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Bokchito Cemetery
Bokchito, Bryan County, Oklahoma

Lat: 34°01'16"N, Lon: 96°07'51"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 95.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, Edward L., b. 2/2/1894, d. 11/29/1966, Dad, Born Blossom, Texas, [BG]
Adams, Maud E., b. 8/12/1897, d. 5/19/1971, Mama, w/o Edward, [BG]
Anderson, Frodell, b.9/16/1928, d.11/1994, [KR]
Atkinson, Corrine W., b. 7/28/1935, d. 12/18/1976, At Rest, s/w husband, Phillip R, [BG]
Atkinson, Earl, b. 3/1/1892, d. 9/4/1969, At Rest, s/w wife., [BG]
Atkinson, Phillip R., b. 9/30/1934, d. no date, s/w Corrine W, [BG]
Atkinson, Susie Beatrice, b. 5/1/1906, d. 12/23/1998, At Rest, nee French, w/o Earl, [BG]
Beames, Billy Gene, b. 3/13/1929, d.5/14/1994, s/o George and Mary, [BG]
Beames, Dollye T., b. 7/26/1904, d. 10/7/1991, nee Tigner, w/o & s/w Levi, [BG]
Beames, George Washington, b. 9/13/1900, d. 5/6/1967, s/o Josiah and Minnie, s/w wife Mary, [BG]
Beames, Henry Clay, b. 4/19/1897, d. 1/26/1963, s/o Josiah and Minnie , [BG]
Beames, James Prentice "Jim", b. 8/6/1926, d. 2/23/1997, s/o George and Mary, s/w wife Jean, 2nd military stone, PFC US Army, World War II, [BG]
Beames, Jean LaVern, b. 10/18/1929, d. no date, s/w James P, Keep The Faith, Our Children ? and Cheryl Ann, [BG]
Beames, Jesse James, b. 10/18/1905, d. 3/6/1926, s/o Josiah and Minnie barely legible, Sleep In Jesus, [BG]
Beames, Josiah "Joe", b. 10/1/1852, d. 3/6/1926, s/o James and Amy, s/w Minnie, [BG]
Beames, Levi Lee, b. 12/27/1898, d. 2/17/1956, s/o Josiah and Minnie, s/w wife Dollye, [BG]
Beames, Mary Ethel, b. 1903, d. 10/15/1991, nee Rhodes, w/o George W., [BG]
Beames, Minnie Elba, b. 7/14/1880, d. 6/9/1953, nee Sauls, w/o Josiah, d/o James and Elizabeth, [BG]
Beames, Naomi Francille, b. 9/23/1917, d. 3/30/1920, Our Beloved Baby, [BG]
Beames, Ruth, b. 10/19/1913, d. 10/16/1970, nee Michner, w/o Henry, [BG]
Beames, Twyla, b. 1966, d. 1966, infant , [BG]
Boudreau, Merrill Russell, b. 8/7/1915, d. 10/7/1986, veterans marker, US Navy, World War II, h/o Wilma, nee Layman-Loveless, , [BG]
Brown, Charles M., b. 1/30/1924, d. no date, s/w Nora K, Daddy, [BG]
Brown, Charlie C., b. 3/18/1872, d. 11/29/1941, [BG]
Brown, Eddie, b. 1944, d. 1949, two headstones, the one at the foot cites s/o Nora and Charles M., [BG]
Brown, Harold E., b. 6/25/1930, d. 10/11/1994, s/o Ola and James, s/w wife Shirley, [BG]
Brown, James Edward, b. 9/24/1903, d. 7/?/1981, Dad, s/w wife Ola May, s/o Rosa and Charles, [BG]
Brown, Nora K., b. 11/7/1915, d. 2/19/1998, Mother, s/w husband, [BG]
Brown, Ola May, b. 12/8/1907, d. 1/9/1961, Mother, s/w hus. James Edward, w/o James, nee Dodson, [BG]
Brown, Rosa Mae, b. 6/21/1883, d. no date, nee Layman, w/o Charles, second stone laying on the ground next to the newer stone, [BG]
Brown, Shirley, b. 8/18/1940, d. no date, s/w Harold E, [BG]
Burgess Jessie M., b. 7/29/1906, d. 10/23/19??, [BG]
Burgess, Roy E., b. 5/1/1903, d. 6/20/1971, s/w wife Jessie , [BG]
Burgess, Vera Laymon., b. 10/14/1910, d. 11/18/1980, d/o Myrtle and John, nee Layman, [BG]
Danderson, Lillie Harris, b.1/15/1900, d.4/11/1975, [KR]
Folsom, Louie, b. 6/30/1900, d. 11/7/1982, h/o Addie Mae nee Wood, [BG]
French, Sam W., b. 10/20/1897, d. 11/20/1972, [BG]
Fulsom, Addie Mae Wood, b.10/28/1900, d.3/30/1949, [KR]
Hall, Clara Belle Hogue, b.9/18/1886, d.7/18/1976, [KR]
Hall, James Alton, b.7/18/1903, d.5/3/1975, [KR]
Hall, Wesley Franklin, b.10/07/1875, d.1/03/1975, [KR]
Harris, Albert(Doc), b.1907, d.1982, [KR]
Harris, James S. b.7/1876, d.10/16/1960, [KR]
Harris, Mary Etta Harris, b.6/9/1974, d.11/26/1953, [KR]
Harris, Newsom, b.3/9/1888, d.12/30/1973, [KR]
Harris, Ruby Lee, b.3/10/1905, d.2/5/1982, [KR]
Harris, Wiley B., b.3/18/1844, d.1930, [KR]
Harris, Winnie Mae Hall, b.12/12/1912, d.4/22/1985, [KR]
Knight, Gracie, b. 3/29/1898, d. 3/27/1920, w/o Shelby Knight of Bokchito, Okla., She is the sunshine on our home, located between Martha E. Sparks and Sy Sparks, [BG]
Layman, Charlie Jefferson, b. 9/21/1913, d. 8/20/1990, Our Loving Dad, [BG]
Layman, Infant, d. 1955, s/o Thelma and Charlie, small flat concrete marker, given name not included is Michael Leroy Layman, [BG]
Layman, John J. Pershing, b. 9/12/1919, d. 10/10/1988, two headstones, one is a veteran's headstone at foot of site, PFC. US Army, World War II, s/o Myrtle and John, [BG]
Layman, Loyd Edward, b. 1/18/1932, d. 1/2/1974, veterans marker, Oklahoma, PFC US Army, Korea, s/o Myrtle and John, [BG]
Layman, Thelma Beames, b. 7/15/1915, d. 11/23/1987, Our Loving Mother, w/o Charlie J. Layman, located next to Joe and Minnie Beames, d/o Josiah and Minnie, [BG]
Layman, Wilburn W., b. 11/26/1916, d. 2/14/1985, s/o Myrtle and John, [BG]
Laymon, Charles David, b. 7/2/1940, d. 10/21/1987, Sgt US Army, Vietnam, s/o Thelma and Charlie, veteran's marker, located next to Infant Layman, [BG]
Laymon, Myrtle Lee, b. 2/26/1891, d. 7/24/1983, nee French, [BG]
Laymon, Otha Milton, b. 3/29/1918, d. 5/8/1974, veterans marker, Texas, PVT US Army, World War II s/o Myrtle and John, [BG]
Laymon, Stephanie, b. 6/20/1976, d. 6/20/1976, d/o Gary and Diane, located near Charles and Infant Layman, [BG]
Parrish Alta W., b. 1904, d. 1990, s/w hus. James Ottis, [BG]
Parrish, Belhena, b. 1885, d. 1936, nee Labor, s/w hus. Ransom, [BG]
Parrish, James Ottis, b. 1903, d. 1992, s/w wife Alta W., [BG]
Parrish, Ransom, b. 1877, d. 1938, s/w wife Belhena, [BG]
Phillips, Mattie Harris, b.11/12/1903, d.12/1993, [KR]
Robinson, Rose Ella, b. 24 Jul 1895, d. 22 Dec 1989, d/o Jonnie and Sally York, [CI]
Rose, Dan, b.7/10/1872, d.12/20/1949, [KR]
Rose, Essie Mae Gilcrease, b.7/19/1903, d.1/20/1997, [KR]
Rose, Floyd, b.5/13/1926, d.6/15/1988, [KR]
Rose, Fred, b.7/8/1907, d.4/1980, [KR]
Rose, Jean Patton, b.1926, d.1987, [KR]
Rose, Leora, b.12/22/1904, d.4/17/1918, [KR]
Rose, Mary Jane Brown, b.2/13/1872, d.2/1/1948, [KR]
Rose, Roscoe, b.12/17/1901, d.6/11/1975, [KR]
Rose, Sylvester, b.7/9/1924, d.11/1996, (Brother), [KR]
Rose, Willie b.8/8/1910, d.7/24/1978, [KR]
Sparks, Charlie H., b. 1888, d. 1972, [BG]
Sparks, Flora M., b. 10/1/1894, d. 11/14/1899, d/o L.F. and R.M., [BG]
Sparks, L. F., b. 1856, d. 10/24/1918, [BG]
Sparks, Leonora Ida, b. 7/22/1882, d.?/?/?, nee Beames, w/o Charlie H., d/o Josiah and Mary, [BG]
Sparks, Martha E., b. 5/6/1883, d. 12/6/1966, Mother, [BG]
Sparks, Sy, b. 11/19/1874, d. 8/28/1917, Those who knew him he's ? , [BG]
Sparks, Viola P., b. 7/25/1892, d. 6/7/1954, [BG]
Tigner, Betty V., b. 1/31,1912, d. 10/26/1992, s/w hus. Troy K., Gone But Not Forgotten, [BG]
Tigner, E. Frank, b. 8/29/1902, d. 12/19/1963, s/w wife Lessie, [BG]
Tigner, Floyd C., b. 11/23/1894, d. 3/11/1958, Daddy, s/w wife Susie E., [BG]
Tigner, Lessie, b. 7/18/1906, d. 2/14/1991, s/w hus. E. Frank, m. 6/20/19??, [BG]
Tigner, Susie E., b. 3/4/1896, d. 1/3/1963, Mother, s/w hus. Floyd C., In Loving Memory, [BG]
Tigner, Troy K., b. 8/21/1911, d. 3/8/1971, s/w wife Betty V., [BG]
Wallace, Chester Wayne, b. 1/30/1940, d. 7/21/1981, f/o Johnny, Sean, Tony, Tracy, If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Veterans marker as footstone, PFC, US Army, [BG]
Wallace, Jo Ann, b. 7/5/1944, d. 2/28/1998, nee Layman, d/o Thelma and Charlie, mother of Johnny, Sean, Tony, Tracy, [BG]
Wallace, Stacey Lynn, b. 2/12/1971, d. 4/8/1971, d/o Shirley L. nee Layman and Ricky D., located next to Charles D. and Infant Layman, [BG]
Wallace, Tracy Glenn, "Baldy", b. 3/15/1971, d. 9/20/1992, s/o Jo Ann and Chester, Our beloved son & brother, In my life, I was loved by you., [BG]
Wood, Bonnie B., b.10/8/1903, d.3/20/1935, [KR]
Wood, Dora Etta, b.4/30/1883, d.12/21/1909, [KR]
Wood, Walter Millard, b.1/1/1872, d.8/18/1952, [KR]
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