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Captain Cemetery
Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Sect 32, Black Dog Twp
Lat: 36°20'24"N, Lon: 96°02'44"W

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Jul 31, 2002 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 58.

From Sperry, Oklahoma go west on Main Street to the stop sign, by the school. Turn north, right, and follow the road and curve to the west. Go past the Ferrier College to the first intersection & turn north, right. It is about 1½ miles to the cemetery.

This cemetery is on private property. There is a short drive you can pull into just north of the fence, then walk back to the cemetery. There is a gate wired shut you can get through.

This Osage Indian Cemetery started in 1877 with the burial of Augustus Captain. There are 2 flags flying, the US Flag & the Osage Nation Flag.

On a sign by the south gate, "As you are I was. As I am you will be" with an "End of the Trail" horse & rider.

The cemetery is small and may not have room for more burials. It is fenced and well cared for.

I walked the cemetery in June 2002.

w/o = wife of
n/t = next to
s/o = son of
d/o = daughter of
s/s = share stone
l/s = like stone

- Charlotte Keen

Adam, Elizabeth, b. 2 Jul 1936, d. Aug 1986, Mrs, concrete marker
Appleby, Jane, b. 11 Feb 1829, d. 17 Nove 1917, Bronze Plaque on marker, w/o Augustus Captain until his death.
Appleby, Lue, b. May 1849, d. 8 Feb 1905
Baker, James Otis, b. 21 Feb 1931, d. 7 Apr 1984, s/o Nellie Baker, n/t Nellie Baker
Baker, Nellie R, b. 16 Dec 1903, d. 20 Sep 1967, n/t James Baker
Burton, Leonard T, b. 29 Dec 1927, d. Jan 1995, Daddy, we love you, sandstone marker
Captain, Augustus, b. no date, d. 8 Aug 1877, aged 62 Yrs
Captain, Peter, b. 1860, d. 1938, "Whack", s/o Augustus & Jane Captain
Douglas, Lulu Belle Yeargain, b. 1914, d. 1992, n/t Leona Yeargain, sandstone marker
Fields, Myrtle, b. no date, d. 29 Aug 1889, aged 8 Mos 16 Dys, d/o W U & A E Fields
Freeman, Agnes J, b. 1895, d. 1936, see Alfred Hoots, n/t Waldo Freeman
Freeman, Waldo T, b. no date, d. 19 May 1941, Oklahoma 1 SGT Motor Repair Unit MTC, n/t Agnes Freeman
Guilfoyle, Effie Ririe, b. 3 May 1892, d. 7 Jul 1974, n/t Thomas Guilfoyle
Guilfoyle, Thomas Mathew, b. 1887, d. 1964, n/t Effie Guilfoyle
Hoots, A W, b. 1860, d. 1917, see Alfred Hoots
Hoots, Alfred A, b. 1887, d. 1929, LFM, Double Faced Stone with Hoots & Freeman, 9 single stones all like
Hoots, Ember W, b. 1891, d. 1895, see Alfred Hoots
Hoots, Everett L, b. 1888, d. 1889, see Alfred Hoots
Hoots, Leo J, b. 1897, d. 1897, see Alfred Hoots
Hoots, Merrill P, b. 1893, d. 1899, see Alfred Hoots
Hoots, Rosa M, b. 1869, d. 1938, w/o A W Hoots, see Alfred Hoots
Jennings, Susanna, b. 22 Jun 1849, d. 12 Aug 1902
Newman, Constantine A, b. no date, d. 19 Jun 1882, aged 6 Yrs 6 Mos 9 Dys, s/o G H & I G Newman, n/t George Newman
Newman, Edward, b. no date, d. 17 Nov 1882, aged 6 Yrs 7 Dys, s/o G U & I C Newman, s/s Ullia Newman, n/t Janey Newman
Newman, George U, b. no date, d. 25 Jul 1882, age 32 Yrs, 10 Days, n/t Constantine Newman
Newman, Janey, b. no date, d. 3 Feb 1882, aged 1 Dy, d/o G U & I C Newman, s/s Julia Newman, n/t Edward Newman
Newman, Julia A, b. no date, d. 28 Nov 1881, aged 1 Yr 8 Mos, d/o G U & I C Newman, s/s Janey Newman, n/t Constantine Newman
Newman, Old George, b. 1883, d. 1950, large sandstone marker
Newman, Ullia V, b. no date, d. 26 Nov 1881, aged 1 Yr 7 Mos 28 Dys, d/o G U & I C Newman, s/s Edward Newman
Park, Irene Roberts, b. 12 Jan 1935, d. 11 Apr 1997, Wife & Mother, sandstone marker
Park, Juanita Patrick, b. 21 Jan 1917, d. 31 Jul 1991, sandstone marker, n/t Verlie Park
Park, Verlie Moore, b. 4 Nov 1909, d. 2 Mar 1977, Wife & Mother, n/t Juanita Park
Ririe, Alina M, b. 20 Mar 1891, d. 28 Oct 1895, see Louis Ririe, n/t Charles Ririe
Ririe, Arlington A, b. 25 Oct 1885, d. 13 May 1887, see Louis Ririe
Ririe, Augustus, b. 12 Feb 1877, d. 30 Mar 1898
Ririe, Charles Oren, b. 14 Feb 1899, d. 2 Feb 1900, s/o C F & Josephine Ririe, n/t Alina Ririe
Ririe, Cyrus F, b. 16 Jan 1846, d. 1 Nov 1920, n/t Josephine Ririe
Ririe, Infant, b. 16 Apr 1907, d. 19 Apr 1907, d/o A & Blanche Ririe, n/t Scott F Ririe
Ririe, Josephine, b. 1865, d. 12 Jan 1906, Huge Family Stone w/ Josephine & Cyrus Ririe, each has a single stone
Ririe, Julia A, b. ????, d. ????, one date on stone, 22 Mar 1877, ages 21 Yrs, 4 Mos, 4 Dys
Ririe, Louis Wayne, b. 8 Sep 1884, d. 8 Nov 1884, LFS with Children of G & J Ririe, names and each has a single stone
Ririe, Oscar Amos, b. 27 Dec 1887, d. 26 Dec 1918, n/t Scott F Ririe
Ririe, Ralph B, b. 22 Dec 1889, d. 31 Mar 1890, see Louis Ririe
Ririe, Scott F, b. 8 Nov 1896, d. 21 Dec 1914, s/o Cyrus & Josehine Ririe, n/t Oscar Ririe
Schwartz, Walter Eugene, b. 12 Sep 1967, d. 19 Apr 1989
Sloan, D E, b. 15 Apr 1848, d. 19 Dec 1886, n/t D H Sloan
Sloan, D H, b. no date, d. 4 May 1887, aged 7 Mos 7 Dys, s/o I D E Slaon, s/s M E Sloan
Sloan, M E, b. no date, d. 14 May 1887, aged 9 Mos 17 Dys, s/s D H Sloan, s/o I & D E Sloan
Styll, Verona Yeargain, b. 1891, d. 1981, n/t Isabella Yeargain
Swindle, Orville, b. 26 Nov 1898, d. 25 Jan 1900 s/o J W & C E Swindle
Whiles, Delola Montez, b. no date, d. 20 Sep 1884, Baby, aged 3 Yrs, 9 Mos, 5 Dys
Yeargain, Earl Ervin, Jr, b. 8 Apr 1918, d. 9 Mar 1995, CPL US Army WW II, Bronze marker
Yeargain, Earl, b. 1890, d. 1972, n/t Edna
Yeargain, Edna, b. 1889, d. 1979, Mother, n/t Earl Yeargain, Jr
Yeargain, Green J, b. 1875, d. 1948, n/t Nora Yeargain, l/s
Yeargain, Isabella, b, 2 Dec 1857, d. 5 Nov 1895 n/t Verona Styll
Yeargain, Leona Guilfoyle, b. 1892, d. 1982, Mother, n/t Earl Yeargain, sandstone marker
Yeargain, Nora, b. 1875, d. 1948, LFM, single stones, n/t Green J Yeargain, l/s Yeargain, sandstone marker

Footstones sitting on the base of Scott & Oscar Ririe markers:
1--A A R
2--R R R
3--L W R
4--C O R
5--4 w/ no names

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