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Tullahassee Creek Indian Cemetery
Wekiwa Twp, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

700 Charles Page Blvd
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Lat: 36° 08' 29"N, Lon: 96° 05' 01"W, approx:

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Nov 25, 2001 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 42.

The cemetery is on the north-west corner of the shopping center, in front of Atwoods, farm & home store. It is well maintained and has a white wrought iron fence around it.

There is a plaque on a large sand stone in the center of the cemetery: Old Indian Cemetery. Marked by the Tulsa Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.

This cemetery has been restored thru the efforts of John Franklin Turner, Eagle Scout 1986. It was first established in 1883.

Buried in this historic cemetery in the Confederate Creek Indian Veteran, Lt Thomas Adams, who founded the settlement of "Oktain Eukiwa" (Sand Springs) shortly following the Civil War.

Persons sharing a common plaque have an asterisk (*) following their name. Their burial dates are from 1888 to 1912. May they rest in Peace.

I walked and recorded the cemetery on Sep 15, 2002.

d/o=daughter Of
n/t=next To
a/f=at foot
a/h=at head
l/s=like stone

- Charlotte Keen

??, Leana, b. 31 May 1901, d. 30 Mar 1902, d/o S & S Button, n/t 3 stones w/ L A, G E, & E
Adams, Boy, no dates *
Adams, James, b. 17 Jul 1910, d. 19 Feb 1911, broken stone, n/t Samuel Adams
Adams, James, no dates *
Adams, Lietenant, b. no date, d. 2 Apr 1886, broken stone, n/t broken stonew/ saying but we trust in God to meet thee again, a/h Samuel C Adams
Adams, Miss Lausisa, no dates *
Adams, Miss Nancy, no dates *
Adams, Mrs General, no dates *
Adams, Mrs Joseph, no dates *
Adams, Mrs Mollayar (Harjo), no dates, d/o Samual Harjo
Adams, Samual, no dates *
Adams, Samuel C, b. 20 Oct 1883, d. 13 Feb 1911, broken stone, n/t James Adams, a/f Lietenant Adams
Adams, Thomas, no dates *
Emarthla, ???, b. 5 Jan 1856, d. 2 Jun 1910, n/t Gabriel Emarthla, l/s
Emarthla, Adam, no dates *
Emarthla, Gabriel, b. 1884, d. 7 Jul 1910, n/t ??? Emarthla, l/s
Emarthla, Infant, no dates *
Emarthla, Kepe, no dates *
Emarthla, Mrs Cimhoka, no dates *
Emarthla, Mrs Hattie, no dates *
Emarthla, Mrs Mary, no dates *
Fixco, Mecco, no dates *
Fixco, Mrs Nubsie, no dates *
Fuswa, Hargo, no dates *
Fuswa, Martha, no dates *
Fuswa, Mr., no dates *
Fuswa, Mrs Nancy, no dates *
Fuswa, Mrs., no dates *
Gooden, Mrs Nancy, no dates *
Harjo, Nokus, no dates *
Jefferson, Joseph, no dates *
Mitchell, Mrs Ceneta, no dates *
Rakko, Seba, b. no date, d. 27 Nov 1911, age 66 Yrs, has an eagle, Flag & Star w/ GAR, also footstone w/ S R
Sckee Deer, no dates *
Scott, Andy, no dates *
Scott, D A, b. 7 Sep 1900, d. 2 Oct 1901, d/o A & N Scott
Scott, Mrs Nancy, no dates *
Scott, Sunday , no dates *
Siah, James, no dates *
Siah, Lena, no dates *
Siah, Mrs Salle, no dates *
Tiger, Mrs Vurn, no dates *

2 - Broken Stone unreadable
1 - Broken Stone w/ but we trust in God to meet thee again
1 - Stone w/ L A
1 - Stone w/ G E
1 - Stone w/ E

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