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Harlow Cemetery
Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Lat: 36°14'01"N, Lon: 95°49'53"W

Between Owasso, OK & Tulsa, OK From Hwy 169 turn East on 56 Street North. Go across Bird Creek Bridge. Turn south at the 1st Blue Gate on the South side of road. Harlow Cemetery is located in a stand of trees on the left or east side of road in the pasture on the Oxley Ranch, which means it is on private property.

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Oct 01, 2001 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 31.

According to my information, it is a Black Cemetery. Some or most have worked on the Oxley Ranch. Some will say it is an Indian Cemetery.

It is partially fenced but the cows have nearly destroyed the entire cemetery. It is not taken care of and the under growth and broken tree limbs nearly make it impossible to go thru. This is as close to the right account that I can do.

There are approximately 202 Graves, with only 31 identifiable. I walked the entire cemetery on Sept 29, 2001.

- Charlotte Keen

Adam Georgian, b. 3 May 1884, d. 7 Jul 1922
Buckle, Matte, b. 15 May 1883, d. 15 May 1914
Charlie, M. M, b. no date, d. 23 Jan 1883, Aged 57 Yrs. 6 Mos. 29 Des
Cole, Eva M, b. 4 Jun 1911, d. 1 May 1914 d/o Jesse & Dora Cole
Davis, Abraham, b. no date, d. 15 Mar 1875, s/o J. & S. Davis, aged 10 Yrs. 6 Mos.
Davis, Bailies, b. 19 Dec 1893, d. 27 Apr 1912
Davis, Hannah, b. no date, d. 26 Sep 1861, w/o Thomas Davis
Davis, Margaret, b. no date, d. 1 May 1823, age unreadable
Davis, Thomas, b. no date, d. 15 Mar 1910, Aged 59 Yrs. 4 Mos. 25 Dys
Davis, b. no date, d. 10 Dec 1824, Aged 35 Yrs., footstone w/ S D
Francis, Bessie, b. no date, d. 14 Sep 1895, d/o M/M J. F. Francis, age 61
Franks, Infant, b. 27 Feb 1892, d. 27 Feb 1892, s/o C. H. & J. Franks
Franks, Jessie, b. 3 Apr 1901, d. 3 Apr 1901, s/o C. O. & E. L. Franks
Green, Rosaline Maken, b. 4 Nov 1899, d. 29 Jan 1922, Mother
Harlow, Frankie, b. 1 Jun 1893, d. 15 Sep 1893, s/o J. I. & A. Harlow
Harlow, G. M, b. no date, d. 9 Mar 1852, Aged 31 Yrs. 9 Mos. 6 Dys
Harlow, Margaret, b. no date, d. 4 Jan 1879, w/o W. C. Harlow, aged 53 Yrs. 2 Mos. 21 Dys
Harlow, Mary A, b. no date, d. Feb 1889, w/o Charles Harlow
Henson, Ida, b. 14 Jul 1891, d. 22 Feb 1892, d/o A. J. & R. Henson
Johnson, R, b. 1884, d. no date
Johnson, Sarah, b. 17 Dec 1849, d. 30 Jul 1894, w/o G. Johnson, aged 44 Yrs. 7 Mos. 26 Dys
Kelly, Sarah, b. no date, d. 1 Dec 1876, w/o I. C. Kelly, aged 37 Yrs. 7 Dys
Maken Audrey, b. 16 Feb 1910, d. 18 July 1953, Next to Ray Maken, like stone
Maken, Clarence, b. 7 Apr 1903, d. 25 Mar 1969
Maken, Ray, b. 12 Nov, d. 19 June 1962, Next to Audrey Maken, like stone
McCoy, Ellen, b. no date, d. 15 Dec 1875, d/o D. & N. McCoy, age 6 Yrs.
Soner, W. T, b. no date, d. no date
Steward, Ellen, b. 1852, d. 1947, Mother
Vann, Cullis, b. 26 Apr 1897, d. 5 Apr 1959, Okla. PVT CO G 65 Pioneer Inf. WW I
Watson, Jessie T, b. 9 Sep 1898, d. 19 Sep 1898, s/o J. W. & Ida Watson
Wilkins, Frank, b. 1900, d. 1953, Dad

1 Steel Post
15 Metal Funeral Home Markers / all unreadable
1808 Rock Unreadable
2 Mounds of Dirt
5 Unreadable Stones
53 Indentations / where flowers are planted
66 Rocks for markers, maybe more
8 Concrete Bases
??, Broken Stone, b. no date, d. 11 Dec 1873, w/o J. V. Lasley, aged 28 Yrs
??, Broken Stone, b. 1890, d. 15 Nov 1893
??, Broken Stone, b. no date, d. 1 Nov, d/o W. & L. B.
??, Broken Stone, b. no date, d. 1886, Aged 27 Yrs, 6 Mos. 21 Dys
??, Broken Stone, One date, 22 Oct 1885, aged 21 Yrs. 7 Mos. 19 Dys, footstone no markings
??, E. L. I, Broken Stone
??, E. M., Broken Stone
??, Ida B, Broken Stone
??, J. D., Broken Stone
??, Mary, Broken Stone, footstone w/ S. D.
B., Footstone
C. M. H., Footstone
Head stone w/ Johnson / Cook Families, a rock behind stone
J T., Rock
L. A., Unreadable Stone
L. B. D., Footstone
M. J. B., Footstone
R. D., Footstone
S. D., Footstone
T. D., Footstone
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