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Oak Ridge Cemetery (Youngblood Cemetery)
Garvin County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 30' 47"N, Lon: 97° 11' 33"W
T20N R1E Sec 34

Contributed by Dennis Muncrief, Dec 9, 2000, last edited Apr 01, 2009 [mudman@cableone.net]. Total records = 58.

To reach the cemetery go 1 mile west of I-35 and look for a large red cattle guard on the north side of the road. The cemetery is about a 1/2 mile up the pasture road.

This cemetery is located about 3 miles west of Davis, OK on Highway 7, on the old 'Doc' Howell Ranch, which is on private land owned by an absentee landowner. Permission is difficult to obtain.

Although this cemetery is in Garvin County, there are many Murray county pioneers buried here. The closest town is Davis, which is in Murray County.

I walked and read this cemetery in the fall of 2000. Revisited in 2007 and was able to get into the cemetery, only to find it fully overgrown from lack of care.

- Dennis Muncrief

Aaron, Infants, no dates, Herman Aaron buried two babies here, unmarked graves
Allen, Elizabeth, b. 1901, d. 1902, d/o JR Allen
Allen, Russell, b. Dec 7, 1903, d. Sep 5, 1904
Bentley, Jim, unmarked grave
Bentley, Nancy, w/o Tom Bentley, unmarked grave
Bentley, T. B., d. 1937, 32 Years old
Brady, Mildred, (b. 1917, d. 1917), native stone marker, no dates
Byrd, Esther, unmarked grave
Byrd, no dates, Esther Byrd buried six babies here, unmarked graves
Christy, Burrel H., Mar 13, 1889, d. Jul 17, 1919
Copeland, J. F., b. Jul 01, 1895, d. Jun 27, 1902
Cordell, J. F., 1852, d. 1907
Digby, B. F., b. Mar 4, 1835, d. Mar 13, 1920
Digby, Luecendie, b. Aug 10, 1893, d. Sep 10, 1924
Digby, family plot, unknown number of graves
Dunaway, James, Sr, b. Sep 21, 1833, d. Oct 22, 1895
E. V., footer only marker, no other info
Emmons, William, 1845, d. 1901
Farris, Judy Parlee, b. Dec 26, 1873, d. Jan 14, 1918
Ferguson, Jodie V., b. Dec 1, 1895, d. Jul 1, 1900
Field, Chester, b. Aug 4, 1892, d. Sep 23, 1918, US Army
Gilliland, Nora, unmarked grave
Gilliland, Pearl, unmarked grave
Greer, Dink, b. Feb 9, 1907, d. Jan 17, 1911, d/o WH & Ellen J
Greer, O. C., b. Dec 16, 1916, d. Sep 25, 1920, s/o WH & Ellen J
Harmon, Amos Lee, b. Feb 29, 1901, d. Mar? 20, 1902, s/o W. & M. Harmon
Hunt, Alice, unmarked grave
Hunt, Dan, unmarked grave
Hunt, John, unmarked grave
Hunt, Missy, unmarked grave
Hutchinson, M. M., b. June 23, 1859, d. Oct 18, 1911
Hutchinson, William Paul, b. Oct 19, 1894, d. Nov 2, 1894
James, Charles, native stone marker, no dates
James, Kate, native stone marker, no dates, w/o Charles
Jeter, A. M., b. Jan 11, 1845, d. Nov 10, 1923
Jeter, James Madison, b. 08 Jul 1873, d. 12 Apr 1960
Kuykendahl, Mrs, unmarked grave
Peel, , d. Nov 29, 1909, s/o W.E. & Nancy, 'Little Brother'
Peel, C. B., b. Jul 1, 1873, d. Oct 6, 1919
Priest, Herman, b. May 12, 1904, d. Sep 12, 1905, s/o Robert & Edna
Priest, R., b. Mar 13, 1878, d. Jan 25, 1926
Rayburn, Nancy, unmarked grave
Rayburn, Roxie, unmarked grave
Roark, Harriet, 1891, d. 1909, Huntington, TN
Roark, Mary Jane, b. 1856, d. 1906, Huntington, TN
Scribner, James S., b. Jan 10, 1904, d. Jan 9, 1923
Searcy, Allen, b. Feb 8, 1850, d. Jul 29, 1916
Skelton, McKinley, b. Jun 19, 1897, d. Jul 27, 1898, s/o JB & DC
Smith, Mary J., b. Jun 6, 1819, d. Feb 2, 1897
Smith, W. W., b. Sep 19, 1837, d. d.Feb 11, 1897, Corp'l, Co H, 5th MO Cav
Solman, Lizzie, unmarked grave
Weaver, Harve H., 1884, d. 1909
Wells, Infant, no dates, son of Robert Wells, unmarked grave
Wells, Robert, unmarked grave
Wells, Sarah Ann, unmarked grave
Wells, W. B., b. Jan 16, 1857, d. Dec 22, 1923
Willis, Maude, b. Jun 10, 1889, d. Sep 5, 1904, d/o David and Julie
Wilson, Isreal, Jun 19, 1901, d. Apr 6, 1905
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