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Dwelle Cemetery
Port Clinton, Ottawa County, Ohio

3968 E State Rd (Jadwisiak farm)
Port Clinton OH

Lat: 41° 30' 25"N, Lon: 82° 51' 23"W
Portage Township, Sec 2

Contributed by Connie Starnes, Jun 03, 2003 [csstarnes@excite.com]. Total records = 43.

To reach cemetery drive east for 4 miles out of Port Clinton. The cemetery is on the north side of the road on the Jadwisiak farm.

This is a complete transcription of all the existing headstones found when I walked the cemetery on Jun 02, 2003.
- Connie Starnes
Capell, Ethel, b. 6-15-1880, d. 10-7-1880
Cooper, Caleb, b. d. 1-14-1897, age: 76y 4m 1d
Cooper, Jannett McDonald, b. d. 3-16-1888, age: 58y 2m 1d, (wife of Caleb)
Dwelle, Benjamin F, b. 6-21-1818, d. 2-10-1903
Dwelle, Charles F, d. 6-1-1856, age:15y 5m 13d, (son of BF & EL)
Dwelle, Clarissa, d. 11-22-1853, age: 61y 6m 5d, (wife of E)
Dwelle, Cynthia L, d. 7-11-1848, age: 16y 5m 12d, (dau of E & C)
Dwelle, Electa L, d. 5-6-1871, age: 50y 1m 10d, (wife of BF)
Dwelle, Elijah, d. 2-21-1859, age: 81y 4m 27d
Elwell, Darius A, d. 10-4-1877, age:49y 6m 11d
Elwell, Lessie, no dates, (Span Amer War)
Gill, Gertrude, d. Bellevue, OH, bur. 2-7-1956, No stone
Hardy, No Name, d. 1-26-1867, age: 7m, (baby)
Hardy, Silas Adrian, b. 5-20-1840, d. 12-7-1880
Lockwood, Albert A, d. 9-12-1854, age: 2y 6m ?d, (son of JW & C/G)
MacDonald, Elizabeth, d. 2-11-1844, age: 7m 24d, (dau of A? & M)
MacDonald, Elsie Watson, b. 1866, d. 1947
MacDonald, Harrietta, d. 3-27-1855, age: 2y 9m 16d, (dau of A? & M)
MacDonald, James A, b. 1851, d. 1900
MacDonald, Ranald, d. 7-25-1856, age: 28y 6m 17d
Marshal, Charles E, d. 3-1-1857, age: 9m 11d, (son of WB & E)
Marshal, Francis, d. 9-4-1855, age: 4m 5d, (dau of WB & E)
Marshal, Infant, d. 9-9-1852, (son of WB & E)
Marshal, Mary S, d. 5-27-1849, age: 1y 3m 21d, (dau of WB &E)
Moore, Fidelia, d. 11-2-1818, age: 39y 11m, (wife of NB)
Moore, Nathaniel B, d. 12-2-1874, age: 76y 10m 8d
Par??, Nettie, b. 6-18-1836, d. 8-28-1876, age: 40y 2m 10d, (wife of James G)
Shirley, Alfred H, d. 12-15-1853, age: 17y 7m 9d, (son of C & C)
Shirley, Caroline, d. 2-17-1859, age: 43y 8m 10d, (wife of John C)
Shirley, Elmer, d. 9-29-1875, age: 6y, (son of Chas & MJ)
Shirley, George H, b. 1841, d. 1911, (GAR marker)
Shirley, Job , d. 1-16-1869, age: 25y 1d (son of O & C)(GAR Navy anchor)
Shirley, Job F, b. 1869, d. 1918
Shirley, John C, d. 5-21-1858, age: 47y 10m 7d
Shirley, Susan, b. 1836, d. 1923
Slackford, Thursa Gertrude, d. 10-12-1861, age: 26y 1m 26d, (wife of Capt WJ)
Smith, Eugenia C M, d. 8-10-1873, age:22y 6m (wife of Chas E)(dau of BF & EL)
Smith, Frank D, d. 3-15-1873, age:4m 12d, (son of Chas E & ECM)
Smith, Henry V, b. 1795, d. 1879
Turner, John, d. 7-21-1859, age: 46y 11m 9d
Turner, Mary Jane, d. 3-10-1855, age: 3y 18d, (dau of J & VA)
Turner, Velonia, b. ?-26-1826, d. ?-2-1897, (wife of John)
Wulf, Wiebele?, b. 5-9-1876, d. 10-4-1877, (dau of N &U)

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