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Lower Skippack Mennonite Cemetery
Skippack Twp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

892 Evansburg Rd
Skippack PA 19474-0202
(610) 489-9276

Lat: 40° 12' 17"N, 75° 25' 02"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 17, 2005. Total records = 28.

Contributor's Index:

Alderfer, Abraham G., b. 02 Jul 1832, d. 08 Apr 1920, stone badly cracked and sinking into ground, [JH]
Alderfer, Franklin F., b. 14 Mar 1861, d. 21 Feb 1890, Father, [JH]
Alderfer, Lizzie W., b. 28 Mar 1864, d. 29 Dec 1935, Mother, s/w Franklin F. Alderfer, [JH]
Alderfer, Margaret, b., d. 21 Feb 1851, age: 1mo, d/o Abraham & Nancy Alderfer, [JH]
Alderfer, Nancy, b. 28 Oct 1828, d. 17 Jun 1898, age: 69yr 7mo 19da, w/o A.C. Alderfer, [JH]
Biehn, Johannes, b. 1652, d. 1746, simple white marker, [JH]
Cassel, Hupert, b. abt 1687 Kriesheim Germany, d. 1745, h/o Syche, [MP]
Cassel, Yelles, b. 1679, d. 1750, minister, [MP]
Croll, Charles, b. 15 May 1801, d. 15 Mar 1822, age: 20yr 10mo, [JH]
Croll, Jacob, b. 18 Nov 1784, d. 07 Jun 1819, age: 34yr 7mo 11da, [JH]
Croll, William, b. 19 Jan 1803, d. 06 Oct 1820, age: 17yr 8mo 18da, [JH]
Detwiler, Anna R., b. Nov 1722, d. 09 Jan 1798, s/w Johannes Detwiler, [JH]
Detwiler, Johannes, b. 04 Aug 1721, d. 19 Dec 1806, Original shale stones embedded into recent granite marker, [JH]
Dock, Cristopher, b. 1698, d. 1771, Schoolteacher and wrote first american essay on pedagogy in 1771, [JH]
Hall, Mary, b., d. 10 Apr 1777, [JH]
Kassel, Abraham, b. 31 Jul 1728, d. 15 Feb 1776, s/o Hupert and Syche Cassel, [MP]
Kolb, Dilman, b. 2 Mar 1719, d. 19 Oct 1799, in German, h/o Wilhelmina, [MP]
Kolb, Isaac J., b. 30 Mar 1788, d. 2 Feb 1824, s/o Martin S. Kolb, [MP]
Kolb, John J., b. 13 Mar 1793, d. 14 Aug 1822, twin to Nicholas J, s/o Martin S Koly, [MP]
Kolb, Nicholas J., b. 13 Mar 1793, d. 24 Sep 1821, twin to John J., s/o Martin S Koly, [MP]
Kolb, Wilhelmina, b. 5 Aug 1721, d. 25 May 1791, in German, Rittenhosue, w/o Dilman, [MP]
Kolp, Esther, d. 11 Jul 1831, age: 61yr 11mo 10da, w/o Henry Kolp, [MP]
Kolp, Henry, d. 8 Mar 1823, age: 71yr 6mo 15da, s/o Dillman and Wilhemina RittenhouseKolb, [MP]
Kolp, Suzanna, b. 2 Dec 1783, d. 24 Jul 1872, w/o Isaac Kolp, [MP]
Scholl, Enos, b. 25 Feb 1807, d. 09 Jan 1877, age: 69yr 10mo 14da, [JH]
Scholl, Hilary, b. 16 Jul 1819, d. 11 Jul 1846, age: 26yr 11mo 26da, [JH]
Scholl, Israel, b. 21 May 1815, d. 28 Sep 1890, age: 75yr 4mo 7da, h/o Sophia Hallman, [JH]
Scholl, Sophia Hallman, b. 05 Jan 1817, d. 24 Feb 1895, age: 78yr 1mo 19da, w/o Israel Scholl, [JH]

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