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Buckhorn Cemetery
Murray County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 27' 44"N, Lon: 96° 57' 04"W
Lowrance Township, Section 23

Contributed by Dennis Muncrief, May 2000, last edited Jun 12, 2008 [mudman@cableone.net]. Total records = 43.

Buckhorn Cemetery is located 2 and a half miles south of Sulphur, OK on the west side of Highway 177.

This cemetery has 4' white metal pipes that mark many graves. There are also many graves marked with large native stones with no inscriptions. A local rancher has brush hoged around the open areas but there is no maintainance other than that. General condition of cemetery is 'fair'. There are 58 resting souls, 30 marked and known, 28 marked but unknown.

After the cemetery received a good cleaning out I was able to walk and read it once again, finding more names plus some corrections in 2008.

I walked and read this cemetery in the spring of 2000, updated May 28, 2008.

- Dennis Muncrief

Aubrey, Mary Ann Brown, b. Feb 22, 1852, d. Dec 27, 1917, w/o Noah A.
Aubrey, N. A., b. 5-12-1851, d. 1-16-1916
Birchfield, Henry, b. 4-20-1895, d. 10-22-1898, son of R.L.& M.E. Birchfield
Bull, Jarleton D., 3-1-1845
Bull, Sarah G., b. 10-20-1853, d. 2-12-1925, mother
Burchfield, Henry W., b. Apr 20, 1895, d. Oct 22, 1898, s/o R.L. & M.E.
Burchfield, Orlena, b. 11-21-1880, d. Oct 25, 1898
Chadwick, Annie Jackson, b. Apr 9, 1891, d. Dec 19, 1918, w/o Joseph Henry
Conyer, Billy J., b. Mar 1938, d. Sep 1948, wooden marker
Conyer, Burney Franklin, b. 1-12-1918, d. 11-11-19??
Conyer, Burney G., b. May 1939, d. Sep 1948, wooden marker
Conyer, Charles Woodson, b. 11-20-1877, d. 12-22-1941
Conyer, Lois May, b. 3-21-1921, d. 10-2-2002
Conyer, Lucinda Fitzgerald, b. 11-20-1877, d. 1-20-1982
Conyer, Velma Lou, b. 2-6-1963, d. 5-1-1983
Cooley, Georgie, b. 2-1-1901, d. 10-11-1903
Fitzgerald, Coleman, b. 12-24-1844, d. 2- 2-1929 Co B 1 Regt Tenn Cav CSA
Fitzgerald, Harriet Keeling, b. 3-10-1848, d. 12-26-1927
Flowers, Walter, W., b. 1-3-1893, d. 11-20-1893
Fuller, Stephen, b. 10-14-1946, d. 4-18-1993, USAF Vietnam
Goodwin, Sarah G., b. 1-1-1844, d. 6-28-1901, wife of J.W.Goodwin
Hampton, Mike, b. Nov 28, 1906, d. ????, m. 1-22-1931
Hampton, Thelma Conyer, b. 7-28-1906, d. 9-28-1992, w/o Mike
Hill, J. M., b. 7-21-1832, d. 9-5-1919
Hill, Sallie, b. 12-19-1844, d. 3-5-1908
Hodges, Peninah K., b. 5-22-1850, d. 11-18-1898, Wife of D.G. Hodges
Jones, Allie B., b. 1894, d. 1897
Jones, Mrs. W. H., b. 1851, d. 1925
King, Wauneta, b. 9-9-1920, d. 9-26-1920, daughter of Mr.& Mrs.Farley King
Leleau, Eva, b. 2-8-1929, d. ????
Pasley, Charlene, b. 1956, d. 1958
Pasley, Donna Gayle, b. 1952, d. 1958
Pasley, Gayla Ann, b. 1954, d. 1958
Pasley, Roy Derrell, b. 1947, d. 1958
Preast, Charles T., b. 1924, d. 1999, m. 1971, USA WWII
Preast, Ethel P., b. 1931, d. ????, w/o Charles T.
Preast, James Thomas, b. 3-15-1895, d. 7-16-1982, Pvt U.S. Army WWI
Preast, Lennie Mae, b. 11-4-1902, d. no date, m. 5-3-1919
Ray, W. M., 9-16-1902, aged about 50 years
Tabor, F. M., b. 1860, d. Sept. 19, 1922
Ward, Nancy Ann Longley, d. c.1914, unmarked grave
Williams, Mrs J. A., b. 9-16-1863, d. 3-12-1899
Willowghly, John B., b. 3-21-1897, d. 10-4-1918

Large Native Stone with "1881" carved into it.
Baby's grave with Native Stone inside fenced plot.
20 graves marked only with Native Stones.
8 graves marked with white metal pipe.

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