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Asbury United Methodist Church
Limestone, Washington County, Tennessee

1779 Bailey Bridge Road, Highway 353, Limestone TN

Lat: 36° 10' 14"N, Lon: 82° 35' 15"W

Contributed by Linda Carriger Dillow, Jul 17, 1999, edited Jan 14, 2005 [raven15@alaweb.com].  Total records = 170.

The cemetery is located approximately 1 1/4 miles north of Bailey's Bridge which crosses the Nolichucky River.

The cemetery is directly across the road from Asbury United Methodist Church at 1779 Bailey Bridge Road, Highway 353, Limestone, Tennessee.

The cemetery is ownd and well kept by the church. Some graves are marked with fieldstones and there are several unmarked graves.

- Linda Carriger Dillow

Black, Loda F., b. Jan 1, 1887, d. Jul 23, 1906, son of J.K. &, M.A. Black
Bovell, Bonnie (Henley), b. 1887, d. 1950, wife of Stephen W. Bovell, daughter of Charles and Margaret Henley
Bovell, Mary Nelle, b. Apr 21, 1917, d. Jan 23, 1919, daughter of Stephen W. and Bonnie Bovell
Bovell, Stephen W., b. 1888, d. 1956, husband of Bonnie Bovell, son of Stephen and (?) West Bovell, grandson of William W. and Manerva Bovell
Bovell, Steve W, Jr., b. Apr 20, 1920, d. Jul 11, 1921, son of Stephen W. and Bonnie Bovell
Britt, Arron, b. Oct 5, 1938, married Retta Saults, daughter of Dayton and Ada Kimery Saults
Brobeck, Dale, b. Jun 5, 1928, d. Feb. 20, 1994
Brobeck, Herbert J., b. Aug 12, 1947, d. Aug 19, 1950, son of Dale and Martha Brobeck
Brobeck, James Ross, b. Sep 17, 1891, d. Jul 19, 1959, husband of Mary Brobeck, son of Bill and Mag Brobeck
Brobeck, Margaret Rosanna, b. Aug 29, 1858, d. Jan 31, 1937, daughter of J. Morrison and Martha Gann Brobeck
Brobeck, Martha A. (Seaton), b. 1866, d. 1936, wife of William A. Brobeck, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Jane Mauk Seaton
Brobeck, Mary (Henley), b. Nov 6, 1892, d. Mar 22, 1972, wife of James Ross Brobeck
Brobeck, William A., b. 1863, d. Apr 16, 1948, husband of Martha A. Seaton Brobeck, son of Morrison and M.E. Brobeck
Brown, Georgia K(irk), b. 1901, d. 1987, wife of James Franklin Brown, children: Tommie (?) and Robert (Bobby) F, daughter of Samuel Robert (Bob) and Lula Logan Kirk
Brown, James F(ranklin), b. 1897, d. 1972, husband of Georgia Kirk Brown, married 28 Dec 1923
Brown, Robert F., b. 1926, d. 1951, USNR, S2c, WWII, son of James Franklin and Georgia Kirk Brown
Browning, Maxine, b. 1924, d. 1991, FHM
Browning, Van Ray, b. Oct 7, 1947, d. Nov 21, 1959, son of Kyle and Maxine Henley Browning, grandson of Stanley W. and Cassie Stanton Henley, and Ray and (?) Bolton Browning
Broyles, (Oma) Bulah (Kimery), b. 1892, d. 1924, wife of Cyrus M. Broyles who is buried at Philadelphia United Presbyterian Church Cemetery with second, wife Eva Painter Broyles, children: Clive and Charles Eldridge, daughter of Eldridge and Margaret Catherine Henley Kimery
Broyles, Charles E(ldridge), b. Feb 17, 1916, d. Aug 20, 1980, husband of Gladys Hammer Broyles, son of Cyrus M. and Oma Bulah Kimery Broyles
Broyles, Gladys H(ammer), b. Jun 17, 1917, d. no date, wife of Charles Eldridge Broyles, married 30 Dec 1944, child: Richard Steven, 2nd husband C. Wilson Foster
Cloyd, Irene Saults, b. Sep 28, 1924, d. no date, wife of Robert Wayne Cloyd, children: Gary and Greg, daughter of William Max and Gertie Lee Hammer Saults. Granddaughter of Dayton and Ada Kimery Saults
Cloyd, Robert Wayne, b. Nov 24, 1920, d. Sep 4, 1987, husband of Irene Saults Cloyd, son of Robert and Mary Cloyd
Curtis, Bertha Elizabeth, b. Mar 23, 1971 Twin, daughter of Jerry and Laura Bell Green Curtis
Curtis, Laura Bell, b. Jul 8, 1942, d. Jan 16, 1996, wife of Jerry Curtis, daughter of Jasper Dean and Bertha Poore Green
Dillow, Cecil Fay, b. Apr 23, 1904, d. Aug 24, 1983, husband of Velma Mae Brobeck Dillow
Dillow, Mollie H(ester Bailey), b. Nov 23, 1883, d. Jan 16, 1967, wife of Thomas Peter Dillow, married 17 Dec 1899, children: Violet Pearl (Gourley), Cecil Fay, Anna Kathryn (Butler, d. Scott), Olga Marie (Henley), John Aaron Grissom, and Thomas Pershing, daughter of Aaron A. and Nancy Catherine Warrick Bailey who are buried at New Victory Baptist Church Cemetery, grandaughter of Garrett Decatur and Melinda Masters Bailey who are buried in the Bailey Family Cemetery, grandmother of Tommy Roger Dillow
Dillow, Paul (Edwin), b. Dec 20, 1922, d. Dec 27, 1922, infant son of Cecil Fay and Velma Mae Brobeck Dillow
Dillow, Thomas P(eter), b. Nov 13, 1877, d. Aug 12, 1960, husband of Mollie Hester Bailey Dillow, son of John Logan and Lydia Whetzel Dillow who are buried at Mount Wesley Methodist Church Cemetery, grandson of Peter Dillow, Jr, 2nd wife Permelia Hunt, Grandfather of Toimmy Roger Dillow
Dillow, Velma Mae (Brobeck), b. Feb 22, 1924, d. Nov 18, 1978, wife of Cecil Fay Dillow, child: (infant) Paul Edwin, daughter of Lunsford and Ethel Lockner Brobeck
Douglass, Julia M., b. Apr 7, 1903, d. Dec 17, 1922
Foster, Abraham H., b. Feb 6, 1855, d. Apr 14, 1909, husband of Catherine Henley Foster
Foster, C. Wilson, b. 1912, d. 1994, husband of Lois Gwendolyn Kirk Foster. 2nd, wife Gladys Hammer Broyles, son of Dana S. and Maude Bright Foster
Foster, Catherine (Henley), b. Oct 8, 1845, d. Jun 5, 1929, wife of Abraham H. Foster
Foster, Dana S., b. Jun 25, 1883, d. May 30, 1945, husband of Maude Bright Foster, son of Abraham H. and Catherine Henley Foster
Foster, Edmonia, b. Apr 19, 1885, d. Feb 16, 1888, daughter of Abraham H. and Catherine Henley Foster
Foster, Infant, d. Apr 4, 1941, son of C. Wilson and Lois Gwendolyn Brobeck Foster
Foster, L(ois)Gwendolyn (Brobeck), b. 1917, d. 1976, wife of C. Wilson Foster, children: Infant, son and Carroll Wilson, daughter of Horace and Lettis Kirk Brobeck
Foster, Maude (Bright), b. Feb 25, 1885, d. Nov 6, 1964, wife of Dana S. Foster, children: Orval Altas and C. Wilson
Fox, Gladys Henley, b. May 28, 1898, d. Jun 6, 1987, wife of Rollie Thomas Fox
Fox, Jerome David, b. Aug. 13, 1898, d. Jun 30, 1981, husband of Myrtle Ruth Henley Fox
Fox, Myrtle Ruth Henley, b. Dec. 20, 1902, d. Nov 16, 1992, wife of Jerome David Fox
Fox, Rollie Thomas, b. Feb. 16, 1894, d. Dec. 22, 1982, husband of Gladys Henley Fox
Glaze, Humphreys, b. Jun 16, 1835, d. Feb 7, 1913, husband of Margaret E. ",Lizzie", Waddell, married 28 Dec 1870. Next to his stone is an old stone with only the letter ",W", remaining
Green, Dana W., b. 1888, d. 1889, infant son of John W. and Laura Grubbs Green
Green, Fred C., b. Nov 2, 1827, d. Jan 7, 1928, son of William and Lena Green
Green, Jack S., b. Nov 28, 1934, d. Jan 20, 1935, son of William and Lena Green
Green, John W., b. Jan 6, 1856, d. Apr 5, 1927, husband of Laura Grubbs Green, son of Thomas B. and Katherine Greene
Green, Laura T. (Grubbs), b. Feb 17, 1868/1869, d. May 27, 1903, wife of John W. Green, daughter of James A. and Rebecca J. Grubbs
Green, Margaret A., b. Oct 22, 1857, d. Feb 27, 1885, wife of J. W. Green
Green, Terry G., b. Jun 7, 1892, d. Sep 6, 1895, son of John W. and Laura Grubbs Greene
Green, Walter, b. Jul 20, 1882, d. May 27, 1889, son of John W. and Laura Grubbs Greene
Green, Wm. McK(inley), b. Jun 30, 1896, d. Mar 14, 1948 Tenn, Pvt Co A 383 Inf, WWI, son of John W. and Laura Grubbs Greene
Greene, Bertha P(oore), b. 1921, d. no date, wife of Jasper Dean Greene, children: Stella Mae (?), Laura Bell (Curtis), Myrtle Sue (?) and Jessie Gail (?), daughter of John Poore
Greene, George R., b. May 16, 1889, d. Nov 5, 1890, son of W.B. and S.J. Greene
Greene, J(asper) Dean, b. 1903, d. 1972, husband of Bertha Poore Greene, son of John W. and Laura Grubbs Greene
Greene, Katherine, b. Oct 16, 1824, d. Sep 7, 1900, wife of Thomas Greene
Greene, Thomas B., b. Mar 29, 1824, d. Oct 9, 1884, husband of Katherine Greene
Grubbs, James A., b. Mar 12, 129, d. Mar 4, 1905, husband of Rebecca J. Moore Green
Grubbs, Rebecca J. (Moore), b. Aug 30, 1826, d. Aug 14, 1904, wife of James A. Grubbs, married 9 Dec 1854
Grubbs, Stephen Henry, b. Aug 4, 1921, d. Mar 6, 1922
Guinn, Carroll Dwight, b. Sep 12, 1908, d. Sep 16, 1912
Hawk, Mattie E., b. 1880, d. 1929, wife of Thallie M. Hawk
Hawk, Thallie M., b. 1870, d. 1938, husband of Mattie E. Hawk
Henley, Alma D. (Hawk), b. 1904, d. no date, wife of Cecil W. Henley, children: Martha (Guinn) and Dixie Lee (Patton), daughter of Mattie E. and Thallie Hawk
Henley, Arthur G., b. Apr 13, 1881, d. Jul 4, 1903, son of Charles and Margaret Henley, sisters Nelle and Bonnie
Henley, Cassie (Stanton), b. 1896, d. 1977, wife of Stanley W. Henley, daughter of Jake S. and Mary Stanton
Henley, Cecil W., b. 1904, d. 1967, husband of Alma D. Hawk Henley, married 8 Apr 1925, son of Joseph A. and Neptune (Neppie) Henley, d. Henley
Henley, Charles W., b. 1854, d. 1933, husband of Margaret Henley
Henley, Claude Jerome, b. Sep 18, 1907, d. Oct 2, 1948, husband of Hazel Blanche Henley, son of Jerome and Victoria Henley
Henley, CPL. Lewis J., b. Mar 15, 1929, d. May 23, 1956, 526 MP SV CO. US Army, son of Guy F. Henley
Henley, Daniel Boone, b. Mar 14, 1874, d. May 19, 1933, husband of Florence E. Sliger Henley, son of Isaac and Frances Roberts Henley
Henley, Ellen (McCracken), b. 1871, d. 1960, wife of John Henley
Henley, Ellen, b. 25 May 1930, d. no date, German, wife of Lewis J. Henley who returned to Germany after Lewis J. died
Henley, Florence E. (Sliger), b. Aug 29, 1874 , d. Sep 30, 1917, wife of Daniel Boone Henley, daughter of Henry M. and Sue H. Sliger
Henley, Frances (Roberts), b. 1836, d. Aug 25, 1916, wife of Issac Henley, children: Margaret Catherine (Kimery), Ellen (Henley), Jerome, Wood, Daniel Boone, Neptune (Neppie) (Henley), Mollie (Mauk) and Byerley
Henley, Fred, b. Jun 30, 1890, d. Nov 30, 1890, infant son of Landon H. and Martha A. Seaton Henley
Henley, Grace H., b. (May) Oct 21, 1890, d. Nov 22, 1967, wife of Paul B. Henley, daughter of Henry and Mollie May
Henley, Guy F. May, b. 19, 1905, d. Oct 29. 1968, husband of Bonnie (?), children: Stella Mae (Foster, d. ?) and Lewis J., son of Jerome and Victoria Henley
Henley, Hazel Blanche, b. May 30, 1911, d. Aug 23, 1992, wife of Claude Jerome Henley
Henley, Henderson, b. 1864, d. (?), husband of Mattie L. Henley, son of William and Mary M. Rogers Henley
Henley, Issac, b. Nov 2, 1840, d. Mar 12, 1905, husband of Frances Roberts Henley
Henley, Jerome (Rome), b. 1867, d. 1949, husband of Victoria (Vic) Henley, son of Isaac and Frances Roberts Henley
Henley, John, b. 1868, d. 1942, husband of Ellen McCracken Henley
Henley, Joseph A., b. 1861, d. 1944, husband of Neptune (Neppie) Henley, d. Henley, son of William and Mary M. Rogers Henley
Henley, Kathy Darlene, d. Nov 6, 1953 Infant child of Fay D. and Bonnie Dunbar Henley
Henley, Lillie J. (Fox), b. 1895, d. 1977, wife of Wood F. Henley
Henley, Margaret (Kirk), b. 1857, d. 1912, wife of Charles W. Henley, daughter of John Auston./K. and Catherine Kirk
Henley, Martha A. (Seaton), b. Nov 27, 1843/1848, d. Aug 26, 1891, wife of Landon H. Henley
Henley, Mary M. (Rogers), b. Jul 19, 1833, d. Nov 5, 1918, wife of William M. Henley
Henley, Mattie L., b. 1867, d. 1943, wife of Henderson Henley
Henley, Neppie (Neptune Henley), b. 1877, d. 1927, wife of Joseph A. Henley, daughter of Isaac and Frances Roberts Henley
Henley, Paul B., b. Jun 24, 1890, d. May 30, 1972, husband of Grace H. May Henley, son of John and Ellen McCracken Henley
Henley, Stanley W., b. 1900, d. 1976, husband of Cassie Stanton Henley, son of Joseph A. and Neptune (Neppie) Henley, d. Henley
Henley, Theona Lee, b. Jan 18, 1928, d. Dec 6, 1933, daughter of Paul B. and Grace H. May Henley
Henley, Victoria (Vic), b. 1873, d. 1946, wife of Jerome (Rome) Henley, daughter of Joesph and Elizabeth Spitser Duncan
Henley, Wiley L., b. Sep 24, 1871, d. Jan 27, 1912, son of Landon H. and Martha A. Seaton Henley
Henley, William M., b. Nov 22, 1829, d. Oct 26, 1913, husband of Mary M. Rogers Henley, married 18 Aug 1853
Henley, Wood F., b. 1871, d. 1944, husband of Lillie J. Henley, son of Isaac and Frances Roberts Henley
Hensley, T. H., b. Jan 1, 1916, d. Feb 29, 1916
Holtsinger, Ada E., b. Nov 7, 1856, d. Aug 25, 1935, wife of James B. Holtsinger
Holtsinger, Chal D., b. 1887, d. 1942, son of James and Ada E. Holtsinger
Holtsinger, James B(uchanan), b. Mar 18, 1857, d. Apr 17, 1940, husband of Ada E. Holtsinger, son of William and Sophia D. Moore Holtsinger
Humphrey, Anna Lee, b. Dec 25, 1931, d. Aug 16, 1941, daughter of Maynard and Ruth Humphrey
Humphrey, Reid, b. Dec 13, 1932, d. May 29, 1934 Infant, son of Reider M. and Blanche Stanton Humphrey
Humphreys, Charles Feectcher, b. Jun 3, 1918, d. Apr 4, 1990, husband of Dana Faye Brown Humphreys
Humphreys, Dana Faye Brown, b. Jul 22, 1920, d. (1998), wife of Charles Feectcher Humphreys
Hylton, David Tate, b. Nov 2, 1893, d. Oct. 9, 1978 U.S. Army, husband of Gertie Lee Hammer Salts Hylton, son of Robert L. and Sarah Elizabeth Broyles Hylton
Hylton, Gertie L(ee) Hammer (Salts), b. Jul 8, 1908, d. May 27, 1992, wife of David Tate Hylton, 1st marriage to William Max Saults, daughter of Alexander and Ersa Dale Mauk Hammer
Hylton, Robert Willis, b. Apr 8, 1915, d. Feb 12, 1921, son of James Oscar and Callie Myrtle Green Hylton
Kimery, Aileen P(atry Moore), b. (Aug 13,) 1896, d. (Jan 17) 1976, 2nd wife of Max Jerome Kimery, married 15 Oct 1919, children: Mildred Pauline (Carriger), Zazle Doris, and James Louden, daughter of Isaac Franklin and 2nd, wife Nora E. Shipley Moore who are buried at Oakland Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Kimery, Eldridge, b. Aug 18, 1857, d. Jun 17, 1926, husband of Margaret (Mag) Catherine Henley Kimery, son of William and Mary Ann Kirk Kimery who are buried at Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery, grandson of John Auston Kirk
Kimery, Hareld E., b. Mar 25, 1928, d. May 5, 1928, infant, son of Vollie C. and Nellie Duncan Kimery who are buried in Kankakee, Illinois. Younger siblings: Barbara, Ann, Dennis and Tommy who were born in Rockford, Illinois)
Kimery, James, b. Nov 5, 1859, d. May 23, 1935, husband of Nannie I. Kimery, married Nov 20, 1890, son of William and Mary Ann Kirk Kimery who are buried at Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Kimery, Margaret (Mag) C(atherine Henley), b. May 28, 1862, d. Apr 27, 1928, wife of Eldridge Kimery, married Nov 29, 1882 at Brownsborough, children: Pearl (Kelley), Jennie Mae (Broyles), Oma Bulah (Broyles), Isaac Otis, Ivory V. (Stanton), Max Jerome, and Vollie C, daughter of Isaac and Frances Roberts Henley
Kimery, Max J(erome), b. (Apr 5,) 1898, d. (Aug 5,) 1956, USN, WWI, 1st, wife Zenna Bell Ruble Kimery, married 1 Apr 1915, child: Robert Eldridge Kimery. 2nd, wife Aileen Patry Moore Kimery, married Oct 1919, son of Eldridge and Margaret (Mag) Catherine Henley Kimery, grandfather of Linda Carriger Dillow
Kimery, Nannie I. (McCracken), b. Jan 27, 1968, d. Dec 19, 1928, wife of James Kimery
Kimery, William R., b. Jul 8, 1892, d. Mar 20, 1931 WWI
Kimery, Zazle (Doris), b. Mar 30, 1922, d. Feb 1, 1931, daughter of Max Jerome and Aileen Patry Moore Kimery
Kirk, Catherine, b. Dec 18, 1836, d. Dec 13, 1924, wife of John Auston K. Kirk
Kirk, John A(uston) K., b. Sep 30, 1830, d. Jul 25, 1906, son of John Auston Kirk
Kirk, John A(uston), b. May 24, 1806, d. Jan 23, 1894, father of John Auston K. Kirk and Mary Ann Kirk Kimery
Kirk, Lula Logan, b. Aug 10,1869, d. Aug 24, 1961, wife of Samual Robert (Bob) Kirk, Some children: Hattie, Lettis, Lottie and Georgia
Kirk, Samual Robert (Bob), b. Feb 15, 1865, d. Jan 27, 1955, husband of Lula Logan Kirk, son of John Auston K. and Catherine Kirk, grandson of John Auston Kirk
Lenard, Andrea Nichole, b. Jun 9, 1993, d. Jun 10, 1993
Mauk, (S.) Josephine (Presnel), b. Oct 26, 1842, d. Feb 18, 1885, wife of J.S.D. Mauk, married 22 Sep 1859, daughter of John P. Presnell
May, Infant, no dates, daughter of Charles and Lena May
May, Lena E. (Beard), b. Apr 15, 1891, d. Jul 27, 1910, wife of Charlie May
May, W.H., d. Apr 24, 1915, aged 53y 7m 23d
Mayfield, Infant, d. Oct 25, 1845, aged 19d, son of William Mayfield
McCracken, Anna M., b. Aug 4, 1904, d. Feb 17, 1907, daughter of James F. and Sue E. McCracken
McCracken, Chester, b. 1908, d. 1908, son of William A. and Sarah Florence Kimery McCracken
McCracken, James F., b. Jun 2, 1876, d. Aug 18, 1948, husband of Sue E. McCracken
McCracken, John W., b. 1874, d. 1946
McCracken, Lon, b. 1906, d. 1907, son of William A. and Sarah Florence Kimery McCracken
McCracken, Rob't, no dates Co I, 1 Tenn Cav, husband of Susan A. McCracken
McCracken, S(arah) Florence (Kimery), b. 1869, d. 1956, wife of William A. McCracken, daughter of William and Mary Ann Kirk Kimery who are buried at Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery
McCracken, Sue E., b. Jun 27, 1874, d. Nov 1, 1906, wife of James F. McCracken
McCracken, Susan A. (Helton), b. Aug 10, 1836, d. Jul 21(?), 1894, wife of Robert W. McCracken, married 30 Jan 1860
McCracken, William A., b. 1862, d. 1949, husband of Sarah Florence Kimery McCracken, son of Robert and Sue McCracken
McGhee, Mary Jane, b. 3, 1838, d. Oct 5, 1921, wife of John N. McGhee
O'Dell, Charlie, b. 1881, d. 1960
O'Dell, Floyd C., b. Nov 16, 1888, d. Jul 15, 1957, husband of Gertrude Brobeck O'Dell, son of William Marion and Margaret (Mag) Mauk O'Dell
O'Dell, Gertrude (Brobeck), b. Apr 17, 1887, d. Jun 24, 1981, wife of Floyd C. O'Dell, daughter of William A. and Martha Seaton Brobeck
Odom, Mary (O'Dell), b. Aug 15, 1891, d. Apr 17, 1913, daughter of William Marion and Margaret (Mag) Mauk O'Dell
Patton, Dixie L(ee), b. Nov 14, 1931, d. no date, wife of Gordon K. Patton, daughter of Cecil W. and Alma D. Hawk Henley
Patton, Gordon K., b. Dec. 20, 1931, d. Jun 11, 1994 USA, husband of Dixie Lee Henley Patton
Payne, James R., b. May 14, 1874, d. Aug 7, 1898, son of James and Sallie Jordon Payne
Pritchard, Infant, d. Jun 17, 1888, daughter of H. and D.E. Pritchard
Salts, Ada (Kimery), b. 1877, d. 1941, wife of Dayton Salts, daughter of William and Mary Ann Kirk Kimery who are buried at Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Granddaughter of John Auston Kirk
Salts, Dayton, b. 1871, d. 1949, husband of Ada Kimery Salts
Salts, Paul, b. 1909, d. 1987, son of Dayton and Ada Kimery Salts
Salts, Roxie, b. 1898, d. 1967, daughter of Dayton and Ada Kimery Salts
Salts, William Max, b. Feb 1, 1901, d. Feb 21, 1931, husband of Gertie Lee Hammer Salts, son of Dayton and Ada Kimery Salts
Saults, Sanford Ray, b. Sep 18, 1926, d. May 8, 1962 Tenn Sgt, Co A, 245 Tank Bn, Korea, son of William Max and Gertie Lee Hammer Salts
Saults, William, d. Oct (?) 1949 Marker missing since Apr 1977
Shanks, Clifford R., b. 1904, d. 1996, husband of Virginia Mae Hawk Shanks
Shanks, Virginia Mae (Hawk), b. 1911, d. 1970, wife of Clifford R. Shanks, children: Donnie and Georgia, daughter of Mattie E. and Thallie M. Hawk
Snapp, Frances Stanton, b. May 9, 1914, d. Mar 26, 1991, wife of Lester Wendell Snapp, child: Norma Jean (Larkin), daughter of Frank S. and Ivory V. Kimery Stanton
Snapp, Lester W(endell), b. May 19, 1911, d. Jul 13, 1985, husband of Frances Stanton Snapp, son of Rhea M. and Dora Rowe Snapp, grandson of Wendell Snapp
Stanton, (S.) Frank, b. 1885, d. 1949, husband of Ivory V. Kimery Stanton, son of Jake S. and Mary Stanton
Stanton, Ivory (V. Kimery), b. 1887, d. 1948, wife of Frank S. Stanton, children: Dr. Glea V, Blanche (Humphrey), and Frances (Snapp), daughter of Eldridge and Margaret Catherine Henley Kimery
Stuart, Miss Hattie, b. 1871, d. 1958, daughter of George G. and M.L. Stuart
Stuart, William D., b. 1884, d. 1956, Sisters: Hattie and Lillie. Brother was: Pokie, son of George G. and M.L. Stuart
Tipton, Jeter C., b. Jan 26, 1895, d. Nov 26, 1961, husband of Maude Henley Tipton
Tipton, Maude (Henley), d. Jun 5, 1905, daughter of Joseph A. and Neptune (Neppie) Henley, d. Henley
Waddell, Laura Smith, b. 1878, d. 1915
Waddell, Rilla, b. Feb 6, 1911, d. Aug 7, 1913, daughter of C.F. and Laura Waddell
Waddell, T. H., b. May 19, 1832, d. Dec 12, 1908
Willard, Hugh Metherland, b. Apr 30, 1884, d. Jun 28, 1887

Research sources:
Contributed by Herbert H. Saults
Genealogical data from D.T. Hylton and Robert D. Hylton, Tommy Roger and Linda Aileen Carriger Dillow
Relatives of deceased
1880 Census Washington County, Tennessee transcribed by Byron H. &, Barbara Sistler, 1994
Washington County, Tennessee Marriages 1780-1870 by Goldene Fillers Burgner, 1985

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