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Middlesex Presbyterian Church Cemetery,
Butler County, Pennsylvania

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 59.

Contributor's Index:

BOYCE, Sarah Ann, d.5/14/1888, L#252, 81/1/?, w/o Stephen, [LB]
BOYCE, Stephen, d.6/9/1880, L#252, 70/12/2, [LB]
BROWN, Anna J., b., 1854, d., 1905, L#125, [LB]
BROWN, Anna, L#133, [LB]
BROWN, Catherine, d.4/9/1849, L#121, 64, w/o Peter, [LB]
BROWN, Elizabeth A., b., 1859, d., 1941, L#324, [LB]
BROWN, H. B. ?, d.12/8/1891, L#197, 34/3/14, [LB]
BROWN, Hannah H., d.5/10/1848, L#82, 73/1/21, w/o James, [LB]
BROWN, James G., d.10/21/1891, L#344, 80/2/24, [LB]
BROWN, James, d.10/4/1854, L#93, Age 36, [LB]
BROWN, James, d.9/18/1859, L#82, 82/-/26, [LB]
BROWN, John E., b., 2/20/1865, d., 5/11/1875, L#324, [LB]
BROWN, John Mc., d.1/31/1833, L#143, 39, [LB]
BROWN, John, d.10/14/1853, L#93, 73/8/-, War of 1812?, [LB]
BROWN, M. M., b., 1/18/1826, d., 7/19/1886, L#324, Mother, [LB]
BROWN, Margaret J., b., 1828, d., 1905, L#125, [LB]
BROWN, Margaret, d.3/14/1862, L#121, 77/11/14, [LB]
BROWN, Margaret, L#133, [LB]
BROWN, Mary, d.1/20/1868, L#93, [LB]
BROWN, Peter, d.4/14/1871, L#121, 89, [LB]
BROWN, Peter, L#122, [LB]
BROWN, Robert E., d.3/29/1861, L#235, 54/2/26, [LB]
BROWN, Robert, d.3/10/1856, L#82, 57/9/11, [LB]
BROWN, Ruth E., d.2/21/1863, L#143, 33, [LB]
BROWN, W. G., d.5/11/1865, L#235, ?/5/6, [LB]
BROWN, William, b., 7/14/1819, d., 2/26/1896, L#324, Father, [LB]
BROWN, Willie, b., 12/5/1867, d., 12/19/1867, L#324, [LB]
HARBISON, James, d.3/26/1843, L#126, 72/11/18, [LB]
HARBISON, John D., b., 1838, d., 1923, L#256, G. A. R., [LB]
HARBISON, Mary C., b., 1845, d., 1925, L#256, [LB]
HARBISON, Mary E., b., 1845, d., 1870, L#256, [LB]
HARBISON, Mary, d.9/10/1865, L#126, 88, w/o James, [LB]
HARBISON, William, b., 1809, d., 7/22/1835, L#126, 26/?/8, [LB]
KNAUF, Arthur M., b., 5/18/1853, d., 2/1/1906, L#250, [LB]
KNAUF, Barbara E., d.2/11/1852, L#213, d/o M. &, E., [LB]
KNAUF, Elizabeth A., d.4/3/1882, L#250, 51/1/5, w/o Michael, [LB]
KNAUF, Matilda A., d.5/12/1853, L#213, 2/?/13, d/o M. & E., [LB]
KNAUF, Michael, d.7/21/1904, L#250, 87/3/22, [LB]
THOMPSON, Cyrus H., d.10/13/186?, L#143, 20/5/9, s/o Wm. S. & S., [LB]
THOMPSON, Della M., d.12/17/1882, L#130, 8/?/18, d/o Jas. B. & Marg., [LB]
THOMPSON, Della M., L#141, [LB]
THOMPSON, E. O., b., 1852, d., 1934, L#103, [LB]
THOMPSON, Elizabeth Goodwin, b., 1855, d., 1935, L#103, [LB]
THOMPSON, Harriet K., d.10/?/1801, L#141, 11/?/17, [LB]
THOMPSON, Hetty T., d.11/24/1896, L#141, 78, [LB]
THOMPSON, Hetty, L#113, [LB]
THOMPSON, Inf. Dau., b., 5/3/1901, d., 5/15/1901, L#142, ?/?/2, d/o W. R. & Maude E., [LB]
THOMPSON, James C., b., 1826, d., 1857, L#113, Father of E. O., [LB]
THOMPSON, Jane, b., 1876, d., 1948, L#103, [LB]
THOMPSON, John, d.11/9/1884, L#141, Age 90, [LB]
THOMPSON, John, d.8/11/1854, L#143, s/o Wm. & Sarah, [LB]
THOMPSON, Margaret C., L#113, [LB]
THOMPSON, Martha M., d.8/31/1863, L#113, 5/10/9, d/o J.G. & E. J., [LB]
THOMPSON, Martha, d.11/12/1878, L#142, 77, [LB]
THOMPSON, Mary, d.10/12/1838, L#142, Consort of William, [LB]
THOMPSON, Robert John, d.9/?/1857, L#113, 1/3/10, s/o J. G. & E. J., [LB]
THOMPSON, Sarah, d.3/5/1881, L#314, 82, w/o of William, [LB]
THOMPSON, William, d.7/9/1830, L#113, 2/7/?, s/o M., [LB]
THOMPSON, William, d.9/5/1883, L#314, 86, [LB]

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