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Odell Cemetery (Ebenezer Cemetery)
Dayton, Yamhill County, Oregon

Lat: 45° 08' 50"N, Lon: 123° 05' 41"W
T5S R5W Sec 7

Contributed by Shelli Steedman [ssteedman51@hotmail.com].  Total records = 48.

From Salem head north on Wallace Road (Highway 221). Turn west on Alderman. There is a Holbrook Farm sign across the street from the Alderman sign. Turn south on Webfoot Road and drive .5 miles. The cemetery is located on the west side of the road.

There is a broken down chapel in the cemetery named Ebenezer. The original chapel was built 1857. It was rebuilt in 1926.

There seems to be disagreement on the number of pioneers who are buried in the cemetery. One source says that 105 are buried, 49 in marked graves and 56 in unmarked graves.

The DAR information represented below was gathered in 1940 which stated that 67 pioneers were buried in the Odell cemetery, 49 with headstones and 17 without headstones. The last burial was in 1941.

The names followed by two asterisks (**) have no headstones, when I walked this cemetery in 2002 and come from the DAR reading of 1940.

The Odell Cemetery has no sign. The cemetery is unattended and is still in poor shape but I hope to work on it this summer, when I travel from my home in Washington state.

- Shelli Steedman

Angel, Samuel, b. 20 Mar 1818, d. 30 May 1856, Nephew of John Odell, Largest headstone in cemetery
Carpenter, Melissa, b. 16 Jan 1846 OH, d. 2 Jun 1927, w/o William, m. 1867 IL, (nee) Ruthfen Kenaston
Carpenter, William J., b. 1845, d. 9 Aug 1936, h/o Melissa, Kids--Ella Myers, Ollie, Othie Gardner, Ottis, Asytha, Veda Robison, Joel, Earl, & Clyde, Civil War Veteran
Coovert, Abram, b. 24 Apr 1819, d. 29 Jan 1907, h/o Martha, Living Kids--Katie Nichols, Mary Lambert, and Ida Harris
Coovert, Eva, b. 1 Dec 1874, d. 16 Dec 1874, Assumed to be d/o A & M Coovert
Coovert, Henrietta R., b. 1854, d. 1 Jan 1863, d/o Abram and Martha A. Coovert
Coovert, Johnson E., b. 14 June 1830 OH, d. 6 Jun 1878, h/o Eliz Fudge, m 1857
Coovert, Margaret Ann, b. 14 Feb 1844, d. 2 Nov 1873, w/o John W., died soon after childbirth, d/o Catherine and David Fudge
Coovert, Martha A., b. 23 Nov 1822 IN, d. 24 Mar 1903 apoplexy, w/o Abram
Coovert, Ora M., b. 1861, d. 15 Jun 1863, d/o Abram and Martha A. Coovert
Coovert, Willard Lee, b. 1855, d. 4 Sept 1882, s/o Abram and Martha Coovert, m. Emily Crim 10 Apr 1882**
Farnsworth, James Haven, b. 1836, d. 1891, h/o Mary E. Farnsworth Carpenter, s/o Freeman and Sarah**
Farnsworth, Mary Elizabeth, b. 3 Feb 1836 IN, d. Apr 1895, w/o James H. Farnsworth, d/o John Odell and Sarah Holman, Kids--Sarah Blandena, Eri Dempster, Levi, Mary Clarkson, Eva Haines. First Husband--M. L. Rockhill lived one year after marriage**
Farnsworth, Sarah Blandena, b. 1859, d. 1863, d/o James and Mary Farnsworth**
Harris, Ida C., b. 28 Jan 1858, d. 13 May 1906, w/o N. A. Harris, d/o of A. Coovert
Herndon, Mary E., b. 1854, d. 24 Dec 1880, w/o J.S. Herndon, d/o T.A. and Stacy Turner
Hoffman, Edith C., b. 1879, d. 1925, d/o H. & M. Peery
Humphrey, Baby, b. 12 Jul 1923, d. 12 Jul 1923, d/o Jack Humphrey and Gertrude Stephenson**
Jones, Louisa F., b. 1859, d. 20 Dec 1889, w/o W.H. Jones
Lambert, John A., b. 10 Feb 1845 TN, d. 28 Jul 1917, h/o Mary Coovert, m. 13 Mar 1870, Kids--Charles, Arthur, Chester, Juanita Palmer**
Logan, A. R., b. 16 Dec 1842, d. 23 Oct 1903, h/o Eliza Peery, m. 21 June 1867
Logan, Eliza E., b. 10 Nov 1847 MO, d. 28 Feb 1898, d/o Wilson & Maria Peery, w/o A. R. Logan, kids--William H., Martin R. & Frank A.**
Logan, Frank A., b. 1880, d. 2 Aug 1918 stroke, s/o A. R. Logan and Eliza E. Peery
Logan, Martin R., b. 1871, d. 14 Dec 1876, s/o A. R. Logan and Eliza E. Peery
Logan, Maurice Holman, b. 21 Feb 1901, d. 17 Aug 1906 Ptomaine Poisoning, s/o W. H. and Nettie Logan**
McTeer, Ella E., b. 1860, d. 1 Mar 1862, d/o Robert McTeer and Sarah Odell**
McTeer, Harry W., b. 10 Dec 1864, d. 20 Apr 1888 consumption, s/o Robert and Sarah
McTeer, Mary Lulu, b. 13 Jan 1862, d. 1 Dec 1872 diphtheria, d/o Robert and Sarah
McTeer, Sarah Jane, b. 10 Dec 1828 IN, d. 18 Nov 1908 pneumonia, d/o Sarah and John Odell, w/o Robert McTeer, m. 20 Sept 1853, Child--Mrs. L. H. Baker**
Nichols, Sarah C., b. May 1848, d. 19 Dec 1914, w/o W. D. Nichols, d/o Abram Coovert, m. 30 Jul 1864, Rev Nichols was a Missionary to Africa, d. 4 Feb 1893 and Buried at Sea**
Odell, George W. Dr., b. 3 Oct 1838 IN, d. 26 Dec 1921, s/o John Odell and Sarah Holman
Odell, J., b. Jan 1868, d. 16 Jan 1868, (Infant) s/o John A. Odell and Martha A. Lee**
Odell, John Albert, b. 25 Nov 1844 IN, d. 21 Dec 1918 heart trouble, h/o Martha, s/o John and Sarah, Kids--Albert, Frank, Sarah Humphrey
Odell, John, b. 1800 SC, d. 21 Jan 1869, h/o Sarah Holman Odell
Odell, Joseph, b. 1827, d. 1900, s/o John and Sarah Holman
Odell, Martha Amy, b. 12 Oct 1849 OR, d. 22 Apr 1941, Parents were Nicholas Lee and Sarah Hopper, w/o J. A. Odell, m. 28 May 1866
Odell, Sarah Holman, b. 11 Dec 1803 KY, d. 1 Jan 1887, w/o John Odell, Mother of 10 children
Palmer, Naomi Arline, b. 24 Aug 1904, d. 8 Aug 1910, Granddaughter of Mary Coovert Lambert
Peery, Hiram W., b. 10 Oct 1849, d. 9 Jan 1912, s/o H. W. and Maria Peery
Peery, Hiram Wilson, b. 20 May 1822 VA, d. 28 Mar 1894, h/o Maria Compton, m. 1841, HWP on footstone
Peery, Maria, b. 10 Mar 1826, d. 18 Jul 1891, w/o H. W. Peery**
Peery, Martha F., b. 18 Jul 1857, d. 26 Oct 1876, d/o H. W. and Maria Peery
Peery, T. Jefferson, b. 19 Mar 1865d. 18 Oct 1878, s/o H. W. and Maria Peery**
Robertson, Elizabeth, b. 19 Dec 1838 IN, d. 24 Apr 1913, d/o David Fudge, 1st Husb Johnson E. Coovert, Coovert kids--Jasper, Mart, Elmer
Rockhill, M. L., b. 21 Jun 1830, d. 10 Apr 1853**
Turner, Joseph M., b. 4 Mar 1859, d. 21 Jul 1877, s/o T. A. & S. H. Turner**
Turner, Stacy H., b. 5 Oct 1831 VA, d. 10 Sept 1875, w/o Thomas Turner, m. 1853
Turner, Stephen N., b. 17 Jul 1870, d. 4 Jun 1882, s/o T. A. & S. H. Turner**

Father At Rest, Unable to determine to whom the headstone was referring

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