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Scott Family Cemetery
Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Montoursville, PA.

Contributed by Elaine Probasco, May 09, 2001 [reprobst41@aol.com].
Total records = 19.

Rt. I80 West toward Williamsport, PA, exit Rt. 87, Montoursville, PA. Turn left from the ramp and continue 1/2 to a mile down the road. There is a large well-kept red barn on the left side of the road and the cemetery is in the middle of a field just beyond the house and barn. The cemetery has a black iron fence around it and a tall tombstone is visible from the road.

My third and fourth great grandfathers are buried in this cemetery. Its history has been written in "Now and Then" a quarterly magazine of history, biography, and genealogy, Volume XI, April 1955, Number Four. Article written by M. Elizabeth Whitacre, of Media, PA.

The cemetery is in poor condition and the land is owned by Connie Heim who lives in Colorado. The land originally belonged to Henry Scott. No room for any further burials.

You can contact me, at 570-322-4698 if you have difficulty locating the cemetery.

There are several stones that are unreadable, and according to records, there are a few Indians buried there, also. These records come from the tombstones when I visited the cemetery in 2000.

- Elaine Probasco
Ball, Infant, child of John and Mary Ball, d. 06 Jan 1894
Ball, Sarah, b. 25 Apr 1889, d. 8 Jan 1892, daughter of John and Mary Ball
Huston, Matthew, d. 8 Apr 1865
Huston, Nancy, d. 16 Jan 1892, 74 yrs and 16 days
Huston, Robert, d. 1813
Rodgers, Isabella, d. 12 May 1856, 25 years, 5 mos, 4 days
Scott George, b. 8 Nov 1813, d. 26 Oct 1816, son of Amos and Rachel
Scott, Amos, d. 4 Apr 1843, 63 yrs., 11 mos, 14 days
Scott, Charles, b. 4 Dec 1803, d. 7 Jan 1876
Scott, Henry, (nothing readable)
Scott, Henry, d. 6 Oct 1825, age of 87 years
Scott, Martha, b. 8 ? 1825, d. 5 Jan 1864
Scott, Mary, d. 8 Nov 1889, aged 71 yrs., 10 mos, 17 days, daughter of Amos and Rachel
Scott, Mary, d. Feb 1813, age of 74 years, wife of Henry Scott
Scott, Rachael, d. 18 Jun 1841, 58 yrs, 4 mos., 23 days, wife of Amos
Scott, Sarah, d. 6 Apr 1882, 73 yrs., ? mos, 16 days, daughter of Amos and Rachel
Scott, Solomon, d. 14 Jan 1848, Aged 76 years
Tallman, Sarah, d. 18 Oct ?, aged 60 years, wife of Jeremiah Tallman
Thomas, Rachel, d. 15 Feb 1880, Age 67 yrs., 7 mos, 16 days, wife of Daniel Thomas

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