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Deer Creek Cemetery
Selma, Josephine County, Oregon

Lat: 42° 15' 51"N, Lon: 123° 34' 04"W
T38S R8W Sec 18

To reach this cemetery driving south from Grants Pass on Hwy 199, in Selma turn east onto Deer Creek Road for three miles, turn right onto Parker Lane which turns into Lakeshore Drive and the cemetery is on the west or right side of road shortly after the turn.

Cemetery established in 1856 and still in use today. Information in parentheses is not on the marker but was acquired from cemetery records, funeral homes, families and research. Asterisks * indicate those buried in alleyways, without regular plot numbers.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 20, 2011. Total records = 363.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Minnie Mitchell, b. 5/5/1916, d. 3/28/1988, Homemade, Plot E-10-6, [JB]
Allen, Thelma Lundquist, b. 11/3/1910, d. 10/15/2000, (First married to Harold Lundquist), Plot D-15-2, [JB]
Anderson, Charles W, b. 11/10/1901, d. 11/18/1983, Shared stone w/ Donald L Anderson, Plot E-4-7, [JB]
Anderson, Donald L(owell), b. 4/4/1913, d. 11/18/1984, Shared stone w/ Charles W Anderson (Ashes in Sophie Anderson's grave), Plot E-4-7, [JB]
Anderson, Glenn W, b. 11/21/1912, d. 4/8/1985, Shared stone w/ Willie M Anderson, Plot B-15-1, [JB]
Anderson, Kenneth Melvin, b. 9/28/1908, d. 10/24/1952, Our dear Kennie, Plot E-4-6, [JB]
Anderson, Sophia B(ell), b. 3/1/1878, d. 3/22/1965, Mother, Shared stone w/ William G Anderson, Plot E-4-7, [JB]
Anderson, Tracy Dean, b. (9/2/1969), d. (10/16)1969, Plot B-14-2, [JB]
Anderson, WIlliam G(eorge), b. 5/13/1867, d. 5/28/1934, Father, Shared stone w/ Sophia B Anderson, Plot E-4-8, [JB]
Anderson, Willie M, b. 4/2/1922, d. 5/19/1970, Shared stone w/ Glenn W Anderson, Plot B-15-2, [JB]
Aros, (Isabel) June, b. (6/4)1916, d. (7/21)1970, Plot D-18-2, [JB]
Backus, Jessie Jewell, b. (6/2)1909, d. (2/16)1976, Shared w/ Howard M Backus (N/D), Plot E-11-6, [JB]
Baird John W(esley) Jr, b. (5/1)1871, d. (1/31)1929, (Husband of Cora, married 11/2/1901, JoCo), Plot B-16-6, [JB]
Baird, Cora F(rances), b. (2/9)1881, d. (11/3)1960, (Wife of JW Jr, married 11/2/1901, JoCo), Plot B-16-7, [JB]
Baird, J(ohn) W(esley) (Sr), b. (7/22)1830, d. (1/4)1918, Plot B-16-8, [JB]
Baird, Walter, b. (4/21)1905, d. (4/11)1950, Plot B-16-3, [JB]
Baird, Willard E(llis), b. 2/16/1910, d. 3/18/1945, Oregon/Pvt 25 Cav Rcn Sq MecZ/World War II, (Killed in action), Plot B-16-4, [JB]
Balaoro, Dolores, b. 12/14/1932, d. 12/27/1939, Plot D-20-6, [JB]
Barr, William, b. (10/23)1862, d. (2/6)1942, Plot F-20-1, [JB]
Bartram, William, b. 4/3/1865, d. 4/4/1946, Age 80, Mortuary Marker, Plot F-4-7, [JB]
Becker, Anna Marie, b. 3/26/1907, d. 3/16/1977, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-16-1, [JB]
Becker, Michael, b. 11/28/1897, d. 11/12/1978, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-16-2, [JB]
Bellus, Armeda A, b. 2/17/1870, d. 9/14/1947, Our loved one, MOTHER above, Plot E-15-5, [JB]
Biggerstaff, Albert (Lawrence), b. 6/5/1862, d. 9/16/1925, Shared concrete marker w/ Gertrude Biggerstaff, Plot C-11-1, [JB]
Biggerstaff, Gertrude (Morris), b. 2/10/1868, d. 1/12/1926, Shared concrete marker w/ Albert Biggerstaff, Plot C-11-2, [JB]
Boorman, Lonnie Gene, b. 5/21/1943, d. 8/14/1943, Aged 2 months 24 days, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-19-5, [JB]
Boorman, Richard Leroy, b. 10/25/1945, d. 3/8/1984, Sgt US Army, Vietnam, Plot E-19-1, [JB]
Brandon, Margaret C(ora Cross), b. (5/12)1904, d. (10/18)1990, Shared stone w/ William Cross (2nd husband), Plot F-4-5, [JB]
Branham, Buster W, b. 3/3/1919, d. 12/28/1996, MM2 US Navy, World War II, [JB]
Breazeale, Baby Son, b. 12/26/1985, d. 12/26/1985, Baby Son of Ronald & Patty, In God's Care II Samuel 12:23, Plot F-9-3, [JB]
Breazeale, Effie L(uella DeGrasse), b. 1/3/1906, d. 8/19/2002, Married 8/7/1928, Shared stone w/ Thomas A Breazeale, Plot D-3-8, [JB]
Breazeale, Emma E(verett), b. 7/26/1867, d. 7/17/1942, Mother, Shared w/ Thomas J Breazeale, Plot D-17-6, [JB]
Breazeale, Frank W (William Franklin), b. 3/17/1904, d. 11/25/1958, (Husband of Velda Breazeale), Plot D-4-8, [JB]
Breazeale, Fred Arthur, b. 10/5/1934, d. 12/2/1999, We served the Lord together, Married 2/15/1958, Shared stone w/ Lois Ilene (N/D), Plot , [JB]
Breazeale, Thomas A(rthur), b. 7/11/1906, d. 7/27/1990, Married 8/7/1928, Shared stone w/ Effie DeGrasse Breazeale, Plot D-3-7, [JB]
Breazeale, Thomas J(efferson), b. 11/14/1867, d. 5/9/1955, Father, Shared w/ Emma E Breazeale, Plot D-17-7, [JB]
Breazeale, Velda S(arah), b. 12/20/1907, d. 5/7/1987, (Wife of Frank W Breazeale), Plot D-4-7, [JB]
Brooks, Earl (C), b. 7/4/1900, d. 7/12/1969, Oregon, Cpl 16 Photo Unit, World War II, (Husband of Ruby Ida Brooks), Plot C-13-2, [JB]
Brooks, Ruby Ida, b. 5/6/1904, d. 10/14/1981, (Wife of Earl Brooks), Plot C-13-1, [JB]
Buttram, Heidi (Lee), b. 7/6/1953, d. 7/6/1953, 1/2 day, Scratched in concrete; also Mortuary Marker, Plot F-3-1, [JB]
Camp, Lowell Francis, b. 12/26/1908, d. 3/14/1995, SF2 US Navy, World War II, Plot C-15-2, [JB]
Camp, Orville Jefferson Sr, b. (2/18/1903), d. (4/18/1990), No apparent marker, outlined in stones, with ground cover, Plot C-15-3, [JB]
Campbell, Charles F(rederick), b. (1/5)1906, d. (6/30)1965, Husband, Plot D-19-3, [JB]
Campbell, Ella (Emma) Goldsby, b. 1/29/1902, d. 8/31/1989, Always loving, always loved, Married first to Walter Goldsby, Plot D-20-1, [JB]
Campbell, Gary Lee, b. 3/12/1944, d. 9/30/1972, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-19-1, [JB]
Campbell, Gladys Ruth, b. 2/8/1923, d. 6/3/1979, Forever in the hearts of your beloved family (shared), Homemade heart, Also shared stone w/ John Ralph Campbell, Plot D-21-8, [JB]
Campbell, Gordon, b. 5/24/1908, d. 3/29/1986, Sgt US Army Air Corps, World War II, Plot D-21-6, [JB]
Campbell, Johanna Bertha, b. 8/24/1870, d. 6/3/1940, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-19-5, [JB]
Campbell, John R(alph Sr), b. 6/1/1911, d. 5/1/1982, Forever in the hearts of your beloved family, Shared stone w/ Gladys B Campbell, Plot D-21-7, [JB]
Carlisle, George B, b. 1861, d. (7/10)1933, Plot C-17-7, [JB]
Carlisle, George Benton, b. 6/14/1921, d. 3/15/1988, In memory of, SSgt US Army, World War II, [JB]
Carlisle, James L(oy), b. 1903, d. (9/21)1970, Shared stone w/ Minnie R Carlisle, Plot C-17-4, [JB]
Carlisle, Joseph, b. (8/11)1831, d. (10/16)1917, Father, Shared w/ Lydia A Carlisle, Plot C-17-1, [JB]
Carlisle, Lydia A, b. (3/14)1840, d. (9/2)1918, Mother, Shared w/ Joseph Carlisle, Plot C-17-2, [JB]
Carlisle, Margaret, b. 7/9/1890, d. 1/18/1960, Plot B-21-8, [JB]
Carlisle, Minnie R, b. (4/6)1903, d. (1/5)1979, Shared stone w/ James L Carlisle, Plot C-17-5, [JB]
Carlisle, Samuel James, b. 1889, d. (12/5)1936, At rest , Plot B-19-8, [JB]
Carlisle, WIlliam J(oseph), b. 3/20/1866, d. 8/21/1955, In loving memory of, Brass plate on wood, Plot C-17-3, [JB]
Channell, George Russell, b. 10/3/1935, d. 10/22/1936, Metal Mortuary Marker, [JB]
Christy, Charles D, b. (3/24)1892, d. (9/6)1908, Homemade (aka Christensen), Plot C-7-1, [JB]
Christy, Harold W, b. 5/6/1894, d. 1/20/1963, Oregon, PFC US Army, World War I, (aka Christensen; husband of Stella Diane Christy), Plot C-7-2, [JB]
Christy, Stella Diane, b. 1/22/1901, d. 5/11/1981, (Wife of Harold W Christy), Plot C-7-3, [JB]
Churchill, Baby Girl, d. Bef12/23/1902, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-9-6, [JB]
Churchill, Elizabeth, b. (10/23/1837), d. 1/16/1903, Aged 65-2-24; Dearest loved one, we have laid thee in the peaceful grave's embrace. But thy memory will be cherished till we see thy heavenly face., Plot D-9-8, [JB]
Churchill, Jessie A, b. 12/17/1890, d. 12/23/1902, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-9-7, [JB]
Clark, Bernice Dawson, b. 7/28/1892, d. 9/22/1976, Teacher, Homemaker, Tea kettle etched on brass, Plot B-13-6, [JB]
Clark, Edward Oliver, b. 2/6/1884, d. 12/18/1972, Pioneer, Fiddlemaker, Fiddle etched on brass, Plot B-13-7, [JB]
Clark, Eldon O(liver), b. 10/21/1914, d. 10/21/1914, Plot B-13-8, [JB]
Clark, John R(eynolds), b. (3/23)1849, d. (11/8)1925, Shared w/ Matilda Caroline Clark Davidson, Plot B-13-1, [JB]
Clayton, John E(arl), b. 2/28/1896, d. 5/6/1958, California, Bugler Co E 324 Infantry, World War I, Plot B-7-6, [JB]
Clayton, John Harrison, b. (5/5/1867), d. 9/9/1945, Age 48-4-4, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-7-7, [JB]
Clayton, Lillie Beam, b. (1/6/1861), d. 7/18/1943, Age 82-6-12, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-7-8, [JB]
Clouser, Clarence (C), b. 1904, d. (3/9)1982, Shared stone w/ Mildred Clouser, Plot E-10-7, [JB]
Clouser, Forrest V(irgil), b. (12/16)1907, d. (2/20)1962, Plot E-11-7, [JB]
Clouser, James Lee, b. 8/16/1964, d. 1/15/1995, Jamie, (top), You will live forever in our hearts, Homemade wood, composite, Plot F-11-3, [JB]
Clouser, James Warren, b. 9/29/1941, d. 7/12/1962, Oregon, PFC Hq Co 326 Engr Bn, Plot F-11-1, [JB]
Clouser, Mary E, b. 1942, d. 1996, [JB]
Clouser, Norman Wayne, b. (2/22)1963, d. (2/9)1982, Homemade wood, very interesting, Plot F-11-2, [JB]
Cochran, Christopher Jacob, b. 5/8/1975, d. 5/29/1975, Our baby son, Plot C-6-8, [JB]
Cochran, Joseph Lewis, b. 1/23/1979, d. 9/18/2002, In loving memory, We'll see your smile again, Lion etched on stone, lion & St Francis behind, Plot C-6-7, [JB]
Coffman, Paul Douglas, b. (11/1)1955, d. (10/8)1972, Beloved son and brother, Plot B-15-3, [JB]
Craig, Grace L, b. 1/28/1885, d. 1/28/1901, Plot D-10-7, [JB]
Craig, R Peal, b. 1/20/1887, d. 1/26/1887, Plot D-10-8, [JB]
Crooks, Anna M, b. 1866/7, d. 1/18/1898, Aged 31, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-7-4, [JB]
Crooks, Ella Josephine, b. (10/26/1868), d. 3/5/1883, Daughter of MDL & MJ Crooks, Aged 14 yrs 4 mos 17 dys, It was an angel that visited the green earth and took the flower away, Plot E--7-5, [JB]
Crooks, M(arcus) D(e) L(afayette), b. (11/18)1828, d. (2/1)1923, Shared stone w/ Mary J Crooks, Plot E-7-7, [JB]
Crooks, Marion F(rances), b. 11/18/73, d. 2/28/1940, Plot E-7-6, [JB]
Crooks, Mary J(enette), b. (7/1)1847, d. (6/22)1922, His wife, Shared stone w/ MDL Crooks, Plot E-7-8, [JB]
Cross, Edna P(hebe), b. (2/25)1894, d. (7/2)1944, Metal marker embedded in concrete, Plot F-4-1, [JB]
Cross, Martha Mae, b. 3/28/1924, d. 7/15/1958, Mother, He giveth His beloved sleep, Plot F-5-4, [JB]
Cross, Robert James (Jr), b. 2/7/1943, d. 3/31/1968, Oregon, ADR3 USNR, Plot F-5-6, [JB]
Cross, Roger W(ayne), b. 4/21/1944, d. 10/19/1983, ADRAA US Navy, Vietnam, Plot F-5-5, [JB]
Cross, William, b. (1/10)1892, d. (4/14)1963, Shared stone w/ Margaret C Cross, Plot F-4-6, [JB]
Davidson, Matilda (Caroline Clark), b. (3/3)1855, d. (3/28)1944, Shared w/ John R Clark (2nd husband Carter Tarnt Davidson), Plot B-13-2, [JB]
Davis, Patricia Gladys, b. 4/28/1941, d. 7/12/1999, Beloved mother & grandmother, In our hearts forever, We love you, Plot D-18-?, [JB]
Davis, Russell DeWayne, b. 11/15/1963, d. 3/1/1964, Our baby "Rusty", Plot D-18-8, [JB]
Davis, Susan H(annah), b. (2/27)1899, d. (11/22)1982, Shared w/ William A Davis, Plot E-18-5, [JB]
Davis, William A (Warren), b. (8/22)1888, d. (10/30)1964, Shared w/ Susan H Davis, Plot E-18-6, [JB]
Davis, William Richard Sr, b. 1933, d. 2002, Age 69, Metal Mortuary Marker, [JB]
Dedrick, Alice, b. (5/10/1861), d. (1/26/1934), Homemade plastic, no names, Plot F-15-8, [JB]
Dedrick, Arthur L(eroy), b. (6/1)1904, d. (1/13)1973, Homemade wood and Mortuary Marker, Shared w/ Mary, Plot F-15-5, [JB]
Dedrick, Fayette, b. (12/15/1860), d. (7/20/1929), Homemade plastic, no names, Plot F-15-7, [JB]
Dedrick, Mary (Ruth), b. (3/17)1903, d. (7/1)1930, (aka Roberta Marian), Homemade wood and Mortuary Marker, Shared w/ Arthur, Plot F-15-6, [JB]
DeGrasse Hannah A(melia), b. 11/30/1861, d. 4/25/1962, Mother, Shared w/ Jethro DeGrasse, Plot F-14-7, [JB]
DeGrasse, Edward H(enry), b. 8/14/1882, d. 8/31/1962, Plot F-14-4, [JB]
DeGrasse, Jethro Percely, b. 11/4/1860, d. 4/18/1931, Father, Shared w/ Hannah DeGrasse, Plot F-14-8, [JB]
DeGrasse, Zella (Virginia) T(olin), b. 12/25/1870, d. 4/16/1956, Plot F-14-3, [JB]
Dellinger, Aleen O(telia), b. 9/1/1912, d. 8/24/1988, Beloved daughter, Plot D-18-4, [JB]
Dellinger, Shirley Davis, b. 6/5/1905, d. 7/31/1984, Plot D-18-1, [JB]
Dellinger, Turner A(ldine) , b. (8/20/1892), d. 8/17/1917, Oregon, RCT Med Dept, Plot D-18-1, [JB]
Dinkle, Esther Lorraine, b. 2/6/1926, d. 7/30/1974, Wife, mother and friend, Loved by all, Taken too soon, Homemade concrete, one scratched lettering, one prefab, Plot D-4-3, [JB]
Dobie, Ernest Neil, b. 1/14/1954, d. 3/24/1974, Plot B-6-4, [JB]
Dobie, Katherine Lucetta, b. 11/11/1957, d. 11/11/1957, Plot B-6-3, [JB]
Dobie, Sarah Lucetta, b. 11/29/1888, d. 1/17/1958, Shared w/ William A Dobie, Plot B-6-2, [JB]
Dobie, William Albert, b. 9/25/1879, d. 11/23/1947, Shared w/ Sarah L Dobie, Plot B-6-1, [JB]
Dobie, William Bruce, b. 6/11/1913, d. 2/2/1983, Mortuary Marker, Plot B-6-5, [JB]
Ellis, Thomas J, b. 1869, d. (8/21)1929, , Mortuary Marker, K Phillips has dob as 7/2/1860, Plot B-10-5, [JB]
Evans, Flossie Ruckman, b. 12/8/1905, d. 3/16/1976, Beloved mother, Plot D-13-6, [JB]
Fickle, Robert C, b. 9/25/1833, d. 2/27/1910, Mortuary Marker, Plot C-13-8, [JB]
Flick, John W(illiam), b. (12/8)1869, d. (4/20)1935, Plot B-10-3, [JB]
Flick, Mary Jane, b. 1869, d. (7/11)1950, Plot B-10-4, [JB]
Flick, R(obert) A, b. (6/14)1862, d. (6/2)1934, Plot B-10-2, [JB]
Freitas, Georgia Goldsby, b. 12/22/1928, d. 11/15/1998, Beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Plot ?, [JB]
Frost, Joanne Rae, b. 12/1/1940, d. 12/1/1940, Our darling, Plot F-12-1, [JB]
Frost, Loretta Ruth, b. 4/3/1920, d. 10/15/2000, Forever in our hearts, Plot F-12-?, [JB]
Frost, Raymond L, b. 12/14/1919, d. 8/30/1994, US Army World War II, Plot F-12-?, [JB]
Gabel, Bonnie Jean, b. 12/21/1930, d. 4/1/1988, In love forever, Shared w/ Kenneth H Gabel (N/D), Plot C-5-1, [JB]
Garbe, Belle, b. 5/10/1864, d. 4/1/1950, Plot C-14-3, [JB]
Garbe, WIllis, b. (10/2)1868, d. (1/3)1939, Plot C-14-4, [JB]
Garman, John B(eauford), b. 3/24/1907, d. 7/5/1975, Forever in our hearts, Plot D-6-7, [JB]
Garman, Mildred L(ou), b. 6/14/1909, d. 3/30/1990, In loving memory, Plot D-6-6, [JB]
Garman, Nat(a)sha B(reann), b. 11/29/1986, d. 11/29/1986, Homemade wood, Plot A-6-5, [JB]
Goff, George Ovid, b. (9/2)1883, d. (9/23)1938, Plot C-11-4, [JB]
Goings, Emma A(lice), b. (12/11/1872), d. 5/14/1883, Dau of J & MJ Goings, Aged 10 y's, 5 m's, 3 d's, Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven, Dove ornament, Plot E-6-3, [JB]
Goings, James T, b. (7/2/1875), d. 5/16/1883, Son of J & MJ Goings, Aged 7 y's 10 m's 14 d's, Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven, J.T. Whipp, Jacksonville, Lamb ornament, Plot E-6-4, [JB]
Goings, Mary E, b. (1/20/1880), d. 5/11/1883, Dau of J & MJ Goings, Aged 5 y's 9 m's 24 d's, Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven, Rose ornament, Plot E-6-6, [JB]
Goings, Mary Jane, b. 3/16/1852, d. 10/5/1921, Mortuary Marker, Plot E-6-8, [JB]
Goings, WIlliam Howard, b. 10/18/1887, d. 10/6/1914, Plot E-6-7, [JB]
Goings, Zarilda J, b. (11/18/1877), d. 5/21/1883, Dau of J & MJ Goings, Aged 3 y's 4m's 1 d'y, Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven, Lamb ornament, Plot E-6-5, [JB]
Goldsby, Walter K, b. 6/30/1927, d. 3/8/1972, Oregon, SSGT US Army, World War II, Plot D-20-2, [JB]
Goldsby, Walter, b. 5/6/1873, d. 2/16/1931, Plot D-20-8, [JB]
Goldsby, Wilda (Rose), b. 3/8/1926, d. 3/31/1935, K Phillips has dob as 3/17/1926, Plot D-20-7, [JB]
Goode, Joseph E(dward), b. (9/23)1896, d. (9/20)1989, Local historian and friend, Plot F-6-6, [JB]
Goyette, Homer Lenon, b. 12/27/1896, d. 12/21/1966, Plot C-14-2, [JB]
Goyette, Thelma H, b. 3/28/1898, d. 12/28/1958, Plot C-14-1, [JB]
Grabe, Robert (Lee), b. 4/4/1939, d. 10/5/1969, Oregon SSgt 752 Radar Sq AF, Plot C-20-8, [JB]
Green George, b. 12/12/1893, d. 2/24/1974, California Cpl US Army World War I, (K Phillips says aka Floyd Willard Lowe), Plot C-16-3, [JB]
Gregg, Hazel E(thel), b. (2/9)1900, d. (1/14/1975), Date of death not on stone, Shared stone w/ Henry D Gregg, Plot F-5-2, [JB]
Gregg, Henry D(aniel), b. (3/11)1898, d. (12/4)1963, Shared stone w/ Hazel E Gregg, Plot F-5-3, [JB]
Gregg, John C(lark), b. 11/17/1922, d. 3/10/1947, Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, Plot F-5-1, [JB]
Gregg, Lawrence Todd, b. (9/5)1960, d. (9/6)1960, Baby son, Plot F-12-2, [JB]
Griffin, Thelma (L), b. 3/21/1910, d. 11/13/1968, Plot F-20-2, [JB]
Guest, John R(utherford), b. (8/8)1850, d. (3/2)1931, Bronze marker and Moetuary Marker, Plot F-16-4, [JB]
Guest, William, b. (1826/7), d. 3/10/1856, Father, Killed by Indians, Aged 29, First burial in Deer Creek Cemetery, Plot F-16-3, [JB]
Hacker, Nancy, b. (1/23)1852, d. (12/28)1928, Shared w/ William Hacker, Plot B-11-7, [JB]
Hacker, William, b. (12/23)1849, d. (10/23)1927, Shared w/ Nancy Hacker, Plot B-11-8, [JB]
Hagerman, Bruce V(irgil), b. (3/23)1904, d. (7/29)1966, Plot D-16-5, [JB]
Hagerman, Elsie Walton, b. 4/6/1908, d. 7/15/1994, Plot D-16-?, [JB]
Hagerman, Royal M(elvin), b. (12/10)1905, d. (1/21)1926, Laurel Cemetery Assn Marker, Plot D-16-5, [JB]
Hanscam, Baby, b. 7/30/1913, d. 8/16/1913, *Alley between E-8-1 and D-8-8, Plot **, [JB]
Hanseth, Anna Laura, b. 8/9/1884, d. 6/4/1925, Sister, Plot D-11-4, [JB]
Hanseth, Antone A(nderson), b. (12/14)1868, d. (6/2)1944, Father, Plot F-7-1, [JB]
Hanseth, Infant, no dates, Infant son of Maria & Jacob, Aged 1 day, Suffer the little ones to come unto me, Plot D-11-8, [JB]
Hanseth, Jacob, b. 8/9/1848, d. 7/4/1918, Father, Born in Norway, Plot D-11-5, [JB]
Hanseth, Marcus C, b. 5/5/1916, d. 3/17/1974, Oregon, S Sgt US Army, World War II Korea, Plot F-7-5, [JB]
Hanseth, Marcus, b. 4/7/1890, d. 12/4/1899, By an accidental shot, Plot D-11-7, [JB]
Hanseth, Maria, b. 8/11/1859, d. 2/8/1906, Asleep in Jesus, We will meet again, Hanseth on base, Plot D-11-6, [JB]
Hanseth, Mildred I, b. (6/17)1897, d. (9/26)1966, Plot F-7-3, [JB]
Hanseth, Norman N, b. (9/7)1905, d. (1/22)1978, Plot F-7-4, [JB]
Hanseth, Talitha May, b. 5/1/1874, d. 12/23/1974, Plot F-7-2, [JB]
Harless, James Francis, b. 1/3/1852, d. 8/17/1924, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-9-7, [JB]
Harless, Mary (Berthena)",", b. ",,", d. ","(2/26/1925), Dates fallen out of metal marker, Plot B-9-?, [JB]
Harless, Missouri Jane, b. 12/31/1831, d. 8/28/1909, Aged 77-7-38, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-9-6, [JB]
Harmon, Art W (Artemis Ward), b. 6/18/1884, d. 7/18/1975, "Uncle Art", Plot E-8-3, [JB]
Harmon, Celeste, b. 12/26/1839, d. 8/6/1926, Plot D-7-5, [JB]
Harmon, Clark L, b. (2/10/1872), d. 4/18/1881, Aged 9 yrs 2 mos & 8 das, Shared stele w/ Tilman R, Olive E and Mima Harmon, Plot E-8-7, [JB]
Harmon, Dorothy , b. 3/28/1909, d. 1/30/1910, Buried by oak tree at orig N entrance, Mortuary Marker, she was a twin, Plot **, [JB]
Harmon, George L, b. (10/30/1833), d. 12/22/1888, Aged 55 yrs 1 mo & 22 das, , Plot E-15-8, [JB]
Harmon, John T(homas) Sr, b. 3/2/1876, d. 5/11/1936, Plot E-15-3, [JB]
Harmon, Joseph W(illiam), b. (12/11)1867, d. (2/24)1930, Plot D-7-7, [JB]
Harmon, Lydia A(nn), b. 5/30/1844, d. 11/22/1926, Shared stone w/ Tilmon G Harmon, Plot E-8-2, [JB]
Harmon, Mima A (Gemima Ann), b. (7/25/1874), d. 4/23/1881, Aged 6 y's 8 mo's & 29 da's, Shared stele w/ Olive, Tilman and Clark Harmon, Plot E-8-6, [JB]
Harmon, Olive E, b. (12/23/1868), d. 4/25/1881, Aged 12 yr's 4 mo's & 2 da's, Shared stele w/ Mima, Tilman and Clark Harmon, Plot E-8-5, [JB]
Harmon, Sarah (Angelina), b. (1/10/1809), d. 3/19/1909, Aged 89 yrs, 2 mos, & 9 dys, Plot E-8-8, [JB]
Harmon, Sarah C, b. 7/19/1845, d. 6/20/1902, , Plot E-15-7, [JB]
Harmon, Tilman R(alph), b. (10/29/1875), d. 4/30/1881, Aged 5 yrs 6 mos & 1 day, Shared stele w/ Olive, Clark and Mima Harmon, Plot E-8-4, [JB]
Harmon, Tilmon G(ibbs), b. 1/9/1842, d. 3/20/1933, Civil War Veteran (Also TGH footstone), Shared stone w/ Lydia A Harmon, Plot E-8-1, [JB]
Harmon, Tilmon, b. 10/4/1904, d. 2/28/1922, Rest in peace, Plot D-7-6, [JB]
Hassen, H(erbert) Dean, b. (11/23)1932, d. (9/17)1969, To the biggest little man I know. But when you straddle a machine to race along the sea, you should be prepared to die when the machine dies under you. I hope he was., Plot B-14-1, [JB]
Hathaway, (Jemima) Mrs J C, b. (12/16/1820), d. 5/26/1916, Age 94 years 5 months, Plot D-8-7, [JB]
Hathaway, Edgar F(rancis), b. (8/27)1860, d. (3/31)1947, Shared w/ Norah F Hathaway, Plot C-10-7, [JB]
Hathaway, J(oseph) C(oe), b. (6/5/1816), d. 9/19/1896, Aged 80 yrs 3 mos & 14 das, Plot D-8-6, [JB]
Hathaway, Norah F(rances), b. (7/15)1865, d. (7/27)1955, Shared w/ Edgar F Hathaway, Plot C-10-8, [JB]
Hathaway, Virgil Marion, b. (10/8/1900), d. 9/27/1907, Son of Mr & Mrs E F Hathaway Aged 6-11-19, Plot C-10-6, [JB]
Herman, John F Jr, b. 6/14/1903, d. 6/24/1925, Note spelling, Plot C-18-8, [JB]
Herman, Otto C, b. 2/13/1907, d. 7/15/1984, Plot C-18-7, [JB]
Hermann, Friedereke, b. (July)1872, d. (2/18)1947, Shared w/ John Hermann Sr, note spelling, Plot C-18-5, [JB]
Hermann, John (F) Sr, b. (11/26)1970, d. (6/21)1934, Shared w/ Friedereke Hermann, note spelling, Plot C-18-6, [JB]
Hudson, Malissa J(ewett), b. 7/24/1862, d. 12/4/1918, Plot C-9-4, [JB]
Hudson, Rosa M, b. 5/28/1871, d. 11/30/1909, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot C-9-6, [JB]
Hudson, W(illiam) H W, b. (12/10)1824, d. (10/2)1910, Plot C-9-5, [JB]
Huff, Louis (Rev), b. (2/6/1847), d. 1/17/1930, Co C 12th Ill Cav , Military marker and Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-20-7, [JB]
Huffman, Baby",", b. ",,", d. ","1931, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot C-17-8, [JB]
Hutchins, Clarence E, b. 7/10/1891, d. 3/25/1965, Oregon Pvt 77 Spruce Sq World War I, Name misspelled Hutchens on stone, Plot B-18-6, [JB]
Hutchins, Isaac, b. (5/4/1848), d. (8/20/1920), Co I 1st Neb Cav, Plot C-18-1, [JB]
Hutchins, May A, b. 10/25/1867, d. 1/10/1947, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-18-4, [JB]
Hyatt, Chris Clarence, b. (9/19/1883), d. 12/24/1950, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot F-17-1, [JB]
Imes, Edward D(aniel), b. 9/10/1917, d. 4/17/1989, A wonderful husband & father, Gone to find Harriet, Shared w/ Harriet T Imes, Plot C-20-5, [JB]
Imes, Harriet T(eresa), b. 4/17/1929, d. 3/13/1985, A wonderful wife & mother, Gone to heaven, Shared w/ Edward D Imes, Plot C-20-6, [JB]
Imes, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 5/8/1894, d. 10/26/1964, Gone to rest but not forgotten, Plot C-20-2, [JB]
Imes, William Perl, b. 6/4/1890, d. 1/7/1961, Gone to rest but not forgotten, Plot C-20-1, [JB]
Jackson, Joel, b. 3/22/1840, d. 6/13/1917, Homemade wood, Plot A-8-8, [JB]
Jackson, Jonathan Troy, b. 7/18/1969, d. 7/19/1969, Plot F-12-3, [JB]
Jenny, Elmer H(arry) Sr, b. 1/24/1892, d. 8/13/1966, Homemade wood, Plot A-6-6, [JB]
Kappes, Julius E, b. 9/16/1904, d. 6/3/1981, Hier Ruht in Frieden (Here rests in freedom), Plot E-10-2, [JB]
Kappes, Sussane Kahtarina, b. (1/23)1905, d. (1/2)1974, Plot E-10-1, [JB]
King, Donovan N(ewton) (Sr), b. (11/2/1902), d. (6/9)1987, Our eternal love, Shared stone w/ Edna M King (Stone reads 1901 dob), Plot F-6-1, [JB]
King, Earl V(alentine), b. 2/24/1896, d. 5/5/1976, Plot D-19-4, [JB]
King, Edna M, b. 1901, d. 1995, Our eternal love, Shared stone w/ Donovan N King, Plot F-6-, [JB]
King, Hazel G(ail), b. (7/1)1897, d. (7/3)1989, Teacher & beloved sister, Plot F-6-5, [JB]
King, Lillie, b. 1/13/1896, d. 12/3/1940, Plot D-19-4, [JB]
King, Ruth Margaret, b. 1922, d. 2003, Age 80, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot ?, [JB]
Landaker, Melvin W(illiam), b. 2/14/1919, d. 3/13/1988, MM1 US Navy, World War II, Plot F-7-6, [JB]
Lanfranco, Clara F, b. 10/29/1913, d. 9/8/1997, Married 3/19/1955, Shared stone w/ Robert J Lanfranco, Plot E-3-, [JB]
Lanfranco, Gino A(nthony), b. 4/22/1958, d. 7/19/1979, Our son, Plot E-3--6, [JB]
Lanfranco, Robert J(olette Anthony), b. 5/10/1910, d. 10/27/1984, Married 3/19/1955, Shared stone w/ Clara F Lanfranco, Plot E-3-8, [JB]
Larsen, Myrtle May, b. (4/9)1893, d. (11/6)1987, Plot B-17-7, [JB]
Lesiecki, Mark Stephen, b. 1/13/1956, d. 12/6/1976, US Army, Vietnam, Plot F-2-4, [JB]
Lewis, Roy R(omaine), b. 5/10/1890, d. 8/23/1961, Washington PFC 18 Infantry World War I PH, Plot E-16-8, [JB]
Lewis, Sarah M(argaret), b. 9/28/1895, d. 8/1/1966, Homemade composition, Plot E-16-7, [JB]
Littlejohn, Flossie M(abel), b. (3/10)1895, d. (8/26)1980, Shared w/ George H Littlejohn, Plot F-18-4, [JB]
Littlejohn, George H, b. 1893, d. (11/24)1986, , Shared w/ Flossie Littlejohn (K Phillips has dob as 1894), Plot F-18-3, [JB]
Lowe, Amos (Glenn), b. (3/5)1916, d. (4/25)1917, Shared w/ Paul Lowe, Plot C-16-5, [JB]
Lowe, Eva M(ay), b. (5/9)1875, d. (7/15)1956, Shared w/ Willard Lowe (first husband), Plot C-16-7, [JB]
Lowe, Paul (Clark), b. (2/19)1895, d. (9/7)1910, Shared w/ Amos Lowe, Plot C-16-4, [JB]
Lowe, WIllard (Amos), b. (7/14)1869, d. (5/4)1920, Shared w/ Eva May Lowe Gillespie, Plot C-16-6, [JB]
Lundquist, Harold, b. 2/16/1900, d. 6/24/1962, Plot D-15-1, [JB]
Magee, John A, b. (12/24)1853, d. (9/28)1913, Father, Plot F-13-3, [JB]
Mastin, Edna G, b. 1887, d. 1895, Plot D-15-6, [JB]
Mastin, Harriett S(usan), b. (2/25)1847, d. (2/13)1929, Plot D-15-7, [JB]
Mastin, W(illiam) H(enry), b. (1/13/1820), d. 4/14/1898, Aged 78 yrs 3 mos & 1 day, Plot D-15-8, [JB]
McCracken, Bertha M(ay), b. (1/8)1896, d. (3/8)1988, Beloved mother, Plot F-12-6, [JB]
McCracken, Roscoe John, b. 6/21/1890, d. 8/3/1975, US Army World War I, Plot F-12-7, [JB]
McGrath, Harry H(oward), b. (10/21)1881, d. (1/21)1968, Plot D-4-4, [JB]
McNamara, Arlene G, b. 7/22/1918, d. 12/13/1999, (Jenny), Plot A-6-?, [JB]
McNamara, C(harles) E(dward), b. (8/10)1916, d. (10/30)1960, Plot A-6-8, [JB]
Meyers, LeAnda Dawn, b. 1/7/1986, d. 1/1/1988, Landi, Love ya honey, Carved, painted rock, Plot BetD-15-3/4, [JB]
Miller, Glenn L(loyd), b. 11/12/1915, d. 1/27/1953, Father, Plot A-8-7, [JB]
Nale, Agnes, b. 2/4/1862, d. 9/8/1916, In memory of, May her soul rest in peace, Plot D-14-8, [JB]
Nale, James Adolphus, b. 3/19/1850, d. 8/1/1928, Plot D-14-7, [JB]
Norboe, Paul Henry, b. 3/31/1909, d. 11/24/1991, MSgt US Army World War II, Plot ?, [JB]
Norboe, Vallena Barber, b. 8/9/1906, d. 4/15/1993, And I will love your yet, my dear, Plot ?, [JB]
North, Samuel James, b. 2/22/1925, d. 1/13/1997, US Army World War II, Plot ?, [JB]
Perkins, Beulah Lowe, b. 1/7/1909, d. 9/11/1988, Plot C-16-1, [JB]
Peters, Donald A, b. 6/2/1912, d. 2/27/1998, USMC POW WWII, Semper Fidelis, Plot ?, [JB]
Peters, Goldie, b. 11/24/1919, d. 1/1/1993, Forever in our hearts, Plot ?, [JB]
Pierson, Charles L, b. 7/10/1859, d. 2/17/1935, Metal Mortuary Marker (sp Pearson), Plot E-18-2, [JB]
Pierson, Esther (A), b. 10/8/1854, d. 4/6/1920, Plot E-18-1, [JB]
Pope, Ambrose D(udley) , b. 4/10/1903, d. 10/1/1979, "A.D.", Plot B-8-1, [JB]
Pope, John A(nthony), b. 2/19/1900, d. 1/16/1938, Plot B-8-6, [JB]
Pope, Lester Lee, b. (2/11)1906, d. 7/12/1932, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-8-7, [JB]
Pope, Rosa Hetta, b. (3/15)1868, d. (8/29)1939, Mother, Steel set in concrete, Plot B-8-2, [JB]
Potter, Elisa, b. (2/14)1882, d. (10/2)1940, Mother, Plot D-20-5, [JB]
Potter, Stephen B(ushnell), b. (7/19)1866, d. (6/13)1943, Father, Plot D-20-4, [JB]
Prentice Roy Rudell, b. (8/14)1916, d. (3/14)1935, Shared w/ Annie Pearl Prentice, Plot B-11-5, [JB]
Prentice, Annie Pearl, b. 1922, d. (5/10)1933, Shared w/ Roy R Prentice (K Phillips has dob 11/25/1921), Plot B-11-6, [JB]
Prentice, Cora Pearl, b. (1/13)1889, d. (5/18)1969, Shared w/ John W Prentice, Plot B-11-4, [JB]
Prentice, John W, b. 1883, d. (10/2)1950, Shared w/ Cora Pearl Prentice, Plot B-11-3, [JB]
Prentice, John WIlliam, b. 6/26/1926, d. 9/28/1994, S1 US Navy World War II, Plot B-11-?, [JB]
Prentice, M(ildred) Louise, b. 4/14/1931, d. 11/23/1983, Plot B-11-4, [JB]
Prichard, Flora Baird, b. 1/28/1903, d. 11/17/1995, Plot F-12-?, [JB]
Prichard, Virgil J(ames), b. (1/19/)1898, d. (1/4)1989, In loving memory, Plot F-12-5, [JB]
Ragan, George W, b. 1832, d. (12/15)1906, Civil War Vet, Homemade, Plot C-7-5, [JB]
Ragan. William D(udley), b. (12/19)1863, d. (10/23)1924, Homemade, Plot C-7-7, [JB]
Rathe, Bessie M, b. 1/23/1893, d. 6/15/1953, Plot D-11-3, [JB]
Rauber, Charlotta (Frances) King, b. 3/30/1936, d. 12/25/1982, In memory of our daughter, IVHS Prom Queen 1952, Grants Pass Gladiolus Princess, Plot F-6-3, [JB]
Rhoads, Josiah, b. 12/16/1852, d. 7/17/1918, At rest, K Phillips has dob 1/16/1852, Plot F-16-8, [JB]
Ridout, Mary N(ancy), b. 12/12/1885, d. 11/27/1921, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-19-7, [JB]
Riggan, Billie R(uby), b. 12/29/1893, d. 8/2/1966, Plot D-14-2, [JB]
Riggan, Jessie N, b. (2/20)1925, d. (7/22)1980, Forever together with a lifetime of golden memories, Shared w/ G Ray Riggan (N/D), Plot B-20-5, [JB]
Riggan, Lex Era, b. 8/8/1894, d. 6/3/1964, Plot D-14-1, [JB]
Rose, George D(eLoss), b. (1/28/1857), d. 11/21/1938, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot C-21-2, [JB]
Ruckman, Harry Andrew, b. 9/26/1923, d. 2/23/1978, CS3 US Navy World War II, Plot D-13-5, [JB]
Sandell, Alfred E, b. 3/31/1892, d. 7/10/1977, Shared w/ Flora Tolin Sandell (Cooper), Plot E-12-8, [JB]
Sandell, Flora Tolin, b. 3/3/1903, d. 10/19/1987, Shared w/ Alfred E Sandell (her second husband), Plot E-12-7, [JB]
Sargent, Abraham, b. (1822/3), d. (7/12/1898), Co I Oreg Inf, Plot E-9-5, [JB]
Sargent, Alice H, b. 1/13/1898, d. 7/19/1898, Shared w/ Emma J Sargent, Plot D-12-8, [JB]
Sargent, Boy, b. (1904/5), d. 8/20/1909, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-9-6, [JB]
Sargent, Emma J(ane), b. 5/29/1862, d. 7/16/1898, Memory of my beloved wife, When the holy angels greet us..., Plot D-12-7, [JB]
Sargent, Emmaline E(stella), b. 12/4/1877, d. 3/25/1952, Shared w/ John F Sargent, Plot D-5-6, [JB]
Sargent, Ethel, b. 11/11/1885, d. 9/7/1903, Plot D-6-8, [JB]
Sargent, Ila Elnore (Eleanor), b. (9/25/1912), d. (6/8/1988), Wooden cross, no inscription, Plot D-5-4, [JB]
Sargent, John F(ranklin), b. 12/25/1872, d. 12/7/1944, Shared w/ Emmaline E Sargent and separate Mortuary Marker, Plot D-5-7, [JB]
Sargent, Leona May , b. 3/27/1924, d. 4/4/1924, Plot E-19-3, [JB]
Sargent, Oliver Alonzo, b. (7/18/1904), d. (4/29/1987), Wooden cross, no inscription, Plot D-5-5, [JB]
Seaberg, Etta Roe, b. 1919, d. 2003, Age 83, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot ?, [JB]
Short, Stanley B, b. 11/22/1794, d. 8/24/1867, Native of Maryland, Shared w/ Edward N & Mary E Tolin, Plot E-12-5, [JB]
Smith, Dorothy H, b. 1938, d. 2002, Age 63, Mortuary Marker, Plot ?, [JB]
Smith, Elvira, b. (1/6/1904), d. 3/17/1919, Age 16, Plot D-13-8, [JB]
Smith, Herbert A, b. 8/25/1928, d. 9/3/1974, M Sgt US Air Force, Plot C-13-3, [JB]
Smith, Lillian, b. 5/15/1868, d. 5/20/1939, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot C-14-6, [JB]
Smith, Mabel Claire, b. 4/8/1896, d. 9/5/1965, Rest in peace, Plot E-4-5, [JB]
Smith, Thelma Annette, b. 12/21/1904, d. 12/29/2002, Beloved missionary to China, Plot ?, [JB]
Smith, William O(rnan), b. 6/19/1895, d. 8/24/1921, Gone but not forgotten, , Plot D-17-8, [JB]
Smith, WIlliam O, b. 7/25/1925, d. 4/7/1998, Shared w/ Kathryn L Smith (N/D), Plot ?, [JB]
Spathelf, Roy Arthur, b. (2/9/1902), d. 7/13/1976, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-17-3, [JB]
Spliethof, Andy (Anton) W(alter), b. (1/26)1902, d. (2/16)1966, Daddy, Plot D-15-3, [JB]
Spliethof, Bonita L(auree), b. (2/2)1915, d. (9/18)1987, Momma, Plot D-15-4, [JB]
Spliethof, Harvey E(dward), b. 6/16/1911, d. 2/4/1987, Shared w/ Wilma M Spliethof, Plot E-20-1, [JB]
Spliethof, Wilma M, b. 7/25/1916, d. 2/23/1993, Shared w/ Harvey E Spliethof, Plot E-20-2, [JB]
Springer, George WIlliam, b. 10/4/1854, d. 8/27/1868, In the memory of, Cause of his death the result of a rattlesnake bite, Homemade wood, Plot E-15-6, [JB]
Stephens, COnnie Marie , b. 9/4/1943, d. 10/3/1943, Our darling, Plot C-19-2, [JB]
Stevens, Thomas E(dwin), b. 12/16/1911, d. 12/2/1912, Plot E-17-1, [JB]
Stewart, Baby Girl, b. 12/14/1963, d. 12/15/1963, Unfulfilled, Plot C-8-1, [JB]
Taylor, Opal Lowe, b. 10/16/1912, d. 10/17/1990, Plot C-16-8, [JB]
Thrush, Edna Virginia, b. 2/27/1908, d. 6/18/1971, Found God's grace sufficient, Plot D-18-3, [JB]
Tolin, Edward J, b. 8/23/1873, d. 12/7/1927, Plot F-13-1, [JB]
Tolin, Edward N, b. 1/13/1828, d. 2/22/1876, Born in Waterloo, Ill., Shared w/ Mary Tolin and Stanley Short, Plot E-12-4, [JB]
Tolin, James Arthur, b. (11/13)1866, d. (3/14)1929, Shared w/ Meda M Tolin, Plot F-14-1, [JB]
Tolin, Lottie (Charlotte P), b. (6/9)1880, d. (3/5)1918, Abide in Me, Plot E-12-2, [JB]
Tolin, Mary Catherine, b. 1881, d. (9/28)1913, Wife of E J Tolin, Plot F-13-2, [JB]
Tolin, Mary E(lizabeth Short), b. 12/18/1830, d. 11/6/1913, Born in Sussex Co, Del, Mother, Shared w/ Edward N Tolin & Stanley Short, Plot E-12-3, [JB]
Tolin, Meda McKenzie, b. (3/2)1880, d. (9/6)1946, His wife, Shared w/ James Arthur Tolin, Separate small stone w/ name/dates, Plot F-14-2, [JB]
Tolin, Robert L(ewis), b. 2/10/1865, d. 8/2/1930, Father, Plot E-12-1, [JB]
Tolin, Russel C(lifton), b. 8/9/1901, d. 10/16/1969, Oregon Cpl Co A 2 Mtr Rep Bn MJC World War I, K Phillips has sp Russell, Plot E-12-6, [JB]
Toombs, Zula O, b. 1889, d. 1994, Too well loved to be forgotten, Plot D-18-3, [JB]
Tucker, Beverly A(nn), b. (9/5)1941, d. (11/22)1960, Plot C-19-6, [JB]
Tucker, Dale Reuben, b. 6/18/1912, d. 9/27/1972, In Memory of, Beloved husband and father, Native son of Selma Oregon, Plot C-20-7, [JB]
Tucker, Glenn E(fton), b. (4/4)1911, d. (5/20)1923, Plot C-19-1, [JB]
Tucker, Jay Z(eltan), b. (12/27)1914, d. (9/24)1960, Died at sea near Bandon, OR, Plot C-19-5, [JB]
Tucker, John Ruben, b. 6/11/1881, d. 6/6/1945, K Phillips has sp Reuben, Plot C-19-3, [JB]
Tucker, Leota Pearl, b. 1914, d. 2003, Age 88, Plot C-20-?, [JB]
Tucker, Martha Barbara, b. 11/23/1889, d. 10/19/1974, Plot C-19-4, [JB]
Tuttle, Ethel G(race), b. 4/27/1897, d. 2/25/1904, Our daughter, Plot C-15-7, [JB]
Tuttle, Jennie I(sabel), b. 2/24/1882, d. 12/1/1973, In loving memory, Plot C-15-5, [JB]
Tuttle, Madeline, b. (July)1866, d. (1/9)1914, Two markers, homemade concrete and bronze, Plot C-15-8, [JB]
Tuttle, Warren L(oyd), b. 12/28/1869, d. 11/14/1949, Plot C-15-6, [JB]
Tyau, Jeanne Marie Hanseth, b. 2/5/193, d. 12/7/2001, In loving memory, Plot E-19-?, [JB]
VanBuskirk, Baby, b. 1892, d. 1892, Baby daughter of Mr & Mrs J S VanBuskirk, Plot E-14-1, [JB]
Waggoner, Molly, b. 1883, d. ?, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-9-7, [JB]
Waite, Mabel H, b. 1/18/1897, d. 11/8/1949, Sister, Plot D-11-6, [JB]
Walton, (Rachel) Amelia, b. 11/11/1871, d. 3/10/1912, Mother, Shared w/ George W Walton, Plot D-16-7, [JB]
Walton, Charles J(oseph), b. (1/31)1896, d. (6/2)1935, Plot B-17-8, [JB]
Walton, George (Washington), b. 8/30/1868, d. 3/10/1934, Father, Shared w/ Amelia Walton, Plot D-16-8, [JB]
Ward, Dennis Lee, b. 9/12/1961, d. 9/13/1961, Plot E-11-1, [JB]
Weigman, Floris E(lizabeth), b. 2/21/1910, d. 6/30/1979, Shared w/ Joseph J Weigman, Plot C-5-8, [JB]
Weigman, Joseph J, b. 12/21/1907, d. 1/1/1996, Shared w/ Floris Weigman, Plot C-5-7, [JB]
Weigman, Leiana Lera , b. 6/14/1961, d. 11/1/1981, Sukie, She is better with the Lord, Plot C-5-6, [JB]
Wheeler, Jack (Harvey Byrd), b. 8/28/1918, d. 7/18/1984, MM3 US Navy World War II, Plot D-4-5, [JB]
Wheeler, Jean Roselene, b. 5/9/1927, d. 1/7/1984, Through death to everlasting life, Plot D-4-6, [JB]
Wheeler, Nancy M(atilda), b. (10/17)1894, d. (1/4)1974, Mama, In life together, in our memory forever, Plot E-19-8, [JB]
Wheeler, Sheridan B(enjamin), b. (11/30)1884, d. (10/3)1955, Papa, In life together, in our memory forever, Plot E-19-7, [JB]
Wheeler, Teresa Lea, b. 7/3/1956, d. 5/11/1977, Plot E-20-8, [JB]
Whisler, John Solomon, b. 4/15/1878, d. 4/24/1965, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-15-6, [JB]
White, Bennett, b. 10/12/1930, d. 10/12/1930, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot B-8-8, [JB]
Wilder, Caroline Fay, b. 11/10/1927, d. 12/1/1990, US Navy World War II, K Phillips has dob as 1923, Plot E-19-8, [JB]
Winbolt, Alonzo William, b. 6/23/1894, d. 10/2/1965, Plot D-13-3, [JB]
Winbolt, Laura S, b. 10/26/1901, d. 1/6/1996, Forever in our hearts, Plot D-13-?, [JB]
Winbolt, Mellissia L(ouise), b. 3/19/1870, d. 5/6/1955, Mother, K Phillips has sp Melissa, Plot D-13-4, [JB]
Wiseman, John T, b. Nov 1846, d. 5/15/1914, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot E-15-1, [JB]
Wunder, Marie E, b. 1898, d. (2/23)1976, Plot D-13-7, [JB]
York, Earl Newton, b. 10/23/1886, d. 7/19/1970, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-19-2, [JB]
York, Frank A, b. Oct 1888, d. 5/5/1924, Metal Mortuary Marker, Plot D-19-6, [JB]

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