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Oklahoma Death Records


Walters Cemetery
Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane,

Abbe, Clemmie 'C.A.', b. 11-23-1912, d. 12-01-1983, age: 71yr, Wed: 12-24-1936
Abbe, Clemmie Howard, b. 01-14-1940, d. no date, Wed:12-21-1957
Abbe, Cleo, b. 02-26-1920, d. 05-29-1986, age: 66yr
Abbe, Clint, b. 1920, d. 1968, age: 48yr
Abbe, Clyde, b. 06-05-1907, d. 06-16-1938, age: 31yr
Abbe, Edwin, no dates
Abbe, Faye, b. 04-26-1916, d. 01-24-1979, age: 63yr
Abbe, Levi A., b. 1880, d. 1944, age: 64yr
Abbe, Lizzie, no dates
Abbe, Pricie Edwina 'Reece', b. 07-20-1940, d. 04-17-1995, age: 55yr
Abbe, Raymond G., b. 01-04-1923, d. 08-03-1947, age: 24yr
Abbe, Sadie, b. 1926, d. 1982, age: 56yr
Abbe, Vian Annie, b. 1889, d. 1976, age: 87yr
Abbott, Gus S., no dates
Achenbach, Burt H., no dates
Achenbach, M. Effie, no dates
Achila, Marvlene, b. 04-14-1931, d. 01-03-1933, age: 2yr, Baby
Actkinson, H. E., no dates
Actkinson, Rettie, no dates
Adair, Cecilia, b., d., age: Could be Esther C. (?)
Adair, Emma, b. 11-08-1883, d. 12-18-1966, age: 83yr
Adair, John M., b. 1933, d. 1970, age: 37yr
Adair, John Melvin, b. 1902, d. 1962, age: 60yr
Adair, John S., b. 02-10-1871, d. 08-16-1968, age: 97yr
Adair, Pricella, no dates
Adams, Albert Vernon, no dates
Adams, Bonnie Hazel, b. 03-31-1910, d. 05-30-1997, age: 87yr, Wed:11-26-1948
Adams, D Earl, b. 01-25-1930, d. no date
Adams, Edna E., b. 03-19-1917, d. no date
Adams, Emily Anne, b. 06-27-1852, d. 07-10-1948, age: 96yr
Adams, Frank Z., b. 1887, d. 1974, age: 87yr
Adams, Glenn Wayne, b. 12-16-1961, d. 10-28-1998, age: 37yr
Adams, Howard F., b. 07-25-1915, d. 07-11-1989, age: 74yr, Wed:5-14-1935
Adams, Infant Girl, no dates
Adams, J. M. Dr, b. 09-10-1850, d. 05-17-1923, age: 73yr
Adams, James C., no dates
Adams, Jim, no dates
Adams, Leonard V., b. 05-12-1912, d. 09-22-1976, age: 64yr
Adams, Mary E. (Mollie), no dates
Adams, Mary, no dates
Adams, Melynda Diane, b. 08-22-1963, d. 04-15-2000, age: 37yr
Adams, Myrtle O., no dates, Reed
Adams, Rhoda Anna, b. 1886, d. 1960, age: 74yr, Wed:4-22-1911
Adams, Rosa E., no dates
Adams, Roy E., no dates
Adams, Sarah B., no dates
Adams, Wanda A. 'Bridges', b. 04-08-1932, d. 05-01-1990, age: 58yr
Adams, Wanda Lavada, no dates
Adkin, Henry S., b. 04-11-1919, d. 11-16-1963, age: 44yr
Adkins, Cora B., b. 08-27-1891, d. 03-23-1964, age: 73yr
Adkins, Dee Troit, b. 02-11-1891, d. 05-22-1970, age: 79yr
Adkins, Edna Pauline, b. 10-31-1900, d. 09-30-1985, age: 85yr
Adkins, Infant Girl, no dates
Adkins, James William, b. 04-24-1916, d. 04-29-2001, age: 85yr
Adkins, Jas. W., b. 02-10-1885, d. 06-27-1960, age: 75yr
Adkins, Mary Hattie, b. 08-15-1909, d. 02-18-1994, age: 85yr
Adkins, Walter Fain, b. 07-25-1893, d. 06-19-1972, age: 69yr
Adkins, William C., b. 04-23-1889, d. 05-06-1971, age: 82yr
Adkinson, Orvelle L., b. 09-10-1907, d. 11-07-1972, age: 65yr
Adkison, Orville Leonard, b. 09-10-1907, d. 11-07-1972, age: 65yr
Adkison, Ruth 'High', b. 11-10-1916, d. no date, Wed: 5-18-1945
Aghenbach, Burt H., b. 1885, d. 1943, age: 58yr
Aghenbach, Mary Effie, b. 1895, d. 1974, age: 79yr
Agler, Alfred A. L., b. 10-13-1923, d. 05-22-2001, age: 78yr
Akin, Henry S., b. 1870, d. 1956, age: 86yr
Akin, Henry S., no dates
Akin, Jessie, b. 1896, d. 1987, age: 91r
Alair, James F., no dates
Allen, Avoneel Williams, b. 1925, d. 1946, age: 21yr
Allen, Bethel Ann, b. 09-22-1896, d. 02-22-1962, age: 66yr
Allen, Dora E., b. 10-13-1927, d. no date
Allen, Fielding T., no dates
Allen, Frances L., b. 05-20-1918, d. no date
Allen, Frieda 'Pettigrew', b. 02-22-1905, d. 12-17-1980, age: 75yr
Allen, H. W., b. 06-22-1918, d. 12-09-1993, age: 75yr
Allen, Iona A., b. 02-10-1943, d. no date
Allen, J. B., no dates
Allen, James Albert, b. 06-18-1975, d. 04-02-1931, age: 56yr
Allen, Jerry D., b. 03-27-1938, d. 03-30-1938, age: 3da, baby
Allen, Jerry W., b. 08-02-1937, d. 10-03-1993, age: 56yr, Wed:2-10-1968
Allen, Joanna Wilhelmina, b. 01-06-1885, d. 11-23-1983, age: 98yr
Allen, Laverne, no dates
Allen, Margaret Shumaker, b. 1912, d.
Allen, Opal Lavelle, b. 09-29-1912, d. 01-04-1980, age: 68yr, Book has Opal Lauelle
Allen, Richard Irving, b. 11-05-1921, d. 07-21-1963, age: 42yr
Allen, Robert E., no dates
Allen, Robert Steven, b. 11-06-1901, d. 07-27-1986, age: 85yr, Wed:4-12-1936
Allen, Roys Adron, b. 1906, d. 1980, age: 74yr
Allen, Roys, no dates
Allen, Stephen E., b. 01-08-1960, d. 03-07-1994, age: 34yr
Allison, Infant, no dates
Allison, Patricia Ann 'Teter', b. 04-08-1939, d. 06-13-1985, age: 46yr
Allmon, Ida M., b. 12-19-1885, d. 11-21-1963, age: 78yr
Allmon, Ira Cecil, b. 10-15-1909, d. 02-04-1950, age: 41yr
Allmon, Ira K., b. 07-01-1883, d. 08-24-1954, age: 71yr
Allmon, Marguerite O., b. 12-08-1904, d. no date
Allmon, Mervin W., b. 05-09-1917, d. 02-16-1943, age: 26yr
Allmon, Oras Clinton, b. 02-28-1911, d. 04-26-1986, age: 75yr
Allmon, Raleigh Cordis, b. 09-22-1905, d. 05-04-1986, age: 81yr
Almon, Della Irene, b. 04-15-1912, d. ?
Almon, Thomas Earl, b. 03-06-1906, d. 11-30-1989, age: 83yr
Alongo, Cruse, no dates
Alverson, Addie Maye, no dates
Alverson, Walden David 'Dic', no dates
Ames, Diana M., no dates
Ames, Jack, no dates
Anderson, C. J., b. 05-03-1949, d. 02-26-1923, age: 74yr, Charles J. Book says:
Anderson, Christine, b. 01-28-1851, d. 12-08-1913, age: 62yr
Anderson, Diana Beth, b. 01-25-1939, d. 06-02-1991, age: 52yr
Anderson, Earnest Walter, b. 1882, d. 1962, age: 80yr
Anderson, Emma Amenda, b. 1886, d. 1967, age: 81yr
Anderson, Garland (Andy), b. 01-18-1921, d. 12-15-1990, age: 69yr
Anderson, Hattie Frances, b. 10-14-1905, d. 04-22-1995, age: 90yr, Wed: 4-22-1926
Anderson, Henry, b. 04-04-1894, d. 06-20-1986, age: 92yr
Anderson, James Henry, b., d. no date, Could be the Henry Above, B,
Anderson, Jim, no dates
Anderson, Joy, b. 02-04-1914, d. 05-20-1974, age: 60yr, Book says O. Joy
Anderson, Leota Pherba, no dates
Anderson, Lora G., no dates
Anderson, Loral, b. 02-01-1961, d. no date, Baby
Anderson, Mary Ethel, b. 12-20-1888, d. 06-10-1986, age: 98yr
Anderson, Rhoda Belle, b. 04-02-1922, d. 12-27-1991, age: 69yr, Wed:10-13-1952
Anderson, Rush, no dates
Andruss, Robert Wesley, b. 1904, d. 1980, age: 76yr
Andruss, Ruby Alberta, no dates
Anglemyer, Gladys Priscella, b. 01-12-1912, d. 10-16-1991, age: 79yr, Wed:7-18-19?5
Anglemyer, Winfred Franklin, b. 06-06-1908, d. 11-16-1973, age: 65yr
Ansley, Bettye K. 'Cotner', b. 01-16-1923, d. 11-04-1990, age: 67yr
Aragon, Julian, no dates
Archer, Irma M., b. 06-11-1912, d. 10-19-1941, age: 29yr
Archlta, Marlene, no dates
Arles, Pearl Leona, no dates
Arles, Virgil Oscar, b. 10-28-1933, d. 11-13-1981, age: 48yr
Arlington, Charles N., b. 1872, d. 1951, age: 79yr
Arlington, Dovie E., b. 1878, d. 1972, age: 94yr
Armon, Claud, b. 1916, d. 1983, age: 67yr
Armon, Jack, b. 03-27-1911, d. 10-20-1947, age: 36yr
Armon, Peggy June, b. 1938, d. 1938 d-or B-?
Armon, Reba F., b. 1921, d. 1987, age: 66yr, Wed:3-19-1938
Armon, Thomas J., b. 02-04-1910, d. 06-22-1957, age: 47yr
Armon, Thomas Kieth, b. 1946, d. 1946
Armstrong, David Martin, no dates
Armstrong, Joe, no dates
Armstrong, Melissa Lee, no dates
Arredondo, Hennyetta 'Cobos', b. 03-10-1919, d. 07-23-1979, age: 60yr
Arrington, Belly S., no dates
Arrington, C. P., no dates
Arrington, Chas N., no dates
Arrington, Dovie E., no dates
Arrington, H. W. 'Shine', b. 10-27-1920, d. 05-06-1990, age: 70yr
Arrington, Henry E., b. 02-04-1890, d. 11-19-1969, age: 79yr
Arrington, Jessie Ola, b. 03-01-1892, d. 12-02-1983, age: 91yr
Arrington, Lena 'Powell', b. 05-01-1926, d. no date
Arrington, Lorene 'Trice', b. 05-15-1923, d. 06-13-1989, age: 66yr
Arrington, Maxyne, b. 12-30-1920, d. no date
Arrington, Wayne W., no dates
Arrington, Wayne Wafford, b. 05-06-1925, d. 06-21-1999, age: 74yr, Wed:Lena 12-24-1942
Artebern, Bobby Joe, no dates
Arterburn, Mary Elizabeth, b. 06-08-1930, d. 08-20-1988, age: 58yr
Arthurs, Thomas William, b. 04-03-1915, d. 09-22-1983, age: 68yr
Asenap, Jane Caddo, b. 01-15-1945, d. 12-06-2000, age: 55yr
Ashcroft, Joseph, b. 01-06-1872, d. 07-17-1906, age: 34yr
Ashed, Laura I., no dates
Askins, Howard T., b. 10-06-1878, d. 05-30-1962, age: 84yr
Askins, Rosa F., b. 10-07-1871, d. 02-15-1954, age: 83yr
Aston, Ileta 'Nelson', b. 1907, d. 1948, age: 41yr
Atchavit, Charlotte, b. 1899, d. 1987, age: 88yr
Atchavit, Robert H., b. 1898, d. 1977, age: 78yr
Atchley, C. R., no dates
Atchley, Mary E., no dates
Atetewuthtakewa, Roderick'Red Elk', b., d. no date
Attebery, Merle Jean, b. 1936, d. 1938, age: 2yr, Child
Auberry, Thomas L., b. 04-04-1889, d. 03-20-1967, age: 78yr
Auberry, Zora, b. 1884, d. 1958, age: 74yr
Aubrey, David J., b. 07-12-1918, d. 08-12-2001, age: 83yr
Aubrey, Lucille Daisy, b. 12-29-1910, d. 05-13-1992, age: 82yr
Aulls, Edith, no dates
Austin, Faris E., no dates
Austin, Floyd S., no dates
Austin, Grace K., no dates
Austin, Henry S., no dates
Austin, Mollie, no dates
Austin, Ressie G., no dates
Avens, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 12-12-1881, d. 07-03-1950, age: 69yr, 'Waldon'
Avery, Charles Elmo, b. 03-31-1931, d. 11-06-1964, age: 33yr
Averyt, Charles H., no dates
Averyt, Sarah A., no dates
Averyt, W. T., no dates
Bacon, Robert L., no dates
Baddwin, A. Ward, b. 11-07-1872, d. 09-23-1967, age: 95yr
Baddwin, Ona, b. 12-14-1884, d. 02-12-1959, age: 75yr
Baggett, Eileen 'Scherler', b. 10-07-1928, d. 10-05-1990, age: 62yr, Wed:01-01-1953
Baggett, Ruth 'Spencer', b. 09-19-1873, d. 06-23-1913, age: 40yr
Baggett, William David, b. 09-05-1930, d. 03-28-1993, age: 63yr
Baggs, Cecil C., b. 10-12-1914, d. 01-19-1996, age: 82yr, Wed:5-10-1936
Baggs, Maurine B., b. 02-09-1917, d. no date
Bailey, Audra E., b. 09-19-1905, d. 06-08-1964, age: 59yr
Bailey, D. Y., no dates
Bailey, Evaline, no dates
Bailey, Gertrude G., b. 04-11-1902, d. 07-30-1969, age: 67yr
Bailey, Ida A., no dates
Bailey, Jack, no dates
Bailey, John Henry, no dates
Bailey, John W., b. 11-20-1877, d. 07-02-1957, age: 80yr
Bailey, John W., b. 1898, d. 1988, age: 90yr
Bailey, L. H., no dates
Bailey, Marguret F., no dates
Bailey, Oscar T., b. 12-20-1894, d. 03-29-1973, age: 79yr
Bailey, Robert M., b. 09-28-1905, d. 07-31-1973, age: 68yr
Bailey, Ruth 'Young', b., d. no date
Bailey, Sarah E., b. 12-08-1882, d. 03-15-1959, age: 77yr
Bailey, Theta I., no dates
Baker, Charles R., b. 06-08-1933, d. no date
Baker, Dorothy Lee, b. 05-22-1935, d. 11-18-1991, age: 56yr
Baker, Frank, b. 10-04-1908, d. 10-06-1995, age: 87yr
Baker, G. W., no dates
Baker, H. M., no dates
Baker, Jewell R., no dates
Baker, L. M., no dates
Baker, Lucy, no dates
Baker, Lula A., no dates
Baker, Martha Elizabeth, no dates
Baker, Nesbert Dwight, b. 08-23-1921, d. 12-08-1996, age: 75yr
Baker, Nora, no dates
Baker, Ralph James, b. 03-19-1959, d. 04-25-1959, age: 6wk, baby
Baker, Ruth, b. 1882, d.
Baker, Tommy Gene, b. 10-12-1954, d. 10-19-1954, age: 1wk, baby
Baker, Vickie Ann, b. 03-30-1953, d. 03-30-1953, age: 0yr, Baby
Baker, Wanda Mae, b. 10-07-1923, d. no date, McDonald
Baker, Willie H., b. 1873, d. 1940, age: 67yr
Baker, Wm. W., no dates
Baldas, Athanasius, b. 11-08-1928, d. no date
Baldas, Essie Faye, b., d. no date
Baldas, Maria Consuela, no dates
Baldas, Swinford Bunch, b. 11-08-1927, d. no date, Wed:6-26-1959
Balding, Mary Frances, b. 1918, d. 1992, age: 74yr
Balding, Monta Missouri, b. 1895, d. 1987, age: 92yr
Balding, Thomas C. Jr., b. 11-16-1917, d. 1-20-1958, age: 41yr
Balding, Thomas Clare, b. 1891, d. 1943, age: 52yr
Baldwin, A. Ward, no dates
Baldwin, Ona, no dates
Ballard, Ann D., no dates
Ballard, Bobby Jo, b. 01-29-1981, d. 08-07-1992, age: 11yr
Ballard, Donald Joe, b. 05-18-1944, d. 09-22-1944, age: 4mo, baby
Ballard, Eugene, no dates
Ballard, Eva B., no dates
Ballard, James Alonzo, b. 1905, d. 1983, age: 78yr
Ballard, Kenneth Eugene, b. 09-08-1917, d. 06-26-1987, age: 70yr, Wed: 10-5-1940
Ballard, Loretta E., b. 10-01-1924, d. no date
Ballard, Martha L., no dates
Ballard, Ola Gladys, b. 1908, d. 1998, age: 90yr
Ballard, Robert Cody, b. 08-21-1985, d. 09-15-1998, age: 13yr
Ballew, Dorothy Ballard, b. 1907, d. 1985, age: 78yr
Ballew, James Logan, b. 1904, d. 1974, age: 70yr
Ballinger, Dewitt Luke, b. 09-23-1900, d. 01-03-1981, age: 81yr
Ballinger, Grace Estelle, b. 08-23-1905, d. 10-02-1955, age: 50yr
Ballinger, Kenneth Wayne, b. 06-28-1918, d. 08-19-1987, age: 69yr
Banders, William H., b. 12-23-1917, d. 09-21-1933, age: 16yr
Bandy, Addie, b. 09-09-1909, d. 09-07-1978, age: 69yr
Bandy, J. Houston, b. 02-28-1907, d. 05-05-1976, age: 69yr
Banngart, Mary E., no dates
Barbe, Charles V., b. 1874, d. 1933, age: 59yr
Barbe, Charles Worley, b. 10-28-1928, d. 05-28-1985, age: 57yr
Barbe, Harvy D., b. 04-14-1940, d. 12-23-1966, age: 26yr
Barbe, Infant Son, no dates
Barbe, LeRoy A., b. 01-03-1919, d. 01-03-2000, age: 81yr
Barbe, LeRoy Athel Jr, no dates
Barbe, Lou, b. 1852, d. 1937, age: 85yr
Barbe, OPal V., no dates
Barbe, Obie Nalene, b. 1896, d. 1996, age: 100yr
Barbe, Robert Clifford, no dates
Barbe, Robert N., b. 1877, d. 1946, age: 69yr
Barbe, Roy B., b. 1883, d. 1962, age: 79yr
Barbe, Tommie Beatrice, b. 03-16-1891, d. 07-25-1934, age: 43yr
Barbe, Vivian A., b. 02-23-1921, d. no date, Wed: 7-10-1937
Barber, Raymond P., b. 10-26-1921, d. 07-12-2000, age: 79yr
Barbour, Martha Ellen, no dates
Barker, Arlie G., no dates
Barker, Sallie Ann, b. 06-30-1884, d. 02-21-1982, age: 98yr
Barnard, Ethel F., b. 07-04-1891, d. 07-16-1938, age: 37yr
Barnard, Virgil, b. 03-20-1885, d. 10-07-1956, age: 71yr, Book has G. V. Bernard
Barnhill, W C., no dates
Barry, Eupha A., no dates
Bartlein, Deloris 'Moon', b. 06-17-1941, d. 01-06-1980, age: 39yr
Bartley, Cordie, b. 1898, d. 1980, age: 82yr
Bass, Fred Marvin Sr., b. 11-19-1929, d. 08-04-1984, age: 55yr
Bass, John L., no dates
Bass, Major, no dates
Bass, Rosa L., no dates
Bateman, Infant, no dates
Bates, Burl Balford, no dates
Bates, Christopher C., b. 01-10-1936, d. 07-24-1993, age: 57yr
Bates, Marvin Melborn, b. 10-23-1892, d. 07-16-1943, age: 51yr
Bates, Minnie Edna Lee, b. 03-31-1878, d. 09-03-1914, age: 36yr, 'Roads
Bates, Oma Mae 'Shepard', b. 04-09-1896, d. 12-19-1979, age: 83yr
Battles, Joan, b. 02-15-1933, d. no date
Battles, Joe, b. 03-18-1937, d. 09-23-1995, age: 58yr
Bayles, Jack, b. 03-21-1924, d. 11-13-1977, age: 53yr
Bayles, John Ira, b. 08-26-1917, d. 02-17-1970, age: 53yr
Bayles, Josie Winnie, b. 04-23-1899, d. 05-30-1990, age: 91yr
Bayles, W. R. 'Bill', b. 11-09-1889, d. 07-29-1968, age: 79yr, Book says Wm. R. Bayles
Bayse, D. Earlene, b. 05-06-1942, d. 10-31-1996, age: 54yr
Bayse, R. Terry, b. 10-08-1944, d. no date
Beall, Leonard A., no dates
Bear, Maud, no dates
Beard, John J., b. 10-17-1865, d. 04-18-1946, age: 81yr
Beasley, Charles M., no dates
Beasley, Hubert James, b. 1923, d. 1979, age: 56yr
Beasley, Olivine 'Graham', b. 12-04-1894, d. 04-13-1982, age: 88yr
Beavers, Albert M., b. 03-03-1881, d. 07-14-1957, age: 76yr
Beavers, Grover C. SR., b. 03-09-1885, d. 10-27-1983, age: 98yr
Beavers, Lillian F., b. 10-16-1887, d. 01-14-1980, age: 93yr
Beavers, Margaret L., b. 06-03-1886, d. 03-22-1968, age: 82yr
Beavers, Sarah M., b. 1884, d. 1926, age: 42yr
Bebb, Floyd M., no dates
Bebb, John C., no dates
Bebb, Minnie B., no dates
Beckham, M. E., b. 06-08-1867, d. 07-11-1905, age: 38yr
Beddingfield, Nancy P. G., no dates
Beech, George L., b. 1853, d. 1912, age: 59yr
Beetch, Charles W., b. 1870, d. 1930, age: 60yr
Belvin, Infant, no dates
Benefield, Lilly Jean 'Tabbytite', b. 1930, d. 1999, age: 69yr
Benegar, Leta B., b. 1878, d. 1964, age: 86yr
Benegar, Temple B., b. 1871, d. 1949, age: 78yr
Benegar, Thada B., b. 09-21-1907, d. 12-12-1908, age: 15mo, baby
Bennett, Aszie E., no dates
Bennett, Eddie F., no dates
Bennett, James H., no dates
Bennett, Leon E., b. 1912, d. 1967, age: 55yr
Bennett, Mary Elizabeth, b. 11-12-1885, d. 12-28-1955, age: 70yr
Bennett, Opal, b. 1915, d. 1966, age: 51yr, Book has L. Opal
Bennett, William A., b. 1930, d. 1954, age: 24yr
Bennett, William G., b. 1863, d. 1947, age: 84yr
Benoil, Ann M., no dates
Benson, Alice Maude, b. 02-15-1883, d. 08-04-1945, age: 62yr
Benson, Dottie Opal, no dates
Benson, Gora, no dates
Benson, N. O. Dr, no dates
Benson, Retter, no dates
Benson, Robert Lee, b. 1878, d. 1947, age: 69yr
Bentilla, Jonnie Ruth, no dates
Benton, Bobby Gene, b. 11-11-1948, d. 12-13-1997, age: 49yr
Benzoska, Adolph, b. 12-08-1891, d. 02-13-1989, age: 98yr
Benzoska, Golda Mae, b. 04-24-1911, d. 04-17-1994, age: 83yr, Wed:6-20-1933
Benzoska, Jewell, b. 12-28-1906, d. 09-27-1986, age: 80yr
Benzoska, Jim, b. 02-17-1900, d. 06-21-1961, age: 61yr
Berendzen, Earl E., b. 1907, d. 1987, age: 80yr
Berendzen, Earl Imanuel, no dates
Berendzen, Henley, b. 1902, d. 1984, age: 82yr, Book has Paul Henley
Berendzen, Henry, b. 1865, d. 1937, age: 72yr
Berendzen, Ray Malcolm, b. 09-10-1924, d. 07-18-1997, age: 73yr
Berendzen, Ruby Nell, b. 06-19-1923, d. no date
Berendzen, Sidney Ina, b. 1913, d. 1998, age: 85yr
Berendzen, Stella Lee, b. 1878, d. 1952, age: 74yr
Berendzen, Thelma Elizabeth, b. 1902, d. 1981, age: 79yr
Bernard, Jason Virgil, no dates
Bernard, Lou E., b. 03-15-1873, d. 12-09-1956, age: 83yr, Book has Lew E.
Bernard, Tom, b. 01-25-1905, d. 08-01-1971, age: 66yr
Berrt, Twin Girl, no dates
Berry, Baby Girl, b. 01-11-1922, d. 01-11-1922, age: 0yr, Baby-J.L. & Maud Berry
Berry, Bertie Bell, b. 1904, d. 1977, age: 73yr
Berry, Czarina Katherine, b. 07-06-1914, d. 02-23-1983, age: 69yr
Berry, Dorris I., no dates
Berry, Elijah P., no dates
Berry, Ella M., no dates
Berry, Fluretta, no dates
Berry, Gayle J., b. 12-24-1912, d. 11-27-1976, age: 64yr
Berry, Geneva, no dates
Berry, Iva Beatrice, b. 01-11-1908, d. 10-29-1990, age: 82yr
Berry, James L., b. 11-28-1870, d. 02-13-1934, age: 64yr
Berry, James L., no dates
Berry, Janet, no dates
Berry, John A., b. 12-11-1910, d. 07-13-1980, age: 70yr
Berry, John D., b. 08-14-1948, d. no date
Berry, John Henry, b. 02-02-1911, d. 04-07-1983, age: 72yr
Berry, Martha Frances, b. 08-19-1908, d. 01-26-1990, age: 82yr
Berry, Maud W., b. 10-27-1880, d. 02-13-1963, age: 83yr
Berry, R. D., b. 03-16-1904, d. 03-03-1982, age: 78yr
Berry, Simie Ople, b. 1900, d. 1980, age: 80yr
Bessemer, Bertha D., b. 03-27-1923, d. no date, Wed:7-20-1940
Bessemer, Ernest G., b. 07-11-1918, d. no date
Bessemer, Eula Mae 'Moore', b. 11-03-1920, d. 04-22-2000, age: 80yr, Wed: 8-11-1938
Bessemer, Kerry Greg Sr., b. 09-09-1943, d. 09-27-1991, age: 48yr
Bessemer, Mary K. 'Kathy', b. 06-16-1946, d. no date, Wed:12-26-1965
Bessemer, Max G., b. 10-13-1916, d. no date
Best, Don Doyle, b. 05-07-1959, d. no date, Baby
Best, Don Wesley, b. 12-01-1919, d. no date
Best, Doyle Virginia, b. 09-07-1920, d. no date
Best, Fred Alvis, b. 03-10-1881, d. 03-12-1960, age: 79yr
Best, Infant Girl, no dates
Best, Preppa Ella, b. 10-25-1883, d. 02-24-1974, age: 91yr
Best, Richard Jefferson, b. 05-07-1913, d. 12-21-1971, age: 58yr
Beznoska, Adolph, no dates
Beznoska, Golda M., no dates
Beznoska, Irene, no dates
Beznoska, Jewell May, no dates
Beznoska, Jim, no dates
Beznoska, Joe, no dates
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