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Brushy Fork Cemetery
Chester County, South Carolina

This listing was compiled by LuDeanne Guenther [ludeanne@dtx.net] and Kathryn L Tindle, and contributed to this site by LuDeanne Guenther.  Total records = 195.

For photographs of this cemetery and additional information, please visit LuDeanne's website.

Baldwin, Annie Carter
Baldwin, George T.
Baldwin, Infant Dau of John T.
Baldwin, John T.
Baldwin, John T. (Military)
Burgess, Sadie Marie Foote Brown
Burris, Maggie E. Baldwin
Byars, Addie Bernice McCallum
Byars, Butler Thomas Woods
Byars, George W. #1
Byars, George W. #2
Byars, Hariett E.
Byars, Hazel D.
Byars, Johnson
Byars, Joseph R.
Byars, Maggie
Byars, Marshall M.
Byars, Martha J.
Byars, Mary
Byars, Pauline Belue
Byars, Thomas T.
Byars, William T.
Carter, Bellona
Carter, Benjamin T. Sr.
Carter, Crystal
Carter, Edward S.
Carter, Henrietta G.
Carter, Infant son of E.S.
Carter, Infant daughter of W.
Carter, Maggie Vienna
Carter, Margaret Robbins
Carter, Martha J.
Carter, Mary Vienna
Carter, Nellie Estelle
Carter, Rhoda Wise
Carter, Sarah A. Chalk
Carter, Thomas William
Carter, Thomas B.R.
Carter, W.F.
Carter, William
Carter, William                   (Yes there are two)
Chalk, Annie Carter
Chalk, George W.
Chalk, Jesse Blandon
Chalk, John Frazier
Chalk, Lizzie Vistula
Clark, Cora
Clark, Inf sons of D.G.
Clark, James L.
Clark, James V.
Clark, Lou Reynolds
Clark  L.Bernice
Clark, Nellie A.
Clark, Steward H.
Collins, Ida Carter
Collins, Infant son of Zeb #1
Collins, Infant son of Zeb #2
Collins, Virginia L.
Collins, William C.
Collins, Zebedee E.
Dacus, Wilmer Eugenia
Dye, Wilmer Eugenia
Foote, Floyd J.
Foote, George T.
Foote, Sarah J.
Foote, William Butler
Gallman, Lillian Byars
Gregory, Daughter of M.T.#1
Gregory, Daughter of M.T.#2
Gregory, Daughter of M.T.#3
Gregory, Elmira
Gregory, Emma Evelyn
Gregory, Infant daughter of Porter
Gregory, Liza
Gregory, Marion Jr
Gregory, Marion T.
Gregory, Martha Evelyn
Hardin, Captian Obadiah
Harrison, Nancy
Hill, Mariah J.
Hill, Margaret Jane
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Rebecca
Johnson, Thompson
Mahaffey, John W.
Mahaffey, Josie Ruth Worthy
Mahaffey, Sarah Mayden
McDonald, Mollie P. McAliley
McDonald, Tate
McCallum, Angus M.
McCallum, Clara Vesta
McCallum, Cora, Infant of Rhett
McCallum, Cora Irene, Infant Daughter of Dr. Wm.
McCallum, Darcus A.
McCallum, Emily Pendergrass Worthy
McCallum, Furman M.
McCallum, Gladys B.
McCallum, Infant Son of A.M.
McCallum, Kenneth C.
McCallum, Mary Margaret Worthy
McCallum, William Wade
McCallum, Wrenney Mae
Mellon, or Melton,  Mary C.
Melton, Joe
Melton, John
Montgomery, R.C.
Page, John Wallace
Page, Mattie Lula Waters Foote Page
Pendergrass, William Hughes (Military)
Pendergrass, John
Pendergrass, Mary Belle Worthy
Pendergrass, Rebecca Kitchens Worthy
Pendergrass, Selena Kitchens
Perry, Mattie Worthy
Perry, Robert James
Ross, Alice J.
Strickland, John Edward
Wade, Allen I.
Wade, Angus M.
Wade, Anderson M.
Wade, Belle Waters
Wade, Edwin W.
Wade, E.T. (Military)
Wade, Emma D.
Wade, Elizabeth Galloway Wade
Wade, Fannie L.
Wade, Fannie W.
Wade, Frances Pendergrass
Wade, Galloway L.
Wade, Henry P.
Wade, James A. (M.D.)
Wade, James Ross
Wade, Louise A. McDonald
Wade, Martha Pendergrass
Wade, Martin W. Wade
Wade, Paul Tate Jr.
Wade, Paul Tate Sr.
Wade, Rhoda Elizabeth Wright
Wade, Richard McDonald
Wade, Sam Cornwell
Wade, Stephen A.
Wade, Thomas A. (Military)
Wade, Thomas Dye
Wade, William E.T.
Waters, Josephine Worthy
Woods, Lizzie Pendergrass Wade
Woods, Haze
Woods, Mary Ann
Worthy, Alberta C.
Worthy, Annie E. Johnson
Worthy, Annie Lunette
Worthy, Bluitte E.
Worthy, Cornelia M.
Worthy, D. States
Worthy, F. Bluette
Worthy, Fred R.
Worthy, Henry
Worthy, Henry E.
Worthy, Henry Francis
Worthy, Henry Preston
Worthy, Hughes C.
Worthy, Infant Son of Fred
Worthy, James P.
Worthy, Joe F.
Worthy, John David
Worthy, Josie, Moore
Worthy, Maggie Nolia
Worthy, Margaret A. Pendergrass
Worthy, Mary
Worthy, Mary M.
Worthy, Martin
Worthy, N.Guy
Worthy, Nancy Hill
Worthy, Preston #1
Worthy, Preston #2
Worthy, Robert M.
Worthy, Sallie J.
Worthy, Salle O.
Worthy, Sarah Francis
Worthy, Thompson B.
Worthy, Thompson C.
Worthy, Wade A.
Worthy, Wade (Military)
Worthey, Minerva Ann Smith
Worthey, William M.

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