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Aaron Cemetery
Jackson County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 34' 46"N, 99° 27' 55"W
Olustee Twp, Sec 12

Contributed by Patti O'Bannon, Nov 14, 2003, last edited Jul 24, 2007 [msobannon@att.net]. Total records = 30.

From Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma take Highway 62 West approximately 8 miles. Turn South on State Highway 6, go approximately 4 miles to Prairie Hill Road. Turn West on Prairie Hill Road, go approximately 2 miles to an old school house, turn Left (South) on the dirt road just south of the school. Go approximately 1 miles on the dirt road, turn Left (North) on the next dirt road. Go approximately 3/4 mile. The cemetery is on the Right (South).

This cemetery was associated with a community in southwest Oklahoma before statehood. The area is now a ghost town and the only thing remaining is the cemetery.

Aaron Cemetery is fenced, but is covered in high weeds and grass. Many graves are visable, but many do not have markers or the markers are broken. It gets little if any care.

The weeds have grown to almost head high, many of the markers are broken or have fallen over and face down on the ground. Many graves are sinking and in some cases, coffins can be seen. There are 3 fenced lots which would contain as many as 8 graves, but there are no markers visable.

I surveyed this cemetery in the summer of 2003. This includes only all existing and legible headstones. I have the obit for most of these, if you wish to contact me about one, I would be happy to share.

- Patti O'Bannon

Akers, Floyd C., b. 5/7/1867, d. 7/25/1940
Akers, Georgia, b. 5/8/1898, d. 7/8/1913
Bomar, R. C., d. 1/14/1901 (Aged 53 yrs. 9 days)
Chenault, H. G., b. 10/24/1863, d. 5/29, 1903
Chenault, Ruthy Ann, b. 8/24/1825, d. 10/10/1910
Chenault, W. T., b. 7/12/1886, d. 12/22/1926
Chism, D. H. (Rev.), b. 1/13/1847, d. 6/17/1892
Cloud, Davis B., b. 11/14/1889, d. 10/28/1911
Dill, Mary J., b. 12/1/1858, d. 2/10/1913
Garthel, Infant, b. 5/3/1903, d. 7/3/1903, child of G. H. & M. M.
Goen, Annie E., b. 1868, d. 4/18/1905
Goen, Philliam, no dates, Infant of P. M. & C.
Goen, William Stan, b. 1867, d. 3/17/1905
Honea, Nona Pearl, b. 12/23/1898, d. 11/24/1902
Lawson, Lucy, b. 7/17/1840, d. 10/14/1899
McAlpine, Carole Joy, b. 1927, d. 1935
Nickell, Samuel Henry, b. 6/2/1885, d. 12/12/1905
Nickell, Vinyard, b. 6/2/1894, d. 8/22/1908
Nunn, Charles Wesley, b. 3/16/1863, d. 10/21/1892
Park, Sarah H., b. 10/28/1892, d. 3/24/1900
Payne, Tularay, b. 9/14/1900, d. 1/13/1901
Reeves, Infant, b. and d. 10/28/1898, child of H. P. & E. O.
Robinson, Dora R., b. 4/15/1895, d. 8/5/1909
Robinson, Maggie, d. 1924
Robinson, Martin M., b. 1/3/1897, d. 10/13/1905
Robinson, Mary A., b. 6/1/1871, d. 11/13/1912
Sutton, David T., b. 2/13/1886, d. 1/7/1904
Sutton, J. D., b. 2/3/1845, d. 8/3/1912
Sutton, J. Y., b. 1/19/1883, d. 7/16/1940
Sutton, M. E., b. 4/3/1858, d. 4/29/1915

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