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Matteson Family Graveyard
West Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island

Lat: 41° 37' 24"N, Lon: 71° 44' 11"W

Contributed by Brian Muller, Sep 18, 2010, last edited Oct 01, 2010 [mullergenealogy@gmail.com]. Total records = 26.

From Route 102 follow Browns Corner Road to intersection of Stubble Brook Road and Francis H. Horn Drive. Intersection of Francis H. Horn Dr. and Wheatly Road.

This is one of the Rhodie Island Historical Cemeteries found at W. Alton Jones Campus - Univ of Rhode Island. I assume the listing is complete, however reviewing my photos from this Campus is Private Property. For access contact Alton Jones Campus @ URI.

I found at least one addition to the 'posting' found on campus from which I generated this list when I walked the cemetery. The cemetery was in good shape and looks as if it is tended by the URI staff.

I visually walked this cemetery on Sep 15, 2010. Included are names found on WAJ campus posting.

- Brian Muller

x = from campus posting only
xx = from walking the cemetery and campus posting
xxx = from walking only

Gorton, Phebe (Sweet), b. 09 Dec 1822, d. 26 Jan 1851, age: 28 years, x
Gorton, Varnum G., b. 23 Nov 1811, d. 20 Apr 1872, age: 60 years, x
Matteson, Amey H., b. 1820, d. 19 Apr 1860, age: 40 years, "Farewell dear sister sweetly rest, Thy humble grave the Saviour blest, Soon we shall leave this mortal shore, And hope to meet to part no more!, d/o Bowen and Alcey Matteson, xxx
Matteson, Benjamin W., b. 13 Sep 1835, d. 29 May 1915, age: 79 years, x
Matteson, Beula Bell, b. 04 Dec 1869, d. 04 Apr 1870, age: 4 months, d/o Benjamin and Delia Matteson, xx
Matteson, Bowen, b. 1793, d. 06 Jun 1880, age: 86 years, x
Matteson, Cane, b. 08 Feb 1826, d. 08 Apr 1827, age: 1 year, x
Matteson, David Andrew, b. 12 May 1824, d. 06 Dec 1825, age: 1 year, x
Matteson, David ESQ, b. 25 Oct 1763, d. 25 Jun 1847, age: 83 years, "(Though) (long) (in) life, Thy race is run, Thy (cares) (and) (toils) of life are done. (When) ours (shall) (cease), O may we meet, To cast (our) (cares) at Jesus feet, xx
Matteson, Delia Barber, b. 09 Apr 1839, d. 04 Jul 1888, age: 49 years, x
Matteson, Dorcas, b. 10 May 1828, d. 12 Dec 1899, age: 71 years, x
Matteson, Dorcas, b. 17 Feb 1767, d. 16 Mar 1828, age: 61 years, x
Matteson, Edwin A., b. 01 Oct 1840, d. 13 Dec 1862, age: 22 years, died in Civil War, x
Matteson, Edwin Alonzo, b. 26 Jul 1863, d. 13 Aug 1865, age: 2 years, x
Matteson, Elsie, b. 1789, d. 27 Sep 1887, age: 98 years, alt spelling "Alcey", x
Matteson, Jeremiah Jr., b. 15 Mar 1843, d. 13 Nov 1904, age: 61 years, x
Matteson, Jeremiah, b. 28 Dec 1794, d. 02 Apr 1882, age: 87 years, x
Matteson, Mary (Polly), b. 14 May 1786, d. 29 May 1868, age: 82 years, "This is my grave you see, So prepare yourselves to follow me", old age, w/o Peleg, xx
Matteson, Peleg, b. 26 Aug 1787, d. 18 Feb 1875, age: 87 years, x
Matteson, Russel M., b. 31 Dec 1833, d. 13 May 1835, age: 1 year, s/o Jeremiah and Sally Matteson, xx
Matteson, Russel, b. 20 Mar 1787, d. 17 Jun 1820, age: 33 years, My debt is paid, my grave you see, Prepare yourselves to follow me. Go home dear friends, dry up your tears, I must lie here till Christ appears, xx
Matteson, Sally (Bennet), b. 28 Jul 1803, d. 31 Mar 1882, age: 78 years, x
Matteson, Thankful, b. 19 Mar 1809, d. 29 Oct 1829, age: 20 years, x
Sweet, Lydia, b. 22 Nov 1789, d. 08 May 1848, age: 58 years, x
Sweet, Polly, b. ?? Jul 1840, d. 26 Oct 1841, age: 1 year, x
Waite, Infant, b. 17 Jul 1857, d. 17 Jul 1857, age: 1 day, c/o Reynolds and Eunice Waite, x

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