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Burnt Meeting House Cemetery
Richburg, Chester County, South Carolina

Lat: 34° 44' 45"N, Lon: 80° 58' 18"W

Contributed by Kelly Barnes, Mar 21, 2007, last edited Mar 25, 2007 [kbarne03@gmail.com]. Total records = 55.

To reach this cemetery, just north of Richburg, turn right or east onto Hwy 223 (Wylies Mill Rd) continuing for about 2 miles gradually turning northward. Turn right onto Mt Vernon road and drive for approx 3/4 mile until some large power lines cross the road. Look to the right, you will see a 4 wheeler dirt trail going up the hill (underneath the power lines). Follow the trail to the top of the hill and you will see the cemetery. It is overgrown somewhat with a chain link fence around it. The cemetery cannot be seen from the road.

This is an old church cemetery, but Chester County is in care of it recently and there is to be a driveway made to the cemetery very soon. Work is being done to document all the "forgotten" cemeteries in Chester Co and publish the work for Chester County library.

This cemetery is in fairly good shape, but somewhat overgrown with weeds and vines. All of the visible graves are documented, however there are many that are marked, yet have no writing or names. They are just stones. There are many Revolutionary soldiers and Civil War soldiers buried here.

I walked and read this cemetery using a digital camera on Mar 03, 2007. This list contains all the visible burials, however there are many graves that are marked only with a stone, no writing.

- Kelly Barnes

Culp, Benjamin Kolb, b. 15 May 1741, d. 29 Oct 1819, Pvt Col Bentons Co. SC Militia Rev War
Culp, Mary, d. 06 Jul 1837, age: 75yrs 9mos 12 days, wife of Benjamin Culp
Ferguson, Baby, b. 22 Aug 18?6, d. 22Sep18?6, The babe of WP and MN Ferguson, unlegible # in the year appears to be a 0,8, or 6.
Ferguson, Calvin Brice, b. 19 Oct 1865, d. 15 Jan 1887, son of CM and Sallie Ferguson
Ferguson, Fanie L, b. 30 Dec 1862, d. 17 Oct 1865, age: 2yrs 2mos 13 days, daughter of WP and MN Ferguson
Ferguson, George W, b. 28 Sep 1870, d. 25 Sep 1873, age: Aged 3 yrs 3days, son of WP and MN Ferguson
Ferguson, James P, b. 14 Dec 1827, d. 09 Jan 1828
Ferguson, Martha J, b. 16 Nov 1841, d. 15 Oct 1842, age: aged 10mos 29 days
Ferguson, Martha N, b. 03 Jan 1828, d. 20 Aug 1884, wife of ?? Feguson, broken stone, located next to WP Ferguson
Ferguson, Mary, d. 31 Oct 1830, age: 70 yrs
Ferguson, Susanah A, b. 16 Mar 1822, d. 01 Feb 1853, Member of the Methodist church
Ferguson, W P, b. 19 Sep 1818, d. 17 Jul 1889, age: Aged 72 yrs, broken stone
Ferguson, William, d. 30 Sep 1832, age: 66yrs
Fudge, Charles H, d. 04 Jun 1864, age: 11yrs 1 mos 20 days
Fudge, Rhoda, d. 02 Feb 1818, age: Aged ?55 yrs, wife of Charles Fudge
Gaston, Esther Waugh, b. 1715, d. 1789, Patriots of the Revolution, same stone as John Gaston
Gaston, John, b. 1700, d. 1782, Patriots of the Revolution, same stone as Esther Waugh-Gaston
Hamilton, James, b. 05 Feb 1769, d. 19 Oct 1841, age: 72yrs 8mos 4days
Hefley, Edward, d. 07 Nov 1896, age: 23yrs 10mos 6days
Hefley, James Henry, b. 23 Sep 1846, d. 12 Dec 1865, age: 19yrs 2mos 4 days
Hefley, James M, b. 25 Dec 1812, d. 15 Sep 1885, age: 73yrs 8ms 20ds
Hefley, Wm H, b. 10 Jun 1867, d. 15 Sep 1885, age: 18yrs 3mos 5ds
House, Infant, d. Jun 1880, Infant daughter of J House
Kolb, Dorthea Obenchain, d. 20 Nov 1904, daughter of Samuel H Abendschon, wife of Benjamin Kolb, seems to be a little confusing regarding her husband- last name Kolb or Culp-located next to Benjamin Kolb Culp
McClure, Mary Gaston, b. 1712, d. 1802, wife of Capt. James McClure, mother of Col John McClure
McCreary, John, d. 04 Nov 1833, age: 72nd year of age, He was a member of the Baptist church from his youth until his death. He was a friend of the Widow And Orphan. He wass Sheriff of Chester District and for many years a representative in both branches of the Legislature of So. Ca. And a member of the house of rerpresentatives of the U. States.
McCreary, Margaret, d. 06 Mar 18??, age: 52yrs, Consort of John McCreary, stone is broken
McCreary, Samuel, d. 02 Mar 1834, age: aged about 71yrs, He was one amongst thee first who constituted The Hopewell Baptist Church and was ordained Pastor of said church on the 11th day of Feby 1807. His first and last sesrmono was preached at said church and his time was entirely devoted to the preaching of the Gospel.
McFadden, Elizabeth J, b. 01 Sep 1833, d. 05 Oct 1847, daughter of Wm and Elizabeth McFadden
McFadden, Elizabeth, b. 15 Mar 1796, d. 17 Jan 1869, age: 72years 10 mos 2 days
McFadden, John Grace, d. 26 Sep 1873, age: 19days, Infant son of BM and SC McFadden
McFadden, Lois H, b. 28 Jun 1882, d. 22 Jul 1883, daughters of AW and MM McFadden, same stone as Mary Ida McFadden
McFadden, Mary Ida, b. 18 Apr 1877, d. 04 May 1878, daughters of AW and MM McFadden, same stone as Mary Ida McFadden
McFadden, Mary McKinney, b. 1767, d. 1856, daughter of Barbara McKinney, wife of Ralph McFadden
McFadden, R. S., d. 01 Sep 1827, age: 5years
McFadden, Ralph Esq, d. 22 Nov 1830, age: 63yrs 11mos 19days is noted at end of name
McFadden, Sally C, d. 19 Sep 1873, age: 23 yrs 9mos 13 days, wife of RM McFadden
McFadden, William, b. 03 Dec 1792, d. 23 Feb 1847
McKinney, Barbara Culp, b. 1733 PA, d. 1782 Chester Co., SC, daughter of Casper Culp, wife of Wm McKinney. In 1761,Barbara scalped by the Cherokees lived to raise a family. ", Same stone as Wm McKinney
McKinney, Wm, b. 1729 Va, d. 1785, same stone as Barbara McKinney
Nickels, Martha, d. 02 Oct 1857, age: 15yrs 8mos 12day, "Miss"
Nunnery, Henry, b. Feb 1806, d. Feb 1893
Nunnery, Infant son, b. 6 Jul 1877, d. 10 Sep 1877, Infant son of CE and MS Nunnery
Nunnery, Taylor M, b. 14 Jul 1833, d. 03 Oct 1833, age: 2mos 19days, son of CE and MS Nunnery
Pittman, Infant son, d. 25 Dec 1869, age: 4 days, Infant son of AO and MS Pittman
Price, infant, b. 29 Nov 1887, d. 29 Nov 1887
White Sen. Robert, d. 17 Oct 1816
White, Benjamin, b. 20 May 1808, d. 09 Mar 1841, age: 32 years
White, Infant son, d. 23 Oct 1855, son of RG and SJ White
White, Infant, d. 05 Jul 1863, daughter of (?KI)and SJ White
White, John, d. 15 Jan 1816, age: 14 years
White, Mary Elizabeth, b. 23 Dec 1801, d. 13 May 1829, age: 27 years, consort of Wm A White
White, Mary, d. 03 Aug 1840, age: 60 years
White, Nancy, b. 26 Feb 1811, d. 12 Feb 18(83?), consort of Wm A White
White, W. A., b. 24 Nov 1792, d. 31 Aug 1854, age: 62nd year of age

F, J H, no data
M, J H, no data
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