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Mount Moriah Cemetery
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

GPS: 39.936714, -75.240230 (naval lot)

6201 Kingsessing Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19142

Published: July 2000, Last updated:: March 27, 2020
Total records: 2,082

The Solider's Plot is a special section of Mt. Moriah Cemetery owned by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

(July 2000) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Records

Records below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs back in July of 2000. This was when the Department had just recently OCR scanned their paper burial records, and were still in the process of manually verifying each record for scanning errors. Records with an asterisk (*) at the end indicates a record that had not yet been verified.

Note: "H/S" and "Hs" = Headstone

Baker, Edward C, d. 04/23/1891, PVT C 29 PA INF, *
Barnes, George H, d. 02/19/1893, PVT CO B 2ND NJ CAV, *
Beckwith, George G, d. 01/15/1900, PVT D 44TH NY INF, *
Bendell, Johah, PVT E 23RD PA INF, Plot: 114 LOT 52, *
Benjamin, Geo, F 118TH PA INF, *
Brown, Frederick, d. 12/08/1894, PVT F 29TH PA INF, Dec 8 1894,*
Easey, Henry L, d. 02/25/1871, LIEUT F 95TH PA INF, Also Shown As Esrey, Plot: 101 LOT 228, *
Easton, James, d. 04/01/1872, Plot: 52, *
Eaton, Frank H, d. 08/02/1887, PVT A 25TH ME INF, *
Ewing, William, D 23RD PA INF, Hs Supplied By Gross Bros Lee, Mass, Contract 6/9/1888, *
Hallowell, John N, D 2ND PA H ART, Hs/Gross Bros, Lee, Mass Contract Dated 6/9/1888, *
Hamilton, Ashby W, d. 03/21/1876, PVT H PA INF, H/S Supplied By Dw Whitney Contract Dated 11/29/1879, *
Hardy, William, d. 03/20/1862, GUN MATE USN, Plot: ROW 122, *
Hare, Samuel, d. 09/09/1876, PVT C 11TH PA CAV, *
Harris, Robert, SGT K 68 PA INF, *
Hawkins, John, d. 11/01/1865, COAL BEAVER, Plot: 26 ROW 2, *
Hays, John, A 186 PA INF, H/S Supplied By Gross Bors Lee, Mass, Contract Dated 6/9/1888, *
Jackson, James, CO G 4TH REGT, Info From Old Card 12/8/50, *
Jardine, George, CO E 61ST REGT PA INF, Info From Old Card 12/11/50, *
Jeandell, Robt J, d. 08/18/1877, PVT CO C 72ND REGT PA INF, Info From Old Card 12/11/50, *
Jenkins, David H, CO B 4TH REGT, Info Fr Old Card, Plot: 122 128, *
Kimple, Lorenzo D, d. 05/31/1890, HOSTL STD 10TH REGT NJ INF, *
Kirkpatrick, John, PVT CO G, 1ST REGT NJ INF, Plot: 104 86, *
Lesdawel, Thomas, d. 08/22/1864, LANDSMAN USN, Plot: NAVY 42, *
Letterhoff, John, CO D 110TH REGT PA INF, *
Lindsey, Saml C, d. 06/20/1877, PVT USMC, Plot: SEC 1270, *
Little, Noah, CO A, 23RD REGT PA INF, Plot: 12 159, *
Lockwood, John H, d. 04/09/1902, PVT CO E, 79TH REGT, PA INF, *
Martin, George, d. 12/24/1861, SEMAN USN, Info From Old Card, Plot: ROW 120, *
McCoy, Daniel, d. 05/20/1870, PRIVATE CO E 213 REGT PA INF, Died May 20, 1870, Info Taken From Old Card 10/30/51 Web, Plot: 102 163, *
McKinney, Hugh, SGT CO E 23D REGT PA INF, Dod In 1870, Info From Old Card, Plot: 22, *
Miller, John, CPL CO E, REGT 23, PA INF, Plot: 22, *
Miller, Philip, d. 10/14/1869, Info From Old Card, Plot: 3, *
Millick, Will D, d. 04/06/1876, CAPT CO K 51ST REGT PA INF, Info From Old Card, *
Mitchell, Silas, d. 08/25/1862, BANDS USN, Info From Old Card, Plot: NAVY 26, *
Montgomery, James, CO C 3RD REGT PA CAV, Info From Old Card, *
Nadsworth, Job, d. 11/28/1892, PVT CO A 116TH INF PA, Info From Old Card, *
Patterson, Wm H, CPL CO A 183RD REGT, Info Fr Old Card, Hs Supplied By Gross Brothers Lee, Mas, Contracted 6/9/1888, *
Phillips, Dudley, d. 01/15/1866, LANDS USN, Plot: ROW 231, *
Platt, Charles S, d. 07/16/1888, PVT CO D, 73D PA INF, *
Pracus, Thomas, d. 11/13/1869, Hs Supplied By D W Whitney 11/19/1879, Info Fr Old Card, Plot: 19, *
Ribertson, Geo W, CO C 45TH REGIMENT PA MIL, *
Rinnick, Wm, CO E, 91ST PA INF, *
Risinger, John, d. 09/24/1870, Plot: 33, *
Simmington, George, d. 01/15/1883, MUSC CO C 121 PA INF, *
Sinclair, Thos W, d. 03/28/1865, SEAMAN USN, Plot: 5 2, *
Smith, Alex, CAPT CO K 72 PA INF, Info Fr Old Card, Plot: 43-1, *
Smith, Daniel, PVT CO E 29 PA INF, Info Fr Old Card, Plot: 18 12, *
Stewart, Samuel, CO B, 91ST PA INF, *
Stewart, William, CORPL CO L, 2 US ART, Plot: 126 186, *
Strawbridge, William, CO E, 106 REGT PA INF, Plot: 116 281, *
Taylor, George, d. 05/26/1870, Plot: 27, *
Wagner, Henry, d. 12/28/1899, PVT CO H 2ND ILLS LT ARTY, *
Wampole, Chas P, d. 09/26/1904, PVT CO 114 PA INF, *
Wark, Isaac, CO M, 72D PA INF, Info Frm Old Card, *
Warner, Samuel, CO E, 82D PA INF, *
Watmough, James Danels, d. 10/21/1867, US NAVY, Plot: ROW 33, *
Weber, Jacob B, d. 04/06/1900, 1ST LT CO D 203RD REGT PA INF, Info Fr Old Card, *
Wentaler, John, d. 10/18/1870, Plot: 34, *
Whte, Andrew, CO I 110TH REGT PA INF, Info Fr Old Card, *
Wills, Adm G, CORPL CO B 72ND REGT PA INF, *
Wolff, John D, d. 11/25/1879, PVT CO A 14TH REGT CONN INF, Info Fr Old Card, *
Worsley, George, d. 05/27/1875, PVT CO C 1 PA RES, Info Fr Old Card, *

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