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Chambers Cemetery
Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Lat: 36° 14' 15"N, Lon: 095° 38' 22"W

Contributed by Charlotte Keen, Sep 24, 2002 [jkeen14660@aol.com]. Total records = 56.

From I 44 go north on Hwy 66 towards Claremore, turn east on Flint Road (EW 51) by the Microtel Motel to Frederick Rd (NS 414), go south to Gordan Rd (EW 53) go west about 1 block, go south on NS 414. Follow the road into an Ostrick Farm. There is never anyone that answers the door at the Mobile Home. Just follow the road, thru a gate, to the left and it will take you back to the cemetey.

This cemetery is on private property and is well maintained. There is a main cemetery with wrought iron fencing. Some grave are inside other wrought iron fencing around the main cemetery. Some graves are not fenced at all. The fencing is very old and beautiful.

The oldest marked grave is Alcy Chambers, b. no date, d. 8 Apr 1858.

I walked and recorded the cemetery in March 2003.


w/o - Wife Of
d/o - Daughter Of
s/o - Son Of
n/t - Next To
c/t - Close To

l/s - Like Stone
s/s - Share Stone
w/ - With
?? - Unknown
- Charlotte Keen

Bacon, C H, b. 17 Nov 1849, d. 29 Sep 1915, n/t Sarah Bacon, l/s
Bacon, Sarah, b. 10 Sep 1849, d. 8 Jun 1899, w/o C H Bacon, n/t to C H Bacon, l/s
C, G. E, no dates, footstone inside old wrought iron fence outside of main cemetery
Chambers, Alcy, b. no date, d. 8 Apr 1858, age 3 Dys, d/o H & N Chambers, n/t Anne Chambers, n/t indention
Chambers, Anne Eliza, b. 2 Apr 1846, d. 8 Jul 1876, d/o H & N Chambers, n/t Alcy Chambers
Chambers, Bettie, b. 31 Jan 1893, d. 22 Oct 1893, d/o W M & J B Chambers, n/t indention, c/t Alcy Chambers & Pauline Chambers
Chambers, Emma Wilcox, no dates, n/t J P Chambers
Chambers, Henry E, b. 4 Dec 1879, d. 26 Dec 1880, s/o Chambers, broken stone, n/t Mary Chambers, & Pauline Chambers
Chambers, Henry, b. no date, d. 10 Dec 1891, age 68 Yrs 7 Mos 17 Days, s/s Mary Chambers, footstone w/ Father
Chambers, Infant Son, b. Jul 1892, d. Oct 1892, Infant of V & J D Chambersn/t Nancy Chambers
Chambers, J P, b. 19 Apr 1854, d. 15 Jul 1896, n/t Emma Chambers
Chambers, Jennie D McCoy, b. 25 Apr 1854, d. 8 Sep 1940, Mother, s/s Vann Chambers, n/t Mary Chambers
Chambers, Lewis A, b. 4 Feb 1882, d. 8 Nov 1951, Okla CPL 142 Infantry 36 Dec, WW I
Chambers, Loviy Ray, b. no date, d. 15 Jun 1875, age 2 Yrs 10 Mos 11 Dys, s/o Wm & P Chambers, c/t Mary Chambers
Chambers, Mary, b. 2 Mar 1876, d. 30 Nov 1876, d/o V & J Chambers, broken stone, n/t Henry Chambers, c/t Loviy Chambers
Chambers, Mary, b. no date, d. 26 Nov 1879, age 50 Yrs, w/o Henry Chambers, s/s Henry Chambers, footstone, n/t Jennie Chambers
Chambers, Nancy J, b. 1 Sep 1862, d. 13 Jun 1884, footstone w/ NJC, n/t broken stone & rock, one may be Infant Son
Chambers, Pauline, b. no date, d. 14 Jan 1892, age 37 Yrs, w/o W W Chambers, footstone w/ PC, n/t Henry Chambers, c/t Bettie Chambers
Chambers, Vann, b. 17 Feb 1850, d. 6 Feb 1934, Father, s/s Jennie Chambers, n/t Elizabeth Peck
Chambers, William W, b. 22 Jan 1832, d. 4 Jul 1908
Cherry, Agnes, b. 5 May 1905, d. 14 Oct 1986, Mother, n/t John Cherry
Cherry, Evelyn, b. 5 Oct 1925, d. 2 Dec 1936, n/t Joanna & John Cherry
Cherry, Joanna, b. Oct 1941, d. Jul 1947, n/t Evelyn Charry
Cherry, John W, b. 14 Nov 1903, d. 16 Dec 1968, n/t Evelyn & Agnes Cherry
Coon, Charlie E, b. 14 Jul 1893, d. 1 Sep 1894, s/o R M & S E Coon, n/t Grover Coon, l/s
Coon, Grover C, b. 11 May 1892, d. 16 May 1892, s/o R M & S M Coon, footstone w/ GCC, n/t Charlie Coon, l/s
Crutchfield, Clement, b. no date, d. 2 Jan 18??, age 11 ???, broken stone
Daffron, Effey, b. 17 Jul 1879, d. 26 Sep 1887
Denney, Hulbert, b. 14 Mar 1880, d. 18 Nov 1880, c/t W E Denney
Denney, L B, b. 6 Mar 1860, d. 30 Jan 1881, w/o D L Denney, broken stone
Denney, W E, b. 6 May 1872, d. 28 Sep 1895, c/t Amelia Denny, spelled different, c/t Hulbert Denney
Denny, Amelia, b. no date, d. 5 Aug 1877, w/o D L Denny, age 21 Yrs, footstone w/ ADD
Denny, W H, b. 14 Jan 1839, d. 5 Feb 1880, n/t Rock w/ no name
French, Amanda, b. no date, d. 28 Jan 1907, d/o R French
Glenn, William, b. 24 Feb 1880, d. 6 Jul 1885
Hicks, Lettie, b. no date, d. 7 Jul 1879, c/t Mary Hicks
Hicks, Mary A, b. no date, d. 13 Mar 1877, w/o J R Hicks, age 28 Yrs 9 Mos 26 Dys, footstone w/ MAH
Hodum, P A, b. 11 Jul 1859, d. 26 May 1883, broken stone in several pieces
Honaker, Moody L, b. 11 Jan 1919, d. 5 Apr 1945, Okla PVT 1885 SVC COMD Unit, WW II, c/t Wallace Honaker
Honaker, Wallace, b. no date, d. 1974, MFHM
Lamb, Elisebeth, b. 29 Feb 1852, d. 14 Oct 1901, age 49 Yrs 7 Mos 15 Dys, w/o C J Lamb
Mallory, Juna Mae, b. 31 May 1917, d. 23 Sep 1942, Mother, n/t Lee Mallory, c/t Thressa Mallory
Mallory, Lee, b. 11 Apr 1892, d. 11 Mar 1939, s/s Maude Mallory, n/t Juna Mallory
Mallory, Maude B, b. 31 Dec 1892, d. 9 May 1979, s/s Lee Mallory
Mallory, Thressa, no dates, c/t Juna Mallory
Merritt, J T, no dates, Sandstone
Miller, Henry, Jr, b. 7 Mar 1912, d. 10 Jul 1954, n/t Thomas Miller, 3 Rocks, 2 Indentions, 1 Pcs of Concrete, 12 Total inside of wrought iron fence south of main cemetery
Miller, P D, b. 30 Aug 1864, d. 1928, n/t Thomas Miller, see Henry Miller
Miller, P H, b. 1869, d. 1928, n/t T H Miller, see Henry Miller
Miller, T H, b. 1879, d. 1933, n/t Henry Miller, see Henry Miller
Miller, Thomas J, b. 1 Apr 1876, d. 23 Jun 1932, n/t Henry Miller, see Henry Miller
Peck, Charls W, b. 1 May 1872, d. 5 Apr 1948, n/t Elizabeth Peck, c/t Lewis Chambers
Peck, Elizabeth (Chambers), b. 1879, d. 1934, w/o Charls Peck, n/t Charls Peck, n/t Vann Chambers
Rockwell, H O, b. 12 Nov 1814, d. 27 Jun 1876, broken stone, n/t unreadable sandstone
Rosenthal, L A, b. no date, d. 26 Jun 1889, age 48 Yrs, footstone w/ LAR
Vann, Lizzie D, b. 20 Mar 1882, d. 11 Sep 1906, w/o Joe Vann

15 - Rocks
10 - Flowers w/ no stones
11 - Indentions
4 - Pieces of concrete
8 - Broken Stones
1 - Broken Stone w/ Lamb
1 - Sandstone
1 - Footstone w/ H. D.

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