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Oklahoma Death Records


Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Meaders, Leitha, b. 02-23-1891, d. 12-11-1959, age: 68yr
Meaders, Thomas V., b. 02-09-1891, d. 09-25-1959, age: 68yr
Meadley, Ed, no dates
Meadley, Juanita, no dates
Means, Elva Myrtle 'Meyer', no dates
Means, James W., no dates
Means, Sarah D., no dates
Means, Verda M., no dates
Medley, Nettie, no dates
Medlin, William Franklin, b. 1927, d. 1945, age: 18yr, Book has Franklin W.
Meeks, Lola H., b. 10-08-1894, d. 05-28-1962, age: 68yr
Meeks, Van Allredge, b. 11-30-1917, d. 04-24-1938, age: 21yr
Mejia, Francisco, b. 04-02-1902, d. 12-14-1984, age: 82yr
Mejia, May, b. 11-15-1913, d. 10-15-1998, age: 85yr
Mejlaender, John 'Peter', b. 1928, d. 1988, age: 60yr
Mejlaender, Peter William, b. 1979, d. 1995, age: 16yr
Melrose, Mary Jane, b. 01-07-1878, d. 08-07-1953, age: 75yr
Melton, Jessie Lee, b. 1909, d. 1977, age: 68yr
Mendenall, Baby Son, no dates
Mendenall, Lelia S., no dates
Mendenall, Orval Sr., no dates
Mendenall, Orval, no dates
Mendenall, Phillip R., b. 11-15-1906, d. 06-21-1955, age: 49yr
Meredith, Raymond Elmo, b. 09-29-1908, d. 01-28-2000, age: 92yr
Meredith, Vivian Vannie, b. 12-03-1913, d. 02-25-1996, age: 83yr
Merriott, Ben F., no dates
Merriott, Clarence L., b. 03-05-1903, d. 02-06-1904, age: 11mo, baby, Book has Claege L.
Merriott, Curtis Letts, no dates
Merriott, Devasgo E., b. 06-09-1905, d. 03-12-1907, age: 2yr, Baby
Merriott, Ethel, no dates
Merriott, Harriet A., no dates
Mershon, Frank, b. 07-17-1921, d. 02-09-1934, age: 13yr
Mershon, Gladys E., b. 02-26-1893, d. 03-05-1972, age: 79yr
Mershon, Jane Cecilia, b. 11-17-1901, d. 11-18-1994, age: 93yr
Mershon, Lee Frank, b. 10-09-1892, d. 03-09-1981, age: 89yr
Mershon, Lucien A., b. 12-27-1865, d. 07-22-1946, age: 81yr, Book has Luciena A.
Mershon, Mary Ada, b. 01-31-1874, d. 01-02-1959, age: 85yr
Mershon, Paul Marza Sr., b. 09-03-1897, d. 04-02-1984, age: 87yr
Meyer, Audry L., no dates
Meyer, Baby Girl, b. 1946, d. no date, Baby
Meyer, Bill Wade, no dates
Meyer, Bobby L., no dates
Meyer, Carl T., b. 10-22-1905, d. 06-29-1977, age: 72yr
Meyer, Elizabeth M., b. 1877, d. 1966, age: 89yr
Meyer, Ethel Mae, b. 05-31-1912, d. 10-24-1998, age: 86yr
Meyer, Floyd, no dates
Meyer, Frank J., no dates
Meyer, Frank Xavui, b. 01-27-1895, d. 05-21-1986, age: 91yr
Meyer, Jennetta M., b. 1907, d. 1983, age: 76yr
Meyer, Jesse R., no dates
Meyer, John H., b. 09-18-1885, d. 09-13-1965, age: 80yr
Meyer, Joseph J., b. 1877, d. 1947, age: 70yr
Meyer, Josie Hill, b. 02-20-1893, d. 03-19-1965, age: 72yr
Meyer, LeRoy J., b. 1909, d. 1944, age: 35yr
Meyer, Louie, no dates
Meyer, Magdaline ??, b. 1842, d. 1913, age: 71yr
Meyer, Martha Ellen, b. 12-16-1894, d. 10-06-1992, age: 98yr
Meyer, Neavada, no dates
Meyer, Robert Lee, b. 1929, d. 1974, age: 45yr
Meyer, V. C. 'Jiggs', b. 06-05-1917, d. 05-01-1973, age: 56yr, A Rock Among Men
Meyer, Wade J., no dates
Meyers, Martha Lee 'Powell', no dates
Milburn, Archie G., no dates
Milby, Ollie May, b. 03-11-1913, d. no date
Milby, Ralph, b. 05-09-1906, d. 12-02-1994, age: 88yr
Miller, Alice L., b. 07-03-1911, d.
Miller, Baby Girl, b., d., age: Maybe the line above?
Miller, Dora M., no dates
Miller, Eva May, b. 12-27-1919, d. 10-24-1922, age: 3yr, Child-E.D. & M. Miller
Miller, Fred M., b. 07-18-1915, d. 07-03-1950, age: 35yr
Miller, Fred, b. 1894, d. 1973, age: 79yr
Miller, Fred, no dates
Miller, George E., b. 1878, d. 1963, age: 85yr
Miller, Georhe Oliver, b. 12-03-1906, d. 11-15-1981, age: 75yr, Wed:11-05-1927
Miller, Gottfried, b. 11-24-1879, d. 03-10-1962, age: 83yr
Miller, Hattie I., b. 08-13-1910, d. no date
Miller, Herbert S., b. 09-08-1912, d. 06-18-1983, age: 71yr
Miller, J. N., no dates
Miller, John C., b. 05-26-1906, d. 04-10-1977, age: 71yr
Miller, John L., no dates
Miller, Marilyn 'Wright', no dates
Miller, Mary E. K., no dates
Miller, Mary J., no dates
Miller, Mary L., b. 1883, d. 1947, age: 64yr
Miller, Mary, b. 1900, d. 1973, age: 73yr, May be one of the above
Miller, Mildred, no dates
Miller, Sophia, b. 06-06-1886, d. 06-04-1973, age: 87yr
Miller, Virginia 'Mathrws', b. 07-17-1905, d. 11-25-1986, age: 81yr
Miller, Wilbert C., no dates
Mills, Alma, b. 1894, d. 1949, age: 55yr
Mills, Ina May, b. 1894, d. 1940, age: 46yr
Mills, Leona, no dates
Mills, Sally E., b. 04-27-1895, d. 10-25-1973, age: 78yr
Mills, William D., no dates
Mills, Willis W., b. 03-10-1889, d. 09-27-1974, age: 85yr
Millwee, James S., no dates
Milner, Anna M., b. 1885, d. 1949, age: 64yr
Milwood, Dorothy L., b. 12-09-1918, d. 04-03-1962, age: 44yr
Milwood, Zera Faye, b. 06-11-1917, d. 12-29-1995, age: 78yr
Mims, Nevitt Lee, b. 10-21-1908, d. 10-06-1950, age: 42yr
Mincey, Andrew Jackson, b. 09-08-1848, d. 01-03-1939, age: 91yr
Mincey, Dayton F., no dates
Mincey, Granville G., b. 03-26-1922, d. no date, U.S. Marine Corp.OK
Mincey, Grover D., b. 01-18-1885, d. 10-10-1972, age: 87yr
Mincey, Ollie Flora, b. 10-10-1909, d. 08-22-1999, age: 90yr
Mincey, Opal Inez, b. 12-15-1913, d. 04-11-1996, age: 83yr
Mincey, Ora U., b. 12-24-1876, d. 11-21-1961, age: 85yr
Mincey, Paul Edward, b. 12-04-1906, d. 04-22-1998, age: 92yr
Mincey, William R., b. 11-13-1877, d. 12-19-1954, age: 77yr
Mincey, Woodrow Wilson, b. 12-24-1912, d. 01-28-1999, age: 87yr
Minnich, Bob, b. 06-23-1910, d. 02-12-1975, age: 65yr
Minnich, Della M., b. 1875, d. 1943, age: 68yr
Minnich, Devonna Fay, b. 10-15-1931, d. 09-04-1999, age: 68yr
Minnich, Dewey Fay, b. 03-11-1898, d. 06-05-1979, age: 81yr
Minnich, Eliza B., b. 02-06-1883, d. 05-22-1960, age: 77yr
Minnich, Joseph I., b. 1873, d. 1950, age: 77yr
Minnich, Joseph J., b., d., age: Maybe the line above, B,
Minnich, Lena Bell, no dates
Minnich, Lucy Lee, b. 1904, d. 1964, age: 60yr
Minnich, Mary Lucille, b. 10-13-1906, d. 07-27-1998, age: 92yr
Minnich, Robert R., no dates
Minnich, Xoro L. Tim, b. 1900, d. 1977, age: 77yr
Minton, Earnest Homer (Bud), b. 12-27-1898, d. 12-30-1983, age: 85yr
Minton, Joe Bud, b. 08-03-1921, d. no date, Wed: 5-30-1943
Minton, Ronald Vance, b. 10-21-1923, d.
Minton, Ruth Frances, b. 06-10-1899, d. 11-02-1985, age: 86yr
Minton, Sarah Naomi, b. 07-01-1920, d. no date, Armstrong
Mires, Clarence, no dates
Mitchell, Bertha Jean, b. 03-09-1936, d. no date
Mitchell, Bobby Neal, b. 02-11-1934, d. 09-06-1970, age: 36yr
Mitchell, Helen 'Flanagan', b. 04-22-1924, d. no date
Mitchell, Ida Cora, b. 12-03-1893, d. 10-14-1985, age: 92yr
Mitchell, Janice Kaye, b. 1940, d. 1940, age: 0yr, Baby
Mitchell, Leonard Levi, b. 02-11-1913, d. 03-25-2000, age: 87yr
Mitchell, Marcus D., no dates
Mitchell, Mona L., no dates
Mitchell, R. Clesteen, b. 02-08-1922, d. 07-24-1946, age: 24yr
Mitchell, Ruby Mildred, b. 01-07-1920, d. no date
Mitchell, Stanley Roger, b. 07-26-1920, d. 12-28-1984, age: 64yr
Mixa, Henry, b. 05-19-1896, d. 09-08-1966, age: 70yr
Mnn, Hugh, no dates
Mochah, Birdie, b., d. 09-03-1948, age: 60yr
Moeta, Baby Girl, no dates
Moiser, Leon Alvis, no dates
Monroe, Catherine, no dates
Monroe, Frank, no dates
Monroe, Thomas N., no dates
Monroe, Willie, no dates
Monroe, Z. W., no dates
Monson, James Cecil, b. 12-16-1918, d. 09-10-1978, age: 60yr
Monson, Maude Alamta, b. 01-09-1920, d. 08-18-1981, age: 61yr
Montgomery, A. R., no dates
Montgomery, Alice, no dates
Montgomery, C. E., no dates
Montgomery, Charles C., b. 01-14-1886, d. 11-11-1966, age: 80yr
Montgomery, Earlene Amanda, b. 10-18-1920, d. 04-01-1982, age: 62yr
Montgomery, Loyd Sylvester, b. 03-27-1920, d. 02-05-1993, age: 73yr
Montgomery, Rosa Lee, b. 07-20-1889, d. 12-30-1982, age: 93yr
Montgomery, T. W., no dates
Montgomery, Viola F., no dates
Montgomery, William E., b. 1876, d. 1950, age: 74yr
Monzell, Beverly Jean, b. 1936, d. 1999, age: 63yr
Monzell, Billy, b. 1935, d. 1977, age: 42yr
Moon, Ada, b. 1875, d. 1942, age: 67yr
Moon, Adam P., b. 1867, d. 1936, age: 69yr
Moon, Arthur Glen, b. 02-12-1934, d. 12-27-1938, age: 4yr
Moon, Baby, no dates
Moon, Clarence A., b. 1910, d. 1963, age: 63yr
Moon, Era Joyce, b. 11-11-1933, d. 11-12-1933, age: 1da, baby
Moon, Essie L., b. 1910-, d. 2001, age: 91yr
Moon, Laquita J., b. 10-03-1945, d. 06-02-1946, age: 8mo, baby
Moon, Robert A., b. 1906, d. 2001, age: 95yr
Moon, William Orlando, no dates
Moon, Wilma, no dates
Mooney, Dillard Elmer, no dates
Mooney, Gilbert Bruce, b. 04-16-1922, d. 05-05-2001, age: 79yr
Mooney, Henry I., no dates
Mooney, Julia E., no dates
Mooney, Ozal A., no dates
Mooney, Zella Allen, no dates
Moore, Amanda, b. 1868, d. 1938, age: 70yr
Moore, Baby, no dates
Moore, Ben F., no dates
Moore, Billie Frances, b. 1937, d. no date
Moore, Charlie Earl, b. 07-07-1903, d. 08-04-1975, age: 72yr
Moore, Claudie Mae, b. 04-24-1912, d. 12-17-1913, age: 20mo, baby, Buried Denton,Tx
Moore, Dovie Estelle, b. 02-24-1907, d. 10-21-1987, age: 80yr
Moore, Eugenia Louise, b. 09-27-1925, d. 12-02-2000, age: 75yr
Moore, George W., b. 09-25-1893, d. 04-18-1977, age: 84yr
Moore, Grace E., no dates
Moore, Hettie Jane, b. 1894, d. 1978, age: 84yr
Moore, Homer S., b. 06-03-1903, d. 07-23-1971, age: 69yr
Moore, Irma, b. 1908, d. 1995, age: 87yr
Moore, John B., no dates
Moore, Joyce Marie, b. 07-06-1935, d. 11-14-1996, age: 61yr
Moore, Lillie Mae, b. 1910, d. 1972, age: 62yr
Moore, Lillie Mae, no dates
Moore, Marvin Matthew, b. 01-07-1922, d. no date
Moore, Minnie Ann 'Street', b. 01-30-1884, d. 03-30-1942, age: 58yr
Moore, Raeburn E., b. 09-03-1906, d. 03-10-1989, age: 83yr
Moore, Rhea, b. 05-28-1899, d. 08-21-1995, age: 96yr
Moore, Roy D., b. 1911, d. 1985, age: 74yr
Moore, Ruth, no dates
Moore, Shirley M., b. 05-20-1913, d. 04-14-1978, age: 65yr
Moore, Stephen 'Alf', b. 09-20-1871, d. 10-13-1964, age: 93yr
Moore, Wade Clisby, b. 1904, d. 1986, age: 82yr
Moore, Will A., b. 1869, d. 1933, age: 64yr
Moore, William O., b. 02-21-1908, d. 03-07-1998, age: 90yr
Moore, William O., b. 10-01-1882, d. 12-22-1965, age: 83yr
Moore, Willie G., b. 1890, d. 1956, age: 66yr
Moore, Wilma Barcy, b. 10-05-1911, d. 06-15-1998, age: 87yr, Wed: 4-6-1929
Moore, Wilma G. 'Billie', b. 07-04-1926, d. no date
Moorehead, Allene, b. 09-19-1929, d. 07-04-1966, age: 37yr
Moorehead, Lora E. A., no dates
Mooreland, Michael D., no dates
Mooreland, Ray, no dates
Moorman, Floye Belle, b. 02-07-1916, d. 09-28-1937, age: 21yr
Moorman, Henry A., b. 05-09-1917, d. 02-28-1945, age: 28yr
Moorman, Nora Clayton, b. 11-05-1897, d. 05-11-1989, age: 92yr, Wed: Roy 8-2-1914
Moorman, Roy Jr, b. 04-17-1939, d. no date, Baby
Moorman, Roy, b. 02-25-1892, d. 07-22-1972, age: 80yr
Moran, Eliza M., b. 1887, d. 1972, age: 85yr
Moran, Lonzo, b. 1884, d. 1979, age: 95yr
Morgan, Wynon 'Oliver', b. 01-11-1937, d. 03-18-1970, age: 33yr, Bok has Wynon L.
Morris, Ben W., b. 06-23-1899, d. 11-17-1964, age: 65yr
Morris, Benjamin Thomas, b. 07-26-1971, d. 04-04-1987, age: 16yr
Morris, Chas B., b. 02-12-1872, d. 04-23-1936, age: 64yr
Morris, Daisy C., b. 08-17-1882, d. 09-23-1955, age: 73yr, Wed:8-7-1904
Morris, Ethel L., no dates
Morris, G. E., no dates
Morris, Geraldine, no dates
Morris, Herbert D., no dates
Morris, James R., b. 09-26-1897, d. 10-12-1918, age: 21yr
Morris, John W., no dates
Morris, Laura C., b. 07-15-1872, d. 02-05-1957, age: 85yr
Morris, Lorene, b. 10-06-1902, d. 02-15-1920, age: 18yr
Morris, Marie, b. 01-07-1916, d. no date
Morris, Mary E., no dates
Morris, Mollie A., b. 10-29-1896, d. 03-03-1980, age: 84yr
Morris, Ola E., no dates
Morris, Samuel E., b. 05-25-1879, d. 05-15-1930, age: 51yr
Morris, Walter, b. 11-17-1911, d. 01-09-1979, age: 68yr
Morrison, Clara Barton, b. 01-21-1911, d. 06-23-1976, age: 65yr
Morrison, Louie C., b. 09-25-1902, d. 01-26-1965, age: 63yr
Morrow, Adelia, b. 08-01-1857, d. 06-25-1936, age: 79yr
Morrow, B. C., b. 12-16-1853, d. 07-31-1921, age: 68yr
Morrow, Carl A. Jr., b. 06-19-1961, d. 02-14-1987, age: 26yr
Morrow, Gordon Franklin, b. 10-23-1905, d. 07-22-1986, age: 81yr
Morse, Bobbie Nell, b. 01-31-1932, d. no date, Wed:10-22-1951
Morse, Lonnie Joe, b. 08-04-1932, d. 07-16-1985, age: 63yr
Morton, Christine N., no dates
Motherma, Ruby, b. 09-02-1917, d. 09-07-1917, age: 5da, baby
Mowalt, Joshua Ryan Clay, b. 09-18-1983, d. 04-17-1985, age: 2yr
Mowles, Baby, no dates
Mowles, Clinton Dee, b. 07-16-1951, d. no date
Mowles, Regina Ann, b. 11-25-1952, d. no date, Baby
Mowles, Richard Lee, b. 05-11-1910, d. 10-07-1964, age: 54yr
Mowles, Terri Richelle, b. 01-14-1955, d. 09-15-1999, age: 44yr
Moyer, Frank, b. 02-14-1883, d. 06-13-1961, age: 78yr
Moyer, Lewis F., b. 11-04-1911, d. 08-11-2000, age: 89yr
Moyer, Mackie, b. 09-23-1880, d. 02-13-1949, age: 69yr
Moyer, Robbie J., b. 07-19-1912, d. 09-20-1995, age: 83yr
Moyer, Susie D., no dates
Mudd, Joseph E., b. 03-25-1841, d. 10-27-1914, age: 73yr
Mudd, Joseph Thomas, b. 08-27-1846, d. 04-25-1928, age: 82yr
Mudd, Missouri Ann, b. 03-26-1850, d. 10-15-1919, age: 69yr
Mullenix, Melvie G., b. 10-04-1922, d. 05-09-1995, age: 73yr
Mullins, Annie, no dates
Mullins, Chrystal F., b. 04-03-1907, d. no date, Wed: 9-4-1921
Mullins, Clarence M., b. 07-19-1903, d. 11-11-1948, age: 45yr
Mullins, Hattie M., b. 08-30-1874, d. 06-09-1948, age: 74yr
Mullins, Herman A., b. 09-03-1901, d. 04-18-1964, age: 63yr
Mullins, Marguerite H., b. 12-24-1917, d. 05-21-1982, age: 65yr
Mullins, Maud Berry, no dates
Mullins, Sam, no dates
Mullins, Susan A., no dates
Mullins, Thomas G., no dates
Mullins, Thomas L. Jr, b. 10-10-1917, d. 08-15-1976, age: 59yr
Mullins, Thomas L., b. 04-25-1872, d. 06-29-1949, age: 77yr
Mullins, Walter Gene, b. 09-09-1939, d. 04-14-2000, age: 61yr
Mumford, Melvin H., b. 08-21-1910, d. 04-09-1966, age: 56yr
Mumm, Ray E., no dates
Munford, Vera Pauline, b. 02-16-1911, d. 06-23-1994, age: 83yr
Munn, JOsie, no dates
Munn, Mary Ann, no dates
Munn, Mary Pearl, no dates
Muret, Maggie May 'Huff', b. 04-13-1883, d. 04-28-1981, age: 98yr
Muret, Ruby, no dates
Murphy, Avis C., no dates
Murtrey, Ernest B., b. 01-12-1892, d. 12-04-1975, age: 83yr
Murtrey, Myrtle L., b. 01-11-1910, d. no date
Musgrove, Ella 'Elliott', b. 09-02-1909, d. 02-01-1990, age: 81yr
Musgrove, Ella Lowery, no dates
Musgrove, Eloise W., b. 11-06-1921, d. 03-20-1923, age: 16mo, baby
Musgrove, Eva E. M., b. 1857, d. 1934, age: 77yr
Musgrove, Grace E., b. 05-26-1886, d. 08-06-1951, age: 65yr
Musgrove, James T., b. 1848, d. 1934, age: 86yr
Musgrove, John E., b. 07-06-1886, d. 04-21-1973, age: 87yr
Musgrove, L. Grace, b. 10-23-1920, d. 12-07-1920, age: 7wk, baby
Musgrove, Marion Everett, b. 12-06-1910, d. 08-03-1992, age: 82yr, Wed:12-6-1935
Myers, Billy Wade, b. 11-06-1932, d. 04-27-1935, age: 3yr
Myers, Eliza, no dates
Myers, Frank J., b. 06-07-1876, d. 08-09-1970, age: 94yr
Myers, Jesse Ray, b. 08-02-1907, d. 03-10-1971, age: 64yr
Myers, Jim, b., d. no date, Wade & Clora Myers
Myers, Lewis A., no dates
Myers, Martha Lee, b. 03-11-1926, d. 01-27-1996, age: 70yr
Myers, Neavada, b. 07-22-1887, d. 11-23-1949, age: 62yr
Myers, Wade J., b. 10-12-1908, d. 09-21-1956, age: 48yr
Nabors, Christine 'Morton', b. 03-31-1917, d. 11-24-1977, age: 60yr
Nabors, James W., b. 1921, d. 1960, age: 39yr
Nahquady, Edward A., b. 1893, d. 1974, age: 81yr
Nahquady, Edward Albert, b. 01-10-1920, d. 05-16-1998, age: 78yr
Nahquady, Nathan, no dates
Nahsutie, Frank, b. 07-23-1902, d. 07-03-1972, age: 70yr
Nahwooksy, Chico, b. 03-22-1957, d.
Nahwooksy, Fred J., b. 10-16-1909, d. 06-10-1959, age: 50yr
Nahwooksy, Jennie, b. 04- -1899, d. 1918, age: 19yr
Nahwooksy, Lilly 'Quoetone', no dates
Nahwooksy,, b., d. no date, S-1)B-M)L-5)G-4)H-W), B,
Nail, Roger L., b. 04-26-1952, d. 01-16-1975, age: 23yr
Nance, Marble B., b. 05-20-1894, d. 01-15-1914, age: 20yr
Nance, Mildred Marie, no dates
Nance, Ollie O., b. 12-06-1891, d. 10-04-1984, age: 93yr
Nance, Walter C., b. 06-15-1888, d. 07-17-1969, age: 81yr
Nance, William Herbert, b. 09-18-1930, d. 06-26-1941, age: 11yr
Nash, Henry, no dates
Neal, Clarence L., b. 07-07-1908, d. 02-17-1974, age: 66yr
Neal, Mable May, b. 01-16-1912, d. no date
Neal, R. T., no dates
Neale, Anna A., no dates
Neas, Andrew J., b. 1845, d. 1929, age: 84yr
Neas, Forest Hobart, b. 11-09-1925, d. 11-09-1945, age: 0yr, Baby-E.P. & Reah Neas
Neas, Leslie E., b. 01-12-1883, d. 12-09-1907, age: 24yr
Neas, Mary J., no dates
Neas, Mary Jane, b. 1858, d. 1928, age: 70yr
Neas, Maybelle Ella, b. 1892, d. 1929, age: 38yr
Neas, Roy, no dates
Nease, Clyde H., b. 10-22-1896, d. 08-10-1920, age: 23yr
Neely, Jimmy, no dates
Neely, John Thomas, b. 10-20-1917, d. 06-11-1972, age: 55yr, Son of Sallie L.
Neely, Sallie Lee, b. 02-06-1883, d. 02-01-1979, age: 96yr
Neiswanger, Henry C., b. 05-28-1842, d. 01-05-1911, age: 69yr
Neiswanger, Sarah E., b. 03-21-1854, d. 11-15-1912, age: 58yr
Nelson, James Elbert, b. 08-13-1905, d. 10-06-1979, age: 74yr
Nelson, Margie Louise McCain, b. 11-24-1932, d. 07-04-1994, age: 62yr
Nelson, Martha Ellen, b. 09-24-1910, d. 09-30-1999, age: 89yr, Wed: 12-23-1928
Nestell, Elouise Lavena, no dates
Newby, A . Harold, b. 01-22-1915, d. no date
Newby, Charles A., b. 03-27-1878, d. 07-06-1954, age: 76yr
Newby, Effie M., b. 06-26-1884, d. 05-14-1962, age: 78yr
Newby, Lorene K., b. 02-24-1920, d. 05-20-1968, age: 48yr
Newcomb, Baby, no dates
Newell, Addie C., no dates
Newell, Ira W., no dates
Newell, Isa William, b. 07-05-1897, d. 09-26-1962, age: 65yr
Newell, Rebecca, b. 1869, d. 1933, age: 64yr
Newell, William E., b. 1867, d. 1932, age: 65yr
Newsom, Horace C., b. 09-27-1893, d. 02-21-1933, age: 40yr
Newsom, Maggie L., b. 07-02-1879, d. 04-27-1947, age: 68yr
Nichell, G. R., no dates
Nichols, Bettie, no dates
Nichols, Betty Mae, b. 10-28-1892, d. 12-21-1971, age: 79yr
Nichols, Bueben M., no dates
Nichols, Henry L., b. 04-14-1907, d. 12-13-1997, age: 90yr
Nichols, Henry Leander, no dates
Nichols, Horace E., b. 01-01-1915, d. 10-04-1991, age: 76yr
Nichols, Horace Ervin, no dates
Nichols, James Monroe, no dates
Nichols, Jewell M., b. 12-28-1907, d. 03-09-1987, age: 80yr
Nichols, Jewell Mabel, no dates
Nichols, Kitty Mae, no dates
Nichols, Mildred Aldean, no dates
Nichols, Paul H., b. 1834, d. 1920, age: 86yr
Nichols, Paul H., no dates
Nichols, Theola M., b. 03-11-1917, d. no date
Nickell, C. A., no dates
Nickell, George R., b. 04-16-1884, d. 03-01-1962, age: 78yr
Nickell, Gladys, b., d., age: , B,
Nickell, Nana G., b. 01-17-1896, d. 05-18-1979, age: 83yr, Wed:2-17-1915
Nilsson, Christine 'Thompson', no dates
Nipps, Dorothy Pearl, b. 1925, d. 2001, age: 76yr
Noblitt, Birdie Elizabeth, b. 11-02-1900, d. 08-08-1983, age: 83yr
Noblitt, Ollie W., b. 07-13-1897, d. 05-01-1967, age: 70yr
Norman, Bessie L., no dates
Norman, Earl Eugene, b. 03-01-1910, d. 05-17-1991, age: 81yr
Norman, Edith M., b. 01-16-1920, d. no date
Norman, Eric Leon, b. 05-16-1970, d. 04-30-1971, age: 11mo, baby
Norman, Ethel Agnes, b. 02-17-1916, d. 11-30-1995, age: 79yr
Norman, Floyd D., b. 04-11-1917, d. no date
Norman, Fustina R., b. 01-01-1932, d. no date
Norman, Henery L., b. 02-15-1921, d. 01-26-2000, age: 79yr
Norman, Henry G., b. 02-11-1894, d. 02-21-1960, age: 66yr
Norman, Herbert James, b. 01-19-1914, d. 09-26-1980, age: 66yr
Norman, Jessie Mae, b. 06-16-1920, d. 06-05-1995, age: 75yr
Norman, Lilliam Priscella, b. 05-30-1911, d. 02-12-1996, age: 85yr, Briscoe
Norman, Lillie Mae, b. 11-05-1892, d. 07-06-1942, age: 50yr
Norman, Otis Wylie, b. 05-27-1917, d. 10-01-1990, age: 73yr, Wed:6-19-1967
Norman, Paul Levern, b. 11-18-1914, d. 06-21-1987, age: 73yr
Norman, Thomas H., b. 12-07-1888, d. 02-26-1962, age: 74yr
Norman, Virginia Lee, b. 08-12-1892, d. 09-24-1977, age: 85yr
Norman, Willie, no dates
Norsworthy, Edith C., b. 1907, d. 1984, age: 77yr, Book has Norsworth
Norsworthy, Thomas D., b. 1900, d. 1951, age: 51yr
Northcutt, Carrie T., no dates
Northcutt, Jessie B., b. 11-02-1882, d. 10-29-1959, age: 77yr
Northcutt, Ordra Leona, b. 07-12-1907, d. 01-01-1994, age: 87yr
Northcutt, Vara N., b. 1901, d. 1923, age: 22yr
Northcutt, William F., b. 11-22-1878, d. 07-25-1960, age: 82yr
Northcutt, William Newburn, b. 03-12-1904, d. 05-27-1980, age: 76yr
Northrip, Jackie Dee Brady, b. 03-13-1946, d. 09-08-1993, age: 47yr
Northrip, Laura D., b. 03-22-1951, d. no date
Norton, Faye 'Dowlen', b. 05-27-1904, d. 03-28-1988, age: 84yr
Nowlin, Doris E., no dates
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