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Croxton Pioneer Memorial Park
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon

NE Cedar Ln and NE Memorial Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon

Lat: 42° 26' 56"N, Lon: 123° 18' 50"W

Contributed by Jean Boling, May 20, 2007, last edited Oct 20, 2011 [jocodead@gmail.com]. Total records = 70.

The park is located on Memorial Drive, off NE 9th Street at NE Cedar Lane, in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Croxton Pioneer Memorial Park is no longer considered a cemetery, but a City Park. In 1856, this land was officially given by Thomas Croxton, one of many lasting ties between the Croxton family and Southern Oregon history.

The cemetery was mapped by Fred Warner and Ron Cogswell in 1961, but by the earlier 1970s, the cemetery had been so vandalized that it was decided to gather the remaining stones and embed them in a concrete circle at the entrance to the area, and convert the remainder of the property into a park. This was completed in 1975. Those names marked with an asterisk * no longer have markers, except for two plaques installed with the names of all those known from the original cemetery.

There are original lamp-posts, cast by Grants Pass Iron & Steel Works throughout the park. Some of our earliest pioneers and most haunting stones are in the circle. Thomas Croxton and his wife were exhumed many years after their deaths and moved to the Masonic Cemetery on Foothill Blvd.

I visited and transcribed this cemetery in 2003 from all existing stones.

- Jean Boling

Abrams, Thomas, no dates *
Baird, B H, b. 1/1/1809, d. 1864, Killed by a grizzly bear
Briggs, Ira, d. 8/30/1877, Aged 46 years
Brown, Cora Maud, no dates *
Brown, Infant Son, no dates *
Brown, Martha, no dates *
Carey, Joseph D, d. 10/28/1873, Ages 17 yr's 1 month & 16 d'ys, Our loved one is not dead but gone before
Chiles, Willie, d. 12/17/1885, Our Little Willie, Aged 1 Yr 8 Mos 11 Das, Son of J.M. & J.F. Chiles, Suffer (broken)
Coffe, Lovoni, no dates *
Colvin, Myrtle, no dates *
Craft, Ruth, d. 10/20/1888, Aged 49 yrs 6 mos 10 ds, Gone but not forgotten
Croxton, Ella, no dates *
Cummings, Rev James, d. 3/6/1872, Aged 63 yrs, He has gone to heaven before us, And he turns and waves his hand, Pointing to the glories or'e us, In that holy, happy land."
Darneille, Mary Lane, no dates *
Dimick, David, b. 3/21/1844, d. 3/28/1874, Aged 30 years & 7 days
Dimick, Ebenezer, b. 1836, d. 1900, Shared w/ Sarah Dimick
Dimick, Edward , d. 10/28/1862, Aged 10 mos 21 days, Our Children, Children of E. & S.J. Dimick, Quote, Shared stone w/ Frank Dimick
Dimick, Frank, d. 6/ (broken), Aged 2 yrs 9 mos 3 days, Our Children, Children of E. & S.J. Dimick, Quote, Shared stone w/ Edward Dimick
Dimick, Sarah Jane, b. 1844, d. 1915, "His Wife", Shared stone w/ Ebenezer Dimick
Dulybon, Orval, no dates *
Dyke, Sgt G J, no dates *
Eddington, James A, d. 10/28/1893, Aged 42 years
Eddington, Jane, d. 11/13/1893, Aged 59 years
Ellsworth, Ezra B, b. 7/18/1818, d. 3/16/1886, Born in N.H. Died at Grant's Pass, Notice apostrophe in "Grant's"
Flesher, Harry, no dates, Capt Co. E, 9 Kan Cav, A hero of the Civil War
Gano, Blanche, no dates *
Gebers, Emma, no dates *
Gibbs, Lucy Kate, no dates *
Graves, Caroline, d. 3/20/1890, Wife of T.R. Graves, Aged 46 y'rs 8 mos 18 d's, Quote (broken)
Harkness, McDonough, b. 3/16/1817 , d. 4/21/1856, Killed by Indians, Aged 39 yrs, 1 m., & 5 days", Morris Harkness is on the back of this stone
Harkness, Morris, b. 12/2/1844, d. 4/5/1892, Morris is on the reverse of McDonough Harkness stone, embedded in concrete so will never be seen",*,
Harth, Daughter, b. 9/28/1889, d. 1/17/1891, Daughter of P.H. & M.A. Harth, No first name shown on stone
Helms, Otis, no dates *
Higdon, Cal, no dates *
Hockett, Frank M, b. 5/6/1859, d. 10/4/1889
Hunsaker, Fannie, b. 1/30/??, d. 9/5/1886, Farewell Mother
Hyzer J H, b. 7/6/1842, d. 10/8/1892
Johnston, R S, no dates *
Jordan, John, d. , Co D, 4th Cal Inf
Jungen, Peter, d. 12/15/1893, Aged 56 years
Kiessling, Edward E, b. 12/22/1860, d. 5/6/1888, Born in Addison, DuPage Co., Ill, Died near Murphy, Ore
Kingsley, Cyrus M, b. 3/8/1831, d. 10/26/1885, Ashland M. Works
Laskey, Eliza T, d. 5/20/1887 , Aged 77 ys 8 ms 4 Ds, I am going to rest
Lincoln, Frank, no dates *
Lloyd, W W, d. 1874, Aged 32 ys 10 ms 7 Ds
Mitchell, Hannah J, b. 5/24/1828, d. 6/25/1890, Wife of S.M. Mitchell, "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved has stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled."
Momogue, Infant, no dates *
Nutt, Alfred, b. 11/10/1891, d. 11/10/1891, Infant son of Mr & Mrs Hollice Nutt
Parker, Clarissa B, no dates *
Perry, Ernest, d. 11/1/1891, In memory of, Aged 4 yrs & 1 mo, "Rest loved one, rest in Jesus, Where no harm can come to thee"
Perry, Infant Son, b. 5/20/1885, d. 7/8/1885, Infant son of Mr & Mrs T Perry, Our baby is sweetly sleeping
Piatt, Mary P, d. 9/4/1882, Farewell, Wife of W. Piatt, Aged 66 yrs 1 ms 24 ds
Piatt, William, no dates *
Schroeder, Claus, no dates *
Smith, H M, no dates *
Spenger, Nellie, no dates *
Strew, Moses, no dates *
Taylor, Abigail G, no dates *
Wade, James Sigel, no dates *
Wade, Orville Conde, no dates *
Wade, Phillip S, no dates *
Wade, Susan E, no dates *
Wade, William S, no dates *
Walker, Dessa, b. 2/20/1892, d. 3/11/1892
Walker, Mabel, b. 4/30/1890, d. 7/9/1891, Asleep in the arms of Jesus
Welter, ?, Nothing but name Welter on stone w/ ivy motif
Welter, Caroline, no dates *
Welter, Medie, no dates *
Wheeler, J G D, no dates *
Wheeler, Rachael M, no dates *
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