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Indian Spiritual Burial Grounds (Lord Cemetery)
Tulsa County, Oklahoma

106th St N & Delaware
W. of Owasso OK

Lat: 36°16'27"N, Lon: 95°56'46"W
Owasso Twp, Sec 29

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Nov 25, 2001 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 127.

The Cemetery is located about 6 miles west of Owasso, Oklahoma on 106th Street north & Delaware. It has a gate on the private drive.

Mr. Kenny Gann owns the property & will let you into the cemetery. The cemetery is located across the drive from his home.

There is a lot of under growth & fallen tree limbs, it is hard to see all of the stones or rocks. This cemetery existed before statehood.

I walked the cemetery in Sept. 2001.

s/s=Share Stone
c/t=Close To
s/o=Son of
n/t=Next to
M/M=Mr & Mrs

- Charlotte Keen

Baker, Carrie Grace, b. 1 Dec 1889, d. 14 Jun 1890, Broken Stone
Castillo, Burl, b. 14 Mar 1835, d. 13 Apr 1899, FLT--Odd Fellows Symbol, s/s Manerva Castillo
Castillo, Manerva (Chrisman), b. 23 Sep 1838, d. 11 Oct 1898, s/s R Castillo
Coley, H A, b. no date, d. no date, name on rock, n/t Goldia Paldon
Coley, R, b. no date, d. no date, name on rock, n/t Goldia Paldon
Fetterhoff, C V, b. 24 Sep 1901, d. 13 Apr 1949
Fetterhoff, Roger Bruce, Jr, b. 30 May 1954, d. 26 Aug 1954, c/t C V Fetterhoff
Hamilton, Everett, b. 7 Jul 1920, d. 6 Sep 1920, s/s Oscar Hamilton
Harris, T J, b. 1845, d. 1892, footstone w/ TJ Harris
Henry, Alexander C, b. 10 Oct 1891, d. 18 Nov 1892, s/o M/M Amos Henry
Lord, Amos W, b. 1 Feb 1831, d. 18 Mar 1913, Footstone, n/t Preston B Lord
Lord, Dorothy Rose, b. 10 Apr 1922, d. 13 Jan 1923, c/t Amos & Preston Lord
Lord, Preston B, b. 4 Jun 1858, d. 17 Nov 1920, Footstone, n/t Amos Lord
Magarity, G R, b. no date, d. no date, White Cross, wooden
Masters, John F, b. 18 Nov 1891, d. 19 Feb 1896, s/o Jeff & Sarah Masters, n/t Okal Aldine Masters
Masters, Okal Aldine, b. no date, d. 8 Aug 1936, n/t John F Masters
Murphy, George, b. 26 Apr 1901, d. 13 Dec 1996, n/t Robert C Murphy
Murphy, Robert C, b. 26 Apr 1901, d. 30 Jul 1906 n/t George Murphy
Oscar Hamilton, b. 7 Jul 1920, d. 9 Sep 1920, s/s Everett Hamilton
Paldon, Goldia, b. no date, d. no date, name on rock, between H A & R Coley
Parker, Ida, 27 Feb 1873, d. 25 Jan 1896, Wife, Mother
Pritchard, Oliver P, b. 1824, d. 1899
Reagan, B F, b. 17 Oct 1867, d. 26 Jan 1900
Ridenour, R A , b. 18 Dec 1902, d. 27 Mar 1920, Footstone, not with grave
Ridenour, R S, b. 26 1861, d. 7 Apr 1921, c/t R A Ridenour
Rogers, Levi A, b. 6 Jun 1824, d. 26 Jan 1895, Footstone, n/t Martha Rogers
Rogers, Martha, b. 10 Jun 1824, d. 10 Jul 1891, Footstone, M R, n/t Levi A Rogers

Broken Stone w/ George
Footstone, TJS
Broken Stone -- 1
Concrete Blocks -- 7
Footstones no names -- 2
Red Brick -- 1
Sandstones -- 11
Unreadable Stones -- 4
Broken White Cross -- 1

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