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Gotcher Cemetery
Williams, Josephine County, Oregon

gotcher cemetery, williams, oregon
Gotcher Cemetery, Williams, OR

GPS: 42.24483, -123.27436
T38S R5W Sec 22

16792 Water Gap Rd
Williams, OR 97544

Contributed by Jean Boling [mail]
Published: May 26, 2007, last edited January 28, 2022
Total records: 183

Driving Directions

To reach this cemetery from Grants Pass, take Williams Hwy southeast over 10 miles to Water Gap Road, then Water Gap 4.3 miles south. The cemetery is on the west side of the road, directly across from Sparlin Cemetery.

Cemetery History

Gotcher Cemetery is one of three cemeteries near Williams, OR. It was established in 1891, is ungated and unlocked.

Cemetery Records

Records below were compiled by Jean Boling from tombstone inscriptions during a visit to the cemetery in the summer of 2000. Additional information in parentheses does not appear on the marker but was acquired through cemetery records, funeral homes, families, and research.

Names marked with an * asterisk have no markers, but other records show they are buried here.

Adams, Leota Carpenter, b. 10/17/1907, d. 5/16/1997, Beloved Mother, age 89, Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker
Anderson, Alvin G, b. 4/19/1909, d. 8/31/1975, Beloved Al, Shared stone w/ Dorothy B Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, Arie Gotcher, b. 1/27/1896, d. 10/14/1985, Shared stone w/ Rowland Dewey Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, Dorothy D, b. 2/3/1911, d. 11/24/1990, Shared stone w/ Alvin G Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, G W, d. 1/15/1897, Aged 53 yrs, Shared stone w/ Hannah J Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, Hannah J, d. 12/1/1902, Aged 78 yrs, Shared stone w/ G W Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, John P, b. 6/22/1854, d. 11/17/1921, Abide in me, Plot 48
Anderson, Lottie, b. 3/27/1895, d. 9/1/1896, Daughter of J P & E Anderson, Plot 48
Anderson, Rowland Dewey, b. 6/19/1890, d. 6/8/1970, Shared stone w/ Arie Gotcher Anderson, Plot 48
Averyt, (Walter) Howell, b. (5/23)1904, d. (5/7)1980, Shared stone w/ Esther Averyt, Plot 48
Averyt, Esther, b. 1909, d. 1989, Shared stone w/ Walter Howell Averyt, Plot 48
Bauernfeind, Peter M, b. 3/30/1894, d. 11/225/1986, Pvt, US Army, World War I
Bauernfeind, Zoe B, b. 7/4/1904, d. 5/26/1987
Bellisch, Linda, b. 1943, d. 1996, At rest, Homemade wood
Bergsma, Emma M, b. 12/7/1892, d. 12/11/1979, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Nick Bergsma, Plot 73
Bergsma, Nick, b. 5/22/1889, d. 4/13/1980, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Emma Bergsma, Plot 73
Blackhall, Malcolm C, b. 6/15/1923, d. 2/23/1993, Cpl US Army, World War II
Blodgett, Arthur L(ewis), b. 1870, d. (10/26)1969, Father, Shared stone w/ Charlotte A Blodgett, Plot 94
Blodgett, Azel Lee, b. 5/4/1902, d. 11/11/1999, With Jesus, Shared stone w/ Lora Marie Blodgett, Plot 94
Blodgett, Charlotte A, b. 1869, d. (1/22)1956, Mother, Shared stone w/ Arthur L Blodgett, Plot 94
Blodgett, Eunice, b. 11/26/1896, d. 12/9/1970, Plot 94
Blodgett, James Clem, b. 5/26/1904, d. 5/30/1979, Beloved husband and Father, Shared stone w/ Mary Blodgett, Plot 94
Blodgett, Lora Marie, b. 8/11/1911, d. 2/25/1975, Plot 94 *
Blodgett, Mary G(ilmore), b. 3/20/1909, d. 10/9/1988, Beloved wife and Mother, Shared stone w/ James Clem Blodgett, Plot 94
Blodgett, Norene, b. 12/11/1925, d. no date, Second wife of Azel, Date is in birth position, but no dod on stone, Plot 94
Bostwick, Andrew Bert, b. 5/14/1906, d. 5/20/1997, Married August 3, 1946, Shared stone w/ Grace T Bostwick, Also Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 104
Bostwick, Daniel Andrew, b. 1953, d. 1990, Plot 104
Bostwick, Grace T, b. 3/2/1901, d. 9//28/1999, Married August 9, 1946, Shared stone w/ Andrew B Bostwick, Plot 104
Bostwick, Josephine Ruth, b. 5/16/1922, d. 12/3/1922, Plot 99
Bostwick, Josephine Saltmarsh, b. 7/19/1885, d. 5/22/1922, Compare dates w/ Josephine Ruth Bostwick, childbirth??, Plot 99
Boyce, Annie M, b. 1/4/1918, d. 6/30/2002, Loving memory, Mother, Plot 72
Boyce, Robert Lester, b. 10/16/1920, d. 4/20/1982, THE MULE MAN, Beloved husband and Father, Pack train etched in stone, Plot 72
Breeding, Lena G, b. 1874, d. 1950, Shared stone w/ Edward & Liola Layton, Plot 83
Brock, Michael Clark, b. 7/12/1994, d. 7/18/1996, An angel from the beginning, an angel to the end, Unusual standing circular stone
Brown, Curthie Foster, b. 3/9/1905, d. 3/3/1976, Plot 69 *
Brown, Flora May, b. 2/8/1886, d. 1/3/1899, Not lost but gone before, Plot 87
Brown, Mary, b. 9/20/1821, d. 3/1/1891, Wife of Rev. A Brown, A faithful wife, a loving Mother and a devoted christian, Plot 88
Bullard, Sophia E, b. 6/6/1875, d. 10/10/1960, Rest Mother, Plot 82
Campbell, Ruby P, b. 6/23/1915, d. 12/17/1982, Caring Mother & sister, We love you, Age 67, Also Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 72
Carre, Edna M(ae), b. 9/7/1904, d. 5/2/1980, Plot 70
Chastain, Eliza J, b. 4/3/1849, d. 7/23/1894, Wife of S.B. Chastain, Born in Clay Co., N.C., Aged 45 yrs 3 m's 20 d's, At rest, Plot 88
Craig, Travis R, b. 8/3/1989, d. 11/23/1989,, Heart-shaped base, rectangular stone w/ heart motif
Davison, Chester Clark, b. 3/19/1912, d. 7/24/1999, Loving husband and Father, Wooden "breadboard" w/ metal plate
Dawson, Edith G, b. 1925, d. 1997, Natural rock, etched and painted
Day, Emily S, b. 8/22/1841, d. 12/10/1924, Mother, W R C, Plot 87
Day, Matilda, d. 5/18/1903, Age 98 years, In loving remembrance, Plot 82
Dayton, Augusta M(ay), b. 7/13/1878, d. 1/10/1967, Plot 79
Dayton, Gordon B, b. 6/28/1915, d. 2/24/1986, Plot
Denison, Debora J, b. 1910, d. 1998, Mom, Shared stone w/ Harry N Denison
Denison, Harry N, b. 1914, d. 1989, Dad, Shared stone w/ Debora J Denison
Dewey, Addline S, b. (4/18)1891, d. (5/23)1983, Shared stone w/ Orville L Dewey, Plot 79
Dewey, Orville L, b. 1890, d. (12/16)1977, Shared stone w/ Addline S Dewey, Plot 79
Dollarhide, Daniel Lee, b. 11/4/1975, d. 11/4/1975, Our little angels, Shared stone w/ Derek Dean Dollarhide, Plot 62
Dollarhide, Derek Dean, b. 6/21/1978, d. 6/22/1978, Our little angels, Shared stone w/ Daniel Lee Dollarhide, Plot 62
Donovan, John J Sr, b. 8/12/1905, d. 6/4/1971, Plot 46
Donovan, Viola E, b. 8/31/1915, d. 5/18/1980, Plot 47
Dufour, George S, b. 12/16/1910, d. 6/28/1978, Age 61, Bronze marker and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 67
Dufour, Philip David, b. 3/9/1945, d. 9/17/1978, Plot 67
Ehmke, Dale G(ordon), b. 6/12/1948, d. 5/9/1979, US Marine Corps, Vietnam, Plot 90
Elbert, Leonard Edward, b. 7/31/1912, d. 9/9/2000, Beloved Father, faithful servant, in loving memory, age 88, Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker
Ellis, Arthur L, b. 1/10/1927, d. 3/11/1927, Plot 93
Ellis, Fannie C, b. 2/28/1877, d. 6/20/1957, Mother, Plot 93
Evans, Arthur WIlliam, d. 1/8/1899, Infant son of A C and Arie A Evans, Plot 93
Fick, Oliver A, b. 1888, d. (10/4)1939, Plot 83
Fields, Charles Kelly, d. 7/17/1952, Age 75 yrs 8 mos 25 days, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 77
Fields, Kelly, b. 8/4/1840, d. 8/13/1914, Father, At Rest, Shared stone w/ Mary Fields, Plot 77
Fields, Leola Agnes, b. 4/2/1914, d. 8/14/1915, Plot 77 *
" Fields, Mary, b. 9/5/1840, d. 9/3/1914, Mother, At Rest, Shared stone w/ Kelly Fields, Plot 77
Geiger, Charles W, b. 8/29/1943, d. 8/29/1956
Geiger, Delos Franklin, b. 11/5/1904, d. 5/26/1992, Shared stone w/ Florence Ione Bostwick Geiger (N/D)
Geiger, Frederick A, b. 9/11/1945, d. 7/14/1998
Gibson, Baby Boy, b. 2/6/1977, d. 2/6/1977, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 83
Gibson, Baby Girl, b. 1/27/1955, d. 1/27/1955, Possibly Metal Mortuary for one of Edgar J Gibson Infants, Plot 83
Gibson, Frank, b. 1925, d. (6/1)1928, Infant of Russell A Gibson, Shared w/ Infant of McClure Gibson and 2 infants of Edgar J Gibson, Plot 83
Gibson, Infant, b. 1949, d. 1949, Infant of McClure Gibson, Shared stone w/ Frank Gibson and 2 infants of Edgar J Gibson, Plot 83
Gibson, Infant, no dates, Plot 83 *
Gibson, Infants, b. 1955/1956, d. 1955/1956, Infants of Edgar J Gibson, Shared stone w/ Frank Gibson and Infant of McClure Gibson, Plot 83
Gibson, McClure Lutrelle, b. 7/27/1918, d. 1/19/1995, "Hoot", US Army Air Corps, World War II, Dog tags of Stephen A Gibson hanging on stone, Plot 83
Gibson, Oliver Henry, d. 8/19/1946, Front of stone says "Infant", back has name/date, Plot 83
Gibson, Russell Alexander, b. March 1883, d. 10/28/1962, Shared stone w/ Evelyn Gibson and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 83
Goehring, Baby (Barry), d. 8/1/1939, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 79
Goehring, Ernestine, b. 1852, d. (4/14)1939, Mother, Plot 79
Gotcher, Jesse N, b. 7/20/1831, d. 7/15/1914, Father, At rest, Born in Tenn., Shared stone w/ Minerva C Gotcher, Plot 88
Gotcher, Minerva C, b. 7/3/1843, d. 8/2/1913, Mother, Shared stone w/ Jesse N Gotcher, Plot 88
Gotcher, Walter, b. 8/13/1899, d. 9/12/1899, Infant son of F A & Fannie Gotcher, Plot 88
Gray, Arthur D, b. 10/21/1894, d. 3/18//1984, Father, Shared stone w/ Zola Gray, Plot 79
Gray, Frankie Irving, b. 8/17/1923, d. 5/23/1982, SSgt, US Air Force, World War II, Plot 79
Gray, Zola E, b. 9/10/1895, d. 7/6/1967, Mother, Shared stone w/ Arthur D Gray, Plot 79
Hansen, Harry (Ernest) Sr, b. 1901, d. (6/28)1978, Age 77, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 72
Hansen, Harry Ernest (Jr), b. 2/15/1924, d. 2/22/1983, SM2 US Navy, World War II, Plot 72
Hansen, Roy, b. 7/29/1920, d. 11/15/1984, Age 64, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 72
Harper, Coloma H, b. 1/21/1857, d. 10/7/1929, Plot 82
Harper, Pleasant H, b. 1836, d. (1/5)1916, Pleasant was a minister, Plot 82
Heard, Lula, b. 1873, d. (3/14)1913, Plot 98
Henderson, Titus J, b. 12/21/1891, d. 3/8/1971, Oregon, Pvt US Army, World War I, Plot 68
Hyde, Amanda H, b. 1905, d. 6/2/1987, "Amy", Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 58
Hyde, Frank M, b. 9/1/1917, d. 2/13/2002, US Merchant Marine, World War II, Plot 58
Hyde, Larry Morris, b. 10/3/1951, d. 6/18/1977, Plot 58
Jackson, Charles William, b. 10/26/1919, d. 12/3/1998, 2nd Lt US Army Air Force, World War II, Beloved husband
Jennings, Dorothy, b. 4/2/1878, d. 4/17/1916, Wife and Mother, Plot 87
Kantor, Pearl Deen, b. 10/15/1908, d. 7/5/1981, Plot 85
Kennedy, Delmar Clifford, b. 1918, d. 1918, Plot 94
Kennedy, James T, b. 11/28/1857, d. 10/7/1915, Plot 94
Kennedy, Janice, b. 1933, d. 1938, Plot 94
Kurtz, Clifford T, b. 4/2/1889, d. 9/1/1959, Shared stone w/ Minta L Kurtz, Plot 79
Kurtz, Minta L, b. 6/24/1889, d. 8/26/1974, Shared stone w/ Clifford Kurtz, Plot 79
Lamkin, Minnie L, b. 1867, d. (7/18)1948, Plot 99
Langtwait, Pearl M(ildred), b. 1902, d. (9/23)1922, Plot 82
Layton, Edward F, b. 1872, d. 1963, Shared stone w/ Liola Layton & Lena Breeding, Plot 83
Layton, Liola D, b. 10/3/1871, d. 3/17/1904, Wife of E F Layton, Shared stone w/ Lena Breeding & Edward F Layton, Plot 83
Lemmon, Bertha Estella, b. 5/14/1889, d. 2/12/1950, Beloved wife and Mother, Plot 94
Lemmon, William H, b. 12/23/1883, d. 7/16/1972, Plot 94
Linebaugh, Arthur Roland, b. 11/1/1934, d. 2/18/1995, Metal Mortuary Marker
Linebaugh, Charles I, b. 5/12/1905, d. 1/16/1984, Married 1924, Shared stone w/ Margaret Linebaugh
Linebaugh, Lois Elma, b. 11/19/1910, d. 12/9/1992
Linebaugh, Margaret L, b. 9/6/1909, d. 6/20/1985, Married 1924, Shared stone w/ Charles Linebaugh
Lockhart, Delbert H(enry), b. 1903, d. (12/3)1977, Married 1927, Shared stone w/ Eva M Lockhart, Plot 90
Long, Mary, no dates, Plot 87 *
Lorkhart, Eva M, b. 1896, d. (5/23)1975, Married 1927, Shared stone w/ Delbert Lockhart, Plot 90
Lovell, Isabell, b. 6/15/1878, d. 8/15/1929, Plot
Lucero, Arthur E, b. 2/28/1918, d. 3/1/1988, Age 70, Shared stone w/ Betty Jo Lucero w/o dates; Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 67
Lucero, Betty Jo, b. 11/19/1941, d. 10/1/1981, Shared stone w/ Arthur Lucero, his dates not on stone, only on Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 67
Lumsargis, Mariann M, b. 10/26/1938, d. 9/25/1971, Plot 74
Lundy, Ivan H, b. 1883, d. (12/21)1966,, Plot 73
Madsen, Corrine A, b. 2/7/1898, d. 5/22/1982, Shared stone w/ Ludwig Madsen, Plot 69
Madsen, Ludwig, b. 9/22/1886, d. 2/11/1972, Shared stone w/ Corrine A Madsen, Plot 69
Mahan, Janet L, b. 11/225/1924, d. 8/1/1999
Mansfield, Drusilla Kennedy, b. 6/17/1870, d. 3/26/1953, Plot 94
Martin, Evelyn Kurtz, b. 7/13/1924, d. 12/19/2000, Mom, Married 8/16/1944, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Thomas Floyd Martin (N/D)
Mathes, Patsy E, b. 9/19/1935, d. 1/26/1996, In loving memory
Mee, James W, b. 8/24/1852, d. 4/6/1917, Cpl Co I 1 Regt Ore Inf, Civil War, Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 84
Messinger, Altha L, b. 5/28/1914, d. 11/30/1967, Shared stone w/ Don Leroy Messinger, Plot 89
Messinger, David Herman, b. 3/25/1935, d. 12/8/1994, EN2 US Navy Korea, Rock painted with daisies above stone, Plot 89
Messinger, Don Leroy, b. 4/20/1906, d. 6/23/1966, Shared stone w/ Altha Messinger, Plot 89
Messinger, Herman, b. 1872, d. 1953, Shared stone w/ Mattie Messinger, Plot 94
Messinger, Mattie, b. 1883, d. 1946, Shared stone w/ Herman Messinger, Plot 94
Messinger, William, d. 3/25/1908 *
Miller John Henry, b. 1/1/1858, d. 10/26/1914, Shared stele w/ Annie M Miller, Plot 89
Miller, Annie M, b. 3/11/1867, d. 4/25/1918, Shared stele with John Henry Miller, Plot 89
Moore, Avis C(harlotte), b. 9/24/1908, d. 12/1/1962, Plot 93
Moorefield, Frank, b. 1927, d. 1995, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Wilma D Moorefield (N/D)
Morningstar, Arleta Messinger, b. 9/2/1909, d. 11/2/2001, Shared stone w/ Jerry Morningstar
Morningstar, Jerry, b. 11/6/1908, d. 8/2/1998, Shared stone w/ Arleta Messinger Morningstar
Morris, Wayne C, b. 6/27/1915, d. 11/5/1998
Olivier, Walter J, b. 1929, d. 2003, Shared stone w/ Anna May Olivier (N/D)
Olson, Mae, b. 1924, d. 1992, Gone home, Shared stone w/ Russ Olson
Olson, Russ, b. 1918, d. 2002, Shared stone w/ Mae Olson
Parr, Anna May, d. 8/3/1951, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot ?
Parsons, Martha Myfanwy, b. 1/22/1906, d. 3/20/1988, Shared stone w/ Woodson T Parsons and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 79
Parsons, Thomas J, d. 1/3/1945 *
Parsons, Woodson T(homas), b. 10/7/1898, d. 11/30/1974, Shared stone w/ Martha M Parsons, Plot 93
Pusch, Janette, d. 8/30/1976, Age 47 yrs 10 mos 24 days, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 78
Roberts, Artie L, d. 5/29/1958, Age 91 yrs 8 mos 20 days, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 83
Roberts, Charles William, d. 5/16/1949, Age 83, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 83
Ryan, D S, no dates, Co I, 69th NY Inf, Plot 87
Santos, William J(ames), b. 1/11/1938, d. 5/18/1981, OSC US Navy Vietnam, Plot 28
Schmidt, Ann, b. 10/28/1913, d. 8/1/2000, Beloved wife, Mother and nanny, Plot 73
Schmidt, Walter John Sr, b. 11/1/1906, d. 11/9/1982, Beloved husband and Father, Plot 73
Schrumpf, Silas, b. 11/6/1862, d. 6/15/1902, Aged 39 yrs 7 mos and 3 days, Plot 82
Sharp, Liberty Lyman, b. 1/4/1855, d. 3/24/1939, Rest Father, Aged 84 yrs 2 mos 15 days, Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 82
Sleeper, Royal Vernon, b. 5/28/1918, d. 10/27/1973, Aged 54 yrs 4 mos 99 days, Stone and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 71
Sorensen, Bernyce M, b. 5/23/1911, d. 11/30/2000, Rest Mom, Shared stone w/ Nels Starr Sorensen, Plot 73
Sorensen, Nels Starr, b. 11/ /1880, d. 3/29/1969, Rest Dad, Shared stone w/ Bernyce Sorensen and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 73
Sowell, Connie, b. 8/18/1913, d. 12/27/1996, Beloved wife and Mother, You are not forgotten loved one, Nor will you ever be, As long as life and memory last, We will remember thee, Plot 100
Sowell, Percy M(ilburn), b. 12/5/1906, d. 8/28/1974, Beloved husband and daddy, You are not forgotten loved one, Nor will you ever be, As long as life and memory last, We will remember thee, Plot 100
Stephens, John, b. 8/20/1865, d. 4/24/1918 *
Stovall, Mary Jane, no dates, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot 78
Sumner, C C, b. 5/25/1850, d. 4/22/1935, Born in Lorence Co (?OH), Plot 89
Sumner, Callie, b. 4/17/1864, d. 2/8/1907, Wife of C C Sumner, Plot 89
Sumner, Dolly Dawn, b. 10/13/1904, d. 11/9/1904, Daughter of Mr and Mrs C C Sumner, Plot 89
Thompson, Grace J L, b. 5/12/1888, d. 3/30/1906, Wife of G H Thompson, Plot 88
Trigg, Richard E, b. 11/24/1943, d. 11/14/1984, SP4 US Army, Vietnam
Webb, Adelena A, b. 2/28/1899, d. 4/22/1993
Webb, Morris E, b. 4/1/1893, d. 2/12/1985, US Navy World War I
Webb, WIlma E, b. 4/7/1917, d. 1/25/2001, Shared stone w/ Norman Webb (N/D)
Weldon, James Thomas, b. 8/20/1901, d. 11/7/1972, Double stone but no partner, Plot 71
Weldon, Margaret E, b. 12/7/1906, d. 12/30/2000, An American Treasure, nee Roller, Plot 71
Wendling, Gladys Cobbs, b. 1/20/1907, d. 5/5/1996
Wetherbee, Fayette G Day, d. 7/17/1900, Aged 71 yrs 8 mos, Shared stone w/ Horace Wetherbee, Hers says "Day", Plot 87
Wetherbee, Horace, d. 6/2/1893, Aged 82 yrs 2 mos, Shared stone w/ Fayette Day (Wetherbee), Plot 87
Whitaker, Walter Fred, b. 2/8/1883, d. 5/25/1968, Age 85 yrs 3 mos 17 days, Plot 72
Wilson, David Cleve, b. 10/9/1889, d. 5/13/1967, Plot 78
Wilson, Flossie May, b. 12/24/1894, d. 5/23/1958, Plot 78

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