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Snow Cemetery
Gorham Township, Fulton County, Ohio

Lat: 41° 41' 44"N, Lon: 84° 18' 31"W
T9S R1E NE1/4, Sec.17

Contributed by Joyce VanValkenburg, April 2000 [joycevan@gulftel.com]. Total records = 63.

Located one mile east and one and one-half miles north of the village of Fayette, Ohio on the southwest corner of the intersection of TR T and CR 23. It is located on the Southwest corner of the intersection in the yard of the home which is there. At one time back about 1990 there were a few stones about 4 inches square that you could view, before that a cow pasture. I do not believe there are any stones that can be viewed at this time.

Land granted to George W. Bullock in 1835 was subsequently sold to Spencer Snow. In 1842 a frame school was built at the corner and the community became known as the "Snow Settlement." In 1852 Spencer and Dolly Snow deeded a three-quarter acre plot west of the school yard to the Union Cemetery Association. This burial ground, known as the Snow Cemetery, has been inactive for many years and is in very poor condition.

Many of the markers are broken down and some are covered with sod. Several markers recorded circa 1940 are no longer found on the grounds, these have DAR following them. In addition I compared my readings with those found in Fayette Library. Recorded April 1984

- Joyce VanValkenburg
Blood, Emma W., d. 8 Jun 1867, Age 67y-3m-9d, Row 5
Conrad, Jacob, d. 24 Aug 1837, Age 67y-3m-9d, DAR
Conrad, John, d. 20 Feb 1852, Age 34y, s/o of J. & Prisilla, DAR
Conrad, Parcilla, d. 29 May 1871, Age 85y-7m-19d, w/o Jacob Conrad, Row 11
DonielsoN, Catharine, d. 1 Mar 1887, Age 82y-4m, w/o John Donielson, Row 15
DonielsoN, John, d. 10 Feb 1854, Age 63y-2m-16d, Row 15
DonielsoN, Seymour, d. 28 Dec 1857, s/o J.C., Age 23y-2d, DAR
Elliot, Chloe, d. 10 May 1889, Age 76y-5m-23d, DAR
Elliot, Monroe,23 Jul 1884, Age 72y-4m-15d, DAR
Ellit, Martha J., d. 8 May 1863, Age 26y-2m, d/o M. & C. Ellit, Row 12
Emerick, Mary M., d. 21 Oct 1850, Age 1y-1m-1d, d/o A. & E. Emerick, Row 3
Farwell, Angelo, d. 18 Feb 1852, s/o E. & Priscilla, DAR
Hale, Gilbert, d. 31 Aug 1851, Age 11m-19d, s/o G. & B. Hale, Row 8
Hale?, Rhoda, d. 23 Jun 1871, Age 78y-2m-29d, (The typist believes this was Rhoda Perry Hale, wife of Gardner Hale, she was born 1793), Row 8
Hibbert, Elma J., d. 10 Aug 1861, Age 1y-11m-11d, d/o M. & M.A. Hibbert, Row 5
Hilbert, Joseph, d. 10 Oct 1855, s/o M. & M.A., DAR
Judd, Benjamin, d. 28 May 1852, s/o P.C. & A.E., DAR
Judd, Elijah, d. 20 May 1852, Age 1y-6m, s/o P.C. & A.E. Judd, Broken stone, most missing letters AMIN stone matches Elijah Judd, Row 6
Judd, Peter C., d. 21 Jan 1852, Age 37y, Row 6
Kenndy, Richard A., d. 7 Sep 1859, Age 5y, s/o A.A. & H. Kenndy, Row 13
Luce, Charles W., d. 4 Jul 1870, Age 4m, child of H.R. & C. Luce, Row 1
Luce, Henry M., d. 21 Mar 1863, Age 12 y & 6m, child of H.R. & C. Luce, Row 1
Luce, Sylvester B., d. 10 Nov 1865, Age 5y-10m-16d, child of H.R. & C. Luce, Row 1
Mace, Jay A., d. 9 Sep 1853, Age 1y-2m, s/o W.A. & Amanda Mace, Row 8
Mace, Mary, d. 31 Dec 1863, Age 81y, Row 11
Mace, Wendell, d. 16 Jul 1851, Age 75y, Row 11
Paul, ??, d. 13 Sep 1862, Age 22y-8m, s/o A. & C. Paul, Row 14
Paul, Abel, d. 10 Oct 1864, Age 57y-1d, Row 14
Paul, Catharine, d. 7 Apr 1875, Age 66y-2m-??, w/o Abel Paul (our mother), Row 14
Paul, Dr. Jabez, d. 10 Apr 1846, Age 29y-1m-13d, Row 15
Paul, John, d. 7 Dec 1860, Age 76y-11m-7d, Row 16
Paul, Jonah, d. 12 Jan 1856, Age 10m-16d, child of A. & C. Paul, Row 13
Paul, Linaus, 25 Sep 1854, Age 4m-5d, child of A. & C. Paul, Row 13
Paul, Nancy, d. 1860?, w/o John Paul, Row 14
Rice, Walter Samuel, d. 11 Apr 1868, s/o Amos & Elija, DAR
Rose, Gardner H., d. 9 Jun 1864, Age 15y-3d, s/o R.& S.P. Rose, Row 8
Rose, Ruel, d. 5 Mar 1852, Age 48y-18d, Row 8
Rose, Susanna P., d. 19 Jun 1852, Age 38y-5m, w/o Ruel Rose, Row 8
Sayles, Clark Eugene, d. 26 Aug 1864, Age 15y-8m-26d, s/o G.W. & S.A. Sayles, Row 13
Schuiler, John P., d. 26 May 1848, Age 78y, Row 14
Sergent, George W., d. 8 Oct 1847, Age 36y, s/o E. & Hannah Sergent, Row 9
Spratt, Hannah, d. 27 Sep 1854, w/o G.L. & M., Age 27y-1m-27d, DAR
Stewart, Margret, d. 7 May 1887, Age 62y-2m-4d, erected by J.C. Whaley for his housekeeper, Row 2
Unknown, Female, d. 11 Dec 1855, d/o J.V. & Jane, DAR
Unknown, Mary, no dates, w/o L., DAR
Unknown, no date, Age 65y-11m-13d, Row 15
Unknown,, d. 28 Oct 1857, Age 23y-5m-2d, Row 15
Van Valkenburg, Adrian, d. 3 Jul 1859, s/o A. & N., Age 2y-2m-2d, DAR
Van Valkenburg, Hanna Adell, d. Dec 11, 1850, d/o A. & N., Age 6y-11m, DAR
Van Valkenburg, Lulu, d. Feb 12 1880, d/o S. & O., Age 1y-1m-21d, DAR
Whaley, Abagail, d. 1 May 1876, Age 63y, w/o J. C. Whaley, Row 2
Whaley, Baby, d. 31 Dec 1886, Age 20d, child of F. & H. Whaley, Row 7
Whaley, Charles H., d. 23 Jul 1881, Age 40y-1m, s/o J.C. & S. Whaley, Row 7
Whaley, Della, d. 2 Mar 1874, Age 8y-2m-16d, child of F. & H. Whaley, Row 7
Whaley, Fannie, d. 10 Apr 1874, Age 5y-11m-10d, child of F. & H. Whaley, Row 7
Whaley, Sarah, d. 17 Jul 1880, Age 2y-3m-11d d/o J.C. & A. Whaley, Row 2
Whitman, Hannah C., b. 4 Sep 1825, d. 9 Apr 1888, w/o Truman Whitman, Row 16
Whitman, Truman, d. 18 Jul 1878, Age 57y-5m-16d, Row 16
Whitman, Truman D., d. 25 Jul 1876, Age 19y-1m-26d, s/o. I.M. & C.A. Whitman, Row 5
Wilson, Rose Ann, d. 21 Sep 1850, w/o Wm., DAR
Woodward, ??, d. 19 Dec 18??, Age 61y-5m-2d, Row 11
Woodward, Jacob, b. 8 Jun 1797, d. 7 Sep 1807 or 67, DAR
Woodward, John, d. 22 Jan 1857, Age 85y-2m-25d
Woodward, Mrs, wife of John, Row 11

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