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Warrington Friends Meeting House, 1946.

Warrington Burial Ground
Wellsville, York County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 40° 03' 11", Lon: 76° 55' 46"W

To reach this cemetery, in Wellsville from Main Street, drive NE on Carlisle Road for 0.52miles. Cemetery is on the south side, or right side of the road.

Burials at the Warrington Friends' Meeting House run from the 1750s through the 1860s. There was a period when Quakers were discouraged from marking their graves. An old Quaker Burying Ground may look as if it is only partially filled when, in fact, there are many graves that simply have no stones.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 27, 2011. Total records = 182.

Contributor's Index:

Alcock, Anne, d. Aug 20, 1802, age: 62yr, [RC]
Alcock, Mary, d. Sep 22, 1802, age: 38yr, [RC]
Bell, Ann, d. Jan 17, 1867, age: 71yr 8mo 4da, w/o John, [RC]
Bell, Ebenezer, d. Aug 31, 1834, [RC]
Bell, John, d. Feb 27, 1864, age: 77yr 1mo 14da, oldest s/o Ebenezer and Rebecca Bell, [RC]
Bentz, Catharine, d. Jun 01, 1827, age: 52yr, w/o Michael, [RC]
Bradley, R., d. 1789, [RC]
Burkholder, David, d. Feb 19, 1858, age: 63yr 8mo 23da, [RC]
Cadwallader, Eliza, d. Jun 22, 1876, age: 71yr 9mo 22da, w/o David, [RC]
Cadwallader, Sarah, d. Jan 11, 1839, age: 52yr 7mo 13da, w/o William, [RC]
Cadwallader, William, d. Apr 1868, age: 87yr, [RC]
Cleaver, John, d. May 03, 1823, age: 63yr, [RC]
Cleaver, Miriam, d. May 29, 1798, age: 71yr, [RC]
Cleaver, Peter, d. Dec 08, 1795, age: 63yr 1mo 19da, [RC]
Cleaver, Susan, d. Jul 11, 1823, age: 60yr, [RC]
Cleaver, Uriah, d. 1818, [RC]
Comfort, Anna Mary, b. Oct 25, 1765, d. Dec 25, 1832, [RC]
Comfort, Elizabeth, b. Jul 01, 1778, d. Mar 11, 1854, [RC]
Comfort, Elizabeth, d. Mar 16, 1863, age: 83yr 7mo 9da, w/o Jacob, [RC]
Comfort, Jacob, d. Oct 30, 1836, age: 61yr 3mo 1da, [RC]
Cook, Ann, b. Oct 20, 1741, d. 1784, bur. Dec 12, 1784, d/o Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Hannah, b. Mar 30, 1741), d. May 09, 1768, w/o Samuel, d/o William and Deborah (Roberts) Fisher, [RC]
Cook, Hannah, d. Mar 3, 1863, age: 77yr 10mo 21da, w/o John (and d/o Abel and Ann (Vale) Walker), [RC]
Cook, Henry, b. Feb 29, 1768), d. Apr 13, 1835, s/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Israel, b. Aug 27, 1774), d. Mar 14, 1780, s/o Samuel and Ruth (Mode) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Jane, b. Feb 15, 1771, d. Jan 28, 1849, w/o Samuel Cook, d/o James and Mary (Maulsby) Hicks, [RC]
Cook, Jesse, b. Sep 15, 1744, d. Aug 18, 1818, s/o Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Jesse, d. 1799, s/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook), [RC]
Cook, John Jr., b. Aug 18, 1813, d. Mar 22, 1889, s/o John & Hannah (Walker) Cook, [RC]
Cook, John, d. Jul 23, 1864, age: 82yr 3mo 24da, s/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Lydia Ann, b. Dec 20, 1820, d. Mar 21, 1873, w/o John Jr, d/o John & Lydia (Marsh) Walker, [RC]
Cook, Mary, b. Oct 19, 1746) d. Dec 01, 1824, w/o Jesse, d/o Henry and Priscilla (Pope) Wierman, [RC]
Cook, Mary, d. Jan 13, 1832, age: 33yr, d/o Henry and Mary (Way) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Peter, b. Oct 04, 1700 Northwich, Cheshire, England, d. Apr 28, 1779, came with parents to Pennsylvania in 1713, s/o Peter and Elinor (Norman) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Ruth, b. Oct 21, 1747, d. Apr 5, 1789, w/o Samuel, d/o Alexander and Rebecca (Allen) Mode, [RC]
Cook, Samuel, b. Oct 15, 1738, d. Aug 10, 1800, s/o Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Samuel, d. Jul 02, 1857, age: 85yr, s/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Sarah, b. Apr 01, 1706, d. Jun 07, 1783, w/o Peter, d/o Joseph and Hannah (Glover) Gilpin, [RC]
Cook, Sarah, d. 1800, d/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook, [RC]
Cook, Sydney Evans, d. Mar 12, 1821, age: 51yr 9mo 21da, w/o Isaac, [RC]
Cook, William, d. 1793, s/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook), [RC]
Cooke, Edna Darlington, b. Dec 8, 1880, d. Aug 19, 1909, 1st. w/o Thomas Gilpin, Sr., d/o Stephen & Lydia Ann (Pugh) Coates, [RC]
Cooke, Lillian Clement, b. Feb 7, 1889, d. Oct 7, 1972, 2nd w/o Thomas Gilpin, Sr., d/o Charles E. & Sarah R. (Gorrell) Jackson, [RC]
Cooke, Mary V., b. Jul 10, 1850, d. Apr 3, 1908, w/o Wm. Ramsey Cooke, d/o Jonas & Eliza (Gates) Heiges (Heikes), [RC]
Cooke, Morris Gilpin, b. Jul 14, 1874, d. Mar 18, 1899, never married, s/o Wm. Ramsey & Mary (Hieges) Cooke, [RC]
Cooke, Ruth E., b. Apr 9, 1883, d. Dec 17, 1964, never married, Last owner of Cook Farm, nr Dillsburg, York Co., built abt 1767, sold 1953, d/o Wm. Ramsey & Mary (Hieges) Cooke, [RC]
Cooke, Thomas Gilpin, Sr., b. Aug 11, 1880, d. Dec 1972, s/o Wm. Ramsey & Mary (Hieges) Cooke, [RC]
Cooke, William Ramsey, b. Dec 22, 1852, d. Feb 8, 1938. added the "e" to Cook prior to 1879, s/o John Jr. & Lydia Ann (Walker) Cook, [RC]
Cookson, D., d. Aug 17, 1831, [RC]
Cookson, Eli, d. Aug 05, 1869, age: 66yr, s/o Daniel, [RC]
Cookson, Louisa, d. 1830, [RC]
Denison, Jane, d. May 10, 1840, [RC]
Denison, Martha, d. Oct 16, 1856, [RC]
Edmundson, John, d. Feb 03, 1784, [RC]
Erwin, Robert, d. 1808, [RC]
Everitt, John, b. Feb 3, 1771, d. Feb 25, 1855, [RC]
Everitt, Rebecca, d. Apr 14, 1858, age: 81yr, [RC]
Glass, Daniel, d. 1802, age: 64yr 1mo 19da, [RC]
Glass, James, d. 1802, age: 28yr, [RC]
Glass, Margaret, d. 1804, age: 22yr, [RC]
Gratz, Rebecca, d. Apr 30, 1834, age: 30yr, [RC]
Gray, Isaac, b. Feb 15, 1792, d. Sep 19, 1860, [RC]
Gray, Robert, d. 6mo 30, 1796, age: 64yr, [RC]
Griest, Ann, b. Aug 21, 1766, d. Feb 23, 1850, w/o Willing, d/o George and Ann (Hinshaw) McMillan, [RC]
Griest, Mary, d. Nov 23, 1879, age: 80yr 21da, w/o Solomon, [RC]
Griest, Willing, d. 1833, age: 60yr 10mo 5da, [RC]
Griffith, Abraham, d. Jun 21, 1841, age: 95yr 8mo 20da, s/o William and first wife Esther (Davis) Griffith, [RC]
Griffith, Deborah, b. Sep 21, 1772), d. Feb 20, 1845, d/o William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith, [RC]
Griffith, Elizabeth Ong, d. Dec 09, 1805, age: 55yr, w/o Abraham Griffith, [RC]
Griffith, James, d. Feb 18, 1892, age: 83yr 9mo 13da, s/o Abraham and Margaret (Cadwallader) Griffith, [RC]
Griffith, Joseph, d. Jul 05, 1854, age: 85yr 9 mo, s/o William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith), [RC]
Griffith, Margaret, d. Nov 7, 1859, age: 86yr 11mo 29da, 2nd w/o Abraham, d/o James and Mary (Davis) Cadwallader),[RC]
Griffith, Mary, d. Jan 30, 1886, age: 73yr 5mo 12da, w/o James, [RC]
Griffith, Rebecca, no dates, w/o Joseph, d/o Samuel and Ruth (Mode) Cook, [RC]
Harman, Abraham, b. Feb 18, 1787, d. Jan 04, 1869, [RC]
Harman, Mary M., d. Jan 06, 1826, age: 70yr, w/o F. Harman, and "mother of fourteen children", [RC]
Hayward, Joseph J. Dr, d. Sep 19, 1853, age: 76yr 6mo 19da, [RC]
Hayward, Sally, d. Jan 19, 1873, age: 72yr 10mo, w/o Dr. Joseph Hayward, [RC]
Hussey, Ann, d. 12mo 6, 1819, age: 33yr 7mo 6da, w/o Jediah, [RC]
Hussey, Jediah, d. Sep 10, 1828, age: 51yr 6mo 13da, [RC]
Hutton, Benjamin, d. Apr 24, 1864, age: 74yr 11mo 1da, [RC]
Hutton, Sarah, d. Feb 10, 1859, age: 70yr 30da, w/o Benjamin, [RC]
John, Samuel, d. Jul 09, 1872, age: 73yr, [RC]
John, Sarah, d. Mar 17, 1837, age: 37yr, w/o Samuel, [RC]
Jones, Ann, d. 1830, [RC]
Jones, Jehu, d. 1831, [RC]
Keller, Samuel, d. Jul 23, 1869, age: 77yr, [RC]
Keller, Susan, b. Jul 19, 1797, d. Apr 16, 1851, w/o Samuel, [RC]
Kuhn, Elizabeth, d. Apr 15, 1871, age: 82yr, [RC]
Marsh, John, d. Mar 10, 1804, age: 80yr, [RC]
McClellan, Eleanor, d. Feb 13, 1882, age: 70yr 4mo 2da, w/o John, [RC]
McClellan, James, d. May 1862, age: 23yr, [RC]
McClellan, Rebecca, b. Sep 13, 1799, d. Dec 10, 1870, [RC]
McClelland, John, d. Aug 30, 1871, age: 75yr 7mo 1da, [RC]
McElwee, Joanna, d. Sept 24, 1875, age: 75yr 7mo 2da, [RC]
McElwee, Samuel, d. May 15, 1872, age: 79yr 3da, [RC]
McMillan, Deborah, d. Dec 1782, d/o William and Deborah, bur. Dec 10, 1782, [RC]
McMillan, Deborah, b. Sep 13, 1764, d. Nov 24, 1766, d/o William and Deborah, [RC]
McMillan, Deborah, d. Sep 22, 1764, w/o Thomas, d/o Joshua and Elizabeth Marsh, [RC]
McMillan, Deborah. Sr., d. Sep 04, 1797, w/o William, d/o Henry and Lydia (Fell) Holland, [RC]
McMillan, George, b. Apr 2, 1732, d. Jul 11, 1795, s/o Thomas and Deborah (Marsh) McMillan, [RC]
McMillan, George, d. May 24, 1846, age: 83yr, s/o George and Ann (Hinshaw) McMillan, [RC]
McMillan, Jacob, d. Jan 1833, age: 55yr 5 mo, [RC]
McMillan, Jane, d. Oct 1782, bur. Oct 14, 1782, w/o John, [RC]
McMillan, Jane, d. Sep 1, 1862, age: 70yr 1mo 10da, second w/o George, d/o Jacob and ___ (McClellan) Laird), [RC]
McMillan, Joanna, d. Apr 27, 1794. She m. 1st William Griffith and 2nd John McMillan), d/o William and Mary Craig, [RC]
McMillan, John, d. Oct 17, 1791, [RC]
McMillan, Joseph, d. 1826, [RC]
McMillan, Rebecca, d. Nov 24, 1766, w/o George, d/o Benjamin and Susanna (Dunn) Cutler, [RC]
McMillan, Ruth, d. Mar 1, 1829, age: 59yr 1mo 9da, w/o Jacob, [RC]
McMillan, Samuel, b. Feb 26, 1770, d. Apr 10, 1777, s/o William and Deborah, [RC]
McMillan, Sarah, b. Mar 3, 1760, d. 1789, d/o John and Jane, [RC]
McMillan, Thomas, d. 1831, [RC]
McMillan, Thomas, d. Sep 1753, who came to Pennsylvania in 1738 from Bayynacree, County Antrim, Province of Ulster, Ireland, with wife Deborah and children), [RC]
Moore, Sarah Ann E., d. Feb 3, 1856, age: 65yr, [RC]
Nelson, Sarah, d. Aug 18, 1880, age: 81yr 5 mo, w/o William, [RC]
Nelson, William, d. Dec 03, 1849, age: 68yr, [RC]
Nevitt, Hannah, b. Apr 1736, d. in spring of 1806, w/o William, d/o Peter and Sarah (Gilpin) Cook), [RC]
Nevitt, William, b. 1719, Moat, Leinster Prov, Ireland d. Aug 15, 1800 to Warrington, York county, Pa., in 1751, [RC]
Nisbet, John, d. 1801, [RC]
Nisbet, Mary, d. 1767, [RC]
Packer, J., d. 1788, [RC]
Pugh, Mordecai, d. 1802, [RC]
Ramsey, Ann, b. Sep 18, 1805, age: 32yr 7mo 19da, w/o William, [RC]
Ramsey, William, d. Jun 8, 1884, age: 85yr 4mo 18da, [RC]
Reed, Mary, d. Dec 19, 1849, age: 75yr, w/o Zachariah, d/o Jesse and Mary (Wierman) Cook),[RC]
Ross, Alexander, d. Mar 15, 1816, age: 59yr 9mo 15da, [RC]
Ross, Elizabeth, d. May 22, 1872, age: 80yr 5mo 24da, w/o William, [RC]
Ross, James, d. May 14, 1820, age: 26yr 2mo 14da, [RC]
Ross, Jane, d. 1801, [RC]
Ross, Jane, d. Dec 3, 1818, age: 31yr 6mo 15da, [RC]
Ross, John, d. 1799, [RC]
Ross, John, d. Aug 19, 1802, [RC]
Ross, Margaret, b. Feb 09, 1793, d. Nov 02, 1881, w/o James, [RC]
Ross, Margaret, d. Jul 23, 1829, age: 63yr 7mo 7da, w/o Alexander, [RC]
Ross, Margaret, d. May 23, 1827, age: 32yr 3mo 28da, w/o William, [RC]
Ross, William, d. 1777, [RC]
Ross, William, d. Jul 20, 1863, age: 74yr 2mo 25da, [RC]
Squibb, George, d. Jun 18, 1866, age: 71yr 1mo 5da
Squibb, Jane, d. 1800, [RC]
Squibb, John, d. 1800, [RC]
Squibb, Mary, d. Jun 25, 1866, age: 67yr 2 mo, "The murdered family", w/o George, [RC]
Squibb, William, Jr., d. Dec 20, 1831, age: 46yr 11mo 6da, [RC]
Squibb, William, d. Jan 5, 1826, age: 72yr 1mo 29d, [RC]
Underwood, Amos, b. 1786, d. Feb 4, 1868, [RC]
Underwood, Ann, d. Sep 5, 1861, age: 71yr 6mo 27da, w/o Solomon, [RC]
Underwood, Benjamin, d. 1803, [RC]
Underwood, Charles, d. Oct 06, 1869, age: 81yr, [RC]
Underwood, Elihu, d. Jul 30, 1860, age: 77yr 9mo 19da, s/o Amos, [RC]
Underwood, Elijah, d. 1804, [RC]
Underwood, Hannah, d. Jan 24, 1831, age: near 70yr, [RC]
Underwood, Lydia B., d. Jul 30, 1860, age: 77yr 9mo 19da, w/o Amos, [RC]
Underwood, Margaret, d. Apr 08, 1895, in 84th year, w/o Charles,[RC]
Underwood, Solomon, b. Jan 27, 1783, d. Oct 16, 1846, age: 63yr 8mo 20da, [RC]
Vale, Alice, d. Mar 1818, age: 28yr, [RC]
Vale, Ann G., d. Mar 1822, age: 24yr, [RC]
Vale, Ann, d. Apr 05, 1816, age: 61yr, w/o William, [RC]
Vale, D., d. Jul 26, 1804, age: 40yr, [RC]
Vale, Elisha, d. May 27, 1855, age: 67yr, [RC]
Vale, Peter, d. Aug 14, 1834, age: 44yr 27da, [RC]
Vale, Robert, d. Aug 17, 1799, age: 83yr, [RC]
Vale, Robert, d. Aug 19, 1823, age: 37yr Jan 12da, [RC]
Vale, Sarah, d/o William and Ann, b. May 12, 1789, d. May 04, 1862, [RC]
Vale, William, d. Apr 5, 1838, age: 84yr, [RC]
Van Arsdellen, Gerret, d. 1800, [RC]
Walker, Asahel, b. Sep 6, 1786, d. Oct 14, 1877, [RC]
Walker, Benjamin, d. Dec 31, 1801, age: 77yr, [RC]
Walker, Jarman, d. Aug 31, 1782, [RC]
Walker, John, d. Apr 2, 1854, age: 78yr 7mo 22da, [RC]
Walker, Lydia G., b. Jun 11, 1796, d. Jun 22, 1869, [RC]
Walker, Lydia, d. 12 mo 19, 1864, age: 85yr 1mo 29da, w/o John, d/o John and Margaret Marsh), [RC]
Walker, M., d. 1852, [RC]
Walker, Mary, b. Dec 05, 1787, d. Apr 18, 1827, w/o Asahel, [RC]
Walker, Phebe, b. Jan 31, 1782, d. 95yr, [RC]
Walker, Ruth, d. 1772, age: 72yr, [RC]
Wall, Elizabeth, d. Jan 1, 1878, age: 83yr 5mo 13da, w/o Jacob, [RC]
Wall, Mary, , d. Jan 30, 1845, w/o William, [RC]
Wall, William, d. Jun 1, 1839, age: 78yr 5mo 5da, [RC]
Wells, Abraham, d. Apr 8, 1851, age: 77yr, [RC]
Wells, Hannah, d. Jun 19, 1847, age: 68yr, w/o Abraham, [RC]
Wierman, H., d. Aug 05, 1802, [RC]

A. W., d. 1817, [RC]
B. C., d. 1802, [RC]
D. F., d. Jan 11, 1826, [RC]
E. N., d. 1823, [RC]
H. C., no dates, [RC]
J. B., d. 1792, [RC]
J. B., d. 1793, [RC]
J. B., d. 1802, [RC]
J. C., d. 1801, [RC]
J. M., d. Jan 01, 1791, [RC]
M. M., no dates, [RC]
P. L., d. 1822, [RC]
P. W., d. 1837, [RC]
R. M., d. 1822, [RC]
R. M., d. 1833 (?), [RC]
R. W., d. 1781, [RC]
S. E., d. 1818, [RC]
S. V., d. 1833, [RC]

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