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Unnamed Alban Township Cemetery
Milbank, Grant County, South Dakota

On 481st Ave btwn 152nd St and CR 14

Lat: 45° 10' 37"N, 96° 35' 12"W
Alban Twp, R48W Sec 28

Contributed by Connie Norheim, Aug 04, 2003 [connie_norheim@hotmail.com] Total records = 18.

Directions: from the US 12 and SD Hwy 15 intersection in Milbank go south 2 ½ miles, turn east on 152nd St and go 3 miles, turn south and go ½ mile.

This cemetery was recently discovered in a treebelt where it had been lost to time and neglect. The trees have been removed by someone. There is no fence, but someone appears to be keeping the grass pretty much mowed around the area.
These records were copied from the tombstones on Aug 03, 2003. They represent all the tombstones we could find.
- Connie Norheim

?_nelle, Earl, b. 15 Apr 1888, d. 26 Nov 1889, son & daughter of F.R. of L.A. ?_nelle, s/w Olive
?_nelle, Olive, b. 2 Sep 1889, d. 21 Jun 1892, son & daughter of F.R. of L.A. ?_nelle, s/w Earl
Brown, Charles, d. 21 Oct 1883, age 68y 7m 23d
Cochran, Edith M, b. 20 Jan 1856, d. 29 Mar 1895, age 39y 2m
Ferguson, Samuel, b. 21 Dec 1837, d. 14 Nov 1901, Co.C. 2nd Minn Vol Inf
Frederickson, Juno, b. 14 Jun 1891, d. 8 Sep 1909
Frederickson, Mrs. Mary C, b. 25 Jan 1849, d. 15 Jul 1917
Mason, Carrie May, d. 6 Jan 1882, age 5y 7m, s/w Frank J Mason and William D Mason
Mason, Frank J, d. 5 Jan 1882, age 19y 3m 26d, s/w Carrie May Mason and William D Mason
Mason, William D, d. 4 Jan 1882, age 15y 11m 2d, s/w Carrie May Mason and Frank J Mason
McCollum, Matte Carl, b. 11 Feb 1850, d. 30 Jul 1884, wife of H.G. McCollum
Monett, Sarah A, b. 24 Mar 1837, d. 5 Sep 1898, wife of Moses Monett
Montgomery, Ingaba, d. 15 Oct 1883, age 74 yrs
Nelson, Alex E, b. 10 Apr 1848, d. 3 Nov 1889
Petersen, J. C., b. 11 May 1806, d. 21 Oct 1893, Hustru AF Mariaue Madsdatter
Spanton, Donovan, d. 30 Mar 1895, age 4 wks
Webster, Asaph M, b. 12 Jan 1851, d. 23 Dec 1900
Webster, John E, d. 27 Jan 1892, age 71y 3m 22d

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