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Zion Cemetery
Birdsboro, Berks County, Pennsylvania

582 Zion Road, Birdsboro, PA 19508

Lat: 40° 13' 57"N, Lon: 75° 53' 40"W
Robeson Township

Contributed by Rebecca Haughey, Nov 17, 2007 [jrhaughey@verizon.net]. Total records = 76.

From Birdsboro, drive southwest on Cocalico Road about 4 miles. Continue onto Plow Road at the intersection. Then turn right onto Zion Road after about 1 mile. The cemetery will be on the south or left side of the road after about a mile, beside the church.

This cemetery was originally owned by the Zion Methodist Church, but is now owned and maintained by the Zion M.E. (Mennonite) Church. It dates back to about 1866 and the most recent burial was in 1992.

I walked and read this cemetery on Nov 10, 2007, using my digital camera. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers up to that date. If interested in photos you may contact me.

- Rebecca Haughey

Banecam?, George, b. 1/12/1825, d. 1886
Beidler, Walace P, b. 12/15/1877, d. 1/?/1878, age: 21 days, son of Jno H & Mary E Beidler
Beidler, William E, b. 3/15/1885, d. 6/15/1885, age: 3m, son of Jno H & Mary E Beidler
Bitler, Anna Maria, b. 10/1/1849, d. 10/4/1872, age: 23y 3d, Daughter of Henry & Mary Ann
Bitler, Charles P, no dates, Infant son of Charles H and Annie E Bitler, s/w Harry O
Bitler, Harry O, no dates, Infant son of Charles H and Annie E Bitler, s/w Charles P
Bitler, Charles Z. T., b. 10/1/1847, d. 9/30/1872, age: 24y 11m 29d, son of Henry & Mary Ann
Bitler, Daniel, b. 3/19/1798, d. 9/7/1867, age: 69y, 5m, 18d
Bitler, David, b. 8/18/1804, d. 5/11/1879, age: 74y, 8m, 24d
Bitler, Eleanor, b. 10/12/1799, d. 3/28/1875, age: 75y, 5m, 16d
Bitler, Elias J, b. 11/3/1850, d. 3/23/1881, age: 30y, 4m, 20d, son of Samuel & Jane Bitler
Bitler, Elisha, b. 5/14/1800, d. 3/10/1889, age: 88y, 9m, 29d
Bitler, Eve, b. 2/17/1801, d. 11/14/1863, age: 62y, 8m, 27d, wife of Daniel Bitler
Bitler, Hannah, b. 4/2/1822, d. 9/29/1871, age: 49y, 5m, 27d
Bitler, Henry, b. 12/22/1808, d. 3/18/1863, age: 56y 2m 26d
Bitler, Hugh C, d. 9/24/1864, age: 8m, 27d, son of Samuel & Jane Bitler
Bitler, Infant, no dates, Infant daughter of Samuel & Jane Bitler
Bitler, Infant, no dates, Infant daughter of Samuel & Jane
Bitler, Jacob B, d. 3/12/1919, age: 51y, 11m, 26d
Bitler, Jane, d. 8/10/1898, age: 70y, 18d, wife of Samuel Bitler
Bitler, Levi James, b. 9/?/1868, d. 10/?/1875, age: 7y, 1m, 26d, son of John & Mary Bitler
Bitler, Levi, b. 12/26/1823, d. 5/10/1881, age: 57y, 4m, 15d, son of Daniel & Eve Bitler
Bitler, Mary Ann, d. 02/04/1902, age: 86y 1m 18d
Bitler, Michael, d. 9/28/1862, son of Samuel & Jane Bitler
Bitler, Samuel, d. 8/7/1897, age: 73y, 6m, 18d
Bush, Ann, b. 9/16/1826, d. 04/08/1914, age: 87y 6m 23d, wife of John W bush
Bush, Daniel Howard, b. 7/21/1852, d. 11/1/1870, age: 17y 3m 10d, son of John W & Ann Bush
Bush, J. Howard, no dates, age: 1y 15d
Bush, John W, b. 12/1/1827, d. 04/15/1904, age: 76y 4m 14d
Bush, William J, b. 01/28/1905, d. 03/28/1905
Derr, Eve A, b. 7/14/1836, d. 10/6/1865, age: 29y, 2m, 22d, wife of Jacob Derr
Dickinson, Rachel M, b. 11/11/1822, d. 3/5/1884, age: 61y 3m 24d, Daughter of Eli & Lydia Dickinson
Dickinson, Samuel S, b. 12/5/1827, d. 1/5/1891, age: 63y 1m
Espenshade, Joseph, d. 7/31/1868, age: 58y, 8m, 9d
Espenship, Christiana, d. 7/14/1897, age: 56y 10m 15d, wife of Abram K Espenship
Geiger, Chester L, d. 3/3/1887, age: 8y, 11m, 25d, son of John P & Laberle Geiger
Geiger, Clinton Elwood, d. 11/12/1884, age: 7y, 10m, 28d, son of John P & Laberle Geiger
Geiger, Nora Valeria, d. 11/9/1884, age: 20d, Daughter of John H. & Laura Geiger
Geiger, Oscar Franklin, d. 11/11/1884, age: 4y, 10m, 23d, son of John P & Laberle Geiger
Grubb, Charlotte, b. 9/17/1830, d. 9/22/1862, age: 32y 5d, wife of George Grubb
Grubb, Curtis M, b. 5/8/1853, d. 03/19/1915, age: 61y 10m 5d
Grubb, George F, b. 02/27/05, d. 03/02/1905
Grubb, George, b. 10/4/1826, d. 3/5/1893, age: 66y 5m 1d
Grubb, Kathryn, b. 6/18/1868, d. 10/29/1922
Grubb, Mary Ann, b. 1/3/1828, d. 4/18/1880, age: 61y 3m 15d, wife of William Grubb
Grubb, Unknown, b. 8/31/1862, d. 10/13/1862, age: 1m, 13d, daughter of George & Charlotte Grubb
Grubb, William, b. 8/11/1824, d. 05/26/1905, age: 80y 9m 15d
Hohl, Samuel I, d. 4/30/1898, age: 7da, son of B.F. & Laura P Hohl
Hornberger, Titus James, b. 02/23/1974, d. 11/23/2002
Kennedy, Elizabeth, b. 2/10/1805, d. 5/6/1880, age: 75y, 2m, 26d
Kennedy, Mary, d. 1/30/1870, age: about 39y, widow of HT? Kennedy
Kennedy, Thomas, b. 3/26/1805, d. 4/6/1895, age: 90 y, 11d
Kurtz, Elizabeth, b. 2/10/1822, d. 2/26/1897, age: 75y, 16d, wife of George Kurtz
Kurtz, George, b. 2/3/1822, d. 8/8/1896, age: 74y, 6m, 5d
Lewis, William E, b. 11/9/1832, d. 9/17/1870, age: 37y, 10m, 8d, age: 37y, 10m, 8d
Millard, Benjamin, b. 4/5/1801, d. 7/10/1883, age: 82y 3m 5d
Millard, Catharine, b. 10/8/1882, d. 8/17/1882, age: 80y 10m 9d
Moore, Clara S, b. 01/25/1905, d. 04/20/1905
Moore, Daniel H, b. 1/26/1866, d. 4/22/1882, age: 16y, 3m, son of Daniel & Hannah Moore
Moore, Elizabeth, b. 2/24/1826, d. 4/6/1866, age: 40y, 1m, 12d, wife of John T Moore & daughter of Samuel and Catherine Slichter
Moore, Ellsworth, b. 2/?/187?, d. 4/16/1869, age: 9y, 1m, 22d, son of Daniel & Hannah
Moore, George W, b. 01/28/1905, d. 04/16/1905
Moore, Hervey, b. 12/27/1869, d. 2/1872, age: 2y, 2m, 1d, son of Daniel & Hannah Moore
Moore, John T, b. 12/15/1820, d. 1/25/1876, age: 55y, 1m, 10d
Moore, Millard, d. 11/16/1870, age: 12y, 7m, 14d, son of Daniel & Hannah Moore
Moyer, Samuel, b. 1/5/1804, d. 2/1/1876, age: 72y 26d
Moyer, Sarah, b. 3/1/1817, d. 3/28/1895, age: 78y, 27d
Moyer, Sarah, d. 12/11/1892, age: 87y, 3m, 9d, wife of Samuel Moyer
Newton, Yvonne D, b. 06/08/1951, d. 02/27/1992, Bonnie
Slichter, Catharine, b. 11/11/1806, d. 4/19/1881, age: 74y, 5m, 8d, wife of Samuel Slichter
Slichter, Mary Ruth, b. 2/28/1828, d. 11/15/1878, age: 50y, 8m, 17d, Daughter of Samuel Catharine Slichter
Slichter, Samuel, d. 6/30/1897, age: 90y, 10m, 27d
Slichter, Unreadable, d. 7/3/1888, age: 8 days
Slichter, Uriah, d. 2/9/1865, age: 22y, 2m, 11d, son of Samuel & Catherine Slichter, Member of Co. E, 205 Regt. P V?; Died at Baltimore Hospital, MD",
Wolf, Hannah D, b. 6/16/1833, d. 01/29/1916, age: 82y, 7m, 13d, wife of Christopher C Wolf
Woodworth, Bessie V, b. 12/13/1898, d. 04/13/1919, wife of Joseph F Woodworth, Nee Grubb,
Woodworth, Infant, no dates, son of Joseph & Bessie Woodworth

??, ??, no dates, 5 unreadable stones
??, Infant, no dates, son1
??, Infant, no dates, son2
??, James, no dates
??, S. S, no dates
??, Valeria, b. 11/4/1835, d. 3/3/18??

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