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Chisholm Cemetery
Sperry, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Lat: 36°17'59"N, Lon: 95°58'30"W

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Oct 28, 2001 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 21.

To get to the cemetery take Peoria Ave north out of Tulsa, Okla. After you cross 96th St. is Mack Taylor Park, go straight on Peoria on the East side of park. Follow the road which will curve to the West. Go about 1 block and turn in the drive on the North. The drive will take you to a red brick home on the East side of drive. You have to ask for permission to go in the pasture. The gate is padlocked. The cemetery is down in the pasture. It has a white gate, but the fence is down and the cows have the run of the cemetery.

This is an Indian Cemetery, The man that owns the property said they were Delaware, Cherokee, & Qua Paw He also said they still use the cemetery for burials.

Someone has mowed the grass. There are flowers on all of the graves put there in May.

I walked this cemetery on Oct 28, 2001.

- Charlotte Keen

Boone, Curtis, b. 8 Dec 1928, d. 11 May 1985, n/ to Eva Wickahm, l/s
Chisholm, Pearl Elsie, b. 1888, d. 1976, n/ to Webster Anchyia Chisholm
Chisholm, Webater Anchyia, b. 1886, d. 1964, n/ to Pearl Elsie Chisholm
Henderson, Louie, b. 16 Mar 1902, d. 2 Dec 1979, n/ to Annie L Henderson, Annie L, b. 15 Jul 1897, d. 9 Jun 1973, n/ to Louie Henderson
Lewis, Baby, b. no date, d. no date, n/ to Jake & Bert Lewis
Lewis, Bert, b. 1884, d. 1922, n/ to Baby & Sallie Lewis
Lewis, Dave, b. 1889, d. 1952
Lewis, Jake, b. no date, d. no date, n/ to James & Baby Lewis
Lewis, James, b. no date, d. no date, Father, n/ to Jake Lewis
Lewis, Jeff, b. no date, d. no date
Lewis, Nannie W, b. 1 Mar 1897, d. 24 Nov 1981, Mother
Lewis, Sallie, b. no date, d. no date, Mother, n/ to Bert & Thompson Lewis
Lewis, Thompson, b. 27 Jan 1896, d. 6 Aug 1959, Okla PVT SUP CO 80 Infantry, WW I, n/ to Sallie Lewis
Paddlety, LaVonne Irene Lewis, b. 15 Mar 1917, d. 24 Nov 1999, Daughter & Mother
Sevens, Liz, b. 15 Oct 1884, d. 1 Jan 1919, Tree like stone, In Memorial Supreme Forest Woodman Circle, foot stone no writing, n/ to Herbert Walker, Jr.
Sevens, Rufus R, b. 12 Sep 1910, d. 8 Jun 1961, Okla PFC 181 General Hosp., WW II
Walker, Herbert, Jr., b. 1907, d. 1934, Aka Jack Sevens, n/ to Lizzie Sevens
Walker, John Jr, b. 1 Jan 1902, d. 19 Oct 1988, PVT US Army, WW II, n/ to Susie Walker
Walker, Kate, b. 21 Nov 1863, d. 28 Nov 1937, n/ to Susie Walker
Walker, Susie, b. 2 Dec 1885, d. 28 Mar 1959, n/ to Kate & John Walker, Jr
Wickham, Eva, b. 30 Jan 1907, d. 31 Dec 1979, n/ to Curtis Boone, l/s

1 Broken concrete Cross with the letter C
1 Mound of dirt with no marker
4 Indention's with planted iris
6 Indention's

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