomas
THOMAS, Vandely W., b. 10-Jan-1883, d. 16-Jan-1972, "MARRIED JAN. 3, 1901", s/s with Job Thomas
THOMAS, William W., b. 21-Feb-1879, d. 22-Jul-1950, s/s with Mindy Thomas
TURNER, Mable Pauline, b. 1906, d. 1997, "GONE FROM OUR HOME BUT NOT FROM OUR HEART.", s/s with F. Q. Waddell
VANDERFORD, Alfred H., b. 7-Jul-1921, d. 10-Jul-1922, "SON OF B.A. & MARY VANDERFORD"
VANDERFORD, Alvie T., b. 7-Feb-1913, d. 26-Aug-1974, "HAVE FAITH IN GOD / PVT US ARMY", military footstone
VANDERFORD, Bud A., b. 26-May-1883, d. 5-May-1961, Freemason Symbol, s/s with Mary Vanderford
VANDERFORD, Carl D., b. 10-Oct-1938, d. 19-Jan-2011, "HAVE FAITH IN GOD"
VANDERFORD, Claudie, b. 26-Jul-1923, d. 4-Oct-1923, "Our darling / Son of Mr. & Mrs. B. A. VANDERFORD"
VANDERFORD, Doy Wade, b. 28-Oct-1940, d. 12-Nov-1940, "Our darling / Son of Mr. & Mrs. F. B. VANDERFORD"
VANDERFORD, Eliza Jane, b. 25-Sep-1875, d. 19-Apr-1957, "AT REST"
VANDERFORD, Fred B., b. 8-Nov-1905, d. 3-Nov-1986
VANDERFORD, Henry Lon, b. 4-May-1881, d. 8-Sep-1955, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN", s/s with Sleney Vanderford
VANDERFORD, John Thomas, b. 16-Nov-1876, d. 1-Apr-1959, "AT REST"
VANDERFORD, Mary, b. 28-May-1885, d. 29-Jul-1963, s/s with Bud Vanderford
VANDERFORD, Sleney M., b. 13-Oct-1894, d. 30-Apr-1984, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN", s/s with Henry Vanderford
VAUGHN, Agnes Marie, b. 18-Dec-1930, d. 6-Jan-1996, "In our hearts you'll always be"
VINSON, Bessie P., b. 9-May-1906, d. 17-Oct-1988, s/s with Hearley Vinson
VINSON, Dimple L., b. 14-Sep-1919, d. 5-Jun-1967, s/s with Louis Vinson
VINSON, Etter Mae, b. 4-Feb-1918, d. 27-Aug-1918, "DAUGHTER OF J.D. & MAGGIE VINSON / My -- -- with God"
VINSON, Gather, b. 20-Dec-1907, d. 21-Jan-1935, "He was the sun-shine of our home"
VINSON, Hearley H., b. 13-Sep-1902, d. 8-Oct-1963, s/s with Bessie Vinson
VINSON, Howard H., b. 15-Jan-1950, d. 15-Jan-1950, "SON OF JAMES A. VINSON"
VINSON, Infant, b. 17-Apr-1925, d. 17-Apr-1925, "INFANT SON OF MR. & MRS. H. H. VINSON"
VINSON, James A., b. 30-Apr-1930, d. 12-Jun-1962
VINSON, James D., b. 1872, d. 1962, "THE HOURS PART US BUT THEY BRING US TOGETHER AGAIN.", s/s with Maggie Vinson
VINSON, Louis A., b. 23-Jan-1923, d. 6-May-1981, s/s with Dimple Vinson
VINSON, Maggie, b. 1879, d. 1963, "THE HOURS PART US BUT THEY BRING US TOGETHER AGAIN.", s/s with James Vinson
WADDELL, F. Q., b. 1909, d. 1945, "GONE FROM OUR HOME BUT NOT FROM OUR HEART.", s/s with Mable Turner
WADDELL, Hellen O., b. 26-Jul-1935, d. 10-May-1937, "GONE FROM OUR HOME BUT NOT FROM OUR HEART"
WADDELL, J. T., b. 1881, d. 1949, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN", freemason symbol
WADDELL, Lela, b. 1921, d. 1985, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"
WADDELL, Mary A., b. 1881, d. 1956, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"
WADDELL, Riley, b. 1913, d. 1993, "GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN"
WALTERS, Elmer A., b. 26-Feb-1933, d. 10-Aug-2008
WALTERS, Mary Emma, b. 16-Mar-1941, No death date, obituary confirms death on August 2, 2022
WAYLAND, Bennie, b. 26-Feb-1944, d. 16-Dec-2022, "TOGETHER FOREVER / JULY 2, 1965 // MSGT US AIR FORCE VIETNAM / LOVING HUSBAND FATHER AND POP", s/s with Lafreda Wayland, military footstone
WHITE, Jenice Frances Joiner, b. 17-Aug-1941, d. 10-Mar-2023, metal marker
WIDEMAN, Jewel, b. 3-Nov-1920, d. 3-Nov-1920, "BABY / GONE TO BE AN ANGEL", Headstone is disconnected from its base.
WILCOXSON, R. H., b. 3-Dec-1893, d. 4-Mar-1935, "ABSENT HERE BUT PRESENT THE LORD"
WILLIAMS, Devin, b. 25-Jul-1997, d. 26-Jul-1997, s/s with Dustin Williams
WILLIAMS, Dustin, b. 25-Jul-1997, d. 26-Jul-1997, s/s with Devin Williams
WILLIS, Gilbert W., b. 28-Oct-1917, d. 24-Oct-1990
WILLIS, Infant Daughters, b. 1-Dec-2001, d. 1-Dec-2001, "Infant Daughters of Phillip & Tiffani Willis"
WILLIS, James Hilton, b. 14-Sep-1908, d. 18-Sep-1988, "MM2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II / A LOVING DAD", military footstone
WILLIS, Marie Apple, b. 25-May-1917, d. 7-Nov-1968, "WIFE OF J. H. WILLIS"
WILSON, Aaron D., b. 24-Oct-1922, d. 22-Mar-2003, "IN LOVING MEMORY", s/s with Ana Wilson
WILSON, Ana, b. 9-Mar-1918, d. 9-Dec-2012, "IN LOVING MEMORY", s/s with Aaron Wilson
WILSON, Christy Gay, b. 21-May-1959, d. 15-May-2019
WILSON, Eligia, b. 1899, d. 1984, s/s with Ola Wilson
WILSON, Ernest Alfred, b. 26-Apr-1923, d. 22-Feb-1997, "MARRIED DEC. 28, 1946 // GM3 US NAVY WWII / WWII VICTORY MEDAL AP CAMPAIGN MEDAL AMERICAN CAMPAIGN MEDAL", s/s with Willie Wilson, military footstone
WILSON, George M., b. 24-Jun-1875, d. 27-Aug-1957, s/s with Nancy Wilson, freemason symbol
WILSON, Gladys Ann, b. 10-Jan-1906, d. 6-Aug-1978, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Edward Wilson
WILSON, J. Edward, b. 28-Nov-1905, d. 16-Jun-1981, "MEMORY LANE", s/s with Gladys Wilson
WILSON, Nancy Ann, b. 19-Dec-1871, d. 11-Aug-1950, s/s with George Wilson
WILSON, Ola L., b. 1903, d. 1979, s/s with Eligia Wilson
WILSON, Willie Jo, b. 26-Sep-1922, d. 1-Jul-1993, "MARRIED DEC. 28, 1946", s/s with Ernest Wilson
WOODHAM, Minnie Lee, b. 23-Oct-1908, d. 14-Oct-1989, "Mother / THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD"
YARBROUGH, Dovie D., b. 24-Jan-1894, d. 11-Sep-1956
YARBROUGH, J. M., b. 15-Jun-1859, d. 18-Nov-1940, "Gone but not forgotten."
YARBROUGH, M. J., b. 21-Mar-1882, d. 21-Jan-1956

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