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Oklahoma Death Records


Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

O'Dell, James, b. 05-20-1966, d. 07-06-1966, age: 2mo, baby
O'Dell, John R., b. 07-26-1932, d. 03-12-2001, age: 69yr
O'Dell, Margie L., b. 10-25-1930, d. 02-17-1992, age: 62yr, Book has Maggie Lou
O'Neal, Ruby 'Skinner', no dates
Oakley, Josie L., b. 02-18-1884, d. 12-24-1947, age: 63yr
Oakley, Lonnie J., b. 06-20-1881, d. 07-18-1947, age: 66yr
Oakley, Willard W., b. 08-29-1916, d. 02-18-1997, age: 81yr
Odine, Baby Son, no dates
Ogletree, Ann G., b. 09-28-1924, d. no date
Ogletree, Augusta A., b. 12-29-1875, d. 11-24-1953, age: 78yr
Ogletree, Howell Clark, b. 02-24-1898, d. 12-09-1985, age: 87yr
Ogletree, Leta 'Benton', b. 1891, d. 1943, age: 53yr
Ogletree, Lorna B., b. 01-27-1904, d. 03-08-1974, age: 70yr
Ogletree, WM. L. Bill, b. 04-04-1921, d.
Ogletree, William D., b. 01-18-1872, d. 04-09-1940, age: 68yr
Ogletree, William Zedo, b. 1894, d. 1960, age: 66yr
Ogletree, Wm. L. Jr, b. 06-13-1957, d. 10-12-1974, age: 17yr
Oldham, Della, no dates
Oldham, Ernest, b. 03-20-1916, d. 06-01-1998, age: 82yr, Book has Oldman
Oldham, Henry, no dates
Oldham, Leo. M., no dates
Oldham, Newlon, no dates
Oldham, Rex, no dates
Oldham, Rudell, b. 06-19-1919, d. no date
Oliver, Allie E., no dates
Oliver, Baby, no dates
Oliver, Bertha Mae 'McDonald, b. 03-25-1915, d. 02-07-1991, age: 76yr
Oliver, Carrie B., no dates
Oliver, Elridge, no dates
Oliver, Huey Lee, no dates
Oliver, Jessie, no dates
Oliver, Lundy Wayne, b. 02-13-1913, d. 05-17-1974, age: 61yr
Oliver, Mattie B., b. 1881, d. 1975, age: 94yr
Oliver, Michael Carl 'Doc', b. 10-01-1949, d. 04-27-1993, age: 44yr
Oliver, Otho, b. 1877, d. 1941, age: 64yr
Oliver, Stella, b. 1873, d. 1944, age: 71yr
Oliver, Wardie D., no dates
Olsson, Nils, no dates
Orth, Nellie Boggs, b. 12-07-1899, d. 11-16-1980, age: 81yr
Orth, William Conard, b. 08-11-1881, d. 11-10-1954, age: 73yr
Otey, Thomas Henry, b. 09-17-1915, d. 07-20-1988, age: 73yr
Otipoby, Mable Jean, b. 06-03-1930, d. no date, Coosewoon
Otipoby, Richard L., b. 10-24-1952, d. 10-27-1952, age: 3da, baby
Otis, Andrew Louis, b. 10-22-1909, d. 05-03-1983, age: 74yr
Otis, David Frederick, b. 01-25-1912, d. 01-11-1993, age: 81yr
Otis, Edgar L., no dates
Otis, Kenneth E., b. 07-07-1895, d. 04-08-1975, age: 80yr
Otis, Louise Bell, b. 12-08-1905, d. 12-16-1990, age: 85yr
Otis, Marie D., b. 08-08-1898, d. 12-21-1970, age: 72yr
Otis, Willie May, no dates
Ototivo, Angeline 'Gommock, b. 01-01-1889, d. 11-03-1986, age: 97yr
Ototivo, Vilas, b. 1883, d. 1944, age: 61yr
Overton, Sallie J., b. 01-29-1884, d. 11-03-1962, age: 78yr, Book has Sarah J.
Overton, William J., b. 11-10-1882, d. 09-19-1959, age: 77yr
Owens, Baby, no dates
Owens, Catherine, b. 06-26-1942, d. no date, child
Owens, Jimmy, b. 05-10-1935, d. 07-13-1936, age: 14mo, baby
Owens, John R., b. 01-13-1914, d. 06-12-1990, age: 76yr
Owens, Liddie Mae, b. 03-29-1914, d. 01-09-1983, age: 69yr
Owens, Margaret Jewell, b. 1906, d. 1990, age: 84yr
Owens, Paul, b. 1901, d. 1969, age: 68yr
Owens, Teddie Gail, b. 12-03-1956, d. 06-09-1989, age: 33yr
Page, Georgia Oma, b. 11-06-1908, d. 06-23-1973, age: 65yr
Page, Kenneth G., b. 08-06-1927, d. 03-31-1977, age: 50yr
Palmer, Baby Son, no dates
Palmer, Dee Olin, b. 12-17-1925, d. no date
Palmer, Dee Otis, b. 01-15-1896, d. 01-26-1982, age: 86yr
Palmer, Floy Juanita, no dates
Palmer, Floy Wanda, b. 04-21-1929, d. 03-04-1999, age: 70yr
Palmer, Jessie M., no dates
Palmer, Jessie Mabel, b. 11-22-1902, d. 03-28-1935, age: 33yr
Palmer, Patricia Nell, b. 05-02-1929, d. 08-23-1954, age: 25yr, Book has Patricia M.
Palmer, Sarah Janie, b. 10-16-1892, d. 04-05-1985, age: 93yr, Stevenson
Palmer, Vonnie M., no dates
Pannell, Donie A, no dates
Pannell, Nick H., no dates
Park, Ara V., b. 11-20-1874, d. 01-24-1961, age: 87yr
Park, Dee E., b. 1897, d. 1971, age: 74yr
Park, Eliza Dora, b. 1872, d. 1952, age: 80yr
Park, Georgia R., b. 1902, d.
Park, Hattie, b. 1871, d. 1949, age: 78yr
Park, Henry Theo, b. 1904, d. 1919, age: 15yr
Park, James Robert, b. 02-15-1892, d. 03-07-1967, age: 75yr
Park, Leney B., b. 04-18-1895, d. 10-01-1977, age: 82yr
Park, M. M., b. 1861, d. 1931, age: 70yr
Park, Minta Jane M., b. 02-04-1892, d. 10-01-1984, age: 92yr, ,M, b=,
Park, Theodore N., b. 1867, d. 1947, age: 80yr
Park, Virgil L., b. 1910, d. 1939, age: 29yr
Parke, Fred L., b. 04-26-1898, d. 04-25-1984, age: 86yr
Parke, Georgia Ann, b. 1878, d. 1959, age: 81yr
Parke, Gladys Ruth, b. 01-27-1911, d. 09-13-1991, age: 80yr
Parke, Ocar Frank, b. 1873, d. 1953, age: 80yr
Parke, Robert D., b. 06-07-1920, d. 01-01-1942, age: 22yr
Parker, Alice C., b., d., age: Maybe same as above, B,
Parker, Alitia C., b. 08-25-1855, d. 01-03-1923, age: 68yr
Parker, Arley J., b. 05-26-1929, d. no date
Parker, Betty Jean 'Spanhanks, b. 12-08-1951, d. 03-18-1991, age: 40yr
Parker, Floyd (SI) Jr, b. 01-28-1922, d. 05-12-1990, age: 68yr
Parker, Janie Ruth, b. 05-09-1960, d. 05-10-1960, age: 1da, baby
Parker, Merideth W., b. 10-14-1847, d. 04-03-1926, age: 79yr
Parker, Wanda Lou, b. 08-22-1927, d. 01-25-1987, age: 60yr, Wed:4-26-1961
Parkero, Stella Lee, no dates
Parkison, Sarah, no dates
Parks, Albert W., no dates
Parks, Alva Day, b. 03-14-1912, d. 07-31-1999, age: 87yr
Parks, Anna Jane, b. 01-01-1937, d. 01-23-1937, age: 3wks, baby
Parks, Anna M., no dates
Parks, Bettie, no dates
Parks, Charley Franklin, no dates
Parks, Eula, b. 01-29-1901, d. 08-12-1989, age: 88yr
Parks, Georgia 'Brown', b. 10-27-1914, d. 07-06-1988, age: 74yr
Parks, Guy A., no dates
Parks, Joseph E., no dates
Parks, Mae B. 'Potts', b. 12-09-1901, d. 01-02-1987, age: 86yr
Parks, Maria H., no dates
Parks, Mary A., no dates
Parks, Nellie J., no dates
Parks, Philetus, b. 12-26-1904, d. 04-26-1960, age: 56yr
Parks, Ralf E., no dates
Parks, Roy, b. 10-16-1916, d. 11-09-1997, age: 81yr
Parks, Violet Uwanah, b. 10-04-1914, d. 12-09-1995, age: 81yr, -Wed:6-20-1937
Parks, William N., no dates
Parrack, Calvin W., b. 01-24-1894, d. 11-19-1956, age: 62yr
Parrack, Ethel Belle, no dates
Parrack, Ethel Etter, b. 09-02-1912, d. 11-15-1992, age: 80yr
Parrack, Mae, b. 12-14-1894, d. 12-18-1980, age: 86yr
Parrack, W. E., no dates
Parrish, Floys S., no dates
Parrish, Garland Jr, no dates
Parrish, Garland Sr., no dates
Parrish, John Frank, no dates
Parrish, John M., no dates
Parrish, Martha Marie, b. 08-23-1926, d. 02-23-1998, age: 72yr
Parrish, Mary E., no dates
Parrish, Robert W., no dates
Parrish, Roland Eugene, no dates
Parrish, Stuart Leland, no dates
Parsley, Velma Oleen, b., d. no date, Branstetter
Parsons, Ernest Earl, b. 06-03-1940, d. 05-22-2000, age: 60yr
Patman, Landry Aaron, no dates
Paton, Donald E., no dates
Paton, Stella W., b. 05-04-1871, d. 04-22-1947, age: 76yr
Paton, Trella Della, no dates
Paton, Wm. J., b. 11-24-1866, d. 08-06-1942, age: 76yr
Patten, James F., no dates
Patterson, Albert R., b. 01-21-1876, d. 11-01-1938, age: 62yr
Patterson, Beulah A., b. 08-02-1878, d. 08-10-1976, age: 98yr
Patton, C. B., b. 1888, d. 1928, age: 40yr
Patton, Clara Edna, no dates
Patton, Hila A., b. 01-06-1866, d. 04-29-1928, age: 62yr
Patton, Hiram M., no dates
Patton, James W., b. 01-18-1857, d. 03-02-1947, age: 90yr
Patton, James W., b. 05-09-1923, d. 10-09-1923, age: 5mo, baby
Patton, Rhodney V., no dates
Patton, Ruth M., no dates
Payette, Bessie 'Barbe', b. 12-18-1891, d. 08-22-1953, age: 62yr
Payette, Birtie R., b. 01-30-1917, d. no date
Payette, Prime R., b. 12-18-1891, d. 08-22-1953, age: 62yr
Payette, Rev. Clair A., b. 04-15-1914, d. 03-23-1983, age: 69yr
Payne, Charlie H., no dates
Payne, Clarence Vough, b. 01-30-1897, d. 09-08-1993, age: 96yr, Wed: 5-19-1919
Payne, Earnest Lewis, b. 1920, d. 1936, age: 16yr
Payne, Elizabeth J., no dates
Payne, Frank H., b. 04-30-1903, d. 01-27-1974, age: 71yr
Payne, Harriet Adeline, b. 07-21-1896, d. 07-11-1981, age: 85yr
Payne, Joseph Herford, 3., no dates
Payne, Nell Opal, b. 05-14-1905, d. 01-31-1962, age: 57yr
Payne, Sandra Jo, b. 1941, d. 1941, age: 0yr, Baby
Paynter, John M., no dates
Paynter, Luretta E., no dates
Peacock, Leola B., b. 08-24-1907, d. 06-06-1981, age: 74yr
Peacock, Thomas J., b. 01-21-1895, d. 02-01-1973, age: 78yr
Pearson, Buddy, b. 01-09-1910, d. 12-29-2000, age: 90yr
Pearson, Edgar A., b. 09-09-1893, d. 10-15-1931, age: 38yr
Pearson, G. B., b., d., age: Maybe same as line above, B,
Pearson, Howard O., b. 1905, d. 1972, age: 67yr
Pearson, Howard R., b. 1944, d. 1944, age: 0yr, Baby
Pearson, Jack, b. 08-11-1925, d. 08-27-1926, age: 1yr, Baby
Pearson, Kitty M., b. 08-11-1891, d. 10-12-1950, age: 59yr
Pearson, Marion Melba, b. 05-20-1912, d. 01-22-1982, age: 70yr
Pearson, Mary J., no dates
Pearson, Mary Jane, b. 1907, d. 1962, age: 55yr
Pearson, Mary L., b. 01-05-1878, d. 09-12-1949, age: 71yr
Pearson, Maude 'Person', b. 01-02-1882, d. 01-22-1967, age: 85yr
Pearson, Ralph L., 2, b. 06-03-1879, d. 06-29-1964, age: 85yr
Pearson, Ralph Lanter, b. 1938, d. 1938, age: 0yr, Baby
Pearson, W. F., b. 1883, d. 1943, age: 60yr
Peavy, John Michael, no dates
Peck, Carl Andrew, b. 01-26-1912, d. no date, Wed:11-12-1947
Peck, Verna Mae, b. 03-23-1910, d. 01-21-2001, age: 91yr
Peden, Lace G, no dates
Peden, Mary E., no dates
Peel, Baby, no dates
Peel, Emma C., b. 11-23-1869, d. 12-03-1957, age: 88yr
Peel, Henry, b. 04-15-1907, d. 08-07-1947, age: 40yr
Peel, P. W., b. 06-09-1859, d. 06-22-1927, age: 68yr
Peel, Phylandes, no dates
Peel, William H., b. 04-15-1907, d. 08-07-1947, age: 40yr
Peery, Goldie Mae, b. 02-20-1920, d. 02-04-1978, age: 58yr
Peery, J.T., b. 08-11-1916, d. 05-30-1980, age: 64yr
Peery, Maude A., b. 09-30-1896, d. 10-20-1973, age: 77yr
Peery, Willie H., b. 07-30-1895, d. 09-22-1974, age: 79yr
Pelton, Billy Roy, b. 03-17-1946, d.
Pendergraft, Arthur, b. 1881, d. 1929, age: 48yr
Pendergraft, Emma Pearl, b. 1882, d. 1965, age: 83yr
Pendergraft, Gertrude, b. 01-24-1895, d. 04-07-1988, age: 93yr
Pendergraft, Luther C., b. 01-13-1884, d. 10-5-1975, age: 91yr
Penn, Bonnie Lucille, no dates
Penn, John A., b. 05-14-1904, d. 06-17-1980, age: 76yr
Penn, John Appling Jr, b. 10-12-1927, d. 11-11-1995, age: 68yr
Penn, Lucille, b. 10-23-1902, d. 01-20-1998, age: 96yr, Wed:6-12-1925
Pennington, Betty J., b. 07-01-1930, d. 02-04-1996, age: 66yr, Wed:7-26-1947
Pennington, James Delano, b., d., age: Same as above ?
Pennington, Jimmy D., b. 12-19-1924, d. 12-05-1989, age: 65yr
Pennington, Leon H., b. 09-24-1914, d. 12-07-1945, age: 31yr
Pennington, Myrtle S., b. 07-26-1885, d. 11-05-1972, age: 87yr, Book has Myrtte S.
Pennington, R. Minta, b. 02-03-1896, d. 09-24-1964, age: 68yr, Book has P. Minta
Pennington, Robert E., b. 01-19-1930, d. 01-24-1930, age: 5da, baby
Pennington, W. W., b. 02-19-1883, d. 01-27-1962, age: 79yr
Penrod, Billy Joe, b. 02-23-1927, d. 02-22-1979, age: 52yr, 9-9-1946 Dorothy May
Penrod, Caitlin Deanne, no dates
Penrod, Dorothy May, b. 04-09-1927, d. no date
Penrod, Eva L., no dates
Penrod, Louis D., no dates
Penrod, Paul E., b. 07-06-1918, d. 12-01-1944, age: 26yr
Perez, Benny C., b. 06-16-1923, d. 12-31-1976, age: 53yr
Perez, Clay Simon, b. 04-27-1953, d. 05-14-1989, age: 36yr
Perez, M. G. 'Joe', b. 1891, d. 1977, age: 85yr, Book has Manuel (Joe)
Perez, Mammie V., b. 10-17-1920, d. 03-14-2001, age: 81yr
Permamsu, Benjamin, b. 1900, d. 1961, age: 61yr
Permamsu,, b. 1857, d. 03-03-1919, age: 62yr
Permansu, Benson, b. 05-25-1925, d. 07-07-1988, age: 63yr
Permansu, Cecil, b. 08-07-1939, d. 12-25-1980, age: 41yr
Permansu, Clara, b. 07-29-1908, d. 09-24-1977, age: 69yr
Permansu, Henry, b. 1895, d. 1954, age: 59yr
Permansu, Herbert (Jocko), no dates
Permansu, Irene, b., d., age: , B_,
Perren, Everett L., b. 1922, d. 1924, age: 2yr, Book has Perrin
Perrin, James S., b. 10-25-1849, d. 01-17-1927, age: 78yr
Perry, Alva Orville, b. 06-18-1891, d. 07-01-1959, age: 68yr
Perry, Cyrus A., b. 1853, d. 1920, age: 67yr
Perry, Dwight, no dates
Perry, Earl E., b. 1890, d. 1958, age: 68yr
Perry, Edwin R. Jr., no dates
Perry, Edwin R. Sr., no dates
Perry, Fannie, no dates
Perry, Floye, no dates
Perry, Jennie M., no dates
Perry, Lois, b. 09-24-1912, d. no date, Wed: 11-09-1931
Perry, Malisia P., b. 1891, d. 1984, age: 93yr
Perry, Opal Lee, no dates
Perry, Stephens D., no dates
Person, Lee Roy, b. 08-20-1905, d. 10-31-1975, age: 70yr
Person, Maude I., no dates
Person, Troy A., b. 01-24-1921, d. 12-12-1948, age: 27yr, KY
Person, W. F., no dates
Peters, Baby Son, no dates
Peters, Claud C., no dates
Peters, Kathryn, no dates
Peters, Versie E. 'Whitehead', b. 05-06-1917, d. 04-18-1986, age: 69yr
Peterson, Richard F., b. 09-21-1906, d. 02-07-1984, age: 78yr
Peterson, Sabina Pearl, b. 04-21-1911, d. 07-13-1999, age: 88yr
Petty, Bessie J., b. 08-09-1944, d. no date
Petty, Betty L., b. 1870, d. 1936, age: 66yr
Petty, Charles E., b. 05-11-1916, d. 05-09-1991, age: 75yr
Petty, Chas. Wick, b. 03-06-1879, d. 12-17-1940, age: 61yr
Petty, Delores Ann, b. 10-02-1936, d. no date
Petty, Donny E., b. 06-28-1942, d. no date
Petty, Etta Mae, b. 11-14-1908, d. no date
Petty, Flossie W., b. 01-05-1920, d. no date, Wed:4-16-1938
Petty, Floyd L., b. 12-13-1902, d. 07-22-1971, age: 69yr
Petty, Fred G., b. 06-28-1900, d. 03-25-1969, age: 69yr
Petty, Garland Earl, b. 04-20-1936, d. 06-23-1991, age: 55yr
Petty, Louvena, no dates
Petty, Minnie Lee, b. 09-01-1888, d. 01-02-1977, age: 89yr
Petty, Sallie 'Pittard', b. 06-13-1881, d. 11-04-1978, age: 97yr
Petty, Shirley Ann, b. 04-29-1936, d. 03-07-1941, age: 5yr, Child
Petty, Thomas A., b. 1868, d. 1932, age: 64yr
Petty, Vena, b. 03-04-1903, d. 01-06-1984, age: 81yr
Petty, William 'Bill', b. 09-11-1900, d. 02-19-1977, age: 77yr
Petty, Winifred Edith, b. 01-05-1905, d. 03-12-1995, age: 90yr
Pfeifer, George Lewis, b. 02-17-1877, d. 02-26-1947, age: 70yr
Pfeifer, Icena Belle, b. 10-05-1887, d. 04-06-1967, age: 80yr, Book says Iaena B.
Pfister, Lillie D., b. 12-14-1879, d. 04-10-1956, age: 77yr
Pfister, Rudolph D., b. 10-07-1881, d. 01-02-1964, age: 83yr
Phelps, Ollie Leroy, b. 11-04-1932, d. 11-21-1991, age: 59yr
Philbrook, David, b. 1940, d. no date
Philbrook, Ethel, b. 1909, d. 1969, age: 60yr
Philbrook, Mortimer, b. 1900, d. 1978, age: 78yr
Philips, Lon, no dates
Phillips, Alean L., b. 10-01-1957, d. no date, Baby
Phillips, Allen C., no dates
Phillips, Amy E., no dates
Phillips, Arthur Hortence, b. 11-24-1915, d. 04-17-1992, age: 77yr
Phillips, Billie V., b. 07-05-1925, d. 04-22-1997, age: 72yr
Phillips, Birdie E., no dates
Phillips, Chester Ruben, b. 11-29-1908, d. 11-25-1982, age: 74yr
Phillips, Eddie L., b. 06-02-1906, d. 12-03-1979, age: 73yr
Phillips, Effie E., b. 10-22-1914, d. 01-16-1991, age: 77yr
Phillips, Emmett F., b. 1867, d. 1940, age: 73yr
Phillips, Ethel O., no dates
Phillips, Eva, no dates
Phillips, Gregory S., no dates
Phillips, Hazel Vivian, b. 01-12-1914, d. 11-29-1988, age: 74yr
Phillips, Henry Ewing, b. 05-01-1913, d. no date
Phillips, Henry H., no dates
Phillips, Iona Faye, b. 08-22-1926, d. 12-21-1998, age: 72yr
Phillips, James Floyd, no dates
Phillips, John L., no dates
Phillips, Maggie V., b. 11-07-1895, d. 08-13-1977, age: 82yr
Phillips, Martha A., no dates
Phillips, Max, b. 09-13-1915, d. 08-27-1993, age: 78yr
Phillips, Nancy E., b. 1871, d. 1936, age: 65yr
Phillips, Nancy E., no dates
Phillips, Rachel 'Williams', b. 1885, d. 1916, age: 31yr
Phillips, Raymond Lloyd, no dates
Phillips, Tommie E., b. 06-30-1891, d. 12-27-1968, age: 77yr
Phillips, Uda Irene, b. 06-26-1912, d. no date, Wed:12-27-1931
Phillips, Victor Max, no dates
Phillips, William G., no dates
Phillips, William H., no dates
Phillips, William Marion, b. 1884, d. 1969, age: 85yr
Phillips, Willie Violet, no dates
Philpott, Edna 'Marsh', b. 11-27-1915, d. no date, Wed:8-6-1936
Philpott, Iola Fae, b. 08-14-1910, d. 07-23-1994, age: 84yr
Philpott, Morris David, b. 07-10-1913, d. 12-03-1995, age: 82yr
Philpott, Samuel Weaver, b. 09-09-1904, d. 07-30-1980, age: 76yr
Phipps, Grace Etta, b. 01-18-1899, d. 06-06-1988, age: 89yr
Phipps, Jay, b. 03-15-1897, d. 01-10-1981, age: 84yr
Piatt, Charles Oliver, b. 1933, d. 1967, age: 34yr
Piatt, Hazel Marie, b. 07-13-1915, d. 02-28-1997, age: 82yr, Wed: 12-14-1935
Piatt, Herbert, b. 04-13-1901, d. 08-21-1988, age: 87yr
Piatt, Joan Valerie, b. 1930, d. 1967, age: 37yr
Piatt, Mary B., b. 10-01-1934, d. no date, Wed: 8-5-1961
Piatt, Roy Allen, b. 07-16-1937, d. 12-11-1938, age: 17 mo, baby
Pickens, Johnnie D., b. 10-29-1896, d. 04-05-1969, age: 73yr
Pickens, Margaret Ann, b. 1867, d. 1953, age: 86yr
Pickens, Rev. John W., b. 1869, d. 1037, age: 68yr
Pickens, Ruby I., b. 01-01-1907, d. 05-31-1991, age: 84yr
Pickett, Annie J., b. 1882, d. 1971, age: 89yr
Pickett, Earnest A., b. 1912, d. 1960, age: 48yr
Pickett, Elmer O., b. 10-12-1912, d. 08-15-1959, age: 47yr
Pickett, Henry B., no dates
Pickett, James M., b. 1869, d. 1933, age: 64yr
Pickett, Jimmy D., b. 1935, d. 1968, age: 33yr
Pickett, Jimmy O., no dates
Pickett, Kathryne C., b. 1913, d. no date
Pickett, Ollie S., b. 1901, d. 1977, age: 76yr
Pickett, Richard 'Dick', b. 1903, d. 1943, age: 40yr
Pickett, Robert O., b. 04-19-1907, d. 02-09-1960, age: 53yr
Pickett, Vesta A., b. 06-25-1908, d. no date
Pierce, Ione 'Wallace', b. 02-18-1903, d. 10-26-1988, age: 85yr
Pierce, John F., b. 11-27-1900, d. 06-04-1953, age: 53yr
Pierce, LaRue, no dates
Piland, Reta Mae, b. 04-02-1906, d. 06-15-1994, age: 88yr
Pilkington, Daniel H., b. 01-27-1870, d. 09-10-1946, age: 76yr
Pilkington, Winnie L., b. 06-22-1872, d. 07-09-1964, age: 92yr
Pinkerton, Gladys Hazel, b. 06-04-1896, d. 02-03-1979, age: 83yr
Pinkerton, Leslie Earl, b. 01-05-1893, d. 10-10-1958, age: 65yr
Pinson, Coley E., b. 03-17-1894, d. 03-01-1950, age: 56yr
Pinson, Ester LaDean, b. 02-06-1928, d. 08-06-1932, age: 24yr
Pittman, J. O., no dates
Plamer, Mattie M., no dates
Plaster, Dana Kay 'Kelley', b. 10-16-1948, d. 02-14-1999, age: 41yr
Pleasant, Lonnie Avis, b. 1905, d. 1979, age: 74yr
Pleasant, Mary E., b. 06-23-1883, d. 08-29-1969, age: 86yr
Pleasant, Thurman V., b. 01-03-1883, d. 09-05-1953, age: 70yr
Plumkett, Henry Thomas, b. 03-06-1883, d. 04-21-1954, age: 71yr
Plunkett, Eula, b. 11-28-1889, d. 06-21-1932, age: 43yr
Plunkett, Ronald Lewis, b. 12-13-1943, d.
Pochel, Dotie R., b. 02-17-1872, d. 01-13-1959, age: 87yr
Pochel, Ellen, b. 06-28-1879, d. 08-10-1956, age: 77yr
Poe, Floy L., b. 1919, d. 1920, age: 1yr
Poe, Letha S., b. 1908, d. 1920, age: 12yr
Poe, Thomas B., b. 1913, d. 1915, age: 2yr
Poemaheah, Baby Boy, no dates
Poemaheah, Baby Boy, no dates
Poemaheah, Robert, no dates
Poemoceah, Elmer Wayne, b. 09-05-1938, d. 05-18-1985, age: 47yr, Book has POEMOCEAH'86yr
Poemoceah, Frank, b. 1910, d. 1936, age: 26yr
Poemoceah, Henry, b. 03-07-1905, d. 11-20-1964, age: 61yr
Poemoceah, Kelly W., b. 08-19-1929, d. 03-20-1952, age: 23yr
Poemoceah, Linda, b. 1890, d. 1917, age: 27yr
Poemoceah, Lizzie, no dates
Poemoceah, Mable, b. 11-18-1908, d. 12-22-1996, age: 88yr, Wahahrogeah
Poemoceah, Oliver, b., d. 03-14-1946, age: 55yrbr> Poemoceah, Silcott, b. 02-25-1908, d. 05-11-1976, age: 68yr
Poemoeeah,, no dates
Poemogeah, Berdie, b. 1890, d. 1917, age: 27yr
Poemogeah,, b. 1851, d. 03-06-1922, age: 71yr
Poolaw, Jennie, no dates
Poolaw, Moses Edward Jr., b. 12-03-1942, d. 03-06-1991, age: 49yr
Poolaw, T., b. 1910, d. 2001, age: 91yr
Pope, Bessie Mae, b. 1907, d. 1968, age: 61yr
Pope, Myrtle F., b. 1882, d. 1970, age: 88yr
Pope, Thomas E., b. 1875, d. 1954, age: 79yr
Posey, Nancy J., b. 06-08-1870, d. 02-15-1950, age: 80yr
Post, Carol 'Swinford', b. 03-08-1929, d. 10-22-1981, age: 52yr
Post, Joseph H., b. 12-08-1895, d. 04-20-1964, age: 69yr
Post, Nell Julian, b. 11-01-1897, d. 09-24-1983, age: 86yr
Potter, Cecil Earl, b. 03-05-1908, d. 04-18-1908, age: 44da, baby
Potter, Samuel Eainsworth, b. 05-27-1909, d. 08-02-1980, age: 71yr
Potter, Velelta, b. 02-22-1910, d. 07-05-1984, age: 74yr
Potts, Dillard Dee, b. 1893, d. 1946, age: 53yr
Potts, Elva Jean, b. 12-31-1932, d. no date
Potts, Fred Lynn, b. 06-12-1935, d. 07-09-1944, age: 9yr, Child
Potts, Kenneth Lynn, b. 07-08-1953, d. no date
Potts, Larrt Britt, b., d. 12-19-1969, Child-Fred & Elvenia
Potts, Mae Bernice, no dates
Potts, Sally Estelle, b. 11-07-1916, d. 03-17-1985, age: 69yr
Powell ?, Charles C., b. 1917, d. 1940, age: 23yr
Powell, Beulah Pinkie 'Winter', b. 11-03-1917, d. no date, Wed:3-3-1935
Powell, C. J., b. 02-13-1926, d. 05-13-1977, age: 51yr
Powell, Cordi J., b. 10-15-1893, d. 11-06-1966, age: 73yr
Powell, Dwight W., b. 09-23-1938, d. 03-09-1980, age: 42yr
Powell, Fred A, no dates
Powell, GIlebert J., b. 11-28-1895, d. 12-27-1970, age: 75yr
Powell, Granville, b. 10-02-1917, d. 05-04-1966, age: 49yr
Powell, Harretta, no dates
Powell, Harry O., no dates
Powell, Henry, no dates
Powell, J. Esther, b. 01-13-1917, d. no date
Powell, James R., b. 01-21-1885, d.
Powell, John A., no dates
Powell, John, no dates
Powell, Leda F., no dates
Powell, Lennie 'Fielding', no dates
Powell, Mary E., b. 08-11-1900, d. 07-11-1982, age: 82yr
Powell, Mildred F., no dates
Powell, Minnie M., b. 04-20-1890, d. 03-17-1981, age: 91yr
Powell, Nelle S., b. 07-19-1888, d. 01-14-1965, age: 77yr
Powell, Paul Schuler, b. 10-26-1915, d. 04-11-1990, age: 75yr
Powell, Robert R., b. 02-27-1918, d. 04-27-1966, age: 48yr
Powell, Roy Lee, b. 1918, d. 1929, age: 11yr
Powell, Russell, no dates
Powell, Sallie E., b. 08-04-1899, d. 04-24-1963, age: 64yr
Powell, Samuel Ray, b. 07-25-1938, d.
Powell, Tennesse, b., d., age: Maybe line above, B,
Powell, Tennie, b. 02-19-1897, d. 11-22-1952, age: 55yr
Powell, William T., b. 08-10-1888, d. 01-24-1960, age: 82yr
Powers, Alfred Lavern 'Vernie', b. 10-27-1911, d. 10-29-1988, age: 77yr
Powers, Cass, no dates
Powers, Derek Scott, b. 06-16-1980, d. 09-10-1993, age: 13yr
Powers, Ella Katherine, no dates
Powers, Ella, b. 1869, d. 1955, age: 86yr
Powers, Frank L., b. 1868, d. 1946, age: 78yr
Powers, Hollis Haskell, no dates
Powers, Kenneth A., no dates
Powers, Ola M., no dates
Powers, Sallie I., no dates
Powers, Velpo F., no dates
Powers, Verlia Marie, b. 11-19-1907, d. 05-12-1991, age: 84yr
Pratt, Louis B., no dates, Pyle & Briley
Preskitt, Nancy J., no dates
Preston, Edgar, no dates
Preston, Henry William, b. 10-22-1917, d. 02-13-1983, age: 66yr
Preussler, Ellen Annie, b. 01-13-1874, d. 08-04-1970, age: 96yr
Preussler, Gustave H., no dates
Price, Glenn L., no dates
Price, Harry D., b. 09-03-1869, d. 02-14-1949, age: 80yr
Price, Harry O., b., d., age: May be same as line above
Price, Ida B., b. 01-20-1874, d. 01-25-1967, age: 93yr
Price, James (Nick), b. 1878, d. 1969, age: 91yr
Price, John Henry, b. 04-05-1896, d. 10-25-1976, age: 80yr
Price, Mary Elizabeth, b. 11-22-1899, d. 12-15-1981, age: 82yr
Price, Robert T., no dates
Price, Stella Mae, b. 1892, d. 1980, age: 88yr
Priddy, Ada E., no dates
Priddy, Everett Duane, b. 10-20-1933, d. 05-06-1961, age: 28yr
Priddy, Everett O. D., no dates
Priddy, George Everett, b. 03-20-1904, d. 03-12-1996, age: 92yr
Priddy, Leah, no dates
Priddy, Oliver C., no dates
Priddy, Sophia June, b. 06-02-1910, d. 06-30-1992, age: 82yr, Wed:5-6-1932
Priest, Clarence M., b. 1922, d. no date
Priest, Lola M., b. 1913, d. 1988, age: 75yr
Proctor, Nannie, no dates
Prothro, Eunice V., b. 1897, d. 1966, age: 69yr
Pruett, Charles Monroe, b. 10-21-1886, d. 04-05-1987, age: 101yr
Pruett, J. C., b. 03-03-1926, d. 02-18-1970, age: 47yr
Pruett, Jack L., b. 01-08-1916, d. 06-16-1946, age: 30yr
Pruett, Myrtle M., b. 01-10-1896, d. 07-10-1960, age: 64yr
Pruitt, John T., b. 04-01-1860, d. 05-26-1930, age: 70yr
Purdon, Dan H., b. 11-03-1888, d. 08-15-1965, age: 77yr
Purdon, Nellie Josephine, b. 05-10-1983, d. no date, At Rest
Purkey, Ethelmae G., b. 08-18-1899, d. 11-16-1966, age: 67yr
Purkey, Lee Jason, b. 10-09-1897, d. 07-03-1976, age: 79yr
Purkey, Marion F., b. 1895, d. 1946, age: 51yr
Purkey, Marion Hamilton, b. 08-23-1921, d. 12-25-1985, age: 64yr
Purkey, Victoria, b. 05-18-1885, d. 10-12-1959, age: 64yr
Purkey, Winnie Jean, b. 04-26-1933, d. 01-02-1996, age: 63yr, Wed:9-23-1952
Pyle, Delores Clare, b. 12-04-1937, d. 04-03-1985, age: 48yr
Pyle, Edward J., no dates
Pyle, Jill Randall, b. 09-14-1942, d. 12-13-1942, age: 3mo, baby
Pyle, Marjorie Evelyn, b. 08-06-1919, d. 09-30-1983, age: 64yr
Pyle, Walker H., b. 05-13-1910, d.
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