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Victory Cemetery
Collinsville, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Jul 31, 2002 [jkeen14660@aol.com].
Total records = 45.

From Tulsa, Oklahoma go north on Hwy 169 to Collinsville, Ok. At the 4 way stop in Collinsville go west, left, to 12th Street. Turn north, right, and follow the road to the end. There is a metal stock gate on the right. The cemetery is at the end of the graveled drive.

There is a US Flag flying. The grass and weeds are really high during growing season. There are some holes in the cemetery. If you go to the cemetery in the summer, watch your step. There is a fence on three sides of the cemetery. The East side is not fenced. There is an old rock quarry on the east. It is a huge drop off, be sure children are watched.

Victory is an Indian Cemetery well over 100 years old. It was named for the Victory Family that lived in the area at the time. The Victory's were Cherokee Indian.

Some one puts flowers on graves that do not have stones of any kind.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery in May 2002.

d/o Daughter of
h/o Husband of
w/o Wife of
s/o Son of
n/t Next to
c/t Close to
s/s Share stone
w/ With

- Charlotte Keen

Brown, Bessie, b. 26 Mar 1893, d. 13 Jul 1909, d/o R H & E N Brown, n/t George Brown
Brown, George Ebeon, b. 12 Jun 1900, d. 2 Jul 1900, n/t Bessie Brown
Bruner, J A, no dates, Broken stone
Davis, Asa, b. 3 Nov 1853, d. 14 Dec 1898, c/t Theodore Davis
Davis, Theodore, b. 13 Aug 1887, d. 13 Nov 1918, c/t Asa Davis
Eller, Joel, b. no date, d. 11 Mar 1900
Fields, Ada Ethel, b. 28 Dec 1895, d. no date, d/o J J & L Fields
Fields, Lafayett, b. no date, d. 9 Jan 1897, age 22 Yrs, broken stone
Ford, Ray, b. 27 Mar 1895, d. 9 May 1895, s/o C & U Ford
Freeny, J E, b. 24 Aug 1869, d. 22 Feb 1894, h/o C G Freeny
Golden, Claud, b. 17 Dec 1885, d. 29 Nov 1918, Woodmen of the World Memorial
Green, Emaline, b. no date, d. 17 Nov 1900, age 64 Yrs, w/o George W Green
Hare, Jane, b. no date, d. 25 ??? 18??
Henson, Earline Pearl, b. 22 Aug 1922, d. 4 Sep 1924, Child
Holt, H B, b. 1873, d. 1901, Concrete Cover
Lacey, Alice, b. 1888, d. 1989, d/o L M Lacey
Lacey, L M, b. no date, d. 10 Feb 1889, age 25 Yrs
Langley, Maggie, b. 29 Jul 1865, d. 13 May 1894, 28 Yrs 9 Mos 14 Dys, w/o Richard Langley
Lavin, Jane, b. no date, d. 1883, w/o Charles Lavin
Main, Mrs L. E., b. 1 Nov 1848, d. 23 Jul 18??, w/o L E Main
May, Thomas C, b. 9 Mar 1876, d. 2 Oct 1899
Quinton, Jane M, b. 11 Dec 1845, d. 25 Mar 1910
Redington, Daniel, b. 2 Jun 1833, d. 17 Dec 1898, n/t Sarah Redington, see D T Wilkenson
Redington, Sarah, b. 5 May 1831, d. 20 Jul 1894, w/o Daniel Redington, n/t Daniel, see D T Wilkenson
Rice, Phebe M, b. 2 Mar 1882, d. 17 Jan 1901, d/o O M & L A Rice
Rich, James John, b. no date, d. 29 Mar 1920, Infant, see D T Wilkenson
Richardson, Alice L, b. no date, d. 22 Feb 1900, age 13 Yrs, d/o H E & S A Richardson
Richardson, Sarah Alice, b. 8 Nov 1880, d. 19 Feb 1900, w/o H E Richardson, n/t Broken Stone Mar 1900
Schofield, Elizabeth Ann, b. no date, d. 13 Sep 1899, d/o E A & M A Schofield, 11 Mos
Sherwood, A M, b. 1844, d. 1901
Terriel, E M, b. 14 Jul 1865, d. 23 Feb 1900, n/t Oliver & Fammie Terriel Terriel
Terriel, Fannie O, b. 17 Sep 1897, d. 15 Apr 1905, n/t E M & Noah Terriel
Terriel, Noah L, b. 14 Mar 1901, d. 6 Jun 1909, n/t Fannie Terriel
Terriel, Oliver C, b. 30 Aug 1883, d. 25 Dec 1900, n/t E M Terriel
Thomas, C May, b. 9 Mar 1876, d. 2 Oct 1899
Wilkenson, Daniel Thomas, b. 15 Oct 1885, d. 13 Mar 1973, b. 1 mile N of Collinsville, OK, then Indian Territory, Fenced w/ several graves
Wilkenson, David, b. no date, d. 30 May 1930, age 71, at foot Father & Mother blank stone, see D T Wilkenson
Wilkenson, George, b. no date, d. 12 Oct 1889, age 22 Yrs, see D T Wilkenson
Wilkenson, Salomon, b. 20 May 1861, d. 14 Jun 1901, see D T Wilkenson
Wilkenson, Truly May, b. May 1895, d. 2 Jun 1895, age 2 Wks 2 Dys, d/o S & D Wilkenson, see D T Wilkenson
Wilkenson, Willie, b. 5 May 1885, d. 17 Dec 1959, see D T Wilkenson
Wilkinson, Mary Jane, b. no date, d. 18 Aug 1897, age 31 Yrs 8 Mos, w/o David, footstone M J W, see D T Wilkenson
Williams, Fay, b. 5 Mar 1905, d. 15 May 1964, s/s Fern & Henry Williams
Williams, Fern, b. 5 Mar 1905, d. 18 Aug 1922, s/s Henry & Fay Williams
Williams, Henry, b. 25 May 1899, d. 29 Dec 1976, s/s Fern & Fay Williams

???, Elton, d. 6 Feb 18??, age 4 Dys, n/t Henry ???
???, Henry, d. 29 Jun 1882, age 1 Yr 7 Mos 3 Dys, n/t Elton ???
Broken Sandstone, d. 26 Oct 1898
Broken Sandstone, d. Mar 1900
Broken Stone, w/ concrete covering 1
Walton, no dates, Broken stone
Broken Stones, 15
Metal Funeral Home Markers 3
Rock Frame 1
Sandstone Rocks 8
Stone w/ S W
Unknown w/ Brick Frame 2
Unknown w/ Flowers 12
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