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Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Ille, Bertha M., b. 01-16-1900, d. 02-11-1957, age: 57yr
Ille, James M., b. 01-11-1924, d. 06-02-1952, age: 28yr
Ille, Joe M. (Joseph), b. 08-02-1896, d. 03-09-1982, age: 86yr
Ille, Wanda 'Malcolm', b. 04-07-1927, d. 06-03-1952, age: 25yr
Ingle, Ruth, b. 03-07-1893, d. 04-27-1968, age: 75yr
Ingram, S. G., no dates
Ingram, Sallie, no dates
Inklebarger, Mary, b. 1894, d. 1928, age: 68yr
Inselman, Henrietta D., no dates
Irvin, A. H., b. 12-07-1847, d. 03-09-1937, age: 90yr
Irvin, Arthur O., no dates
Irvin, Birdie B., no dates
Irvin, Mary E., b. 04-05-1853, d. 03-16-1933, age: 80yr
Irvin, Mary Ollie, b. 07-29-1892, d. 02-28-1956, age: 64yr
Irwin, Jessie Ruth, b. 04-02-1927, d. 07-28-1946, age: 19yr
Ivey, James D., no dates
Ivey, Nora E., no dates
Jabson, Fern 'Lemons', no dates
Jackson, Archie G., b. 1892, d. 1968, age: 76yr
Jackson, Artie E., b. 1882, d. 1957, age: 75yr
Jackson, Baby, no dates
Jackson, Becky, no dates
Jackson, Bertha Lee, b. 03-04-1923, d. 12-02-1945, age: 22yr
Jackson, Bessie P., no dates
Jackson, Bobbie L., no dates
Jackson, C. C. 'Toad', b. 1905, d. 1969, age: 64yr
Jackson, Carolyn Sue, b. 06-23-1950, d. 06-23-1950, age: 0yr, Baby
Jackson, Charlie D., b. 05-31-1916, d. 05-31-1975, age: 59yr
Jackson, Clifford Denver, b. 11-02-1898, d. 12-31-1987, age: 89yr
Jackson, Everet Holman, b. 1880, d. 19??
Jackson, George A., b. 04-05-1884, d. 03-19-1934, age: 50yr
Jackson, Georgia May, b. 11-04-1911, d. 02-13-1983, age: 72yr
Jackson, Helen C., b. 12-04-1924, d. no date
Jackson, Hollis A., b. 08-12-1913, d. 05-21-1979, age: 66yr
Jackson, Howard E., b. 12-21-1923, d. no date, Wed: 4-3-1948-Marilyn
Jackson, Ina Zena 'Scott', b. 01-26-1892, d. 05-30-1969, age: 77yr
Jackson, J.W. 'Shorty', b. 06-15-1889, d. 02-28-1968, age: 79yr
Jackson, James W., no dates
Jackson, Jessie L., b. 07-14-1901, d. 10-12-1978, age: 77yr, 56yr. Married
Jackson, Jessie Maye, b. 01-08-1917, d. no date, Swinford-Nail
Jackson, Joe Wesley, b. 03-21-1917, d. 11-24-1987, age: 70yr
Jackson, John Cranor, b. 10-20-1925, d. 12-01-1995, age: 70yr, Wed:9-7-1983
Jackson, John W., b. 1886, d. 1960, age: 74yr
Jackson, Kathryn G., b. 07-09-1933, d. no date
Jackson, Luther L., b. 10-05-1887, d. 08-13-1963, age: 76yr
Jackson, Luther R. or L., b. 01-27-1921, d. no date, Wed: 2-22-1941-Helen
Jackson, Marilyn 'Bailey', b. 04-06-1927, d. no date
Jackson, Marval J., no dates
Jackson, Miranda J., b. 07-24-1882, d. 01-23-1966, age: 84yr
Jackson, Nannie May, b. 02-02-1881, d. 11-03-1956, age: 75yr
Jackson, Pearl C., b. 1892, d. 1956, age: 64yr
Jackson, Romey C., b. 10-16-1883, d. 09-10-1966, age: 83yr
Jackson, Russll Dean, b. 08-29-1944, d. 04-06-1993, age: 49yr
Jackson, Tennie C., b. 04-04-1885, d. 09-04-1963, age: 78yr, Wed 1904
Jackson, Thelma E., b. 1906, d. 1986, age: 80yr, Wed:9-17-1929
Jackson, Thomas A. Jr., b. 12-22-1929, d. 08-14-1989, age: 60yr, Wed: 7-21-1951-Kathryn
Jackson, Thomas Alvin Sr., b. 12-09-1899, d. 05-07-1988, age: 89yr
Jackson, Willie Andrew, b. 02-07-1908, d. 12-31-1985, age: 77yr
James, Ella L., b. 08-14-1893, d. 01-21-1981, age: 88yr
James, George W., b. 1879, d. 1947, age: 77yr
James, Goldie C., b. 06-21-1903, d.
James, Herbert 'Norman', no dates
James, J. Jaunita, no dates
James, Jessie B., b. 12-04-1903, d. 06-26-1964, age: 61yr
James, John J., no dates
James, Pearl Elizabeth, no dates
James, Sallie S., no dates
James, Woll L., b. 01-01-1894, d. 02-22-1971, age: yyr, Book has Will L.
Janes, Green M. Dr, b. 1865, d. 1942, age: 77yr
Janes, Lena S., b. 1868, d. 1924, age: 56yr
Jarrell, Elizabeth Louise, b. 10-27-1947, d. 03-04-1992, age: 45yr
Jarrell, Joe Windle, b. 07-05-1921, d. 10-31-1996, age: 75yr, Wed:12-25-1945-Zella
Jarrell, Leon Harvey, b. 08-06-1897, d. 03-29-1957, age: 60yr
Jarrell, Viola M., b. 1884, d. 1977, age: 93yr
Jarrell, W. True, b. 11-02-1900, d. 11-28-1928, age: 28yr
Jarrell, William E., b. 1873, d. 1957, age: 84yr
Jarrell, Zella Maye, b. 11-18-1929, d. 12-31-1971, age: 42yr
Jefferson, Baby Girl, no dates
Jenkins, Baby, no dates
Jenkins, Edna M., b. 1908, d. 1956, age: 48yr
Jennings, John H., b. 05-08-1913, d. 02-18-1974, age: 61yr
Jepsen, Mary Frances 'Green', b. 10-15-1932, d. 03-14-1986, age: 54yr
Jerome, Lila, no dates
Jester, Thomas, no dates
Jewrall, Baby, no dates
Jobey, Bobby Gene Godfrey, b. 01-05-1931, d. 04-28-1957, age: 26yr
John, Hattie Lee, b. 1884, d. 1965, age: 81yr
John, Wm. Ernest, b. 1884, d. 1950, age: 66yr
Johns, Dale Lee, b. 08-13-1948, d. 12-02-2000, age: 52yr
Johns, Nettie V., no dates
Johns, Wilvin Hunt, no dates
Johnsey, E. Lee, b. 01-24-1912, d. no date
Johnsey, Evie L., b. 09-02-1912, d. 11-24-1988, age: 76yr
Johnsey, Lynn, b. 1875, d. 1945, age: 70yr
Johnsey, Pearl, b. 1887, d. 1932, age: 45yr
Johnsey, Phyllis Ann, b. 07-16-1939, d. no date, Daug. of Evie & Lee
Johnson, Albert M., b. 1910, d. 1997, age: 87yr
Johnson, Almus, b. 01-12-1887, d. 07-30-1966, age: 79yr
Johnson, Arthur, b. 08-10-1888, d. 12-20-1954, age: 66yr
Johnson, Basil G., b. 09-11-1906, d. 01-23-1966, age: 60yr
Johnson, Billy Dale, b. 03-26-1935, d. 07-24-1947, age: 12yr
Johnson, Billy Ray, b. 02-24-1926, d. 01-08-1930, age: 4yr, Child
Johnson, Claud R., no dates
Johnson, Donald Ray, b. 02-05-1937, d. 10-04-1937, age: 8mo, baby
Johnson, Eva, no dates
Johnson, Jack Bailey, b. 04-12-1925, d. 03-20-1968, age: 43yr
Johnson, James N., b. 02-02-1891, d. 11-26-1963, age: 72yr
Johnson, Jessie M., b. 11-22-1892, d. 05-17-1963, age: 71yr, Wed: 55yr
Johnson, Joe W., no dates
Johnson, L. D., no dates
Johnson, L. F., b. 04-20-1854, d. 05-14-1916, age: 62yr
Johnson, Lavenia 'Foster', b. 08-03-1909, d. 11-17-1969, age: 60yr
Johnson, Lee, b. 10-14-1865, d. 06-12-1921, age: 56yr
Johnson, Lester Leon, b. 04-28-1899, d. 07-14-1986, age: 87yr
Johnson, Lexxie, b. 1912, d. 1954, age: 42yr
Johnson, Lucille J., b. 02-15-1900, d. 05-03-1981, age: 81yr
Johnson, Malory G., b. 12-14-1856, d. 12-23-1937, age: 81yr
Johnson, Margaret C., b. 02-14-1857, d. 02-01-1933, age: 76yr
Johnson, Martha Jane, b. 1852, d. 1935, age: 83yr
Johnson, Mary E., no dates
Johnson, Maude, no dates
Johnson, Nancy C., b. 06-01-1869, d. 06-03-1933, age: 64yr
Johnson, O'Lerrie, no dates
Johnson, Quida or Ovida, b. 04-16-1970, d. no date, Bill & Carolyn Johnson
Johnson, Ray, no dates
Johnson, Rebecca, b. 02-14-1905, d. 09-10-1975, age: 70yr
Johnson, Rector, b. 06-11-1902, d. 10-25-1999, age: 97yr
Johnson, Shelby L., no dates
Johnson, Shelly T., b., d. 10-19-1912, age: 49yr
Johnson, Timothy A., no dates
Johnson, Troy, b. 06-10-1892, d. 11-17-1920, age: 28yr
Johnson, Victoria, b. 11-03-1888, d. 01-18-1944, age: 56yr
Johnson, Viola Mae, b. 11-28-1898, d. 04-07-1987, age: 89yr
Johnson, Virginia C., b. 10-11-1908, d. 06-16-1995, age: 87yr
Johnson, Virginia Moetan, no dates
Johnson, Wade H., b. 09-23-1909, d. 12-12-1978, age: 69yr, Book has Wade W.
Johnson, William B., b. 10-28-1884, d. 05-26-1947, age: 63yr
Johnson, William Morris, b. 08-02-1920, d. 12-01-1991, age: 71yr
Johnston, Jay, b. 04-18-1890, d. 05-23-1961, age: 71yr
Johnston, Laura, b. 04-11-1892, d. 02-28-1973, age: 81yr
Johnston, Lois, b. 01-07-1914, d. 01-06-1939, age: 25yr
Johnston, Mary M., no dates
Jones, Abel, no dates
Jones, Alma, no dates
Jones, Betty Louise, b. 02-08-1934, d. 03-17-1936, age: 2yr
Jones, Betty V., no dates
Jones, Bobby Darrell, b. 06-24-1949, d. 01-09-1950, age: 7mo, baby
Jones, Charley L., b. 1875, d. 1966, age: 91yr
Jones, Clella M., b. 02-14-1909, d. 10-11-1997, age: 88yr
Jones, Clint, b. 12-30-1879, d. 04-02-1950, age: 71yr
Jones, Danny Gene, b. 11-07-1953, d. 01-25-1970, age: 17yr
Jones, David Edward, b. 07-04-1893, d. 08-03-1951, age: 58yr
Jones, Debra Sue 'Sublett', b. 08-24-1956, d. 05-30-1974, age: 18yr
Jones, Dellia, no dates
Jones, Delwin Edward, b. 10-01-1920, d. 07-22-1983, age: 63yr
Jones, Effie 'Williams', b. 1900, d. 1968, age: 68yr
Jones, Floyd, no dates
Jones, Frances, b. 04-01-1914, d. 03-30-1994, age: 80yr
Jones, Frances, b. 1914, d. 1978, age: 64yr
Jones, George Henry, b. 02-16-1894, d. 01-04-1988, age: 84yr
Jones, George Sherman, b. 10-17-1874, d. 11-03-1950, age: 76yr
Jones, George William, no dates
Jones, Haskell, b. 08-07-1909, d. no date
Jones, Henry Vernon, b. 11-16-1910, d. 07-23-1978, age: 68yr
Jones, Hilda I., b. 04-07-1910, d. no date
Jones, Ira Lee 'Couch', b. 12-25-1896, d. 01-22-1951, age: 55yr, Book has Iba Lee
Jones, Irene C., b., d., age: . Line above maybe
Jones, Irene Isabel, no dates
Jones, Irene O., b. 1901, d. 1945, age: 44yr
Jones, Iva Mae 'Handy', b. 1925, d. 1944, age: 19yr
Jones, Jana, b. 12-23-1953, d. no date, Baby Twin-Rheu & J.E. Jones
Jones, John Henry, b. 07-28-1921, d. no date
Jones, Juanita F., b. 10-11-1921, d. no date
Jones, Lana, b. 12-23-1953, d. no date, Baby Twin-Rheu & J.E. Jones
Jones, Lela Janet, b. 04-19-1886, d. 08-13-1975, age: 89yr
Jones, Linza Lee, b. 05-21-1909, d. 12-13-1979, age: 70yr
Jones, Loren, b. 1883, d. 1952, age: 69yr
Jones, Lucy, b. 1875, d. 1951, age: 76yr
Jones, Martha, b. 11-02-1842, d. 08-25-1908, age: 66yr
Jones, Mary E., no dates
Jones, Mary Myrtle, b. 1889, d. 1976, age: 87yr
Jones, Melvin, b. 03-11-1906, d. 06-12-1994, age: 88yr
Jones, Moses A., no dates
Jones, N., no dates
Jones, Nellie, no dates
Jones, Norma Jean, b. 09-03-1923, d. no date
Jones, Rhew J., no dates
Jones, Sherman Lee, b. 08-07-1928, d. 07-04-1992, age: 64yr
Jones, Sherman Melvin, b., d. no date, Maybe line above, B,
Jones, Sibyl 'Peel', b. 03-27-1896, d. 09-07-1987, age: 91yr
Jones, Temple H., b. 12-20-1904, d. 05-29-1935, age: 31yr
Jones, Virginia, no dates
Jones, Walter, no dates
Jones, Zada 'Meyers', b. 12-17-1907, d. 11-27-1970, age: 63yr
Jordan, Annie M., b., d. no date, Maybe Line above
Jordan, John H., no dates
Jordan, Martha A., b. 07-20-1882, d. 05-15-1958, age: 77yr
Jordan, Martha A., no dates
Jordan, Maude E., no dates
Jordan, Samantha G., no dates
Jordan, W. D., no dates
Jordan, W. R., no dates
Jordan, Wm. M., no dates
Justis, Basil M., no dates
Justis, Charles W., no dates
Justis, Mollie M., no dates
Kachel, Bettie A., b. 02-23-1929, d. 10-29-1977, age: 48yr
Kachel, Floyd H., b. 10-24-1927, d. no date
Kahlden, Bertha Lee, b. 08-13-1912, d. no date
Kahlden, Louie A. Sr., no dates
Kahlden, Louie Auther, b. 06-14-1937, d. 11-10-1956, age: 19yr
Kahrahrah, Nathan, no dates
Kanistobe, Eula Sue, no dates
Kanistobe, Johnson, no dates
Karnes, Maria, no dates
Karty, Bessie, b. 01-16-1912, d. 07-05-1979, age: 67yr
Karty, Don-Jose, b. 07-09-1933, d. 07-24-1995, age: 62yr
Karty, Donnie Ray, b. 11-06-1920, d. 1958, age: 38yr
Kearnes, Claude B., b. 06-19-1895, d. 11-17-1962, age: 67yr
Kearnes, Leslie T., b. 02-25-1916, d. 06-06-1952, age: 36yr
Kearnes, Pearl S., b. 04-15-1892, d. 10-27-1984, age: 92yr
Kearnes, Rosa (Rosie) Lee, no dates
Kearnes, Thomas F., b. 1882, d. 1958, age: 76yr
Keefer, Mark K., no dates
Keely, Charlotte Emmaline, b. 09-25-1894, d. 07-31-1955, age: 61yr
Keeney, Cora Lee, no dates
Keeney, Sidney B., no dates
Keet, Elizabeth, no dates
Keeter, Cecil Elza, b. 01-20-1925, d. 10-10-1997, age: 72yr
Keeter, Derek Bradfield, b. 04-12-1976, d. 11-24-1978, age: 2yr, 7mo
Keeter, Ethel Wanda, b. 06-18-1922, d. no date
Keim, Alice Mary, b. 10-12-1886, d. 05-31-1966, age: 80yr
Keim, Doris Lucille, b. 06-26-1923, d. no date
Keim, George H., b. 04-05-1871, d. 03-12-1936, age: 65yr
Keim, George H., b. 1871, d. 1936, age: 65yr
Keim, Howard Leslie, b. 02-03-1916, d. no date, Wed; 10-5-1940
Keim, Nancy J., b. 1941, d. 1943, age: 2yr
Keim, Richard Leslie, b. 05-17-1946, d. 11-27-1991, age: 45yr
Keim, Robert Marsh, b. 05-10-1912, d. 07-30-1995, age: 83yr
Keim, Ruby Lee, b. 12-18-1909, d. 08-21-1996, age: 87yr
Keim, Samuel G., b. 12-21-1908, d. 06-95-1995, age: 87yr
Keith, Oda B. 'Callahan', b. 1916, d. 2000, age: 84yr
Kell, Lorene A., b. 02-16-1914, d. 07-27-1973, age: 59yr
Kelley, Bill W., b. 1893, d. 1968, age: 75yr
Kelley, Cassie A., b. 1893, d. 1981, age: 88yr
Kelley, James William, b. 06-10-1910, d. 10-26-1977, age: 67yr
Kelley, Jessie Edna, b. 12-22-1911, d. 12-01-1982, age: 71yr, Wed:2-23-1935
Kelley, Jimmy Dale, b. 03-30-1936, d. 09-11-1999, age: 63yr
Kelley, Jo Nell, no dates
Kelley, Jonelle, b. 06-28-????, d. 07-13-1940
Kelley, S. William, no dates
Kennedy, Edmond 'Ted', b. 12-05-1899, d. 03-07-1975, age: 76yr
Kennedy, Eugene Victor, b. 11-18-1911, d. 11-28-1973, age: 62yr
Kennedy, Florence V., no dates
Kennedy, Garland E., no dates
Kennedy, Gladys R., no dates
Kennedy, Kate 'Boles', no dates
Kennedy, Katherine M., b. 09-06-1880, d. 05-17-1975, age: 95yr
Kennedy, Levan, no dates
Kennedy, Mildred Virgie, no dates
Kennedy, Robert Emit, b. 11-26-1907, d. 07-09-2000, age: 93yr
Kenney, Cora Lee, b. 09-27-1891, d. 12-08-1975, age: 84yr
Kenney, Sidney B., b. 10-28-1888, d. 01-12-1961, age: 73yr
Kerr, Allie, b. 02-06-1899, d. 12-15-1918, age: 19yr
Kerr, Baby, no dates
Kerr, Bud, b. 06- -1920, d. 05- -1964, age: 44yr
Kerr, Geraldine Kay 'Gerree, b. 01-30-1939, d. 11-21-1971, age: 32yr, w/o L Frank Kerr
Kerr, Ida A., b. 09-15-1913, d. no date
Kerr, J. D., b. 1873, d. 1959, age: 86yr
Kerr, Joseph (Joe) Dial, b. 04-28-1909, d. 08-23-1992, age: 83yr
Kerr, Kevin Lee, b. 12-31-1968, d. no date, Walter & Sharon Kerr
Kerr, Leola Dean, b. 12-26-1911, d. no date
Kerr, Lorene R., b. 01-16-1909, d. no date
Kerr, Ralph R., no dates
Kerr, Rosa 'Elder', b. 1876, d. 1953, age: 77yr
Kerr, Thomas (Joe) Dial, b. 09-19-1902, d. 04-29-1994, age: 92yr
Kerr, William Bryan, b. 09-03-1907, d. 01-08-1996, age: 89yr
Key, Virginia Nell, b. 11-15-1951, d. 11-17-1951, age: 2da, baby
Kidd, Donna K., no dates
Kidd, Dorothy Fay, b. 09-24-1920, d. 01-28-1999, age: 79yr
Kidd, Earl T., b. 07-30-1895, d. 08-07-1969, age: 74yr
Kidd, Ellen, b. 09-07-1918, d. 04-04-1982, age: 64yr
Kidd, Gilbert R., b. 05-25-1922, d. no date, Wed:11-06-1946
Kidd, Margaret Ellen, no dates
Kidd, Minnie Mae, b. 02-07-1897, d. 10-06-1986, age: 89yr
Kidd, R. J., b. 07-01-1917, d. no date
Kiespert, Naomi Alice, b. 11-22-1910, d. 12-16-1997, age: 87yr
Kimball, Mary Mabel, b. 07-24-1895, d. 07-21-1924, age: 29yr
Kimbriel, Pearl May, b. 1883, d. 1983, age: 100yr
Kincade, Orville, no dates
Kincade, Ralph, no dates
Kincade, Ruby, no dates
Kincaid, Emma M., b. 1883, d. 1974, age: 91yr
Kincaid, James B., b. 1879, d. 1952, age: 73yr
Kinder, Carl Edwards, b. 04-17-1936, d. 05-14-1992, age: 56yr
Kinder, Derek Wayne, b. 05-23-1962, d. 05-25-1962, age: 2da, baby, Travis & Janice
Kinder, James William, b. 02-19-1912, d. 11-15-2000, 88yr
Kinder, Michael Kent, b. 05-11-1963, d. 06-26-1992, age: 29yr
Kindsfather, Jewell B., b. 1901, d. 1951, age: 50yr
Kindsfather, John H., b. 1892, d. 1943, age: 51yr
King, Abner C., b. 05-02-1919, d. 01-11-1997, age: 78yr, Book has Almer Chester
King, Anita Jean, b. 01- -1959, d. 04- -1960, age: 15mo, baby
King, Bass O., b. 05-23-1875, d. 07-27-1958, age: 83yr
King, Beatrice, b. 11-25-1881, d. 06-28-1967, age: 86yr
King, Burley I., b. 1892, d. 1985, age: 93yr
King, Calvert R., b. 03-19-1938, d. 06-10-1956, age: 18yr
King, Carrie Jewell, b. 01-19-1901, d. 08-24-1981, age: 80yr
King, Clara Lenor, b. 1894, d. 1980, age: 86yr
King, Clara May, b. 03-14-1903, d. 03-15-1981, age: 78yr, Wed: 4-2-1922
King, David A., b. 09-06-1887, d. 01-14-1968, age: 81yr
King, Edward D., no dates
King, Emmett Darrell, b. 04-05-1927, d. 02-14-2000, age: 73yr
King, Eula May, b. 10-10-1895, d. 08-14-1960, age: 65yr
King, Howard Lee, b. 10-11-1920, d. 02-22-1982, age: 62yr
King, J. b. Jr., b. 03-26-1921, d. 03-13-1922, age: 1yr, Baby
King, James A., b. 04-06-1872, d. 06-22-1947, age: 75yr
King, Jessie, no dates
King, John B., b., d. no date, Maybe line above
King, LaDonna Faye, b. 08-14-1917, d. 01-28-1986, age: 69yr
King, Laura Jean, b. 07-12-1931, d. no date
King, LeRoy, b. 01-26-1892, d. 06-27-1950, age: 58yr
King, Luther Daniel, no dates
King, Nancy Jo, b. 04-20-1943, d. no date
King, Nellie G., no dates
King, Pamela L., no dates
King, Ray C., b. 1924, d. 1976, age: 52yr, Book has Roy C.
King, Raymond L., b. 09-03-1912, d. 06-22-1992, age: 80yr, Wed: 7-5-1947
King, Virgie L., b. 11-25-1931, d. no date
King, W. A. 'Curley', b. 08-05-1928, d. 07-06-1996, age: 68yr
King, Wm. Oscar, b. 09-11-1911, d. 12-28-1941, age: 30yr
Kiniatobe, Eula Sue, b. 07-09-1906, d. 11-28-1963, age: 57yr
Kiniatobe, Johnson, b. 11-16-1902, d. 07-03-1986, age: 84yr
Kinkade, C.R., no dates
Kinkade, John S., no dates
Kinkade, Mary O., no dates
Kinkade, Millard, no dates
Kinneth, Alice, no dates
Kinneth, Baby Son, no dates
Kinneth, Clemet A., no dates
Kinneth, Donald William, no dates
Kinneth, Mima, no dates
Kinneth, W. F., no dates
Kinnett, Alice, b. 1868, d. 1943, age: 76yr
Kinnett, Clement A., b. 1868, d. 1963, age: 96yr
Kinnett, Donald W., b. 06-15-1898, d. 10-09-1976, age: 78yr
Kinney, Carrol Gene, b. 12-21-1926, d. 12-21-1926, age: 0yr, Baby of R.S. & Pencie
Kinney, Carroll, no dates
Kinney, Pencie Adell, b. 12-14-1897, d. 09-21-1988, age: 91yr
Kinney, Robert S., no dates
Kinney, Robert, b. 1901, d. 1933, age: 32yr
Kinser, Forrest W., b. 07-11-1911, d. 05-02-1979, age: 68yr
Kinser, Forrest W., no dates
Kinser, G. Rowland, no dates
Kinser, Mahalla J., no dates
Kinser, Novella, no dates
Kinsey, Annie Gladys, no dates
Kinsey, Annie, b. 07- -1917, d. 08- -1999, age: 82yr
Kinsey, Jo 'Brown', b. 1912, d. 1940, age: 28yr
Kirby, Marjory E., no dates
Kishketon, Nemah Ann 'Tomah', b. 05-25-1910, d. 06-20-1983, age: 73yr
Kitchen, George Kneedler, b. 07-10-1938, d. 05-24-1996, age: 58yr, Wed:6-10-1963
Klein, H. H., no dates
Klein, Jason Keeth, b. 02-22-1974, d. no date, Baby
Klein, Mable Eula, b. 01-08-1918, d. 02-13-1993, age: 75yr
Klein, Maude I., no dates
Klein, Rudolf Anton Jr., b. 07-17-1909, d. 05-17-1982, age: 73yr Wed: 7-22-1935
Klostar, Christopher, b. 1848, d. 1930, age: 82yr
Klostar, Mahala Ray, b. 1850, d. 1940, age: 90yr
Knight, Augusta B., b. 01-01-1900, d. 03-24-1976, age: 76yr, Wed:6-26-1922
Knight, Chance Dylan, no dates
Knight, John B., b. 05-15-1900, d. 02-23-1975, age: 75yr
Knight, Joseph L., b. 1862, d. 1956, age: 94yr
Knight, W.R., b. 1863, d. 1921, age: 58yr
Knightstep, Lela Kay, b. 09-15-1959, d. no date, Twin to Shelia Gay
Knouse, Floyd E., b. 03-05-1892, d. 06-13-1965, age: 73yr
Knouse, Pearl C., b. 07-24-1891, d. 09-23-1958, age: 67yr, Book has Pearl A.
Knowles, Pearl Pauline, no dates
Kohout, Frank, b. 07-17-1925, d. 01-21-1998, age: 73yr
Kohout, Frank, b. 10-26-1872, d. 08-30-1964, age: 92yr
Kohout, John, b. 1896, d. 1975, age: 79yr
Kohout, Maggie Bell, b. 1903, d. 1994, age: 91yr
Kohout, Marie, b. 08-09-1873, d. 01-05-1923, age: 50yr
Kone, Eugenia F., no dates
Kosechata, Charlotte Sue, b. 01-20-1946, d. 07-12-1968, age: 22yr
Kosechata, Ralph, b. 10-27-1922, d. 06-10-1987, age: 65yr
Kosechequetah, Raymond Edward, b. 04-17-1928, d. 02-14-1982, age: 54yr
Kriewald, Betty S., b. 02-13-1922, d. 10-22-1970, age: 48yr
Kriewald, Ruth A. 'Hutchins', b. 06-05-1914, d. 09-20-1983, age: 69yr
Krisher, Hannah C., no dates
Krisher, Marjorie 'Beckman', b. 09-25-1910, d. 04-03-1999, age: 89yr, Wed:6-16-1934
Krisher, Theodore, b. 01-09-1908, d. 10-10-2000, age: 92yr
Krisher, Ubert, no dates
Krisher, Wm. H., no dates
Kubiak, Roberta Sue, b. 1938, d. 1996, age: 58yr, Book has Rubeak
Kulhman, W. H., no dates
Kunzi, Paul E., b. 1883, d. 1930, age: 47yr
Kurtz, Edward Clement, b. 02-03-1898, d. 09-03-1959, age: 59yr
Kurtz, Frank P., b. 05-30-1897, d. 06-28-1978, age: 81yr
Kurtz, Lorene, b. 05-14-1906, d. 10-11-1990, age: 84yr
Kurtz, S. A., no dates
Kurtz, William A., no dates
Kurtz, William Edward, b. 1934, d. 1985, age: 51yr
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