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Divine Cemetery
Comanche County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34° 29' 33"N, Lon: 98° 18' 45"W
SE corner of Section 2, Crosby Twp.

Contributed by Aggie Cochrane, Jul 24, 2002. Total records = 17.

Directions from the South side of Geronomo, Ok. Take farthest south road and go about 4 or 5 miles east and turn north 1 mile. There are two small cemeteries across the road from each other, the other one is the Allendale cemetery.

Here is a small cemetery located in Comanche, County.

I walked and read this cemetery in the early spring of 2002, from all the existing monuments only.

- Aggie Cochrane

Devine, Bertha, b. 12-02-1884, d. 01-04-1929, age: 45yr
Devine, Bessie George, b. 00-00-1891, d. 00-00-1952, age: 61yr
Devine, Flora Mae, b. 07-14-1927, d. 04-18-1950, age: 23yr
Devine, John Lewis, b. 10-24-1882, d. 03-28-1947, age: 65yr
Devine, Josiah, b. 02-27-1848, d. 01-21-1929, age: 81yr
Devine, Kelly Ray, b. 03-04-1907, d. 08-10-1960, age: 53yr
Devine, Marie E., b. 02-04-1855, d. 01-01-1932, age: 77yr
Honeywell, Alice, b. 08-30-1906, d. 08-18-2000, age: 94yr
Honeywell, Divine, b. 05-05-1910, d. 08-17-1984, age: 74yr
Honeywell, Laura, b. 07-12-1873, d. 08-01-1962, age: 89yr
Mccombs, Malissa J., b. 08-02-1849, d. 09-14-1932, age: 83yr
Moran, Baby Boy, b. 06-??-1949, d. 06-??-1949, age: ,
Penland, Eugene, b. 01-19-1900, d. 10-06-1975, age: 75yr
Penland, Gladys, b. 03-04-1909, d. 12-21-1941, age: 32yr
Penland, Joseph H., b. 07-13-1871, d. 11-22-1936, age: 65yr
Penland, Maggie M., b. 06-10-1873, d. 07-09-1938, age: 65yr
Wheeler, Claud F., b. 00-00-1898, d. 05-31-1962, age: 64yr

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