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Gladney Cemetery
Fairfield County, South Carolina

Contributed by Bettye Bond, May 2000 [retteacher@aol.com]. Last edited Jun 12, 2012. Total records = 74.

Gladney Cemetery is located 9 miles from Winnsboro, S.C. at the intersection of 321 & 34, which is the 321 bypass at Winnsboro, 34 West to the Lebanon Presbyterian Church, left on 54, Jackson Creek Road (small road south to Jackson creek). The marker is on the right side of the road on a corner of a smaller road. Intersection of 213 is past the road. Return on 54 about 3/4 mile, on the left a stone marker "Gladney Cemetery" by a small dirt road, left on this dirt road and up a small hill, for 1 mile, through a gate and into a pasture. Although the cemetery itself has been deeded to the Gladney Family Association, by Mr. Ed Stevenson the old Gladney land surrounding it belongs to him, he has for years taken such an interest in the cemetery. Not many families are so fortunate. At the end of this small road, turn immediately to the right and follow the fence line around the pasture, the cemetery on the rise of the hill. The stone fence has been taken down, only the stone posts remain and the wire fence is now around the cemetery. The area, it is said, is on a part of Joseph Gladney's land (he was the first Gladney to be sheltered by the land they loved and worked so hard for.

Turning to the left (at the pasture) and following the fence row and across some creeks back into the woods, is the Widow Jane's property. There is a house in Winnsboro containing the stair case that was in Jane's house, also many houses contain some of the boards, Ed Stevenson took some of the boards and nails to put on his barn, so as to preserve some of the original wood from those who helped themselves to the property. Ed said,loggers took the fence out, without permission--the granite slabs of the fence are gone except for some of those on the right side of the fence, laying on the ground.

- Bettye Bond

Names in Red are original Gladneys from County Antrim, Ireland

Cockrell, M.Y., b.1805 d. 1-24-1848, age 45 yrs
Crawford, Baby, between these graves, Our Little baby no other inscriptions
Crawford, Margaret C., b. 3-13-1846, d. 12-12-1915 w/o Wm. J. Crawford
Crawford, William J., b. 7-1839 d. 11-12-1918 (suppose to be with Margaret on row 7
Davis, Margaret E., b. d. 12-2-1851 mar. Jan 30, d/o Robert & Jane Gladney, Consort of Jos. Davis (very large marker back of cemetery facing gate)
Evans, Mary Ann Gladney, b. 1830 d. 6-14-1857, age 27 yrs Consort/o David b. Evans
Gladney, Agnes Martin, b.?, d.1827 Ffld SC.
Gladney, Agnes McCreight, b. 1742 Ireland M. 1760 Ireland to Samuel I, d. after 1801 census (New Stone 1997)w/o Samuel Gladney
Gladney, Antonette, b. 1861 d. 10-11-1864, age 2 yrs, d/o Samuel & Caroline Gladney
Gladney, Caroline, b. 1814 d. 4-18-1855, age 41 yrs w/o Samuel Gladney
Gladney, Charles, b. 7-16-1787, d. 6-13-1828, age 41y, s/o Richard & Jane Strong Gladney
Gladney, Eliza (Elizabeth), b.7-21-1814 d. 7-6-1837, age 22 11mo 16 days
Gladney, Eliza J., b. 11-22-1832 d. Jul 28, 1880 footstone EJG
Gladney, Eliza R., b. 4-18-1826 d. 11-21-1917
Gladney, Elizabeth J., b. 1833 d. 8-1-1855, age 22 yrs, d/o Samuel & Caroline Gladney footstone EJG
Gladney, Franklin R., b. 11-24-1851 d. 1-26-1863, age 12 yrs s/Hugh Y & Mary Ann Evans Gladney
Gladney, Harriet J., b. 3-2-1828 d. 9-10-1843, age 15 yrs
Gladney, Hugh Smyth, b.10-12-1812 d. 9-20-1835, age 23 (sincle) s/o Richard & Mary M. Bruce Gladney
Gladney, Hugh Sr, b. 7-2-1780 d. 11-28-1854, age 74 yrs B/o Richard F/O Jane Gladney Gibson
Gladney, Hugh Youngue, b. 8-30-1800, d. 1-28-1856, s/o Patrick & Mary Yongue
Gladney, James McGregor, b. 11-10-1881 d. 10-10-1885, age 4yrs, s/o James Shields & Lillie McIntosh Gladney
Gladney, Jane, b. 1793 d.8-4-1847, age 54 yrs 7mo 5days w/o Robert Gladney
Gladney, Jane, b. 1800 d. 6-2-1821, age 21 yrs, d/o John & Margaret Gladney (row 4) Neil
Gladney, Jane "Jennet" "Jeannette" Wilson, b. 1711 Ireland, M. 1735/6 Ireland?, d. 19 Oct. 1781 Fairfield Co, South Carolina, Bur: On original grant of Gladney land-Gladney Cem. South Carolina, age 70yrs, "Widow Gladney, " Mother of "County Antrim "Gladneys. w/o Richard Gladney (bur. in Ireland)
Gladney, Jane Strong, b.1757, d.1833 Ffld.SC, age 76y
Gladney, Jemima N., b. 5-3-1822 MS d. 7-15-1878, age 56 yrs, d/o Joseph & Nancy Gladney
Gladney, Jennet, b. 1786 d.10-5-1786, age 9mo, d/o Richard & Jennett Gladney
Gladney, Jennet Strong, b.1757 Ireland d. 1833, age 76yrs Consort /o Richard Gladney 1741
Gladney, John, 1806, sp Mary Ann Russell, no marker
Gladney, John R., b. 10-31-1839 d. 7-3-1862, age 23 yrs
Gladney, Joseph, b. 10-3-1792 d. 9-30-1863 Consort/o Nancy Gladney
Gladney, Joseph, b. 3-15-1806 d. 12-19-1850, age 44 yrs s/Patrick & Mary Younger Gladney
Gladney, Joseph Jr, b. 1782 d. 2-8-12, age 10 yrs Same stone as Joseph
Gladney, Joseph P., b. 1-17-1838 d. 6-1-1856, age 18 yrs.s/Hugh Y. & Mary Ann Evans Gladney
Gladney, Joseph R., b. 4-14-1843 d. 2-6-1863, age 20 yrs 9mo 23 days
Gladney, Joseph T., b. infant, d. 9-1854, s/o J.W.& E.J.Gladney (Joseph & Jane ?)
Gladney, Joseph, b. 1747, d. 1776, Kinbally, Skeery Parish, Antrim Co., Ireland, Winnsboro, S.C. 29yr, s/o Jane Wilson & Richard Gladney, First in Cemetery
Gladney, Josiah Julius, b. 1840 d. 6-22-1841, age 1yr 3days s/o Samuel & Caroline Gladney
Gladney, Margaret S., b. 1842 d.8-8-1863, age 21yrs 3mo & 19 days Died of congestive fever GD/ Patrick Gladney
Gladney, Martha Felder, b. 1-25-1824 d. 8-11-1835, age 11y, d/o Richard & Mary M. Bruce Gladney
Gladney, Mary, b. 1739, d, ?, Kinbally, Skeery Parish, Antrim Co., Ireland, not sure where she is buried, d/o Jane & Richard
Gladney, Mary Agnes, b. 8-20-1858 d.2-12-1877
Gladney, Mary B., b. 1-19-1846 d. 6-19-1866, age 20 yrs 6mo 10 days broken stone
Gladney, Mary Martha Bruce, b. 4-21-1786, d. 8-5-1835, age 49yrs., w/o Richard Gladney
Gladney, Mary Sarah, b. 1745 d. no date, no marker
Gladney, Mary Yongue, b. 1769 d.12-1-1812, age 43 yrs w/o Patrick Gladney
Gladney, Nancy, b. 2-28-1801 d. 3-7-1864
Gladney, Patrick, b. 1762 d. 9-8-1835, age 73 yrs Sp/O Mary Yongue Gladney
Gladney, Richard I, b. ca. 1670 ? Res. Kinbally, Skerry Parish, Antrim, Ireland, d. bef. 1724 Will proved 1728-Skerry Parish Bur: Ireland, Wife: Unknown
Gladney, Richard II, b. 1710 Kinbally, Skerry Parish, County Antrim,Ireland, d. 1754 Kinbally, Skerry Parish, County Antrim, Ireland, Bur: Local Presbyterian Churchyard in County Antrim, Ireland, Wife:Wilson,Jane
Gladney, Richard III, b. 1741, d. 1793 Kinbally Skeery Parish, Antrim Co., Ireland, Cem. Winnsboro, S.C. (53), c/o Jane & Richard
Gladney, Richard, b. 1778, d. 5-8-1843, age 65y, s/o Samuel & Agnes McCreight Gladney
Gladney, Richard, b. 1786 d. 4-9-1831, age 45yrs 7mo 11days S/Thomas & Agnes Martin Gladney
Gladney, Robert, b. 6-20-1790 d. 10-2-1827, age 37 yrs Relict/o Jane Gladney
Gladney, Samuel, b. 1737 Ireland d. 10-24-1799 Age 62 yrs Pvt. Revol.War, sp. Agnes McCreight Gladney, b. 1742 Ireland, d. After 1801, (also Samuel jr)
Gladney, Samuel, b. 5-30-1795 d. 10-5-1858, age 63yrs s/o Patrick & Mary Gladney
Gladney, Samuel, b. 6-2-1844 d. 6-2-1846, age 1 yr 12mo 15 days s/o Joseph & Jane Gladney
Gladney, Samuel Jr, b. 1774 d. 6-16-1787, age 13 yrs s/o Samuel & Agnes Mc. Gladney (same headstone as Samuel 1 )
Gladney, Thomas, b. 1749, d. 1820, Kinbally, Skeery Parish, Antrim Co., Ireland, Winnsboro, S.C. (71), s/o Jane & Richard, sp/o Agnes Martin Gladney, b.?, d. 1827 Ffld SC.
Gladney, William, b. ca. 1690 ? Ireland ?, d. 1731 Will proved Skerry Parish,Connor Diocese, Bur: Ireland, Wife: Unknown
Gladney, William, b. 1781, d. 10-10-1803, age 22, s/o Richard & Jane Strong Gladney inscription faint
Gladney, William J., b. 7-1839 d. 11-12-1918 Stone in Row 8 not 7 as original
Gregg, John Gray, b. 1805, d. 1-24-1848, Rev. War Soldier (newer marker) M.Y. Cockrell, age 45
Gregg, Rebecca (Gladney), b. 1783 d. 6-17-1848, age 66yrs 4mo 3 days, d/o Thomas Gladney
Herron, Eliza Jane (Gladney), b. 1806 d.11-13-1841, age 35 yrs 9mo13 days, d/o Patrick & Mary Gladney W/o Wm A.Herron
Jennings, Henry R., b. 3-28-1815 d. 8-30-1839, age 24 Killed by a Mile
Martin, Agnes, b. 1795, d. 9-28-1835, age 38y, d/o Patrick & Mary Yongue Gladney
Martin, James, b. 12-12-1792, d. 11-20-1860, age 68y son-in-law/o Patrick & Mary Yongue
Neil, John Robert, b. 1-13-1816, d. 6-13-1845, age 29y, d/o Patrick & Mary Yongue
Neil, Margaret Gladney, b. 1791 d. 11-22-1826, age 35yrs, d/o Patrick & Mary Gladney w/o John Neil
Neil, Robert, b. 1-18-1818 d. 6-13-1838, age 20yrs 5 mo.
Roseborough, J.A., b.1837, d. 12-17-1839, age 32y
Roseborough, James F/T, b. 1-14-1833 d. 10-14-1865
Strong, Jennet Gaston, b. 1726, d. 4-28-1801, age 75y, w/o Charles Strong, m/o Jane Strong Gladney

2 Broken stones (no visible inscription)
2 Broken footstone (illegible)
7 Field Stones ( no inscription, thought to be slave stones)
6 (six) Field Stones No names no dates
Broken stones (placed by tree and urn placed on stones by Gene & Bettye Bond (fall 1995)

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