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Oklahoma Death Records


Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Wade, Alma Sallie, no dates
Wade, Melba Jane, no dates
Wade, R. W., b. 08-04-1866, d. 09-12-1914, age: 48yr
Wade, Stanford Willis, no dates
Wagner, Dora Ann, no dates
Wagner, Dorothy I., no dates
Wagner, Essie L., b. 05-14-1918, d. 10-01-1977, age: 59yr
Wagner, Fulton T., no dates
Wagner, Thomas Matthew, b. 04-27-1914, d. 06-13-1983, age: 69yr
Wagon, Mary Blanche, no dates
Wagon, Sharon, no dates
Wainscott, Charles F., b. 1878, d. 1942, age: 64yr
Wainscott, Mandy Odessa, b. 1883, d. 1055, age: 72yr
Waitman, Louise Evelyn 'King', b. 1918, d. 1992, age: 74yr
Waitman, William H., b. 1911, d. 1964, age: 53yr
Walker, Annie M., b. 1877, d. 1969, age: 92yr
Walker, Beatrice 'Payne', b. 1906, d. 1994, age: 88yr
Walker, Brandy L., no dates
Walker, Brenda Joyce, b. 03-30-1951, d. 04-03-1986, age: 35yr, (Heinberg)
Walker, Cecil W., no dates
Walker, Fern, b. 1900, d. 1996, age: 96yr
Walker, Georgia A., b. 1906, d. 1939, age: 33yr
Walker, Lois Elaine, b. 1945, d. 1953, age: 8yr
Walker, Preston W., b. 1867, d. 1931, age: 64yr
Walker, Richard A. 'Dick', b. 1900, d. 1985, age: 85yr
Walker, Washingtom Irving, b. 1906, d. 1989, age: 83yr
Walker, William Berl, b., d. 1941, Child
Wallace, James L., b. 01-26-1874, d. 04-02-1960, age: 86yr
Wallace, Lucy Eugenia, b. 07-28-1890, d. 01-23-1983, age: 93yr
Wallace, Marie Christine, no dates, (Thomas), B,
Wallace, Mattie P., no dates
Wallace, Melvina P., no dates
Wallace, Mildred, no dates
Wallace, Raymons W., no dates
Wallace, Thomas J., no dates
Wallace, William Patrick, b. 11-25-1909, d. 04-14-1983, age: 74yr
Wallbrick, Fred Jr., no dates
Wallermire, Charles L., no dates
Wallermire, Iona Christabel, no dates
Walls, Daisy E., b. 11-30-1882, d. 06-08-1947, age: 65yr
Walls, Gordon M., b. 06-10-1874, d. 01-27-1950, age: 76yr
Walls, Thomas B., no dates
Walter, Ruth M., b. 1898, d. 1037, age: 39yr
Walter, Wm. E., no dates
Walters, Charles F., b. 05-19-1931, d. no date
Walters, Dallas D., b. 04-17-1895, d. 01-27-1948, age: 53yr
Walters, Lillian, b. 1909, d. 1943, age: 34yr
Walters, Loretta M., b. 07-08-1938, d. no date
Walters, Ted, b. 1900, d. 1988, age: M, b
Walters, Teddy Bill, b. 07-08-1957, d. 01-17-1955, age: 20-yr
Walton, Anna R., no dates
Walton, Leona Faye, no dates
Wampler, Jessie L., b. 11-13-1909, d. no date
Wampler, Katie V., b. 11-17-1914, d. 08-20-2000, age: 86yr, Wed: 12-16-1933 -Jessie L.
Wampler, Wilma Lee, b. 07-05-1934, d. 11-30-1994, age: 60yr
Wann, Dona H., b. 1879, d. 1960, age: 81yr
Wann, Donnie R., b. 08-22-1936, d. no date, BOOK has Dona H.
Wann, Escar, b. 11-01-1902, d. 07-09-1977, age: 75yr
Wann, Jewell 'Copeland', b. 09-12-1907, d. 11-20-1995, age: 88yr
Wann, M. Escar, no dates
Wann, Zola D., b. 06-28-1938, d. 11-25-1996, age: 28yr
Ward, Anna Jewell, b. 03-04-1912, d.
Ward, Charlie Cecil, b. 11-28-1909, d. 12-28-1989, age: 80yr, WW # 2
Ward, Ivah Louise Everly, b. 06-16-1912, d. 11-13-1996, age: 84yr
Ward, John T., b. 09-02-1883, d. 08-17-1963, age: 80yr
Ward, Mary Lula, b. 06-19-1882, d. 04-04-1979, age: 97yr
Ward, Rosaline A., b. 1865, d. 1955, age: 90yr
Ward, William S., b. 1861, d. 1938, age: 77yr
Washburn, Ella Faye, b. 08-17-1927, d. no date
Washburn, John Edward, b. 11-24-1925, d. 05-11-1997, age: 72yr
Washburn, Lidy Lee, b. 12-19-1892, d. 07-31-1940, age: 48yr
Washburn, Lula V., no dates
Waters, Anna M., no dates
Waters, Carrie M., no dates
Waters, Mildred M., no dates
Waters, Opal D., b. 1893, d. 1990, age: 97yr
Waters, Richard, no dates
Waters, William H., b. 1883, d. 1969, age: 86yr
Watkins, Alfred P., no dates
Watkins, Cecil H. (C.H.), b. 03-01-1897, d. 03-22-1959, age: 62yr
Watkins, Eddie E., no dates
Watkins, Leon K., b. 10-28-1909, d. 01-07-1933, age: 24yr
Watson, Abbie V., no dates
Watson, Angie O., b. 10-29-1890, d. 03-21-1973, age: 83yr
Watson, Baby Girl, no dates
Watson, Baby, no dates
Watson, Delbert T., no dates
Watson, E., b. 08-30-1935, d. 08-30-1935, age: 0yr, With Jesus
Watson, Ephriam A., b. 08-08-1886, d. 12-01-1971, age: 85yr
Watson, Faty E., b. 10-09-1875, d. 10-15-1960, age: 85yr
Watson, Gertrude, b. 03-25-1894, d. 11-18-1973, age: 79yr
Watson, J. C., b. 12-05-1926, d. 11-01-1986, age: 60yr, ,B,
Watson, James Aldred (Jim), b. 09-10-1921, d. 04-25-1987, age: 76yr
Watson, James C., b. 01-13-1904, d. 03-07-1958, age: 54yr
Watson, James N., b. 08-17-1858, d. 12-07-1940, age: 82yr
Watson, Johnnie, b. 04-12-1959, d. 04-12-1959, age: 0yr, Baby Twin
Watson, Lewis P., b. 03-13-1889, d. 08-14-1956, age: 67yr
Watson, Lonnie, b. 04-12-1959, d. 04-12-1959, age: 0yr, Baby Twin-J.C. & J.D.
Watson, Mary Frances, b. 07-14-1892, d. 01-20-1970, age: 78yr
Watson, Ruby, no dates
Watson, Sarah J., b. 11-30-1876, d. 01-23-1943, age: 67yr
Watson, Thomas R., b. 08-24-1870, d. 06-18-1950, age: 80yr, Book has Thomas P.
Watson, Twila June, b. 03-17-1928, d. no date
Watson, Ward Franklin, b. 06-17-1919, d. 10-29-1971, age: 52yr
Watson, Winnie D., b. 06-28-1898, d. 04-30-1978, age: 80yr
Watson, Wm. H., no dates
Webb, Baby Girl, no dates
Webb, Barbara Lois 'Turner', b. 11-27-1932, d. 12-18-1995, age: 63yr
Webb, Cora E., no dates
Webb, George W., no dates
Webb, Horace, no dates
Webb, Jim Hall, b. 12-06-1888, d. 01-02-1954, age: 66yr
Webb, Lola M., no dates
Webb, O. V., no dates
Webb, Rose Etta, b. 03-11-1901, d. 07-03-1971, age: 70yr
Webster, Mary F., no dates
Weddle, Aaron D. Sr., b. 06-20-1915, d. 09-10-1989, age: 74yr
Weddle, Chance Anderson, b. 02-06-1985, d. 02-27-1998, age: 13yr
Weddle, Kathryne E., b. 1895, d. 1993, age: 98yr
Weddle, Kelley Anderson, b. 03-28-1947, d. 07-25-1997, age: 50yr, Wed: 5-8-1981
Weddle, Mary Ann, b. 04-13-1944, d. no date
Weddle, Oliver S., b. 1892, d. 1949, age: 57yr
Weddle, Ruthie Allora, b. 03-27-1918, d. 07-21-1984, age: 66yr
Weir, Charles Edward, b. 05-03-1927, d. 01-16-1998, age: 71yr
Weir, Dora M., b. 1870, d. 1945, age: 75yr
Weir, Earl 'Bud', b. 12-18-1910, d. 01-18-1991, age: 81yr
Weir, Ina Gladys 'Boliver', b. 02-12-1913, d. no date, Wed: 7-2-1932
Weir, Nona Dell, b. 06-11-1911, d. 06-26-1996, age: 85yr
Weir, Odell Edward, b. 05-23-1906, d. 01-15-1965, age: 59yr
Weir, William S., b. 1872, d. 1946, age: 74yr
Weist, Jonie H., no dates
Welborn, Oran A., no dates
Welch, Enid B. 'Cathey', b. 09-28-1908, d. no date, Wed:11-7-1926
Welch, Gregory Vinson, b. 09-14-1953, d. 07-26-1974, age: 21yr
Welch, James Louie, b. 06-22-1907, d. 05-14-1987, age: 80yr
Welch, Jocie Ann, b. 1886, d. 1981, age: 95yr
Welch, John Oliver, b. 1874, d. 1933, age: 59yr
Welch, John Wesley, b. 09-12-1918, d. 05-04-1997, age: 79yr, Wed: 3-1-1942
Welch, Kevin Lee, b. 05-09-1956, d. 05-25-2000, age: 44yr
Welch, Leonard W., no dates
Welch, Louella, no dates
Welch, Lucille F., no dates
Welch, Minnie, b. 09-13-1895, d. 07-13-1935, age: 40yr
Welch, Roberta 'Bobbie', b. 03-08-1920, d. no date
Welch, Tommy Lee, b. 01-28-1930, d. 10-20-1997, age: 67yr
Welden, Charlie L., no dates
Welden, Deed Ann, b. 06-30-1909, d. 08-19-1998, age: 89yr
Welden, Homer Prentice, b. 10-29-1907, d. 05-01-1988, age: 79yr
Welden, Vera Mae, no dates
Weldon, Susiella, no dates
Wells, Frank, no dates
Weryavah, Elizabeth, b. 02-18-1916, d. 12-18-1984, age: 68yr
Weryavah, Gary Wayne, b. 1954, d. 1974, age: 20yr
Weryavah, Morris, b. 09-25-1917, d. 10-18-1986, age: 69yr
Wesson, E. Maxine, b. 08-11-1931, d. no date
Wesson, Joe Kenneth, b. 03-09-1933, d. 08-10-1988, age: 55yr, Wed:4-11-1957
Wesson, M. Fnuluie, no dates
West, Allen Alpheus, b. 02-02-1899, d. 07-01-1968, age: 69yr
West, Baby, no dates
West, Gracie May 'Brown', b. 12-31-1902, d. 11-09-1987, age: 85yr
West, James Allen, b. 1856, d. 1941, age: 85yr
West, Lee, b. 03-13-1902, d. 09-30-1965, age: 63yr
West, Lelia Belle, b. 1867, d. 1958, age: 91yr
West, Mintie Flo, b. 07-18-1896, d. 12-07-1988, age: 92yr
West, Oran Kenneth, b. 1891, d. 1942, age: 51yr
Wetipe, Rice, no dates
Wetype,, d. 1912, age: 38yr
Wetzel, Eugene 'Gene', b. 07-25-1912, d. no date
Wetzel, Florence R., b. 08-02-1915, d. no date, Wed:12-23-1939
Wheatley, J. P., no dates
Wheatley, Martha E., no dates
Wheeler, Buel O., no dates
Wherry, John, b. 11-11-1849, d. 12-31-1933, age: 84yr
Wherry, Joseph C., b. 06-03-1873, d. 12-28-1940, age: 67yr
Wherry, Sarah N., b. 03-07-1852, d. 05-26-1929, age: 77yr
While, Gene W., no dates
Whiley, Judith Ann, no dates
Whitchurch, Edward G., no dates
White, Alta E., b. 09-10-1897, d. 01-02-1994, age: 97yr
White, Chester Lee, b. 09-06-1921, d. 02-17-1987, age: 66yr
White, Daniel Webster, b. 12-09-1892, d. 07-27-1978, age: 86yr
White, Dewey Mae, b. 1898, d. 1982, age: 84yr
White, Elmo Lincoln, b. 1924, d. 1980, age: 56yr
White, Homer T., b. 12-08-1912, d. 10-27-1973, age: 61yr
White, Isaac L., b. 01-30-1867, d. 05-14-1950, age: 83yr
White, Katherine Frances, b. 12-13-1898, d. 12-29-1972, age: 74yr
White, Maggie, b. 11-25-1869, d. 05-07-1948, age: 79yr
White, Maxine, b. 12-06-1920, d., age: 19Mo, baby
White, Mildred Martha, no dates
White, Myrtle VorM, b. 05-23-1900, d. 07-01-1912, age: 12yr, G. F. & Virginia White
White, Oscar Jr., no dates
White, Oscar M, b. 1896, d. 1965, age: 69yr
White, Ralph R., b. 05-16-1914, d. 08-23-1995, age: 81yr
White, Shirley Jean, b. 10-03-1937, d. 03-24-1938, age: 3mo
White, Sophronia J., b. 12-20-1917, d. no date, 61yr. married
White, Steward L., b. 04-02-1893, d. 12-10-1959, age: 66yr
Whitehead, Cletus H., b. 10-02-1917, d. 07-18-1959, age: 42yr
Whitehead, Creo Brandon, b. 04-05-1901, d. 12-08-1982, age: 81yr
Whitehead, Creo Violet, no dates
Whitehead, Ethelene, b. 09-03-1924, d. 12-13-1987, age: 63yr
Whitehead, Gertie, b. 11-07-1910, d. 08-23-1953, age: 43yr, C.H. Whitehead husband
Whitehead, Inda Lou, b. 03-21-1944, d. 03-15-1964, age: 20yr
Whitehead, Joe W., b. 06-19-1893, d. 10-29-11958, age: 65yr
Whitehead, Olen V., b. 08-30-1916, d. 09-19-1995, age: 79yr
Whitehead, Othelene, no dates
Whitehead, Patric Wm., b. 02-04-1978, d. 09-15-1978, age: 100yr
Whitehead, Samantha Lea, b. 10-21-1986, d. no date, Baby
Whitehead, Tommie J., b. 03-23-1918, d. no date, Wed:8-5-1939
Whitehead, Wilma 'Permansu, b. 04-06-1919, d. 09-09-1990, age: 71yr
Whitney, A. G., b. 03-06-1917, d. 09-19-1987, age: 70yr
Whitney, Anna Grace, b. 11-06-1923, d. 10-23-1976, age: 53yr
Whitney, Bob Ray, b. 07-13-1942, d. no date, Wed:Mary Fay 12-7-1971
Whitney, Mary Fay, b. 12-08-1913, d. no date
Wickens, Nancy J., no dates
Wiedeman, Baby Boy, no dates
Wiest, Jonie H., b. 08-04-1895, d. 12-22-1998, age: 103yr, John & Rosie Wiest
Wiilliams, Malissa R., no dates
Wilbur, Howard R. Jr., no dates
Wilburn, Burlie, b. 1900, d. 1979, age: 79yr
Wilburn, Oscar, b. 02-29-1892, d. 01-16-1966, age: 74yr, OKLA
Wilcox, A. H., no dates
Wilcox, Billie June, no dates
Wilcox, Carrie, no dates
Wilcox, E.W., b. 1852, d. 1925, age: 73yr
Wilcox, Georgia A., b. 1859, d. 1934, age: 76yr
Wilcox, J. H., b. 1879, d. 1957, age: 78yr
Wilcox, Ruby Mae, b. 1884, d. 1961, age: 77yr
Wilcox, W. W., no dates
Wiley, Callie C, no dates
Wiley, Catherine, no dates
Wiley, Elva Mae, b. 07-15-1908, d. 04-14-1998, age: 90yr
Wiley, Floyd Wesley, b. 05-08-1905, d. 06-03-1981, age: 76yr
Wiley, James A., b. 09-13-1941, d. no date
Wiley, John A., no dates
Wiley, Judith Ann 'Dyer', b. 09-14-1943, d. 08-20-1989, age: 46yr
Wiley, L. T. 'Shorty', b. 09-14-1902, d. 07-29-1987, age: 85yr, Wed: 12-21-1924
Wiley, Lorene Melinda, b. 08-25-1912, d. 04-04-1999, age: 87yr
Wiley, Loyd W., b. 05-08-1905, d. 02-16-1992, age: 87yr
Wiley, Loyd William Jr., b. 02-17-1928, d. 07-08-1993, age: 65yr
Wiley, Orval V., no dates
Wiley, Ruth Lee, b. 10-24-1905, d. 07-04-1994, age: 89yr
Wiley, Sharon Kay, b. 01-25-1944, d. no date, Wed: 1-30-1982
Wiley, William, no dates
Willard, Baby Boy, no dates
Williams, Anna Aelene, b. 09-21-1932, d. 05-18-2001, age: 69yr
Williams, Baby Boy, no dates
Williams, Baby Morian, b., d., age: , B,
Williams, Bertha Mae, b., d. 01-06-1923
Williams, C. L., no dates
Williams, Calloway, b. 08-13-1876, d. 07-25-1943, age: 67yr, Tx Cal.
Williams, Charley S., b. 1905, d. 1965, age: 60yr
Williams, Clarence David, b. 10-05-1948, d. 10-21-1993, age: 45yr
Williams, Cora May, b. 05-09-1877, d. 01-26-1952, age: 75yr
Williams, Earl C., no dates
Williams, Elizabeth, no dates
Williams, Elma Iris, b. 07-15-1902, d. 11-06-1995, age: 93yr
Williams, Elwanda Sue, b. 03-28-1935, d. 05-22-1998, age: 63yr
Williams, F. M., no dates
Williams, Felmut, no dates
Williams, Furman G. 'Jack', b. 01-17-1909, d. 12-31-1993, age: 84yr
Williams, Glenn Nixon, no dates
Williams, Herbert W., b. 11-24-1899, d. 09-09-1961, age: 62yr
Williams, Ina 'Scott', b. 03-19-1877, d. 06-20-1964, age: 87yr
Williams, Ivarene, b. 1903, d. 1995, age: 92yr
Williams, Jackie Charles, b., d. 01-08-1943
Williams, Joe W., b. 09-07-1875, d. 01-05-1965, age: 90yr
Williams, Lanny Leon, b. 08-20-1942, d. 01-03-1987, age: 45yr
Williams, Lillian Albertha, b. 05-03-1907, d. 07-30-1995, age: 88yr
Williams, Lloyd Alva (Jack), b. 01-05-1921, d. 03-16-1988, age: 67yr
Williams, M. D., no dates
Williams, Mary E., no dates
Williams, Maud 'Crank', b. 1899, d. 1977, age: 78yr
Williams, Maude M. 'Courtright', no dates
Williams, Melody Lee, b. 10-31-1968, d. 10-28-1993, age: 25yr
Williams, Opal C., b. 04-18-1906, d. 05-19-1989, age: 83yr
Williams, Pearl, no dates
Williams, Ronald W., b. 1931, d. 1950, age: 19yr
Williams, Roy Samuel, b. 07-31-1939, d.
Williams, Roy, b. 11-15-1901, d. 05-06-1987, age: 86yr
Williams, Sallie F., b. 1889, d. 1975, age: 86yr
Williams, T. J., no dates
Williams, Virgil, b. 09-16-1896, d. 03-22-1996, age: 100yr
Williams, W. F., no dates
Williams, W. M., b. 03-30-1931, d. 01-05-1945, age: 14yr
Williams, Winnie Lee, b. 02-16-1910, d. 03-03-1990, age: 80yr
Willis, Lahoma L., no dates
Willoughby, Billy Dale, b. 01-25-1947, d. 02-17-1947, age: 3wk, baby
Willoughby, Billy Mike, b. 01-25-1925, d. 05-28-1954, age: 29yr
Willoughby, C. H., no dates
Willoughby, Cordelia, b. 1881, d. 1964, age: 83yr
Willoughby, Elmalee, b. 10-08-1922, d. 05-16-1996, age: 74yr, Wed: 11-4-1939
Willoughby, Floyce C. 'Penden', b. 08-28-1932, d. 05-28-1954, age: 22yr
Willoughby, Frank A., b. 1875, d. 1950, age: 75yr
Willoughby, John U., no dates
Willoughby, Lonzot T., b. 10-22-1880, d. 05-31-1955, age: 75yr, BOOK has Lonzo L.
Willoughby, Maggie M., b. 01-30-1881, d. 05-23-1961, age: 80yr
Willoughby, Mary, no dates
Willoughby, Minnie B., no dates
Willoughby, Quinton Gene, b. 09-03-1973, d.
Willoughby, Vester L., b. 10-19-1916, d. 05-06-1997, age: 81yr
Wills, Eliza, no dates
Willson, Darrell Robert, b. 03-13-1981, d. 03-17-1981, age: 5da, baby
Wilson, Alberta Gay, b. 1899, d. 1913, age: 14yr, Dicky & Mary M. Wilson
Wilson, Alpharetta, no dates
Wilson, Arthur, b. 01-12-1918, d. 10-22-1992, age: 74yr
Wilson, B. Monzel, no dates
Wilson, Beverly Jean, no dates
Wilson, Carrie V., b. 10-30-1885, d. 06-16-1965, age: 80yr
Wilson, Christina, no dates
Wilson, David Carl, no dates
Wilson, Dollie, b. 1893, d. 1985, age: 92yr
Wilson, E. Leon, no dates
Wilson, Eldon Carlyle, b. 06-29-1922, d. 10-22-1994, age: 72yr
Wilson, Eugene, b. 1935, d. 1935, age: 0yr, Baby
Wilson, Faye, b. 1919, d. 1938, age: 19yr
Wilson, Fern Taylor, b. 10-20-1913, d. 01-29-1935, age: 22yr
Wilson, George Lee Jr, b. 07-27-1961, d. 11-16-1980, age: 19yr
Wilson, Gorgon Demonte, no dates
Wilson, Hallie L., no dates
Wilson, Lola B., b. 09-16-1926, d. no date, Wed:2-9-1944
Wilson, Lon, b. 1890, d. 1973, age: 83yr
Wilson, Lottie N., b. 01-16-1911, d. no date
Wilson, Maudie 'Sis', b. 05-17-1917, d. no date
Wilson, Ralph W., no dates
Wilson, Raymond H., no dates
Wilson, Reece E., b. 10-12-1910, d. 09-22-1911, age: 1yr, H.A. & E.L. Wilson
Wilson, Robert G. 'Bob', b. 01-25-1906, d. 11-08-1985, age: 79yr
Wilson, Robert S., no dates
Wilson, Teddy L., no dates
Wilson, W. K. 'Bill', b. 04-20-1902, d. 06-28-1956, age: 54yr
Wilson, William A., b. 10-08-1878, d. 11-26-1959, age: 81yr
Wilson, Wm. Arthur, b. 1910, d. 1911, age: 1yr, Baby of Dicky & Mary Wilson
Wilson, Wm. E., no dates
Winkler, Gussie, b. 02-17-1891, d. 08-04-1961, age: 70yr
Winn, Jordon, no dates
Winton, E. Audine, b. 07-17-1923, d. 07-21-2000, age: 77yr
Winton, J. D., b. 05-18-1923, d. 11-22-1963, age: 40yr
Wise, David Owen, b. 06-15-1902, d. 07-10-1938, age: 36yr
Wise, Geneva Lou, b. 09-13-1897, d. 02-13-1976, age: 79yr
Witt, Jack Willoughby, b. 09-01-1917, d. 07-28-1999, age: 82yr
Witt, Vondell E., b. 10-16-1919, d. no date, Wed: 12-04-1937
Wofford, Andrew J., b. 06-10-1889, d. 02-10-1944, age: 55yr
Wofford, Clara M., b. 12-18-1894, d. 02-24-1981, age: 87yr
Wofford, William Porter, b. 02-20-1936, d. 02-02-2000, age: 64yr
Wolfe, Dixie Lee, b. 04-31-1921, d. no date
Wolfe, Doris E., b. 1906, d. 1960, age: 54yr
Wolfe, Kate 'Nebhut', b. 1873, d. 1956, age: 83yr
Wolfe, Solomon D., b. 1861, d. 1931, age: 70yr
Wolfe, William Howard, b. 01-16-1918, d. 10-22-1986, age: 68yr
Wollam, Joseph A., b. 1858, d. 1939, age: 81yr, Ohio
Wollam, Sarah F., b. 1858, d. 1932, age: 74yr, Ohio
Wollam, Stella L., no dates
Wood, Ada Jane, no dates
Wood, Alice R., b. 12-23-1880, d. 08-04-1958, age: 78yr
Wood, Annabell B., b. 03-04-1913, d.
Wood, Archie D., b. 05-10-1917, d. 03-19-1995, age: 78yr
Wood, Baby, no dates
Wood, Betty Jo, b. 06-29-1926, d. 12-16-1998, age: 72yr
Wood, C. E., b. 03-06-1876, d. 09-28-1948, age: 72yr
Wood, Guy Edgar, no dates
Wood, Ira C., b. 06-18-1908, d. 04-07-1936, age: 28yr
Wood, James Howard, b. 02-13-1915, d. 07-11-1997, age: 82yr
Wood, James L., b. 03-06-1876, d. 11-28-1954, age: 78yr
Wood, Joe, b. 06-24-1866, d. 05-31-1964, age: 98yr
Wood, John Thomas, b. 02-12-1893, d. 08-19-1970, age: 77yr
Wood, Laura A., no dates
Wood, Lela 'Stovall', b. 04-06-1900, d. 03-03-1947, age: 47yr
Wood, Leo E., b. 11-19-1919, d. no date
Wood, Lollia, b. 01-18-1868, d. 08-18-1958, age: 90yr
Wood, Minnie Lee, b. 09-10-1882, d. 02-27-1962, age: 80yr
Wood, Norman Wilson, no dates
Wood, Oma M., b. 05-14-1923, d.
Wood, Permon O., b. 01-23-1919, d. 05-07-1981, age: 62yr
Wood, Roy Jr, b. 12-02-1930, d. no date
Wood, Roy L., b. 09-30-1904, d. 01-08-1994, age: 90yr
Wood, Russell Lee, b. 01-19-1959, d. 05-30-2000, age: 41yr
Wood, Sapora Ann, no dates
Wood, Son, b., d. no date, Son of Alice & R.
Wood, Sudie, no dates
Wood, Tom, no dates
Wood, Vivian, no dates
Woodahcony, Mrs, no dates
Woodridge, Lester F., no dates
Woodruf, Baby, no dates
Woods, Archie Allen, b. 08-06-1935, d. 04-01-1985, age: 50yr
Woods, Baby Son, no dates
Woods, Baby Son, no dates
Woods, Cora May, b. 12-06-1901, d. 05-28-1980, age: 79yr
Woods, Della May, b. 1899, d. 1995, age: 96yr, Wed: 5-14-1916
Woods, Edgar J., b. 04-28-1912, d. 11-23-1977, age: 65yr
Woods, Henry Allen, b. 03-20-1897, d. 07-01-1986, age: 89yr
Woods, Henry Robert, no dates
Woods, James H. 'Jim', b. 09-03-1937, d. no date, Wed: 5-17-1957
Woods, Juanita, no dates
Woods, Michael L., no dates
Woods, Mike, b. 02-16-1955, d. 03-31-1974, age: 19yr
Woods, Mila B., no dates
Woods, Mildred 'Turner', b. 05-11-1940, d. no date
Woods, Myrtle, b. 05-03-1913, d. 06-04-1978, age: 65yr
Woods, Ougie C., b. 1894, d. 1961, age: 67yr
Woods, R. D., no dates
Woodward, Alson C., no dates
Woodward, John Edwards, no dates
Wookaknah, ?, no dates
Wooldridge, Lester, b. 05-14-1894, d. 11-13-1959, age: 65yr
Wooten, Emma M., b. 1879, d. 1964, age: 85yr
Wooten, Kermit Ray, b. 06-06-1943, d. 10-05-1968, age: 25yr
Wooten, Robert C., b. 1880, d. 1956, age: 76yr
Worden, Rolfe, no dates
Worden, Ruby Thelma, no dates
Worth, James L., b. 1873, d. 1932, age: 59yr
Worth, John C., b. 1864, d. 1924, age: 60yr
Worth, Neoma 'Spencer', b. 04-01-1879, d. 12-20-1906, age: 27yr
Wright, Alyene 'Burnett', b. 04-13-1919, d. 01-31-2001, age: 82yr
Wright, Arlie D., b. 12-15-1885, d. 03-26-1914, age: 29yr
Wright, Asa, b. 03-11-1871, d. 07-12-1965, age: 94yr
Wright, Charlie F., b. 1893, d. 1975, age: 82yr
Wright, Doris Arlene, b. 02-26-1930, d. 05-02-1986, age: 56yr
Wright, Eugene, b. 02-03-1895, d. 01-02-1967, age: 72yr
Wright, Frank, b. 1861, d. 1937, age: 76yr
Wright, Grady D., b. 10-23-1905, d. 10-11-1950, age: 45yr
Wright, Jesse J., b. 10-14-1889, d. 11-15-1951, age: 62yr
Wright, Juanita 'Miller', b. 1905, d. 1958, age: 53yr
Wright, Martha, b. 1861, d. 1936, age: 75yr
Wright, Mary Lydia, b. 10-24-1909, d. 10-28-1985, age: 76yr
Wright, Mervin Eugene, b. 08-18-1943, d. 03-30-1988, age: 45yr, 'Lehnann'
Wright, Minnis B., b. 1908, d. 1077, age: 69yr
Wright, Myrtle, b. 07-11-1880, d. 02-21-1974, age: 94yr
Wright, S. Joe Ann, no dates
Wright, Sebron William, b. 11-22-1937, d. no date
Wtson, William H., b. 03-06-1873, d. 10-05-1928, age: 55yr
Wyatt, Alice D., b. 08-26-1863, d. 09-19-1941, age: 78yr
Wyatt, George A., b. 11-15-1895, d. 02-19-1976, age: 71yr
Wyatt, James A., b. 02-21-1884, d. 10-24-1954, age: 70yr
Wyatt, Myrtle Ruth, b. 04-17-1903, d. 11-05-1989, age: 86yr
Wyatt, Nannie, b. 02-15-1881, d. 05-06-1965, age: 84yr
Wyatt, Rena Bell, b. 04-14-1904, d. 12-31-1924, age: 20yr
Wylder, Charles Gomer, b. 1874, d. 1964, age: 90yr
Wylder, Hettie May, b. 1872, d. 1968, age: 96yr
Wylder, John Walter, b. 1888, d. 1970, age: 82yr
Wylder, Robert G., b. 1903, d. 1943, age: 40yr
Wylder, Venus Mary, b. 1903, d. 1991, age: 88yr
Wylder, William R., b. 1927, d. 1944, age: 17yr
Wynn, Ann, b. 11-26-1918, d. no date
Wynn, Leo Ethel, no dates
Wynn, Luther, no dates
Wynn, Paul, no dates
Wynn, Paula Kay, b. 06-14-1945, d. 03-08-1996, age: 51yr
Yackenyonny, Billy J., b. 05-05-1936, d. no date
Yackenyonny, Joan, b. 09-05-1936, d. 07-04-1995, age: 59yr, Wed: 6-27-1984
Yackeschi, Eli, no dates
Yackeschi, Frank, no dates
Yackeschi, Leo, no dates
Yackeschi, Suam, b. 1896, d. 1963, age: 67yr
Yackeschi, Willis W., b. 07-12-1916, d. 03-22-1985, age: 69yr
Yackeyonny, Erma Jean, no dates
Yackeyonny, Kermit Sr., b. 09-30-1936, d. 12-24-1980, age: 44yr
Yackeyonny, Kye Jr., b. 12-24-1948, d. 08-31-1949, age: 8mo, baby
Yackeyonny, Kye Owen, b. 08-09-1914, d. 05-24-1975, age: 61yr
Yackytooahnipah, Joe (Yacus), b. 07-27-1910, d. 05-25-1975, age: 65yr
Yackytooahnipah, Wayne, b. 03-12-1916, d. 01-30-1918, age: 2yr, Baby
Yacus, Linda 'Poemaheaf', no dates
Yates, Thelma L., no dates
Yielding, Eva, b. 09-07-1899, d. 08-27-1973, age: 74yr
Yielding, Howard C., b. 1894, d. 1937, age: 43yr
Yockey, Helen Lorene, b. 02-26-1921, d. 09-15-1994, age: 73yr
Yokley, Annie M., no dates
Yokley, Eugene C., no dates
Yokley, Fred Ellison, b. 1901, d. 1942, age: 41yr
Yokley, H. A., no dates
Yokley, Ha A. Jr., no dates
York, Nannie E., no dates
York, Ray A., no dates
York, Theron Dale, b. 07-10-1921, d. 09-04-1969, age: 58yr
York, Vaughn Nell 'Todd', b. 05-23-1924, d. 10-24-1993, age: 69yr
Young, Billy Sue, no dates
Young, C. E. 'Ed', b. 1886, d. 1965, age: 79yr
Young, Ermine B., no dates
Young, Georgia, b. 02-22-1917, d. no date
Young, J. R., b. 1872, d. 1959, age: 97yr
Young, John S., b. 05-19-1911, d. 03-23-1982, age: 71yr
Young, John Sherman, no dates
Young, Johnny K., no dates
Young, M. Alice, b. 1882, d. 1934, age: 52yr
Young, Martha, b. 04-01-1859, d. 05-08-1933, age: 74yr
Young, May, b. 1886, d. 1957, age: 71yr
Young, Minnie J., b. 02-08-1868, d. 12-04-1933, age: 65yr
Young, Modena, no dates
Young, Monroe H., no dates
Young, Robert T., b. 04-23-1927, d. 02-05-1980, age: 52yr
Young, Sherman ?, b. 04-14-1915, d. 07-11-1993, age: 78yr, Wed:Georgia 4-11-1953
Young, Stella Frances, b. 09-26-1896, d. 12-26-1918, age: 22yr
Young, Thomas B., b. 03-01-1860, d. 01-31-1950, age: 90yr
Young, W.A., b. 04-14-1852, d. 07-18-1927, age: 75yr
Young, Willie J., b. 11-02-1886, d. 03-03-1963, age: 77yr
Young, Wm. D., no dates
Youniacutt, Forrist, b. 05-07-1926, d. 01-18-1928, age: 2yr, Baby
Youree, Addie B., b. 1883, d. 1942, age: 59yr
Youree, Lonnie N., b. 05-01-1909, d. 11-19-1971, age: 62yr
Youree, Marjorie M., b. 08-19-1915, d. no date
Youree, Timmiey, b. 1873, d. 1963, age: 90yr
Zachary, Claude G., b. 1936, d. 2001, age: 65yr
Zachary, E. Marie, b. 11-14-1914, d. no date
Zachary, William Claud, b. 06-04-1915, d. 10-15-1987, age: 72yr
Zackary, Mattie, b. 12-20-1889, d. 07-04-1930, age: 41yr
Zackary, Rena Victoria, no dates
Zeier, Anthony, b. 05-10-1938, d.
Zeier, Frances Louise, b. 04-03-1905, d. 01-24-1992, age: 87yr
Zeier, Jake T., b. 08-31-1875, d. 10-29-1968, age: 93yr
Zeier, Mary Thresia, b. 01-12-1882, d. 09-29-1975, age: 93yr
Zeier, William Archie, b. 04-06-1907, d. 01-30-1993, age: 86yr
Zwciacker, Arthur A., b. 10-08-1913, d. 12-21-2000, age: 87yr
Zwciacker, Violet Alvina, b. 04-10-1920, d. 01-20-1990, age: 70yr
Zweiacker, Adolf, b. 02-02-1878, d. 04-17-1966, age: 88yr
Zweiacker, Baby Son, b. 09-27-1947, d. no date, Baby-of Arthur A. Zweiacker
Zweiacker, Martha, b. 09-20-1879, d. 10-21-1938, age: 59yr
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