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Fairview Park Cemetery
Grady County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Sandi Carter [redfox5@sbcglobal.net].  Total records = 50.

Fairview Park Cemetery is located on 29th Street and Georgia outside of Chickasha, Grady, OK. Originally, six acres of this cemetery was bought as a Roman Catholic burial ground on 17 December 1908 by Reverend A. M. Urban DeHasque, the pastor of Holy Name (of Jesus) Church in Chickasha.

It's in deplorable condition now with only a few gravestones left. Some people were moved to Rose Hill Cemetery. Other graves were plowed over in order to farm!

Visit "Saving Fairview Park Cemetery" to read about how Sandi Carter and others have worked to save this cemetery from total obliteration.

Below is a list of some of the people buried at Fairview Park Cemetery. Not all names or dates are known. 

Additional records added by:

ANDERSON, Margaret B., b. 6 Apr 1862, d. 3 Dec 1913
BLIZARD, Mary, d. 14 July 1909, d. 9 mos. old
COULTER, Vernon, d. 18 Mar 1909, d. 2 mos. old (Son of J. L. Coulter)
CRUZ, Frank, d. 12 Jun 1911
CUNNINGHAM, Joseph A., d. 23 Nov 1909
HILL, Missoure Adeline, b. 14 Feb 1861 MO, d. 12 Jul 1931 Tuttle OK, d/o Samuel Franklin Easley & Mary Ann Montgomery, [BD]
DUFF, John Jr., d. 23 Sep 1909, d. 2 yrs. old
DUNCAN, Elizabeth
DUNCAN, Isaac B., d. 21 May 1910, d. 55 yrs. old
FITZPATRICK, Maria Hall,* b. 3 Jul 1838, d. 11 Oct 1909
FITZPATRICK, Theodore (Thegorah),* b. 19 Jun 1830, d. 10 Jan 1910, (Note: Their mutual obelisk was moved to Fairlawn Cemetery to a family plot to prevent it being condinually vandalised)
FLANIGAN, Mrs. Nettie, d. 23 Nov 1910, d. 70 yrs. old
FREASIER, J. L., b. 1839, d. 1909
FULLER, Elsie (Mrs. C. J.), d. 22 Jun 1910
GOODWIN, EMMETT F., d. 3 Feb 1909, d. 44 yrs. old (Chief of Police shot by Will Thomas)
HARRIS, Minnie F., b. 1822 -12 Feb 1910 
HERMES, Margaret, d. 16 Sep 1911, d. 63 yrs. old
HOLMES, Mary Elizabeth Fitzpatrick,* b. 1 Mar 1862, d. 22 Dec 1910, (Daughter of Theodore & Maria Fitzpatrick)
HUGHES, Mary Leona, d. 8 Aug 1909, d. 19 yrs. old
KLAGER, Joseph, d. 12 May 1912 (Moved to Rose Hill Cemetery)
LISTER, Johnson W., d. 14 Feb 1910, d. 9 mos. old
MCDONALD, A. Joseph, d. 26 Dec 1909, d. 62 yrs. old
MCDONALD, J. L. (Mrs.), d. 26 Sep 1910 
MCKENNA, Lizzie, d. 12 Apr 1910, d. 41 yrs. old
MC MASTERS, Tomy, d. 17 Aug 1909, d. 12 yrs. old
MAY, Anna Fitzpatrick,* b. 13 Sep 1875, d. 20 May 1910, (Daughter of Theodore & Maria Fitzpatrick)
MAY, Arthur Lee,* b. 13 May 1910, d. 21 Jun 1910, (Son of Lee & Anna Fitzpatrick May)
MEANS, Fred M., d. 24 Sep 1909
MEANS, Mason L., d. 11 Apr 1910
MOLLET, Adolph 
PARKMAN, Mary Clara, d. 25 Sep 1909, d. 51 yrs. old
POLAND, John H., d. 26 May 1912, d. 23 yrs. old
RADCLIFF, Howard W., d. 31 May 1909, d. 1 yr. old
RIDDLE, Eppie, b. infant, (Daughter of Judge F. E. Riddle)
ROACH, Stella Lee, d. 28 Jul 1913, d. 8 mos. old
SHAW, Ethel, d. 4 Apr 1910, d. 14 yrs. old
SIGMON, Infant, b. (Child of C. T. Sigmon?)
SMITH, Lucinda, d. 26 Apr 1911, d. 55 yrs. old
STEWART, Infant, d. 4 Aug 1912, (Child of T. T. Stewart)
THACKER, Thirza B., d. 30 Aug 1909
THOMAS, J. A., d. 15 Jun 1910, d. 30 yrs. old
TOLAND, John, d. 4 Feb 1913, d. 41 yrs. old
WALFORD, Cora Ester, b. 31 Jul 1904, d. 17 Feb 1905, (Child of W. A. & E. B. Walford)
WALFORD, John Loyd, b. 15 Aug 1909, d. 28 Aug 1910, (Child of W. A. & E. B. Walford)
WALLING, Clarence, d. 3 Jul 1909
WATERS, Mike, d. 16 Jun 1909, d. 2 yrs. old
WELLS, Infant, b. (Son of E. C. Wells)
WESTON, Percy W., d. 9 Feb 1911, d. 23 yrs. old
WOOD, Horace O., d. 24 Jun 1909, d. 3 mos. old

* Indicates those who were relatives of Sandi Carter, the submitter of this information.

It might be noted that so many of those in this cemetery died in the same time frame. Some died with diphtheria, pneumonia, small pox, and typhoid. It could not have been a happy era.

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