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Perkins Cemetery
Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio

perkins cemetery
Perkins Cemetery

GPS: 41.39955,-82.65091

5922 Milan Road
Sandusky, Ohio 44870.

Published: January 7, 2016
Total records: 1,755

Perkins Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Township of Perkins, OH.


The present day Perkins Cemetery was established in 1941. The original cemetery was located at the crossing Taylor Rd and Columbus Ave, and was part of the Methodist Episcopal Church also located there. The church was established in 1830.

In 1941, the US Govt. used eminent domain to purchase 9,000 acres of land that included the Methodist Episcopal Church and the cemetery. Perkins Township officials were forced to find a new location for the cemetery, and selected the present-day location at the end of Beatty Rd. The present-day cemetery is actually located just south of the first cemetery in Perkins Township, known as "Old Stone Place Cemetery". The Beatty family were originally interred at Old Stone Place, and later reinterred to Oakland Cemetery.

The US Govt. removed bodies from the original Perkins Cemetery to the new location. However, many families discovered that bodies were not placed in the same configuration as the old cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the Township of Perkins on January 6, 2016. Dates of death range from 1817 to 2016.

Aaron, Bertha Mae
, Death: 8/22/1989, Location: WEST-11-6
Aaron, Dave Sr., Death: 7/28/1987, Location: WEST-10-6
Aaron, Louise, Birth: 1929, Death: 5/14/2009, Location: WEST-11-8
Aaron, Mary Lee, Birth: 1921, Death: 2/11/2011, Location: WEST-10-5
Aaron, Sidney Sr., Death: 11/23/1996, Location: WEST-11-7
Abernathy, C., Death: 1955, Location: PERKINS ROW-18
Ackerman, Albert, Death: 1944, Location: BOGART-50
Ackerman, Anna, Death: 1938, Location: BOGART-43
Ackerman, Benjamin, Death: 1945, Location: BOGART-51
Ackerman, Carl Clifford, Death: 11/22/1956, Location: NORTH WEST-47-8
Ackerman, Frank Sr., Death: 8/23/1977, Location: BOGART-44
Ackerman, Frank Jr., Location: SOUTH WEST-38-3
Ackerman, George Jr., Death: 1916, Location: BOGART-45
Ackerman, George Sr., Death: 1928, Location: BOGART-47
Ackerman, Lewis A., Death: 8/15/1986, Location: SOUTH WEST-38-2
Ackerman, Louise, Death: 1933, Location: BOGART-46
Ackerman, Marie H., Death: 11/1/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-47-7
Ackerman, Maude, Death: 1/5/1996, Location: WEST-7-1
Ackerman, Pearl May, Death: 8/18/1960, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-6
Ackerman, Wayne F., Death: 6/30/1955, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-7
Ackerman, Wilbur Sr., Death: 10/29/1977, Location: EAST-73-6
Ackerman, William G., Death: 8/19/1999, Location: WEST-7-2
Ackerman., William Sr., Death: 2/2/1969, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-5
Ackermann, Catharine, Death: 1916, Location: BOGART-49
Ackermann, Joseph, Death: 1875, Location: BOGART-48
Adams, Death: 1949, Location: PERKINS ROW-7
Adams, I., Death: 1954, Location: PERKINS ROW-12
Adcock, R., Death: 1956, Location: PERKINS ROW-19
Adkins, Carrie, Death: 1977, Location: PERKINS ROW-77
Adkins, Milton W., Death: 4/5/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-36-1
Albon, George, Death: 1852, Location: BOGART-117
Albon, Sarah Elizabeth, Death: 1852, Location: BOGART-116
Alexander, James, Location: PERKINS ROW-70
Allen, Jesse, Location: SOUTH WEST-1-1
Allen, Justus Isreal, Death: 02/26/1851, Location: SOUTH WEST-1-3
Allen, Lucy, Death: 11/24/1849, Location: SOUTH WEST-1-2
Alvarez, Robert Olgin, Death: 8/30/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-37
Arnett, Baby Boy, Location: PERKINS ROW-69
Arrowhead, William B., Birth: 1895, Death: 3/10/1958, Location: EAST-64-5
Aust, Francis, Death: 1904, Location: NORTH WEST-17-7
Aust, George N., Death: 1934, Location: NORTH WEST-17-5
Aust, James N., Death: 1906, Location: NORTH WEST-17-6
Aust, John Henry, Death: 8/1/1953, Location: NORTH WEST-48-2
Aust, Marguerite A., Death: 5/19/1984, Location: NORTH WEST-48-4
Aust, Mary C., Death: 2/16/1963, Location: NORTH WEST-17-4
Aust, Nellie, Death: 6/10/1947, Location: NORTH WEST-48-1
Aust, Norman J., Death: 6/20/1987, Location: NORTH WEST-48-3
Austin, L. O., Death: 1953, Location: PERKINS ROW-11
Autner, Chester A., Death: 3/2/1960, Location: SOUTH EAST-9-6
B., R., Location: BOGART-15
Baby Macina, Location: NORTH WEST-23-3
Baird, Burt H., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-4
Baird, Clayton C., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-1
Baird, Eleanora A., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-6
Baird, Leon L., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-8
Baird, Lewis P., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-3
Baird, Olive A., Location: SOUTH WEST-10-2
Baird, Rodney T., Death: 11/1/1977, Location: SOUTH WEST-10-5
Baker, Carrie J., Death: 11/4/1945, Location: NORTH EAST-41-6
Baker, Clinton Nolan, Death: 7/13/1950, Location: NORTH EAST-41-4
Baker, Martha E., Location: NORTH EAST-41-7
Baker, Ogden F., Death: 2/12/1950, Location: NORTH EAST-41-5
Balton, Florine, Birth: 1926, Death: 7/10/1994, Location: NEW EAST-102-3
Balton, Murray, Death: 5/31/1998, Location: NEW EAST-102-4
Bangel, Dora Leibacher, Death: 1899, Location: BOGART-156
Banks, Fannie, Location: SOUTH WEST-33-1
Banks, Francis R., Location: SOUTH WEST-33-1
Banks, James J., Location: SOUTH WEST-33-1
Barber, Everett E., Death: 8/17/1992, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-8
Barber, Harry C., Location: SOUTH WEST-29-2
Barber, Mary Agnes, Death: 12/1/1959, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-3
Barber, Paul Alta, Death: 11/12/1997, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-5
Barber, Rose M., Death: 1988, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-6
Barber, William Henry, Death: 2/20/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-4
Bardshar, Allen J., Location: NORTH WEST-33-1
Bardshar, Bert S., Death: 8/28/1961, Location: NORTH WEST-36-1
Bardshar, Flora J., Death: 8/20/1984, Location: NORTH WEST-36-2
Bardshar, Jay D., Death: 2/13/1940, Location: NORTH WEST-33-3
Bardshar, Martha V., Death: 10/15/1947, Location: NORTH WEST-33-2
Barker, Deloris Jean, Death: 12/3/2000, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-7
Barnett, Carl George, Death: 6/17/1952, Location: NORTH WEST-32-8
Barnett, Gilbert L, Death: 7/28/1979, Location: EAST-73-4
Barnett, Iva Jane, Death: 12/18/1969, Location: NORTH WEST-32-7
Barney, Thomas M., Death: 4/13/1993, Location: CENTER-49-3
Barney, Waneida Ruth, Death: 8/1/2012, Location: CENTER-49-4
Barnum, Charles Edward, Birth: 1941, Death: 9/3/2004, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-5
Barnum, William N., Death: 9/19/1972, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-6
Barone, Horace George, Death: 5/28/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-7
Barrett, Hazel, Death: 12/5/1989, Location: CENTER-61-7
Barrett, Hezz, Birth: 1930, Death: 2/24/2007, Location: CENTER-61-8
Barrett, Randell H., Birth: 1956, Death: 10/13/1974, Location: NORTH EAST-45-8
Barrus, Clyde A., Death: 7/29/1981, Location: WEST-9-1
Barrus, Gertrude C., Birth: 1950, Death: 6/2/1996, Location: WEST-9-3
Barth, Charles E., Death: 11/17/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-36-3
Barth, Mary L. Neese, Death: 9/8/1966, Location: NORTH WEST-36-4
Baumeister, Janet A., Death: 5/26/1960, Location: NORTH WEST-36-8
Baumeister, Paul E., Death: 7/27/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-36-7
Baus, Beryl V., Location: NORTH WEST-46-3
Baus, John, Death: 11/5/1949, Location: NORTH WEST-46-1
Baus, Muriel, Death: 1/6/1981, Location: NORTH WEST-46-2
Beach, Sidney, Birth: 1851, Death: 02/21/1899, Location: NORTH EAST-13-1
Beale, Ernest E., Death: 4/12/1984, Location: EAST-60-2
Beat, Herbert Leo, Death: 12/25/1979, Location: EAST-81-4
Beatty, Jean Marie, Death: 6/24/2003, Location: EAST-80-3
Beebe, Mary M., Location: SOUTH WEST-18-2
Beebe, William S., Location: SOUTH WEST-18-1
Behm, Edward E., Birth: 1924, Death: 10/22/2015, Location: NORTH WEST-13-3
Behnfeldt, George Jr., Death: 1917, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-7
Behnfeldt, Paul, Death: 4/29/1911, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-8
Bell, James C, Location: BOGART-137
Bell, Robert, Birth: 1902, Death: 1/2/1954, Location: EAST-67-3
Bellamy, Michael Joseph, Birth: 1964, Death: 12/13/1965, Location: NORTH EAST-39-5
Bender, Auguste R., Birth: 1926, Death: 7/30/2009, Location: NEW EAST-100-2
Bender, Marion L., Birth: 1929, Death: 9/20/2013, Location: NEW EAST-100-1
Bennett, Mary, Death: 1840, Location: BOGART-100
Bennett, Wingrove, Death: 1849, Location: BOGART-99
Benson, Robert O., Death: 9/10/1987, Location: CENTER-70-8
Berkey, George Raymond, Death: 7/18/1992, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-6
Berkey, Sarah Genevieve, Birth: 1906, Death: 5/10/1998, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-7
Bertsch, Bertha P., Birth: 1926, Death: 3/23/1994, Location: NORTH EAST-40-4
Bertsch, Richard, Birth: 1922, Death: 8/6/1968, Location: NORTH EAST-40-3
Best, Albert Dewayne, Death: 4/22/1981, Location: NORTH WEST-23-2
Best, Alta, Death: 5/9/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-23-1
Bice, Joseph J., Birth: 1889, Death: 3/9/1958, Location: EAST-64-4
Bickley, Dean, Birth: 1936, Death: 6/26/1994, Location: WEST-37-3
Bickley, Florence M., Death: 10/23/1983, Location: NORTH EAST-37-6
Bickley, Hadley F., Death: 9/19/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-37-5
Bing, Ferdinand W., Death: 3/27/1998, Location: NORTH EAST-35-1
Bing, Mary Louise, Death: 9/21/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-35-2
Blackwood, Samuel Jr., Death: 4/29/1984, Location: CENTER-7-7
Blackwood, Scott A., Death: 12/28/1982, Location: CENTER-7-5
Blade, Catherine Florence, Death: 1/23/1982, Location: WEST-1-5
Blade, James Paul, Death: 1/28/1994, Location: WEST-1-6
Blade, Thomas F., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-8
Blakely, Charles, Death: 12/12/1978, Location: SOUTH EAST-48-2
Blakely, Estella H., Death: 1949, Location: BOGART-3
Blakely, William H., Death: 1946, Location: BOGART-4
Blakely, Wilma, Death: 12/29/1973, Location: SOUTH EAST-48-1
Blevins, Alverta L., Birth: 1926, Death: 6/9/2012, Location: NORTH EAST-36-4
Blevins, Cassie Mae, Death: 4/8/2005, Location: EAST-75-4
Blevins, Everett, Death: 12/21/1976, Location: EAST-75-3
Blevins, Hughie J., Death: 4/10/1966, Location: NORTH EAST-42-8
Blevins, Rebecca, Death: 8/13/1971, Location: NORTH EAST-44-5
Blinzley, Della G., Death: 1/23/1980, Location: EAST-76-1
Blinzley, Raymond J., Death: 12/3/1998, Location: EAST-76-2
Bluhm, August W., Death: 4/10/1965, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-5
Blundell, Nelson Shannon, Death: 9/28/1971, Location: EAST-62-1
Boehler, Carrie Lenhart, Location: NORTH EAST-17-6
Bogart, Cath, Location: NORTH WEST-1-6
Bogart, D. W., Location: NORTH WEST-1-5
Bogart, Grandma C., Location: NORTH WEST-1-4
Bogart, Hannah M., Location: NORTH WEST-1-7
Boger, Ruth H. Bluhm, Death: 12/11/1984, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-6
Boggs, Kathi Lorene, Birth: 1953, Death: 6/4/2009, Location: CENTER-18-1
Boggs, Lois A., Death: 11/9/1986, Location: CENTER-17-3
Boggs, Willie, Death: 12/23/1995, Location: CENTER-17-1
Bolden, Burch A., Birth: 1890, Death: 1/20/1957, Location: EAST-64-1
Bolden, Harrison, Death: 12/13/1976, Location: EAST-75-1
Bolden, Lela May, Death: 8/23/1983, Location: EAST-75-2
Bonds, Willie, Death: 1/11/1991, Location: EAST-72-5
Booker, Francis, Death: 10/22/1984, Location: CENTER-48-2
Borst, Regis A., Death: 12/6/1985, Location: EAST-60-3
Boulden, Jennie, Death: 5/14/1939, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-1
Bowie, Gordon P., Birth: 1914, Death: 5/28/1997, Location: NORTH EAST-47-7
Bowie, Jean Joan, Death: 11/8/1992, Location: NORTH EAST-47-8
Bowman, George Harold, Death: 4/27/1966, Location: NORTH EAST-46-5
Boyce, Ralph, Death: 1840, Location: BOGART-136
Boyd, Edith M., Death: 6/16/1967, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-1
Brandt, Fred, Death: 9/22/1943, Location: EAST-79-1
Bridgewater, Lawrence W., Death: 9/3/1965, Location: NORTH EAST-24-8
Brogle, Eugene Jr., Death: 4/29/1987, Location: CENTER-58-1
Brogle, Eugene J. Sr., Birth: 1924, Death: 4/12/2011, Location: CENTER-58-1
Brogle, Joseph, Death: 7/24/1996, Location: CENTER-52-5
Brogle, Marian J., Death: 10/30/2013, Location: CENTER-52-6
Brophy, Beverly, Death: 4/9/1986, Location: WEST-12-2
Brown, A'tiona Jade "Tee-Dee", Birth: 1993, Death: 10/31/2012, Location: NEW EAST-102-8
Brown, Baby Boy, Death: 3/28/1963, Location: PERKINS ROW-53
Brown, Bobbie Elman, Death: 6/21/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-35
Brown, Charles Jr., Birth: 1924, Death: 4/24/1959, Location: EAST-69-3
Brown, Charles Sr., Death: 11/22/1967, Location: EAST-56-1
Brown, Deidra, Death: 9/30/1979, Location: EAST-51-7
Brown, Earl, Birth: 1930, Death: 11/9/2011, Location: NEW EAST-111-1
Brown, Eddie J. Rev., Death: 2/7/1989, Location: WEST-11-3
Brown, Eddie Lee, Death: 1/29/1964, Location: EAST-53-5
Brown, Elsie L, Death: 7/20/1986, Location: NORTH WEST-49-5
Brown, Estella Martin, Death: 5/11/1965, Location: EAST-54-2
Brown, George, Death: 4/6/2007, Location: NEW EAST-102-5
Brown, Gertrude, Death: 8/7/1978, Location: EAST-56-4
Brown, Infant, Death: 10/18/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-39
Brown, Iona Marie, Death: 7/23/1963, Location: EAST-53-4
Brown, Lodrick C., Birth: 1800, Death: 05/21/1882, Location: NORTH EAST-13-8
Brown, Louberta, Death: 8/24/2005, Location: WEST-11-4
Brown, Margaret, Location: NORTH EAST-13-7
Brown, Pervis D., Death: 12/2/2006, Location: NEW EAST-89-2
Brown, Rufus, Death: 1963, Location: EAST-52-5
Brown, Stephan, Birth: 1962, Death: 7/2/2015, Location: NEW EAST-101-5
Brownell, Benjamin F., Death: 1/10/1977, Location: NORTH EAST-45-6
Brownell, Dale, Birth: 1960, Death: 10/21/1977, Location: EAST-78-8
Brownell, Lillian M., Birth: 1908, Death: 4/21/1998, Location: NORTH EAST-45-7
Brundage, G. W., Death: 1846, Location: BOGART-58
Brundage, Rhoda S., Death: 1846, Location: BOGART-59
Brzeczka, Frank F., Birth: 1906, Death: 9/21/1957, Location: EAST-64-2
Bullard, Margaret Downing, Location: SOUTH EAST-16-1
Bullard, Samuel, Location: SOUTH EAST-16-2
Burkholdt, Maria C., Death: 12/28/1859, Location: NORTH EAST-30-2
Burns, Gary Lee, Death: 1947, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-8
Burns, Infant, Death: 1957, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-8
Buss, William A., Death: 3/20/1958, Location: NORTH EAST-20-1
Butcher, Jeffrey Keith, Death: 9/12/1999, Location: CENTER-22-7
Butler, Ella, Location: NORTH WEST-27-7
Butler, George Rev., Death: 4/4/1958, Location: NORTH WEST-31-8
Butler, Leola, Birth: 1936, Death: 6/25/2009, Location: WEST-13-2
Butler, Mary Ellen, Death: 4/10/1972, Location: NORTH WEST-31-7
Butler, Montrose, Death: 5/19/1965, Location: NORTH WEST-27-8
Butler, Robert W., Death: 12/11/1985, Location: EAST-54-7
Butler, Rosalia, Death: 2/7/1984, Location: SOUTH WEST-39-8
Byron, John Henry, Death: 12/23/1965, Location: EAST-66-3
C. B., Location: SOUTH WEST-31-1
C. D., Location: SOUTH EAST-12-7
C. W., Location: NORTH WEST-10-8
Cadorin, Enrico, Birth: 1893, Death: 1/23/1959, Location: EAST-69-1
Callaghan, Edward A., Birth: 1893, Death: 6/11/1956, Location: EAST-68-5
Camp, Carrie Catherine, Death: 2/23/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-26-2
Camp, Curt W., Birth: 1974, Death: 9/26/1994, Location: CENTER-2-1
Camp, Danielle J., Death: 9/4/1983, Location: EAST-93-3
Camp, Fred Marcus, Death: 3/29/1946, Location: NORTH EAST-26-1
Camp, Margaret Jeanett, Death: 4/16/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-27-2
Camp, Nelson W., Death: 11/4/1985, Location: CENTER-2-2
Camp, Ronald Robert, Death: 8/4/2003, Location: EAST-93-2
Camp, Thomas Marshall, Death: 5/17/1977, Location: NORTH EAST-27-1
Capizzi, Michael James, Death: 1/12/1987, Location: NEW EAST-112-1
Carrier, Craig Lanford, Birth: 1946, Death: 7/17/1976, Location: EAST-61-5
Casper, Kelly B., Birth: 1919, Death: 2/10/1958, Location: EAST-64-3
Chambers, Alice Y., Death: 10/5/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-4
Chapman, Amanda Bard, Birth: 1842, Death: 03/30/1887, Location: SOUTH EAST-23-2
Chapman, Ana Elizabeth, Death: 10/26/1851, Location: SOUTH EAST-2-8
Chapman, Charles M., Birth: 1842, Death: 2/2/1935, Location: SOUTH EAST-23-4
Chapman, Delos E., Location: SOUTH EAST-2-7
Chappell, Sarah, Death: 08/22/1847, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-1
Cheek, Linda Marie, Death: 5/25/1959, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-8
Chill, William T. Sr., Death: 2/8/1990, Location: WEST-5-3
Chill, William T. Jr., Death: 4/19/1999, Location: WEST-5-4
Christian, Ethel W., Death: 8/2/1980, Location: CENTER-1-1
Church, Angela Marie, Death: 11/1/1969, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-7
Churchill, Ellen Jane, Location: NORTH EAST-10-7
Churchill, George, Location: NORTH EAST-10-8
Churchill, Henry, Death: 3/21/1953, Location: NORTH EAST-10-5
Ciesinski, Edward J., Birth: 1923, Death: 10/17/2005, Location: WEST-6-1
Ciesinski, Evelyn R., Birth: 1923, Death: 3/5/2010, Location: WEST-6-1
Ciesinski, Thomas E., Birth: 1958, Death: 4/3/2007, Location: WEST-6-1
Clark, Albert M. Jr., Death: 6/13/1992, Location: WEST-45-4
Clark, Albert N., Death: 12/5/1987, Location: WEST-45-5
Clark, Edward Donald, Death: 3/27/1972, Location: SOUTH WEST-45-5
Clark, Hedwig W., Death: 1/26/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-45-6
Clark, Ida May Fox, Location: SOUTH WEST-26-1
Clark, Ila J. Harding, Death: 3/10/1986, Location: NORTH WEST-49-2
Clark, N. J., Death: 1940, Location: PERKINS ROW-2
Clark, Nora L. M., Birth: 1916, Death: 11/16/2010, Location: WEST-45-6
Clem, Catherine E., Location: SOUTH WEST-25-4
Clem, Charles Cory, Birth: 1891, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-3
Clem, Charles M., Location: SOUTH WEST-25-5
Clem, Myrtle M., Birth: 1895, Death: 04/05/1897, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-2
Clem, Rhoda Kathryn, Death: 10/23/1986, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-4
Clemons, Ernest E. Sr., Death: 10/4/1981, Location: EAST-72-2
Clendenin, Otto R., Death: 3/20/1988, Location: EAST-59-4
Cloke, Allen Dale, Birth: 1886, Death: 1/21/1955, Location: EAST-63-3
Cloud, Charles W., Death: 10/3/1965, Location: EAST-66-1
Coakley, Ben, Birth: 1887, Death: 4/24/1959, Location: EAST-69-4
Coffey, Eliza J., Death: 9/23/1972, Location: NORTH EAST-49-7
Coffey, Henry W., Death: 9/5/1990, Location: CENTER-9-5
Coffey, James R., Death: 4/27/1994, Location: NORTH EAST-49-6
Coffey, Margaret A., Death: 11/11/1984, Location: CENTER-9-6
Coffey, Viola, Birth: 1921, Death: 4/24/1992, Location: NORTH EAST-49-6
Coffey, William, Death: 12/11/1966, Location: NORTH EAST-49-5
Coffman, Dale R. Sr., Birth: 1936, Death: 11/23/2013, Location: WEST-4-7
Coleman, Ben, Birth: 1896, Death: 12/14/1954, Location: EAST-63-2
Coleman, Laurie, Birth: 1956, Death: 12/13/2010, Location: NEW EAST-102-7
Condgon, Lottie B., Death: 6/24/1955, Location: NORTH WEST-41-2
Condgon, William Holmes, Death: 2/7/1962, Location: NORTH WEST-41-1
Conklin, Charles W., Death: 1864, Location: BOGART-132
Conklin, Elizabeth B., Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-131
Conklin, George J., Death: 1935, Location: BOGART-129
Coombs, Charlotte E., Death: 9/21/1976, Location: NORTH WEST-21-5
Coombs, Clarence, Death: 1/28/1978, Location: NORTH WEST-21-4
Coopwood, T., Death: 1958, Location: PERKINS ROW-32
Copeland, Norvia C. Sr., Death: 11/12/1986, Location: EAST-60-5
Copeland, Willie Lee, Death: 2/15/2005, Location: NEW EAST-85-4
Cornwell, Clara Katherine, Death: 7/17/1953, Location: SOUTH EAST-39-4
Cornwell, Mary Helen, Death: 12/7/1922, Location: SOUTH EAST-39-1
Cornwell, William R., Death: 5/22/1939, Location: SOUTH EAST-39-2
Corso, Ella P., Death: 9/25/2002, Location: EAST-88-7
Corso, Philip, Death: 6/17/1983, Location: EAST-88-8
Couch, Wilson LeRoy, Death: 1/5/1995, Location: CENTER-38-1
Covell, Aura, Birth: 1789, Death: 07/10/1844, Location: NORTH WEST-4-8
Covell, B., Location: SOUTH WEST-7-3
Covell, Harvey, Birth: 1791, Death: 04/06/1831, Location: NORTH WEST-4-7
Covell, Henry, Death: 03/10/1857, Location: NORTH WEST-4-6
Covell, Sarah, Death: 9/25/1942, Location: SOUTH WEST-7-7
Covell, William H., Location: SOUTH WEST-7-2
Cox, Lucielle, Death: 2/28/2010, Location: NORTH EAST-47-4
Crabtree, Fred, Death: 1957, Location: PERKINS ROW-26
Craig, A., Location: PERKINS ROW-24
Craig, Robert, Death: 8/14/1986, Location: CENTER-48-1
Crawell, Charlie, Birth: 1924, Death: 8/19/1994, Location: NORTH EAST-25-8
Crecelius, Erva P., Birth: 1910, Death: 11/20/1997, Location: NORTH EAST-24-3
Crecelius, Jacob Robert, Death: 6/25/1986, Location: NORTH EAST-24-3
Creighton, Charles K., Birth: 1893, Death: 4/1/1970, Location: EAST-74-4
Cronk, Elmer E., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-6
Cronk, Frank A., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-5
Cronk, Jane, Location: SOUTH WEST-42-4
Cronk, Jarius J., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-3
Crosby, Leevell, Death: 11/13/2006, Location: WEST-21-2
Cullum, Violet L., Death: 2/6/1998, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-4
D., J., Location: BOGART-64
Dahm, Anna M., Death: 8/10/1986, Location: NORTH WEST-35-2
Dahm, Christopher C., Death: 1/30/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-35-1
Dahm, Christopher J., Death: 1/27/2006, Location: NORTH WEST-35-3
Dahm, Clarence E., Death: 7/2/1980, Location: NORTH WEST-35-5
Dahm, Dorothy B., Death: 12/30/1999, Location: NORTH WEST-35-6
Dahm, Emma, Death: 3/12/1992, Location: NORTH WEST-45-7
Dahm, Lester, Death: 5/10/2008, Location: NORTH WEST-45-8
Dahm, Marie S., Birth: 1921, Death: 1/30/2013, Location: NORTH WEST-35-4
Dahmen, Elanora K. Sheffel, Birth: 1921, Death: 3/20/2016, Location: SOUTH EAST-18-4
Dale, Caroline E., Death: 1855, Location: BOGART-124
Dale, Elizabeth, Death: 1887, Location: BOGART-123
Dale, Emiline E., Location: BOGART-125
Dale, Emily Ann, Death: 1851, Location: BOGART-126
Dale, Jacob, Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-115
Dale, Jacob, Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-122
Dale, Joseph, Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-121
Dale, Sarah Matilda, Death: 1868, Location: BOGART-114
Daly, Mary C., Death: 10/17/2000, Location: NORTH EAST-19-2
Daniels, Chauncey, Death: 09/04/1856, Location: SOUTH EAST-5-1
Davidson, William Lynn, Death: 10/10/1961, Location: NORTH WEST-31-5
Davis, Dorothy, Birth: 1927, Death: 1/29/2010, Location: NEW EAST-106-5
Davis, R. M., Death: 1956, Location: PERKINS ROW-22
Davis, Weldon C., Death: 11/8/1988, Location: NEW EAST-106-6
Dawes, Hazel L., Death: 5/3/2007, Location: CENTER-14-1
Daye, Duane, Death: 10/5/1968, Location: PERKINS ROW-67
Daye, R. A., Death: 1957, Location: PERKINS ROW-27
De Noewer, Frank A., Death: 4/9/1984, Location: NORTH EAST-44-3
Decarlo, Frank P., Death: 2/10/1966, Location: EAST-66-4
Deck, Kenneth, Death: 5/15/1989, Location: EAST-59-6
Deehr, Carl P., Death: 4/25/1968, Location: NORTH WEST-42-4
Deehr, Doris E., Birth: 1920, Death: 8/19/2000, Location: NORTH WEST-42-3
Delp, Baby Boy, Death: 9/14/1968, Location: PERKINS ROW-63
Delph, Rufus L, Death: 6/24/1974, Location: EAST-56-6
Demaline, Eileen M Baus, Death: 1/23/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-46-4
Demund, Joseph, Death: 1829, Location: BOGART-144
Demund, Martha, Death: 1850, Location: BOGART-143
Denhart, Alice M., Death: 7/30/1974, Location: NORTH EAST-44-7
Denoewer, George T., Death: 11/26/1975, Location: SOUTH EAST-25-1
Denoewer, Helen Y., Death: 12/27/1987, Location: SOUTH EAST-25-2
Deter, Herman H., Death: 11/22/1984, Location: EAST-89-1
DeWitt, Ann Elizabeth, Birth: 1820, Death: 12/18/1868, Location: NORTH EAST-4-4
DeWitt, Cidner A., Death: 04/27/1849, Location: NORTH EAST-4-5
DeWitt, Elizabeth, Birth: 1775, Death: 09/01/1861, Location: NORTH EAST-4-7
DeWitt, Jacob, Birth: 1786, Death: 08/29/1866, Location: NORTH EAST-4-8
DeWitt, James, Birth: 1813, Death: 02/02/1886, Location: NORTH EAST-4-6
DeWitt, John, Location: SOUTH EAST-33-2
DeWitt, Laura H., Location: SOUTH EAST-33-3
Dezort, Joseph, Birth: 1904, Death: 10/20/1968, Location: EAST-74-3
Dickinson, Cloe A., Death: 08/16/1879, Location: SOUTH EAST-12-6
Dickinson, David, Death: 06/09/1853, Location: SOUTH EAST-12-3
Dickinson, Hannah F., Death: 02/25/1853, Location: SOUTH EAST-12-4
Dickinson, Hensel, Death: 02/28/1860, Location: SOUTH WEST-9-6
Dickinson, Mary F., Birth: 1834, Death: 05/23/1864, Location: SOUTH EAST-12-5
Dickman, Debra Lynn, Death: 11/29/1975, Location: NORTH WEST-38-8
Dickman, Linda Denise, Death: 11/29/1975, Location: NORTH WEST-38-7
Didelius, August, Death: 9/21/1961, Location: NORTH WEST-21-6
Dietrich, Frederick C., Death: 5/29/1975, Location: NORTH EAST-34-5
Dietrich, Inza A., Death: 12/13/1983, Location: NORTH EAST-34-6
Diewald, Melvin J., Death: 11/4/1967, Location: EAST-74-2
Diggins, Clark, Location: NORTH WEST-18-5
Diggins, Esther, Death: 1907, Location: NORTH WEST-18-6
Dildine, John, Death: 1864, Location: BOGART-62
Dildine, Moses, Death: 1904, Location: BOGART-80
Dildine, Nancy A., Death: 1864, Location: BOGART-63
Dircks, Location: NORTH WEST-26-8
Dircks, Carrie C., Location: NORTH WEST-26-7
Dixon, James, Death: 6/18/1999, Location: EAST-119-2
Dorland, Carolyn J., Death: 10/31/2004, Location: CENTER-13-1
Dorland, Jeanette, Death: 2/5/2001, Location: CENTER-3-5
Dorland, Roger Guy, Birth: 1931, Death: 10/9/2008, Location: CENTER-3-6
Doud, Megan, Death: 1/28/1990, Location: EAST-87-7
Douglas, Jacklyn K., Birth: 1928, Death: 6/12/2008, Location: CENTER-42-1
Douglas, James Edward, Birth: 1924, Death: 11/10/2005, Location: CENTER-42-1
Downing, Clinton V., Death: 11/11/1961, Location: SOUTH WEST-28-8
Downing, Elma L., Death: 6/15/1990, Location: SOUTH WEST-28-7
Downing, Norris L, Birth: 1911, Death: 8/29/1975, Location: SOUTH WEST-28-6
Downs, Denzel, Death: 8/26/1995, Location: WEST-12-4
Doyle, Anthony, Death: 1834, Location: BOGART-107
Drews, Allen, Location: NORTH WEST-24-7
Drews, Loretta, Location: NORTH WEST-24-7
Driver, Baby, Location: BOGART-141
Driver, James, Location: BOGART-138
Driver, James, Location: BOGART-140
Driver, Thomas, Location: BOGART-139
Dufour, Bernice, Death: 10/25/1989, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-3
Dutton, David A. Sr., Death: 2/3/1987, Location: CENTER-3-3
Dutton, David A. Jr., Location: CENTER-3-4
E. M., Location: NORTH EAST-14-2
Eckert, Larry Allen, Birth: 1967, Death: 11/21/1967, Location: NORTH WEST-31-1
Eckert, Lewis, Death: 10/13/1990, Location: NORTH WEST-31-2
Eckert, Mary Jane, Birth: 1919, Death: 2/18/1996, Location: NORTH WEST-31-3
Eddy, Caroline, Death: 01/22/1883, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-6
Eddy, Edwin, Location: SOUTH WEST-3-6
Eddy, Elmira, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-3
Eddy, Gilbert, Location: SOUTH WEST-3-8
Eddy, Hannah, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-2
Eddy, Hester Ann, Location: SOUTH WEST-3-7
Eddy, Joseph, Death: 05/31/1898, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-4
Eddy, Martha, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-5
Eddy, Roswell, Location: SOUTH WEST-2-1
Ehrhardt, Donald Edward, Birth: 1918, Death: 2/10/1976, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-7
Ehrhardt, Norma R., Birth: 1918, Death: 8/21/1998, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-8
Ehrhardt, Richard L., Birth: 1941, Death: 12/30/1996, Location: WEST-3-3
Ehrnsberger, Earl D., Death: 12/28/2005, Location: EAST-93-4
Ehrnsberger, Shirley J., Death: 7/15/1983, Location: EAST-93-5
Ellington, Alma Hazel, Death: 9/28/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-19-1
Elmer, Roy, Death: 1/17/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-41-6
Elmer, Zua G., Death: 8/24/1955, Location: NORTH WEST-41-5
Emmons, Sarah E., Location: SOUTH EAST-9-7
EMS, Location: NORTH WEST-30-3
Engel, Velma Greene, Birth: 1898, Death: 9/16/1998, Location: NORTH WEST-28-6
Eppse, Coy E., Birth: 1946, Death: 7/30/1996, Location: CENTER-2-5
Eppse, James Coy, Death: 4/30/1970, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-1
Eppse, Minnie Jane, Birth: 1909, Death: 4/6/1984, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-5
Everitt, Almira, Birth: 1809, Death: 07/27/1886, Location: NORTH EAST-8-1
Ewers, Virgil M. Sr., Death: 2/3/1986, Location: CENTER-31-1
Ewing, Chas. A. Dr., Death: 05/02/1888, Location: NORTH EAST-16-7
Ewing, Emeline, Birth: 1856, Death: 02/15/1865, Location: NORTH EAST-16-5
Falkenburg, George F., Death: 2/22/1973, Location: EAST-62-6
Farmer, Thomas, Birth: 1881, Death: 9/10/1953, Location: EAST-67-2
Farrell, Florence Pate, Death: 12/31/1972, Location: EAST-55-2
Faulhaber, Blanch, Death: 2/26/1979, Location: NORTH WEST-40-4
Faulhaber, Raymond M., Death: 8/8/1979, Location: NORTH WEST-40-3
Fava, Ottarina, Death: 1957, Location: PERKINS ROW-25
Fearing, Ethel Lois, Death: 1/22/1975, Location: NORTH WEST-50-4
Fearing, Francis I., Death: 10/20/1970, Location: NORTH WEST-50-3
Fearing, Robert Allen, Death: 2/17/1950, Location: NORTH WEST-50-1
Fears, Willie, Birth: 1895, Death: 12/9/1964, Location: EAST-70-5
Feltner, John J., Death: 12/26/1989, Location: EAST-72-1
Fenderson, W., Death: 1954, Location: PERKINS ROW-6
Fields, Leonard, Death: 5/13/1968, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-3
Fields, Mabel Lee (Woods), Birth: 1927, Death: 5/18/2012, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-2
Finch, Ralph, Death: 4/27/1990, Location: EAST-73-3
Fischer, Ira B. Taylor, Death: 1/16/2004, Location: SOUTH WEST-34-4
Fischer, William "Bub", Death: 1/3/1979, Location: SOUTH WEST-34-3
Fitzhugh, John, Death: 10/19/1964, Location: EAST-58-1
Fitzthum, John, Death: 12/11/1984, Location: WEST-54-8
Forsback, Robert W., Death: 9/9/1960, Location: EAST-51-2
Fox, Allen, Death: 1851, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-1
Fox, Allen, Death: 1906, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-4
Fox, Alvin, Death: 1869, Location: SOUTH EAST-3-1
Fox, Alvin John, Birth: 1945, Death: 10/13/2008, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-2
Fox, Arietta Belle, Death: 7/18/1987, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-2
Fox, Calista, Death: 01/20/1859, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-6
Fox, Charles, Death: 1905, Location: SOUTH EAST-3-3
Fox, Christopher A., Death: 1914, Location: SOUTH EAST-3-4
Fox, Eliza, Birth: 1828, Death: 1/30/1903, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-5
Fox, Emery D., Death: 12/24/1962, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-6
Fox, Frances, Death: 1864, Location: SOUTH EAST-3-2
Fox, Frank, Death: 4/16/1993, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-3
Fox, Frank W., Location: SOUTH EAST-7-3
Fox, George Allen, Death: 11/21/1964, Location: SOUTH WEST-16-5
Fox, George B., Location: SOUTH WEST-26-2
Fox, Helen Z., Death: 8/11/1981, Location: SOUTH WEST-45-3
Fox, Ida M., Death: 1873, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-7
Fox, Jemina, Death: 1836, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-1
Fox, John R., Death: 1934, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-8
Fox, Julia May, Location: SOUTH WEST-26-3
Fox, Kathryene Martha, Death: 11/5/1960, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-5
Fox, Lois Jean, Death: 12/3/2007, Location: SOUTH EAST-48-4
Fox, Margaret F., Death: 1/25/2000, Location: WEST-9-5
Fox, Nancy Ann, Birth: 1941, Death: 11/22/1942, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-8
Fox, Nancy Lee, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-1
Fox, Polly, Death: 02/28/1881, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-3
Fox, Roger, Death: 02/28/1883, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-2
Fox, Rondle P., Death: 11/22/1968, Location: SOUTH WEST-16-6
Fox, Sarah A., Death: 11/12/1909, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-2
Fox, Sherman Sr., Death: 1/18/1998, Location: WEST-9-4
Fox, Simon A., Death: 4/15/1975, Location: SOUTH WEST-45-4
Fox, Thurman, Death: 12/29/1958, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-4
Fox, William N., Location: SOUTH EAST-7-1
Fox, William O'neil, Death: 8/17/1985, Location: SOUTH EAST-7-7
Fox-Hess, Mary L., Death: 5/21/1951, Location: SOUTH EAST-5-2
Fralic, Anita Z., Death: 5/28/1967, Location: NORTH WEST-41-4
Fralic, Ronald L., Death: 3/20/1983, Location: NORTH WEST-41-3
Franklin, Bonita, Death: 5/3/2008, Location: NORTH EAST-44-8
Franklin, Walter C., Death: 9/25/1971, Location: NORTH EAST-44-8
Frazier, Doris M., Death: 9/26/1979, Location: EAST-81-3
Frazier, Michael Sean, Birth: 1971, Death: 10/15/2008, Location: CENTER-51-1
Freeman, Elijah, Death: 4/8/1962, Location: EAST-65-5
Frizzell, Edward, Birth: 1888, Death: 11/2/1963, Location: EAST-70-2
Frutigar, Margarete, Death: 10/15/1986, Location: WEST-28-3
Fulton, Humphrey F. Jr., Birth: 1896, Death: 3/11/1954, Location: EAST-67-5
Fultz, Charles, Death: 1958, Location: PERKINS ROW-31
G., Location: BOGART-42
Galik, Stephen, Birth: 1917, Death: 5/8/2006, Location: CENTER-23-7
Galik, Wilma E., Birth: 1920, Death: 9/10/2008, Location: CENTER-23-8
Galloway, Amelia, Death: 1900, Location: BOGART-95
Galloway, Emma, Death: 1872, Location: BOGART-97
Galloway, Simeon, Death: 1890, Location: BOGART-96
Gantkooski, Stephen, Death: 1/7/1991, Location: EAST-72-4
Garlock, Edna Mae, Birth: 1934, Death: 6/23/2010, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-7
Garlock, Roy Dean, Death: 9/23/1990, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-6
Gee, John W., Death: 1/30/1977, Location: EAST-61-6
Genofski, Edward O., Death: 1905, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-8
Genofski, Elizabeth, Death: 5/2/1937, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-6
Gibson, Elizabeth D., Death: 2/7/1970, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-8
Gibson, George Doug, Death: 11/1/1969, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-7
Gibson, John H., Death: 2/23/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-46-1
Gibson, William Francis, Birth: 1893, Death: 3/17/1956, Location: EAST-68-3
Gildenmeister, Cora, Death: 12/29/1976, Location: EAST-75-5
Gildenmeister, Edna Mae, Birth: 1903, Death: 7/3/1996, Location: EAST-75-8
Gildenmeister, Irvin, Death: 4/23/1980, Location: EAST-75-7
Gillam, James Frank Rev., Death: 4/14/1967, Location: NORTH EAST-40-1
Gilliam, Mable Johnson, Death: 10/10/1968, Location: EAST-56-2
Gingo, Blanche Rose, Birth: 1916, Death: 12/16/2007, Location: NORTH EAST-34-3
Gingo, Paul, Death: 8/5/1984, Location: NORTH EAST-34-4
Girard, Betty J., Death: 4/19/1992, Location: NEW EAST-100-6
Gladwell, Harold G., Death: 1/19/1982, Location: WEST-8-7
Glaflin, Belamy, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-4
Glaflin, Henry, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-1
Glaflin, Julia, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-3
Glaflin, Philande Barrett, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-2
Glenn, Mary Carolyn, Death: 10/17/2005, Location: CENTER-12-8
Glick, Marjorie, Death: 2/28/1996, Location: NORTH EAST-37-2
Glick, Robert, Birth: 2016, Death: 8/22/2008, Location: NORTH EAST-37-1
Godja, Jozef, Death: 4/2/1970, Location: EAST-74-5
Golliver, M., Death: 1957, Location: PERKINS ROW-29
Gondy, Death: 1950, Location: PERKINS ROW-8
Gore, Martin Luther, Death: 6/22/1958, Location: NORTH EAST-33-8
Gore, Raymond M., Birth: 1928, Death: 6/9/1928, Location: NORTH EAST-33-6
Gore, Ruth V., Death: 4/3/1988, Location: NORTH EAST-33-7
Gowdy, John D, Death: 2/8/1979, Location: EAST-82-3
Graham, Jane, Death: 1887, Location: BOGART-23
Graham, Jane, Location: BOGART-30
Graham, John, Death: 1855, Location: BOGART-24
Graham, John W., Death: 9/28/2003, Location: CENTER-8-8
Graham, Jonn, Location: BOGART-27
Graham, Mary, Location: BOGART-28
Graham, Mary, Location: BOGART-29
Grant, Thomas C., Death: 8/2/1997, Location: EAST-71-6
Graves, Albert Harris, Death: 8/8/1953, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-5
Graves, Evelyn M., Death: 12/17/2004, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-7
Graves, George, Death: 06/29/1881, Location: SOUTH EAST-19-7
Graves, Martha, Death: 1873, Location: SOUTH EAST-19-6
Graves, Mary S., Death: 6/22/1991, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-6
Gray, Wallace E., Birth: 1896, Death: 6/11/1965, Location: EAST-70-6
Green, Terry W., Death: 4/27/1992, Location: WEST-55-1
Greene, Foster Clarence, Death: 1953, Location: NORTH WEST-8-6
Greene, Francis, Location: NORTH WEST-12-5
Greene, Gertrude B., Death: 1949, Location: NORTH WEST-8-3
Greene, Hattie Louise, Death: 12/25/1971, Location: NORTH WEST-28-7
Greene, Henry, Location: NORTH WEST-7-2
Greene, Ida Armitage Goucher, Death: 1932, Location: NORTH WEST-16-6
Greene, J. F., Death: 1903, Location: NORTH WEST-16-7
Greene, Jesse, Death: 1918, Location: NORTH WEST-28-8
Greene, Jesse T., Death: 1894, Location: NORTH WEST-8-8
Greene, John, Location: NORTH WEST-7-4
Greene, John E., Death: 1941, Location: NORTH WEST-8-4
Greene, Louise Elizabeth, Death: 7/14/1973, Location: NORTH WEST-28-5
Greene, Maria Taylor, Location: NORTH WEST-7-3
Greene, Mary M Stephen, Death: 1940, Location: NORTH WEST-8-7
Greene, Milton C., Death: 11/24/1980, Location: NORTH WEST-28-4
Greene, P. H., Death: 1928, Location: NORTH WEST-16-8
Greene, Robert Milton, Death: 10/10/2005, Location: NORTH WEST-28-2
Greenman Olmstead, Helen, Location: SOUTH WEST-27-4
Greenman, Jennie E. Beebe, Location: SOUTH WEST-27-3
Greenman, Scott W., Location: SOUTH WEST-27-2
Greenwood, Harry, Birth: 1890, Death: 9/28/1955, Location: EAST-63-5
Grey, Infant Boy, Death: 10/26/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-52
Grimm, Robert C., Death: 7/13/1999, Location: NORTH WEST-38-4
Gross, Virginia M., Death: 7/7/2004, Location: SOUTH WEST-38-4
Groves, Alta H. House, Death: 9/4/1978, Location: SOUTH EAST-25-6
Groves, Harold H. "Pete", Death: 8/5/1983, Location: SOUTH EAST-25-5
Guenther, Abraham, Location: NORTH EAST-10-1
Gundach, Fred, Location: SOUTH WEST-31-6
Gundlach, Ida Taylor, Location: SOUTH WEST-31-5
Gunther, Katherine, Death: 5/4/1959, Location: NORTH EAST-20-8
Gupta, Elizabeth, Death: 10/25/2001, Location: WEST-5-7
Gurley, Jane S., Death: 1842, Location: BOGART-120
Gurley, Mary Lucinda, Death: 1931, Location: BOGART-111
Gurley, Nancy Jane, Death: 1880, Location: BOGART-113
Gurley, Susanna Beatty, Death: 1848, Location: BOGART-119
Gurley, William Rev., Death: 1848, Location: BOGART-118
Gurley, Wm. D., Death: 1896, Location: BOGART-112
Gustin, L., Death: 1834, Location: BOGART-142
H. D., Location: SOUTH EAST-11-1
H. D., Location: SOUTH WEST-33-2
H. M., Location: NORTH EAST-28-6
H., Location: NORTH WEST-10-6
Hacket, Hilda L., Death: 6/1/2002, Location: WEST-19-1
Hackett, Ernest L., Death: 4/12/1981, Location: WEST-19-2
Hackett, Infant Boy, Death: 5/5/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-46
Hackworth, Ada E., Death: 11/13/1997, Location: CENTER-2-3
Hackworth, William E., Death: 3/5/1982, Location: CENTER-2-4
Halladay, Anna, Death: 9/14/1982, Location: EAST-87-7
Halladay, Leslie W., Death: 8/25/1971, Location: NORTH WEST-47-3
Halladay, Virginia T., Birth: 1920, Death: 12/18/2008, Location: NORTH WEST-47-4
Hamer, Rose Manning, Death: 2/24/1953, Location: EAST-79-3
Hamilton, Joyce, Death: 7/19/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-49
Hand, Almara M., Death: 3/8/1973, Location: NORTH WEST-37-1
Harbrecht, Joseph, Death: 1896, Location: BOGART-1
Harbrecht, Mary S., Death: 1902, Location: BOGART-2
Hardt, Margaretha, Death: 02/10/1858, Location: NORTH EAST-30-1
Harper, Calvin, Death: 11/23/1998, Location: CENTER-31-4
Harper, Calvin Jr., Birth: 1978, Death: 3/12/2008, Location: CENTER-32-4
Harper, Loretta M., Death: 9/21/1993, Location: WEST-9-2
Harple, Charles Kenneth, Death: 7/18/2003, Location: NORTH WEST-44-3
Harple, Gilbert, Death: 8/8/1982, Location: CENTER-9-1
Harple, Helen Mae, Birth: 1917, Death: 5/9/2009, Location: NORTH WEST-44-4
Harple, Helen R., Birth: 1926, Death: 6/14/2009, Location: CENTER-9-2
Harrington, Bertram Dale, Death: 2/25/2005, Location: CENTER-51-7
Harris, Lamont Thomas, Death: 5/13/1958, Location: NORTH WEST-31-6
Harris, Lawrence L., Death: 6/4/1987, Location: EAST-59-1
Harris, William, Death: 9/21/1976, Location: PERKINS ROW-76
Harrp, Linus Matthew, Death: 9/3/1972, Location: EAST-62-4
Hartley, Albert E., Death: 8/20/1982, Location: NORTH WEST-12-3
Hartley, Eloise E., Death: 10/21/1996, Location: SOUTH WEST-50-8
Hartley, Harriet, Death: 3/22/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-12-6
Hartley, Henrietta, Death: 9/12/1972, Location: NORTH WEST-12-2
Hartley, Infant, Location: NORTH WEST-12-1
Hartley, John, Location: NORTH WEST-12-7
Hartley, John E., Death: 5/26/2002, Location: SOUTH WEST-39-1
Hartley, Lawrence J., Death: 10/14/1981, Location: SOUTH WEST-50-7
Hartman, Doris I., Death: 7/7/2008, Location: SOUTH WEST-23-3
Harvey, Gertrude, Birth: 1920, Death: 7/26/1996, Location: NEW EAST-84-5
Harvey, Infant Boy, Death: 6/14/1964, Location: EAST-51-3
Harvey, Ruth T., Birth: 1960, Death: 6/10/1997, Location: NEW EAST-84-7
Harvey, Willis Sr., Birth: 1916, Death: 2/7/2008, Location: NEW EAST-84-6
Harvey, Yolanda Louise, Birth: 1974, Death: 6/13/1974, Location: EAST-51-3
Hayes, Bertha L., Death: 5/19/1988, Location: CENTER-11-5
Hayes, Fredrick, Birth: 1950, Death: 6/7/2010, Location: CENTER-11-7
Hayes, James, Death: 11/7/1981, Location: CENTER-11-4
Hayes, Lois Ann, Birth: 1940, Death: 6/6/2011, Location: CENTER-11-8
Hayes, Richard E., Death: 3/29/1996, Location: CENTER-11-6
Heaberlin, Stuart N., Birth: 1943, Death: 9/1/1989, Location: NORTH EAST-29-6
Heidl, Edith Marion, Death: 2/11/1978, Location: NORTH EAST-46-3
Heidl, Irene Margaret, Birth: 1923, Death: 5/18/2014, Location: NORTH EAST-46-7
Heidl, J. Karl, Death: 5/14/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-46-6
Heidl, Karl Dan, Death: 9/25/1961, Location: NORTH EAST-46-4
Heiss, Carl H., Death: 1/14/1984, Location: EAST-90-6
Heiss, Louise, Birth: 2012, Death: 4/17/2008, Location: EAST-90-5
Henderson, George C., Death: 02/27/1860, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-5
Henderson, Grandmother, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-7
Henderson, Joseph, Death: 01/18/1863, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-2
Henderson, Mary M., Death: 10/19/1867, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-3
Henderson, William C., Death: 07/19/1848, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-4
Henry, Infant, Death: 5/8/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-47
Henry, Lucille B., Birth: 1926, Death: 12/17/2008, Location: CENTER-53-1
Henry, Rosetta, Birth: 1942, Death: 12/11/1996, Location: CENTER-2-6
Henry, William T., Death: 5/27/2007, Location: CENTER-22-2
Henry, William Thomas Jr., Birth: 1966, Death: 12/22/2007, Location: CENTER-22-1
Henson, Gladys Mae, Birth: 1939, Death: 1/20/1994, Location: WEST-20-8
Henson, Luther Sr., Death: 9/20/2010, Location: WEST-29-1
Herber, Joseph Sr., Death: 10/11/1956, Location: NORTH WEST-38-1
Herber, Mary M., Death: 5/19/1973, Location: NORTH WEST-38-2
Herrin, Clyde G., Death: 8/14/1982, Location: EAST-73-1
Hess, Frank, Death: 2/11/1951, Location: SOUTH EAST-5-3
Hess, Howard, Death: 1/23/1972, Location: EAST-62-2
Hessler, Edwin Sr., Death: 10/18/1986, Location: CENTER-6-6
Hessler, Karen J., Death: 12/25/1982, Location: CENTER-6-1
Hessler, Mary M., Death: 4/11/1991, Location: CENTER-6-5
Hewitt, Abijah, Death: 1851, Location: BOGART-104
Hewitt, Anna, Death: 1820, Location: BOGART-106
Hewitt, Little Harry, Death: 1830, Location: BOGART-102
Hewitt, Lucy, Death: 1836, Location: BOGART-105
Hewitt, Mary, Death: 1866, Location: BOGART-103
Hewitt, William, Death: 1872, Location: BOGART-108
Hexamer, William, Death: 1939, Location: NORTH WEST-18-2
Hilaael, Dolores R., Birth: 1938, Death: 9/22/2012, Location: WEST-45-8
Hildebrand, Charles, Birth: 1889, Death: 8/17/1959, Location: EAST-69-5
Hill, Alfred, Death: 3/29/2012, Location: SOUTH EAST-36-6
Hill, Charles W., Birth: 1839, Death: 2/2/1906, Location: SOUTH EAST-31-1
Hill, Edith B., Location: NORTH WEST-23-6
Hill, Elva Irene, Death: 1946, Location: NORTH WEST-23-7
Hill, Grant J., Death: 3/6/1990, Location: SOUTH EAST-36-8
Hill, Herbert C., Birth: 1953, Death: 2/1/2014, Location: CENTER-60-1
Hill, James, Death: 7/30/1993, Location: NORTH WEST-32-5
Hill, John, Death: 1941, Location: PERKINS ROW-3
Hill, Lawrence, Location: NORTH WEST-22-2
Hill, Leonard C., Death: 3/9/1947, Location: SOUTH EAST-31-7
Hill, Lucretia F. Hoyt, Birth: 1847, Death: 04/15/1890, Location: SOUTH EAST-31-2
Hill, M. Eileen, Death: 6/9/2003, Location: NORTH WEST-32-6
Hill, Nellie R., Death: 1/2/2000, Location: SOUTH EAST-36-7
Hill, Pauline, Location: NORTH WEST-22-4
Hill, Robert James, Death: 1938, Location: NORTH WEST-23-8
Hill, Rose House, Death: 4/25/1946, Location: SOUTH EAST-31-8
Hill, Ruth Marie, Death: 6/17/1966, Location: NORTH WEST-22-3
Hill, Vernon, Location: NORTH WEST-23-5
Hills, Angeline, Death: 1854, Location: NORTH WEST-20-4
Hills, Buel, Death: 1863, Location: NORTH WEST-20-3
Hills, Elicita A., Death: 1877, Location: NORTH WEST-20-7
Hills, Elma, Death: 6/26/1953, Location: NORTH EAST-31-5
Hills, Elsa M. Pusch, Death: 12/17/1967, Location: NORTH WEST-24-7
Hills, Franklin N., Death: 1922, Location: NORTH EAST-31-1
Hills, Henry Eugene, Location: NORTH WEST-24-2
Hills, Henry L., Death: 1847, Location: NORTH WEST-20-5
Hills, Katie, Death: 7/22/1973, Location: NORTH WEST-24-6
Hills, Lillie B., Death: 11/18/1958, Location: NORTH EAST-31-6
Hills, Lloyd A., Death: 8/1/1975, Location: NORTH WEST-24-4
Hills, Lloyd Thomas, Death: 8/12/1968, Location: NORTH WEST-24-5
Hills, Lucia I. Cowan, Death: 1928, Location: NORTH EAST-31-2
Hills, Lucille Lucal, Death: 9/29/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-32-8
Hills, Morris E., Death: 6/21/1970, Location: NORTH WEST-24-8
Hills, Nellie C., Death: 5/8/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-24-3
Hills, Norman, Death: 1854, Location: NORTH WEST-20-8
Hills, Norman, Death: 11/6/1975, Location: NORTH EAST-31-8
Hills, Rosa Marie, Location: NORTH WEST-24-1
Hills, Thelma B., Death: 2/22/1960, Location: NORTH EAST-31-7
Hills, William A., Death: 1848, Location: NORTH WEST-20-6
Hinds, Clarence D., Birth: 1900, Death: 1/31/1961, Location: EAST-65-3
Hinkley, Ann, Death: 1842, Location: BOGART-149
Hinkley, Nancy, Death: 1847, Location: BOGART-150
Hinkley, Philander, Location: BOGART-151
Hoalcraft, Lewis L., Death: 3/6/1990, Location: EAST-73-2
Hoar, Charles G., Death: 9/28/1962, Location: EAST-65-6
Hodgkinson, Fannie M. Hunt, Death: 1903, Location: BOGART-40
Hoenstine, Carolyn M., Birth: 1918, Death: 9/6/2001, Location: CENTER-52-3
Hoenstine, Donald Claar, Birth: 1922, Death: 10/14/2004, Location: CENTER-52-3
Holden, A., Location: BOGART-7
Holden, C., Location: BOGART-8
Holden, E., Location: BOGART-6
Holden, James, Location: BOGART-5
Holley, Carl Eynon, Death: 3/9/1988, Location: EAST-59-3
Holzhauer, Mary, Death: 1915, Location: BOGART-155
Hommel, Harriet, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-8
Hommel, John, Location: SOUTH WEST-17-7
Hopkins, Bessie, Death: 1/15/1964, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-6
Hopkins, Infant, Death: 11/21/1927, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-6
Hopkins, Margaret, Death: 2/24/1947, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-6
Hopkins, Taylor Wilbor, Birth: 1889, Death: 11/23/1970, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-6
Hoppe, Gene H., Birth: 1931, Death: 1/9/2011, Location: CENTER-30-6
Hoppe, Nancy A., Birth: 1937, Death: 5/30/2014, Location: CENTER-30-5
Horn, Harry James, Death: 1/26/1948, Location: SOUTH WEST-29-1
Horn, Henry H. Jr., Death: 6/23/1956, Location: SOUTH EAST-40-5
Horn, Henry H., Location: SOUTH EAST-40-4
Horn, Henry W., Location: SOUTH EAST-40-2
Horn, Kattie N., Location: SOUTH EAST-40-3
Horn, Nellie, Death: 5/21/1958, Location: SOUTH EAST-40-6
Hornbeck, Flora A., Death: 4/5/1967, Location: NORTH WEST-27-3
Hornbeck, James E., Death: 11/12/1966, Location: NORTH WEST-27-4
Horner, Dolores, Death: 1/30/2006, Location: CENTER-10-8
Horner, Ralph G., Death: 10/1/1971, Location: NORTH EAST-44-6
House, Alfred, Death: 1864, Location: NORTH WEST-19-6
House, Byron L., Death: 12/29/1960, Location: SOUTH EAST-32-5
House, Dolly Beader, Death: 9/23/1940, Location: SOUTH EAST-32-7
House, Frankie, Location: NORTH WEST-9-1
House, Guy W., Death: 3/20/1938, Location: SOUTH EAST-32-8
House, Hannah, Death: 1876, Location: NORTH WEST-19-7
House, Harriet, Location: SOUTH EAST-1-7
House, Julius, Death: 03/13/1871, Location: SOUTH EAST-1-5
House, Julius, Location: SOUTH EAST-33-6
House, Lewis W., Death: 11/2/1949, Location: SOUTH EAST-32-6
House, Lindsley John, Location: SOUTH EAST-35-6
House, Martha Helen, Location: SOUTH EAST-35-7
House, Mary, Location: SOUTH EAST-33-5
House, Mehetabel, Death: 11/01/1872, Location: SOUTH EAST-1-6
House, Percy, Death: 02/03/1827, Location: SOUTH EAST-1-8
House, Selah H. F., Death: 1878, Location: NORTH WEST-19-8
House, Welthy, Death: 07/20/1849, Location: SOUTH EAST-11-3
Howard, Infant Boy, Location: PERKINS ROW-78
Hoyt, Hartwell H., Death: 5/22/1968, Location: NORTH EAST-43-4
Hoyt, Issac A., Death: 9/29/1947, Location: NORTH EAST-43-8
Hoyt, James D., Location: SOUTH WEST-13-2
Hoyt, Lucy Ann, Death: 7/28/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-43-3
Hoyt, Sarah A., Death: 9/29/1947, Location: NORTH EAST-43-7
Hoyt, William W., Location: SOUTH WEST-13-3
Hudnall, Bonnie M., Birth: 1934, Death: 5/26/2009, Location: NEW EAST-114-4
Hudnall, Robert Parker, Death: 6/5/1984, Location: NEW EAST-114-5
Hudson, Edward, Death: 10/5/1965, Location: EAST-66-2
Huff, Clara L., Death: 7/31/1968, Location: NORTH WEST-40-1
Huff, Fred Charles, Death: 2/2/1942, Location: NORTH WEST-40-6
Huff, Jessie, Death: 9/1/1952, Location: NORTH WEST-40-5
Huff, Sarah Ann, Location: NORTH WEST-40-7
Huff, William, Location: NORTH WEST-40-8
Hughes, Ageailous, Death: 09/23/1879, Location: SOUTH EAST-6-4
Hughes, Benjamin, Death: 1866, Location: NORTH EAST-8-4
Hughes, George, Death: 1874, Location: NORTH EAST-8-5
Hughes, John, Death: 06/15/1852, Location: SOUTH EAST-6-1
Hughes, Margaret, Death: 1910, Location: NORTH EAST-8-3
Hughes, Margaret, Death: 04/07/1870, Location: SOUTH EAST-6-5
Hughes, Margaret, Birth: 1827, Death: 12/28/1881, Location: SOUTH EAST-6-6
Hunt, Elizabeth, Location: SOUTH WEST-4-7
Hunt, Eugene, Death: 1930, Location: BOGART-33
Hunt, Hester E., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-1
Hunt, Malvina, Death: 1908, Location: BOGART-41
Ignatoff, Savi (Ignato), Death: 10/31/1967, Location: NORTH EAST-48-4
Imperi, Richard A., Birth: 1929, Death: 10/10/1998, Location: EAST-79-5
Infant Bogart, Location: NORTH WEST-1-3
Infant Greene, Location: NORTH WEST-7-1
Infant Hunter, Death: 1852, Location: NORTH WEST-7-8
Ingles, Cooley Fred, Death: 5/6/2009, Location: NEW EAST-109-2
Ingles, Mildred Joyce, Death: 11/17/1989, Location: NEW EAST-109-1
J., L., Death: 8/24/1948, Location: SOUTH EAST-34-6
Jackson, Dorothy Louise, Birth: 1926, Death: 5/8/2008, Location: EAST-55-5
Jackson, Mary Susan, Death: 11/24/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-40
Jackson, Robert, Death: 2/4/1989, Location: WEST-3-1
Jackson, Tommie Jr., Death: 11/28/1974, Location: EAST-55-5
Jameson, Earl C., Location: SOUTH WEST-24-6
Jarvis, Dennis Robert, Death: 1944, Location: BOGART-14
Jenkins, Frances, Death: 11/9/1978, Location: EAST-82-8
Jenkins, Marie, Death: 5/5/1963, Location: EAST-53-2
Johnson, Ann B., Death: 1880, Location: BOGART-133
Johnson, Betty Lou, Death: 10/10/1984, Location: EAST-52-8
Johnson, Celia, Birth: 1845, Death: 3/15/1934, Location: SOUTH WEST-13-6
Johnson, Donald C., Death: 3/20/1975, Location: NORTH WEST-44-5
Johnson, Earl A., Death: 7/1/1962, Location: NORTH WEST-44-7
Johnson, Elzora Ann, Birth: 1931, Death: 9/17/2006, Location: NEW EAST-93-7
Johnson, Emmett, Death: 9/30/1964, Location: PERKINS ROW-56
Johnson, Frank John, Death: 7/1/1962, Location: NORTH WEST-44-6
Johnson, James David, Birth: 1913, Death: 9/11/1994, Location: NEW EAST-112-3
Johnson, Mary, Death: 12/5/2005, Location: WEST-46-1
Johnson, Mary B., Death: 1907, Location: BOGART-130
Johnson, Ora B., Death: 11/26/1987, Location: CENTER-31-2
Johnson, Otis A., Death: 10/26/1989, Location: CENTER-31-3
Johnson, R. C., Death: 1/24/1960, Location: PERKINS ROW-41
Johnson, Rafe, Death: 1845, Location: BOGART-135
Johnson, Ralph D., Death: 1841, Location: BOGART-134
Johnson, Susanna, Death: 1848, Location: BOGART-146
Johnson, Virginia Martha, Death: 7/13/1967, Location: EAST-58-5
Johnson, Zack, Death: 1/24/1984, Location: EAST-53-7
Jones, Esther P., Death: 2/26/1983, Location: WEST-17-4
Jones, W. H., Death: 1953, Location: PERKINS ROW-10
Jordan, Adam Zane, Death: 1/2/2001, Location: CENTER-20-8
Jordan, Earl, Death: 6/26/1993, Location: CENTER-20-8
Jordan, Edna M., Death: 2/12/2001, Location: NORTH EAST-36-2
Jordan, Eliza Virginia, Death: 4/5/1979, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-2
Jordan, Elmer Clinton, Death: 9/15/1999, Location: NORTH EAST-36-3
Jordan, Hobert J., Death: 11/9/1975, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-1
Jordan, I., Death: 1956, Location: PERKINS ROW-20
Jordan, Infant Boy, Death: 1/17/1966, Location: PERKINS ROW-60
Jordan, Infant Boy, Death: 5/29/1966, Location: PERKINS ROW-61
Jordan, Ira R., Death: 7/20/2002, Location: CENTER-30-1
Jordan, Leslie R., Birth: 1949, Death: 6/30/2008, Location: CENTER-30-3
Jordan, Logan S, Death: 9/11/2013, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-1
Jordan, Mae, Death: 5/20/1991, Location: CENTER-30-2
K., Location: SOUTH WEST-31-2
K., E., Location: BOGART-11
K., J. T., Location: NORTH EAST-13-5
Kahler, Mattie Leibacher, Death: 11/11/1970, Location: BOGART-158
Kaltenbach, John M., Location: SOUTH WEST-24-8
Kaltenbach, Myrtle Wright Taylor, Death: 10/10/1938, Location: SOUTH WEST-12-6
Kavanaugh, Irene, Death: 7/5/1979, Location: EAST-76-4
Kavanaugh, Leslie J., Death: 2/16/1978, Location: EAST-73-5
Keaney, Charles M., Death: 10/2/1928, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-7
Keaney, Edward E., Death: 11/29/1945, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-4
Keaney, John R., Location: SOUTH WEST-41-6
Keaney, Mary, Death: 6/4/1976, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-3
Keaney, Norman S., Birth: 1895, Death: 10/14/1944, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-5
Keaney, Thomas James, Death: 7/30/1955, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-2
Keeley, Lorraine L., Birth: 1924, Death: 10/2/2009, Location: WEST-2-4
Keeley, Wallace M., Birth: 1916, Death: 2/18/1997, Location: WEST-2-3
Kellam, J. T. Rev., Birth: 1809, Death: 09/08/1894, Location: NORTH EAST-1-8
Kellam, John T., Death: 05/10/1849, Location: NORTH EAST-1-6
Kellam, Mary, Birth: 1814, Death: 02/26/1886, Location: NORTH EAST-1-7
Kellam, Mary, Birth: 1850, Death: 04/06/1872, Location: NORTH EAST-1-5
Keller, Chester V. Sr., Death: 9/10/2011, Location: SOUTH WEST-43-4
Keller, Elsie E., Death: 9/28/1973, Location: SOUTH WEST-43-1
Keller, Heidi, Death: 7/8/1985, Location: SOUTH WEST-43-3
Keller, Perry E., Death: 9/12/1948, Location: SOUTH WEST-43-2
Keller, Sharon E., Death: 6/6/1980, Location: CENTER-1-8
Kelley, Charles E., Death: 1915, Location: BOGART-84
Kelley, Emma A., Death: 1957, Location: BOGART-81
Kelley, Mark, Death: 1866, Location: BOGART-83
Kelley, R. Emmet, Death: 1940, Location: BOGART-82
Kenney, Desha Hale, Birth: 1802, Location: SOUTH EAST-21-2
Kenney, M. Eugene, Death: 01/24/1854, Location: SOUTH EAST-21-3
Kenney, Martha W., Location: SOUTH EAST-21-5
Kenney, Mary E., Death: 01/24/1854, Location: SOUTH EAST-21-4
Kenney, Obed, Death: 12/28/1858, Location: SOUTH EAST-21-1
Kerber, Carl E., Death: 3/25/1990, Location: NORTH EAST-41-2
Kerber, Neita O., Death: 12/9/1969, Location: NORTH EAST-41-3
Kidd, David L., Death: 8/4/2001, Location: CENTER-20-1
Kidd, Eliza Warren, Death: 1900, Location: NORTH EAST-7-7
Kidd, George S., Death: 1865, Location: NORTH EAST-7-5
Kidd, Joseph, Death: 1851, Location: NORTH EAST-7-6
Kidd, Mary Lean, Death: 10/26/2007, Location: CENTER-10-7
Killian, Grady, Death: 6/7/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-31-4
King, Charles H., Death: 1944, Location: BOGART-10
King, Ellis O., Death: 2/11/1969, Location: EAST-58-3
King, Marzita L., Birth: 1901, Death: 3/27/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-47-1
King, Rolland G. "Babe", Birth: 1900, Death: 1967, Location: NORTH EAST-47-2
King, Sarah Jane Holden, Death: 1937, Location: BOGART-9
Knerr, Donald A., Birth: 1925, Death: 11/11/1994, Location: WEST-20-6
Knerr, Margaret A., Birth: 1926, Death: 10/29/2007, Location: WEST-20-7
Knupke, Gene G., Death: 3/3/2004, Location: WEST-7-4
Koan, Barbara Jean, Death: 10/30/1954, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-2
Koan, Donald R., Death: 10/6/1950, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-2
Koan, Patricia Jean, Death: 2/10/2004, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-3
Koan, Russell, Birth: 1929, Death: 3/25/2012, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-4
Kollman, John P., Death: 4/20/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-1
Kollman, Lydia E., Death: 4/16/1969, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-2
Kozak, John, Death: 10/13/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-1
Kozak, Julia, Death: 8/26/1967, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-2
Kozak, Walter, Death: 3/11/1955, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-3
Krick, Wendy Ellen, Death: 11/18/2003, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-3
Krogh, Alverna M., Death: 12/18/1987, Location: NEW EAST-84-1
Krogh, Louis Carl, Death: 4/13/2002, Location: NEW EAST-84-2
L., A., Location: BOGART-17
La Faver, Eli R., Death: 1869, Location: BOGART-37
La Faver, Francis, Death: 1867, Location: BOGART-38
La Faver, Francis J., Death: 1923, Location: BOGART-39
La Faver, Hannah H., Death: 1817, Location: BOGART-22
La Faver, Hannah N., Death: 1873, Location: BOGART-36
LaFavre, Eli, Death: 5/15/1970, Location: NORTH WEST-46-5
Lafavre, Victoria M., Death: 5/23/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-46-6
Lamb, Owen B., Death: 1935, Location: BOGART-94
Lamb, Polly, Death: 1929, Location: BOGART-93
Lampher, Claude M., Death: 11/23/1954, Location: NORTH WEST-49-1
Landefeld, Benjamin C., Death: 3/15/1961, Location: NORTH WEST-21-8
Landerfeld, Edna, Location: NORTH WEST-21-7
Larter, Hilda M., Death: 8/15/1979, Location: NORTH EAST-32-3
Larter, Hilda Mae, Death: 8/15/1979, Location: NORTH EAST-32-7
Lavin, Catherine, Death: 1899, Location: NORTH EAST-9-7
Lavin, John, Birth: 1832, Death: 11/15/1899, Location: NORTH EAST-9-8
Lawrence, Carol Jean, Death: 11/5/1964, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-8
Lawrence, Doris M., Death: 11/28/1980, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-1
Lawrence, Edith Ann, Death: 1950, Location: BOGART-12
Lawrence, Gaylord R., Death: 12/23/2002, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-2
Lawrence, Gertrude, Death: 4/1/1969, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-6
Lawrence, John B., Death: 1948, Location: BOGART-13
Lawrence, Raymond, Birth: 1887, Death: 10/9/1956, Location: EAST-68-6
Lawrence, Roy J., Death: 12/10/1970, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-5
Layton, Edith, Death: 9/14/1986, Location: NEW EAST-116-1
Layton, Jesse, Death: 5/9/1996, Location: NEW EAST-116-2
Leasure, Howard, Death: 12/9/1988, Location: EAST-59-5
Leibacher, Carol E., Birth: 1924, Death: 12/18/2010, Location: WEST-6-3
Leibacher, Fred L., Birth: 1919, Death: 11/27/1998, Location: WEST-6-2
Leibacher, John L., Death: 1865, Location: BOGART-159
Leibacher, Leonard, Death: 9/26/1966, Location: BOGART-157
Leighty, Kenneth, Death: 8/7/1972, Location: EAST-62-3
Leimgruber, Carl Joseph, Death: 4/18/1956, Location: EAST-80-1
Leimgruber, Frank Joseph, Death: 12/2/1948, Location: EAST-79-2
Lenhart, Fred, Death: 1926, Location: NORTH EAST-17-4
Lenhart, George, Location: NORTH EAST-17-8
Lenhart, Oren, Death: 10/12/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-17-5
Lentz, Eugene, Death: 11/11/1997, Location: CENTER-58-5
Lewis, Lucy A., Death: 1939, Location: BOGART-74
Lieb, Wilber, Death: 11/29/1998, Location: CENTER-25-2
Likes, Bettie Mae, Death: 7/10/2006, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-5
Likes, Cloyd Ray, Death: 5/28/1982, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-2
Likes, Cora Francis, Death: 5/25/1981, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-3
Likes, Earl R., Birth: 1930, Death: 7/29/1994, Location: SOUTH EAST-36-4
Likes, James A., Death: 9/8/1980, Location: WEST-8-1
Likes, John H., Death: 4/15/1996, Location: SOUTH EAST-48-8
Likes, Kenneth, Death: 12/11/2014, Location: WEST-17-1
Likes, Mary Ann, Death: 5/19/1993, Location: SOUTH EAST-36-3
Likes, Ralph, Death: 1/15/2006, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-1
Likes, Richard A., Death: 5/16/1984, Location: NORTH WEST-11-6
Likes, Robert David, Death: 1/3/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-11-5
Likes, Sheryl, Death: 2/28/1995, Location: WEST-26-7
Likes, Victoria, Death: 6/3/1997, Location: WEST-26-1
Lindsley, Dell D., Death: 12/19/1943, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-8
Lindsley, Elizabeth, Death: 1974, Location: NORTH WEST-10-2
Lindsley, Elsie Schwanger, Death: 1/25/2003, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-5
Lindsley, Frank E., Death: 1950, Location: NORTH WEST-10-1
Lindsley, Helen E., Birth: 1914, Death: 1/29/2001, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-5
Lindsley, Henry, Death: 4/11/1952, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-7
Lindsley, Howard M., Death: 1/19/1995, Location: NORTH WEST-34-2
Lindsley, John M., Death: 5/6/1954, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-1
Lindsley, Louise Gastier, Death: 12/7/1942, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-2
Lindsley, Margaret M., Birth: 1916, Death: 1/20/1994, Location: NORTH WEST-34-1
Lindsley, Paul L., Death: 5/16/1990, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-4
Lindsley, Stuart D., Death: 11/13/1967, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-4
Lindsley, Vietta M., Death: 12/26/1969, Location: SOUTH EAST-44-3
Lippus, Albert, Birth: 1916, Death: 11/7/1994, Location: NORTH WEST-22-7
Lippus, Marian Eloise, Death: 9/4/2007, Location: NORTH WEST-22-8
Loder, Harry Edward, Death: 3/20/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-33
Lowther, E., Death: 1949, Location: PERKINS ROW-a
Lowther, G., Death: 1941, Location: PERKINS ROW-.
Lucero, Ernest, Death: 12/17/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-44-4
Lucky, George, Death: 1958, Location: PERKINS ROW-30
Luff, Alfred, Death: 1877, Location: BOGART-20
Luff, Anna, Death: 1900, Location: BOGART-18
Luff, E., Location: BOGART-21
Luff, Hannah, Death: 1891, Location: BOGART-19
Luff, Thomas, Death: 1910, Location: BOGART-16
Lumoly, Perry, Death: 5/25/1975, Location: EAST-61-2
Lykins, Carrie, Death: 1/18/1988, Location: CENTER-29-1
Lymon, Verna Lee, Death: 4/3/1963, Location: EAST-53-1
M. E. K., Location: SOUTH WEST-31-3
M. F. D., Location: SOUTH WEST-32-3
M. T., Location: SOUTH WEST-33-3
M., A., Location: NORTH EAST-14-1
Macina, Annabelle, Death: 5/26/1996, Location: NORTH WEST-23-3
Macina, John Sr., Death: 12/1/1981, Location: NORTH WEST-23-4
Magee, Della, Death: 9/26/1978, Location: EAST-82-5
Magee, Hattie Mae, Birth: 1942, Death: 8/8/2016, Location: EAST-82-4
Magee, Unas, Birth: 1925, Death: 4/9/2016, Location: EAST-119-4
Malone, Sarah L., Death: 12/19/1986, Location: CENTER-17-5
Manning, Walter Jr., Death: 10/18/1982, Location: CENTER-9-3
Manson, Clarence, Birth: 1909, Death: 1/18/1971, Location: EAST-74-6
Mapus, Don Durell, Birth: 1929, Death: 8/1/2003, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-7
Mapus, Durell A., Death: 7/8/1979, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-3
Mapus, Evelyn K., Death: 7/4/1986, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-4
Mapus, Janet L., Birth: 1942, Death: 6/17/2016, Location: WEST-16-5
Mapus, Joseph Reed, Birth: 1959, Death: 12/21/1959, Location: SOUTH WEST-49-5
Mapus, Tyler J., Birth: 1990, Death: 6/19/1990, Location: WEST-16-1
Marble, Dana, Death: 7/4/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-19-6
Marble, Marguerite, Death: 12/29/1979, Location: NORTH EAST-19-5
Marshall, Charles T., Death: 1/28/1991, Location: EAST-52-8
Marshall, Joseph, Location: SOUTH EAST-18-2
Marshall, Lusine, Location: SOUTH EAST-18-3
Marshall, Sullie F., Death: 1/18/1986, Location: CENTER-48-1
Martin (limb), Jeanne, Location: PERKINS ROW-68
Martin, Angaline, Birth: 1799, Death: 05/24/1888, Location: NORTH EAST-14-7
Martin, Caroline E., Birth: 1834, Death: 04/18/1872, Location: NORTH EAST-14-6
Martin, Francis, Birth: 1795, Death: 11/30/1881, Location: NORTH EAST-14-8
Mateyka, Diane E., Death: 3/8/1992, Location: WEST-10-7
Matson, John, Location: SOUTH WEST-9-5
Matson, Julie, Location: SOUTH WEST-9-2
Matson, Luetta M., Location: SOUTH WEST-9-1
Matson, Marilla, Location: SOUTH WEST-9-4
Matson, Norman, Location: SOUTH WEST-9-3
Matteson, Paul N., Death: 8/1/2007, Location: CENTER-3-2
Matteson, Rachael, Death: 7/6/2001, Location: CENTER-3-2
Matthews, Brenda E., Death: 2/21/2004, Location: CENTER-12-2
Matthews, Carla Marie, Birth: 1964, Death: 4/6/2011, Location: WEST-62-7
Matthews, Gilbert E. Sr., Death: 12/26/1975, Location: EAST-61-3
Matthews, Jerry Lee Sr., Death: 11/19/2013, Location: CENTER-12-4
Mattie, Death: 6/15/1940, Location: SOUTH EAST-34-7
Mauer, Iva M., Death: 9/11/1985, Location: NORTH WEST-47-2
Mauer, John J., Death: 3/9/1956, Location: NORTH WEST-47-1
McCall, George Edward, Death: 3/13/1966, Location: EAST-58-6
McCanless, Fred, Birth: 1904, Death: 3/25/1993, Location: EAST-71-1
McCarthy, Laura, Death: 1/16/2004, Location: EAST-81-7
McCarthy, Leo Mac, Death: 9/23/1989, Location: EAST-81-8
McClellan, Mary, Death: 1917, Location: BOGART-34
McClellan, Robert, Death: 1910, Location: BOGART-35
McClurg, Glenn, Birth: 1889, Death: 6/21/1953, Location: EAST-67-1
McCoy, George M., Death: 1933, Location: BOGART-85
McCoy, Harry, Death: 11/20/1961, Location: BOGART-87
McCoy, Josephine, Death: 1948, Location: BOGART-86
McCoy, Mildred R., Death: 2/1/1961, Location: BOGART-88
McCray, Brandy, Death: 1/2/2005, Location: CENTER-21-8
McCully, Carl M., Birth: 1929, Death: 6/16/2003, Location: EAST-119-3
McDonald, Ailey, Death: 7/15/1992, Location: NORTH EAST-25-3
McDonald, Edna Mae, Death: 9/9/1983, Location: NORTH EAST-25-2
McDougle, Infant, Death: 6/19/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-48
McGee, Annie Lee, Death: 6/2/2006, Location: NEW EAST-87-3
McGee, Jimmie, Death: 9/19/1964, Location: EAST-54-4
McGill, Joseph C., Death: 11/9/2003, Location: WEST-37-5
McGowan, Gerald Walk, Birth: 1962, Death: 5/21/1993, Location: CENTER-1-4
McKinney, Christopher C. Jr., Death: 3/12/1985, Location: WEST-10-2
McKinney, H., Death: 1957, Location: PERKINS ROW-28
McKinney, James E., Death: 10/25/1983, Location: WEST-10-2
McKinney, James W., Death: 8/22/1961, Location: EAST-51-1
McKinney, Nancy A., Birth: 1937, Death: 3/14/1993, Location: WEST-45-3
McKinney, Sallie L., Birth: 1926, Death: 3/16/2012, Location: WEST-10-1
McKinnis, Francis, Death: 12/7/1994, Location: EAST-71-4
McLaughlin, Daniel A., Death: 11/3/1980, Location: SOUTH WEST-45-8
McLaughlin, Elmer, Death: 12/12/1998, Location: WEST-20-1
McLaughlin, Erika Lynn, Birth: 1988, Death: 10/23/1988, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-3
McLaughlin, James, Death: 7/2/1961, Location: PERKINS ROW-44
McManus, Leonard R., Death: 1/7/1991, Location: EAST-72-4
McMillian, Ethel, Death: 5/10/1992, Location: NORTH EAST-25-6
Mcnally, Betty Lou, Death: 6/16/1981, Location: NORTH EAST-24-2
McNally, Thomas M., Death: 4/21/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-24-1
Mead, Archie Samford, Death: 8/26/1963, Location: PERKINS ROW-54
Mead, Lola, Death: 1951, Location: PERKINS ROW-9
Mees, Florence, Death: 1/13/1986, Location: NORTH EAST-49-4
Mees, Lamont W., Birth: 1923, Death: 3/16/1965, Location: NORTH EAST-49-3
Mees, William J., Birth: 1896, Death: 12/23/1968, Location: NORTH EAST-49-8
Mefferd, Cora Hills, Death: 2/3/1970, Location: NORTH WEST-34-8
Mefferd, Louis Phillip, Death: 7/30/1954, Location: NORTH WEST-34-7
Meister, James, Death: 12/12/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-37-7
Memorial, Location: SOUTH WEST-6-6
Mendes, Betty L., Death: 5/4/1995, Location: CENTER-4-8
Mendes, Patricia A., Birth: 1959, Death: 2/16/2010, Location: CENTER-14-4
Meyer, Mabel Fox, Birth: 1893, Death: 9/19/1962, Location: SOUTH WEST-16-7
Michael, Joseph N, Birth: 1896, Death: 11/15/1954, Location: EAST-63-1
Michaels, Bernice A., Death: 12/5/1975, Location: NORTH EAST-36-6
Michaels, J. Vernon, Death: 1/18/1990, Location: NORTH EAST-36-5
Michel, Charles Raymond, Death: 9/26/1972, Location: EAST-62-5
Miller, Albert W., Location: NORTH EAST-15-8
Miller, Alice Belle, Death: 9/27/1967, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-8
Miller, Doane, Death: 11/20/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-20-5
Miller, Donald K., Birth: 1935, Death: 8/8/2000, Location: CENTER-3-1
Miller, Dorothy Ester, Death: 4/7/2003, Location: SOUTH WEST-38-8
Miller, Elizabeth, Birth: 1808, Death: 12/05/1890, Location: NORTH EAST-15-7
Miller, Frances Louisa, Death: 1950, Location: BOGART-52
Miller, Janet Kay, Death: 3/24/2012, Location: CENTER-3-1
Miller, Jessie Rose, Death: 1/26/1958, Location: NORTH EAST-20-4
Miller, Lola V., Birth: 1911, Death: 12/14/1994, Location: NORTH WEST-44-8
Miller, Trellis D., Death: 10/27/1986, Location: SOUTH EAST-38-7
Miller, William D., Birth: 1808, Death: 10/06/1878, Location: NORTH EAST-15-6
Mills, Alvin, Death: 5/20/1978, Location: EAST-77-3
Mills, Anna May Schwartz, Death: 7/29/1986, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-4
Mills, James Jackson, Death: 11/3/1985, Location: EAST-53-8
Milner, Walter W., Death: 1932, Location: NORTH WEST-18-1
Minor, Claude J., Death: 8/23/1952, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-8
Minor, Stanton C., Death: 6/23/1969, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-6
Miranda, Agnes K., Death: 1/29/1983, Location: CENTER-19-2
Miranda, Peter V., Death: 4/12/2002, Location: CENTER-19-1
Mitchell, Carrie M., Death: 11/6/2014, Location: NEW EAST-85-5
Mitchell, Cypha Taylor, Birth: 1822, Death: 7/3/1903, Location: NORTH EAST-3-7
Mitchell, Flora E., Death: 09/07/1855, Location: NORTH EAST-3-3
Mitchell, George F., Death: 10/3/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-47-5
Mitchell, Henry, Death: 7/8/1993, Location: EAST-71-3
Mitchell, Isabell A., Birth: 1844, Death: 12/18/1902, Location: NORTH EAST-3-1
Mitchell, John W., Death: 5/7/1982, Location: EAST-87-1
Mitchell, John William Jr., Birth: 1978, Death: 1/28/2008, Location: EAST-87-1
Mitchell, Leora Mae, Death: 2/12/1998, Location: NORTH EAST-47-6
Mitchell, Oren K., Birth: 1809, Death: 08/02/1869, Location: NORTH EAST-3-8
Mohler, David, Birth: 1887, Death: 3/1/1959, Location: EAST-69-2
Mone, Oscar R., Death: 11/20/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-25-1
Monnett, Aby, Death: 1855, Location: BOGART-153
Monnett, William W., Death: 1846, Location: BOGART-152
Moody, Albert L., Death: 12/31/1963, Location: NORTH EAST-46-2
Moody, Kathryn Janet, Death: 11/21/1959, Location: NORTH EAST-46-1
Moody, Lois Grahl, Death: 4/19/2001, Location: CENTER-4-2
Moody, Ralph A., Death: 10/4/1985, Location: CENTER-4-1
Mooney, Edna L., Death: 4/23/1984, Location: EAST-90-3
Moore, Elbert H. Jr., Birth: 1938, Death: 6/16/1998, Location: EAST-119-1
Moore, Harris, Location: PERKINS ROW-73
Morris, Elizabeth, Death: 7/9/1987, Location: CENTER-70-7
Morris, Joseph J., Birth: 1910, Death: 1/15/1962, Location: EAST-65-4
Morris, Lucy F Fox, Death: 1911, Location: SOUTH EAST-4-7
Morrow, Dean E., Death: 8/24/1986, Location: SOUTH WEST-23-4
Morrow, Edith W., Location: SOUTH WEST-23-6
Morrow, Jemima, Location: SOUTH WEST-23-2
Morrow, Joseph L., Location: SOUTH WEST-23-8
Morrow, Susan J., Location: SOUTH WEST-23-7
Morrow, Vincent B., Location: SOUTH WEST-23-5
Morrow, William, Birth: 1812, Death: 04/11/1880, Location: SOUTH WEST-23-1
Mullins, Cleo, Death: 10/17/1982, Location: WEST-8-5
Munchow, Frederick, Birth: 1844, Death: 11/11/1894, Location: SOUTH EAST-24-1
Munchow, Wilhelmina, Birth: 1846, Death: 2/19/1900, Location: SOUTH EAST-24-2
Murschel, Bertha L., Death: 7/1/1983, Location: NORTH WEST-37-7
Murschel, Walter A. Sr., Death: 12/27/1988, Location: NORTH WEST-37-6
Murschel, Walter A. Jr., Death: 6/15/2001, Location: NORTH WEST-37-8
Neal, James, Death: 9/6/1981, Location: CENTER-10-5
Needham, Fannie Mae, Death: 8/21/1964, Location: EAST-54-5
Newcomer, Alberta, Death: 4/6/1989, Location: NORTH WEST-21-2
Newcomer, Charles M., Death: 12/21/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-21-3
Newcomer, Nora, Location: NORTH WEST-26-1
Newcomer, William V., Location: NORTH WEST-26-2
Nichols, Jake, Death: 4/2/1960, Location: NORTH WEST-21-1
Nickel, Mary L., Death: 10/27/1855, Location: NORTH EAST-2-2
Norman, John, Death: 12/29/2000, Location: CENTER-4-5
Norton, Jerome H., Death: 8/15/1948, Location: NORTH EAST-43-6
Norton, Mabel V., Death: 8/7/1965, Location: NORTH EAST-43-5
Norwood, Arline, Death: 7/30/1998, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-7
Norwood, Paul J., Death: 11/27/2006, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-6
Norwood, Ronald Paul, Death: 6/17/1967, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-8
O., A., Location: BOGART-70
Ohlemacher, Albert John, Death: 11/27/1958, Location: SOUTH WEST-32-6
Ohlemacher, Eugene C., Death: 4/22/1975, Location: SOUTH WEST-32-8
Ohlemacher, Hettie A., Death: 3/16/1971, Location: SOUTH WEST-32-5
Ohlemacher, Jeanette, Death: 6/9/1983, Location: SOUTH WEST-32-7
Ohlemacher, Margaret, Death: 7/2/1992, Location: SOUTH WEST-28-3
Ohlemacher, Milton Clifford, Death: 1/2/1992, Location: SOUTH WEST-28-3
Ohr, Ingerman Mathias, Birth: 1797, Death: 08/07/1863, Location: NORTH EAST-39-6
Oliver, Ernest Norman, Death: 8/7/1954, Location: NORTH EAST-20-7
Oliver, Louise E., Death: 6/22/1981, Location: NORTH EAST-20-6
Orcutt, Baby, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-8
Orcutt, Martha M., Location: SOUTH WEST-41-8
Orcutt, Samuel J., Death: 7/30/1964, Location: SOUTH WEST-41-1
Orshoski, Joyce E., Birth: 1931, Death: 9/8/2010, Location: WEST-4-2
Orshoski, Paul R., Death: 3/26/1983, Location: WEST-4-1
Ortner, Donald M., Death: 3/14/1992, Location: CENTER-41-4
Ortner, Shirley Ann, Death: 3/25/2002, Location: CENTER-41-4
Osborn, Arah, Death: 1843, Location: BOGART-57
Osborn, Cecil R., Death: 1931, Location: BOGART-89
Osborn, Elizabeth, Death: 1854, Location: BOGART-56
Osborn, Ernest, Death: 1940, Location: BOGART-91
Osborn, James, Death: 1849, Location: BOGART-53
Osborn, Jonn, Death: 1855, Location: BOGART-55
Osborn, Joseph, Death: 1842, Location: BOGART-60
Osborn, Lenora Martin, Death: 1943, Location: BOGART-90
Osborn, Lucinda, Death: 1870, Location: BOGART-54
Osborn, Walter B., Death: 1859, Location: BOGART-61
Osborne, Charles, Death: 8/24/1984, Location: PERKINS ROW-80
Ostheimer, David B., Location: SOUTH WEST-47-8
Ostheimer, Frank, Death: 4/5/1983, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-3
Ostheimer, Infant, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-8
Ostheimer, Minnie L., Death: 12/18/1947, Location: SOUTH WEST-47-4
Owen, Austin D., Death: 3/10/1901, Location: SOUTH EAST-15-1
Owen, Suzette, Death: 1910, Location: SOUTH EAST-15-2
P. S. J., Location: SOUTH EAST-2-4
Pace, James L., Death: 9/24/1966, Location: PERKINS ROW-62
Palmer, Julia Bliss, Location: SOUTH WEST-16-8
Papenfus, Baby Boy, Death: 4/9/1965, Location: PERKINS ROW-58
Papenfuse, Hedwig, Death: 8/30/1982, Location: NORTH EAST-42-2
Papenfuse, John August, Death: 6/8/1968, Location: NORTH EAST-42-1
Papenfuss, Infant Girl, Location: PERKINS ROW-74
Parker, Ada L., Death: 1956, Location: NORTH WEST-14-2
Parker, Carol Ann, Death: 1935, Location: NORTH WEST-15-8
Parker, Cynthia, Death: 1952, Location: NORTH WEST-25-8
Parker, Delores Mae, Birth: 1930, Death: 3/1/2013, Location: NORTH WEST-25-6
Parker, Dennis, Death: 4/2/1985, Location: WEST-19-3
Parker, Florence L., Death: 1/28/1979, Location: NORTH WEST-15-6
Parker, George B., Death: 1914, Location: NORTH WEST-14-8
Parker, Glenn G., Death: 2/14/1974, Location: NORTH WEST-15-7
Parker, Leroy, Death: 1949, Location: NORTH WEST-14-1
Parker, Leroy Joshua, Death: 6/4/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-14-3
Parker, Marian L., Death: 1941, Location: NORTH WEST-14-6
Parker, Maribel S., Death: 12/11/1979, Location: NORTH WEST-15-2
Parker, Paul Joshua, Death: 4/17/1967, Location: NORTH WEST-15-3
Parker, Richard, Death: 12/3/1988, Location: NORTH WEST-25-7
Parker, Shirley Ann, Death: 1941, Location: NORTH WEST-15-1
Pate, Henry Jr., Death: 7/3/1986, Location: NEW EAST-85-2
Patton, Edith M., Death: 2/13/2000, Location: NORTH WEST-49-4
Patton, Warren J., Death: 6/4/1989, Location: NORTH WEST-49-3
Paul, Joel T., Birth: 1983, Death: 10/31/2012, Location: WEST-4-3
Pavia, Anna Rose, Death: 3/18/1984, Location: EAST-91-5
Pavia, Benedict P., Death: 5/20/1990, Location: EAST-91-6
Payne, Simon, Death: 12/27/1961, Location: EAST-52-2
Payton, Jessie L. Jr., Birth: 1956, Death: 3/12/2001, Location: NEW EAST-88-1
Payton, Neal W., Birth: 1963, Death: 6/23/2012, Location: NEW EAST-88-5
Payton, Thelma Mae, Birth: 1936, Death: 2/21/2011, Location: NEW EAST-88-4
Peat, Edward, Death: 3/23/1977, Location: EAST-77-4
Peet, Mariah, Death: 7/29/1967, Location: EAST-58-4
Pelton, Burton, Location: NORTH EAST-5-4
Pelton, George Alva, Location: NORTH EAST-5-2
Pelton, Linn Walter, Death: 3/17/1985, Location: NORTH EAST-5-5
Pelton, May A. St. John, Death: 11/18/1961, Location: NORTH EAST-5-3
Pentorn, Damar Jarome Jr., Birth: 2011, Death: 11/6/2011, Location: CENTER-45-1
Pentorn, Edwin, Birth: 1959, Death: 10/4/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-38
Pentorn, Elex, Birth: 1922, Death: 5/3/1993, Location: CENTER-45-1
Pentorn, Elex Jr., Death: 4/21/2004, Location: CENTER-45-2
Pentorn, Minnie Lee, Birth: 1929, Death: 10/9/2014, Location: CENTER-45-3
Perdue, Larry Allen, Death: 9/2/2002, Location: WEST-15-5
Perrot, Frank, Death: 1/15/1990, Location: SOUTH WEST-24-4
Perrot, Hazel, Death: 6/17/1990, Location: SOUTH WEST-24-5
Peterson, Bruce W., Death: 8/14/1979, Location: NORTH WEST-34-3
Peterson, Julius A., Death: 12/15/1966, Location: SOUTH WEST-37-8
Peterson, Kate C., Death: 9/16/1942, Location: SOUTH WEST-37-7
Peterson, Nis A., Death: 12/14/1974, Location: SOUTH WEST-37-6
Pfuhl Lenhart, Laura L, Death: 4/28/1991, Location: NORTH EAST-17-3
Phillips, J. B., Death: 5/7/1975, Location: EAST-61-1
Phillips, Orasteen, Death: 4/24/2004, Location: CENTER-12-3
Poock, Eugene C., Death: 11/30/1989, Location: WEST-2-6
Poock, Faith M. (Kennedy), Birth: 1925, Death: 10/14/2015, Location: WEST-2-5
Pou, Clarence, Birth: 1917, Death: 3/31/1993, Location: WEST-28-2
Pou, Josephine, Death: 12/11/1991, Location: WEST-19-8
Pou, Marzetta, Birth: 1923, Death: 12/20/2010, Location: WEST-28-1
Pou, Ollie Mae, Death: 9/20/1987, Location: WEST-19-7
Powers (limb), Anna, Location: PERKINS ROW-68
Powers, Anna, Death: 10/10/1971, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-2
Pratt, Nancy Louise, Death: 2/6/1968, Location: SOUTH WEST-46-5
Pratt, Toby Lawrence, Death: 1/13/1960, Location: SOUTH WEST-46-4
Pray, Velma M., Birth: 1924, Death: 5/3/1998, Location: EAST-55-4
Price, Edward W., Location: CENTER-63-2
Pringle, Erica, Location: NORTH WEST-29-2
Pringle, Ralph, Location: NORTH WEST-29-1
Prout, Ethel, Death: 12/23/1971, Location: SOUTH EAST-45-7
Puckrin, Dorothy, Death: 11/13/2003, Location: CENTER-7-2
Puckrin, Lester, Death: 9/16/1995, Location: CENTER-7-1
Puckrin, Martha, Death: 06/26/1874, Location: SOUTH EAST-19-1
Puckrin, Thomas, Birth: 1809, Death: 03/03/1871, Location: SOUTH EAST-19-2
Pugh, Russell W., Birth: 1929, Death: 2/11/2009, Location: WEST-20-4
Purcell, Clark, Location: SOUTH EAST-42-7
Purcell, Frederick K., Birth: 1871, Death: 9/1/1920, Location: SOUTH EAST-10-7
Purcell, Joy, Location: SOUTH EAST-42-3
Purcell, Lettie Horning, Birth: 1868, Death: 1/21/1903, Location: SOUTH EAST-10-6
Purcell, Lloyd Frederick, Birth: 1899, Death: 11/10/1950, Location: SOUTH EAST-10-5
Purcell, Mary E., Location: SOUTH EAST-42-2
Purcell, Patrick, Location: SOUTH EAST-42-1
Purcell, Ralph, Death: 5/31/1991, Location: SOUTH EAST-10-8
Purcell, Rose Marie, Birth: 1953, Death: 5/2/1959, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-1
Purcell, Theresa Joanne, Death: 3/20/1973, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-6
Quinn, Emily, Birth: 1930, Death: 5/27/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-19-8
Quinn, Marvin Dale, Birth: 1955, Death: 1/10/1978, Location: NORTH EAST-19-4
Rashid, Ethel, Death: 2004, Location: WEST-37-2
Rashid, Karim, Death: 3/22/1985, Location: WEST-37-1
Ray, Asa, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-6
Ray, Lena, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-5
Raymer, Helen, Death: 3/9/1988, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-3
Raymer, Robert B., Death: 7/2/2005, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-3
Reed, Frank M., Death: 07/09/1870, Location: NORTH EAST-3-2
Reiter, Edward Allen, Birth: 1967, Death: 9/20/1967, Location: NEW EAST-105-6
Renwand, Frank R., Death: 2/3/1985, Location: NORTH EAST-48-5
Renwand, Ruth E., Death: 12/25/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-48-6
Riblett, Susan J. Stephens Goucher, Death: 1931, Location: NORTH WEST-16-5
Richardson, Aaron M., Death: 9/15/2004, Location: WEST-10-4
Richardson, Janet, Birth: 1947, Death: 7/27/2003, Location: CENTER-62-7
Richardson, Quentin C., Birth: 1932, Death: 11/24/1975, Location: SOUTH WEST-50-3
Richtarsic, James Robert, Birth: 1922, Death: 5/18/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-48-1
Ridenour, Augusta, Death: 3/2/1970, Location: EAST-80-2
Ridenour, Millard, Death: 4/3/1967, Location: EAST-80-3
Ridgeway, Harold, Death: 7/10/2006, Location: EAST-80-8
Ridgeway, Mark, Death: 1/4/1978, Location: EAST-80-8
Ridgeway, Marshall Drake, Death: 1/4/1978, Location: EAST-80-7
Rieger, Sandra, Death: 8/1/1995, Location: CENTER-61-6
Riffle, Paul L., Birth: 1937, Death: 2/26/1993, Location: WEST-63-2
Rinker, Virginia Belle, Birth: 1926, Death: 2/25/2015, Location: CENTER-68-6
Ritter, Louis W., Death: 7/31/1986, Location: EAST-60-4
Robinson, Adeline, Birth: 1833, Death: 10/04/1898, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-1
Robinson, John Moore, Death: 11/25/1982, Location: EAST-60-1
Robinson, Juanita, Death: 2/8/1962, Location: EAST-52-3
Robinson, Lucius, Death: 1/3/1961, Location: EAST-52-1
Robinson, Mae Etta, Birth: 1946, Death: 7/25/2013, Location: CENTER-21-7
Robinson, Thomas, Death: 4/27/1962, Location: EAST-52-4
Robinson, Vincent A., Death: 6/2/1976, Location: EAST-61-4
Robinson, William & Rhoda, Location: SOUTH WEST-7-1
Roddy, Mamie Rhea, Birth: 1906, Death: 4/15/1964, Location: EAST-54-6
Roddy, Roy Boy, Birth: 1893, Death: 11/7/1954, Location: EAST-67-6
Rodgers, Alfonso, Death: 3/4/1960, Location: EAST-51-4
Rodgers, Joseph, Death: 6/3/1963, Location: EAST-53-3
Rodriguez, Alberto Jr., Birth: 1950, Death: 2/18/2012, Location: WEST-10-3
Rodriguez, Alberto Chico Sr., Death: 10/5/1987, Location: WEST-1-7
Rodriguez, Amelia, Death: 8/28/1999, Location: WEST-1-8
Rodriguez, Samuel Eloy, Death: 9/26/2000, Location: WEST-1-8
Roe, Althea Eunice, Death: 4/7/2006, Location: EAST-92-5
Roe, James E., Birth: 1921, Death: 4/21/2009, Location: EAST-92-4
Roe, Roy S., Death: 4/25/1983, Location: EAST-88-4
Roeser, Alphonse, Death: 4/15/1997, Location: CENTER-10-2
Roeser, Anna Mary, Death: 3/25/1978, Location: NORTH WEST-46-8
Roeser, Anthony, Death: 4/4/1995, Location: NORTH WEST-46-7
Roeser, Dorothy, Birth: 1907, Death: 7/5/1996, Location: CENTER-10-1
Roeser, Mary M., Death: 9/26/2003, Location: CENTER-10-3
Rogers, Louise M., Death: 3/5/1987, Location: CENTER-17-6
Rohde, Carl, Death: 1873, Location: BOGART-110
Rohde, M., Location: BOGART-69
Rohde, Maria, Death: 1859, Location: BOGART-109
Roll, Sammy David, Death: 9/24/1980, Location: WEST-1-1
Rolland, Location: NORTH WEST-9-2
Rollison Gowdy, Betty Lou, Birth: 1946, Death: 10/31/2015, Location: EAST-57-5
Rollison, Augusta, Death: 7/1/1971, Location: EAST-57-2
Rollison, Benjamin H., Death: 12/22/1964, Location: EAST-57-1
Rollison, Eunice, Death: 1/16/2007, Location: EAST-57-4
Rollison, Louie Leroy, Death: 5/31/1979, Location: EAST-57-3
Rosinski, Clarence, Death: 9/2/1987, Location: EAST-59-2
Ross, Fannie, Death: 8/28/1960, Location: EAST-51-3
Rosswurm, Robert Sr., Death: 12/27/1983, Location: EAST-76-8
Rostek, Frank, Birth: 1882, Death: 5/5/1960, Location: EAST-65-1
Rowden, James B., Birth: 1917, Death: 2/23/2001, Location: NORTH EAST-34-2
Rowden, Margaret Leona, Death: 8/21/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-34-1
Ruffin, Frank J., Death: 2/8/1981, Location: CENTER-1-3
Ruffin, Harry, Death: 4/15/2015, Location: WEST-11-8
Ruffin, Steven, Location: PERKINS ROW-75
Ruggles, V., Death: 1955, Location: PERKINS ROW-17
Russell, Freda A., Death: 4/14/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-17-2
Russell, Janis Kathryn, Birth: 1937, Death: 10/3/2006, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-5
Rutledge, Emma, Death: 7/30/1957, Location: EAST-51-5
Ryan, Chester Francis, Death: 7/2/1963, Location: NORTH EAST-44-1
Ryan, Gerald T., Birth: 1941, Death: 7/12/2011, Location: WEST-9-7
Ryan, Irene May, Death: 2/19/2006, Location: NORTH EAST-44-2
Ryan, Johanna C., Birth: 1944, Death: 2/2/2010, Location: WEST-9-6
Ryan, Rodger, Birth: 1890, Death: 4/15/1956, Location: EAST-68-4
S. H., Location: NORTH WEST-4-1
Sams, Charles William, Birth: 1896, Death: 11/22/1958, Location: EAST-64-6
Sanders, Cynthia, Birth: 1952, Death: 3/19/2012, Location: WEST-21-5
Sanders, Freddy Lee, Death: 3/30/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-2
Sawyer, Myron William, Death: 5/25/1945, Location: NORTH WEST-34-4
Schaefer, Andrew, Death: 3/27/1938, Location: NORTH WEST-39-1
Schaefer, Arthur J., Death: 6/20/1984, Location: NORTH WEST-39-6
Schaefer, Clara J., Death: 2/2/1978, Location: NORTH WEST-42-2
Schaefer, Earl W., Death: 12/10/1955, Location: NORTH WEST-42-1
Schaefer, Estella Marie, Death: 4/4/1942, Location: NORTH WEST-39-7
Schaefer, Jeannette P., Death: 1932, Location: NORTH WEST-39-6
Schaefer, Jerri, Location: NORTH WEST-39-8
Schaefer, Matilda, Death: 7/8/1959, Location: NORTH WEST-39-2
Schaefer, Phyllis, Death: 2/8/1996, Location: NORTH WEST-39-4
Schaefer, Robert, Location: NORTH WEST-39-3
Schaefer, Wayne L., Death: 2/10/1991, Location: NORTH WEST-39-5
Schaffter, Todd A., Death: 4/11/1982, Location: CENTER-3-1
Scheid, Edward, Location: NORTH EAST-40-7
Scheid, Friederiche, Birth: 1824, Location: NORTH EAST-40-5
Scheidt, Louis, Birth: 1961, Death: 05/02/1863, Location: NORTH EAST-39-7
Schenk, Albert J. Sr., Death: 11/2/1980, Location: NORTH WEST-11-4
Schenk, Margaret, Death: 2/27/1998, Location: NORTH WEST-11-3
Schiefley, Robert F., Death: 4/5/1982, Location: WEST-2-2
Schiefley, Violet E., Death: 6/25/1991, Location: WEST-2-1
Schiewe, Tieriney J., Birth: 1978, Death: 2/3/2012, Location: CENTER-40-3
Schiffel, Joseph D., Birth: 1923, Death: 3/22/1960, Location: EAST-69-6
Schnee, Clara Augusta, Birth: 1908, Death: 2/9/2000, Location: NORTH WEST-48-5
Schnee, E Christina, Death: 1899, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-1
Schnee, G Wilhelm, Death: 1897, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-3
Schnee, John Philip, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-7
Schnee, Leigh B., Death: 4/15/1997, Location: NORTH WEST-48-6
Schnee, William, Death: 1905, Location: SOUTH EAST-43-2
Schoewe, Dale Allen, Death: 7/22/2006, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-6
Schoewe, Pamela Sue, Death: 1/17/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-48-5
Schultz, Edward Theodore, Birth: 1920, Death: 1/28/1956, Location: EAST-68-2
Schultz, Louis A., Death: 3/3/1969, Location: SOUTH WEST-46-2
Schultz, Nancy Louise, Death: 12/12/1971, Location: SOUTH WEST-46-3
Schwartz, Burdell F., Death: 5/17/1972, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-3
Scroggy, Charles Edward, Death: 7/8/2014, Location: SOUTH EAST-47-7
Scroggy, Dorothy, Death: 3/18/1965, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-7
Scroggy, Ruth M., Death: 9/8/1979, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-7
Scroggy, Tony W., Death: 5/3/1960, Location: SOUTH WEST-40-8
Sehlmeyer, Arthur, Death: 7/24/1989, Location: NEW EAST-104-1
Sehlmeyer, Cynthia Lee, Birth: 1957, Death: 4/3/2012, Location: NEW EAST-100-8
Sehlmeyer, Norma, Death: 6/26/2002, Location: NEW EAST-104-2
Senne, Donald Walker Carl, Birth: 1917, Death: 2/2/2015, Location: CENTER-21-1
Senne, Janet, Birth: 1921, Death: 12/3/2015, Location: CENTER-21-2
Sexton, Catharine D., Death: 1853, Location: BOGART-101
Shank, Susan Louise, Death: 10/4/1965, Location: NORTH EAST-38-1
Shank, Thomas Rudy, Birth: 1930, Death: 1/7/2009, Location: NORTH EAST-38-2
Sharkey, Clarence M., Death: 6/4/1967, Location: EAST-74-1
Sharp, Dock, Death: 2/3/1967, Location: EAST-66-5
Sharp, Frank M., Location: SOUTH EAST-41-1
Sharp, Leva B., Location: SOUTH EAST-41-2
Sheffel, Amanda W., Death: 8/7/1977, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-2
Sheffel, Melvin H., Death: 10/4/1929, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-4
Sheffel, Melvin L., Death: 10/25/1963, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-3
Sheffel, Russell Solman, Death: 3/26/1966, Location: SOUTH EAST-28-1
Shelby, Allie, Death: 12/17/1970, Location: EAST-56-3
Shelby, Robert L., Birth: 1895, Death: 10/26/1964, Location: EAST-70-4
Shepherd, Infant, Death: 4/29/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-34
Shepperd, Henrietta, Death: 1851, Location: BOGART-127
Shepperd, Wm. P., Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-128
Shine, Infant, Death: 3/4/1961, Location: PERKINS ROW-43
Shorto, Charles H., Death: 1886, Location: BOGART-78
Shorto, Cora Bell, Death: 1878, Location: BOGART-79
Shorto, Eliza I., Death: 1902, Location: BOGART-77
Shorto, Fannie Louisa, Death: 1975, Location: BOGART-75
Shorto, Thomas, Death: 1912, Location: BOGART-76
Showalter, Emma, Death: 4/22/1986, Location: EAST-81-2
Showalter, Ernest Edward, Death: 4/25/1979, Location: EAST-81-1
Shrake, Walter John, Death: 11/6/1999, Location: EAST-91-4
Sibberson, Georgiana, Birth: 1943, Death: 8/20/2004, Location: NEW EAST-102-1
Siggens, John, Death: 1912, Location: SOUTH EAST-41-6
Siggens, Mary A., Death: 1909, Location: SOUTH EAST-41-5
Simmons, Fred, Death: 10/23/1983, Location: EAST-51-8
Simmons, Isaac, Death: 4/8/1981, Location: CENTER-49-5
Simmons, Mattie Sue, Death: 2015, Location: CENTER-49-8
Simmons, Nona B., Birth: 1900, Death: 2/4/1997, Location: CENTER-49-6
Simmons, Warren O., Death: 2/8/2002, Location: CENTER-49-7
Simmons, Willie D., Death: 2/3/1965, Location: EAST-54-1
Simon, Anna May, Death: 12/31/1967, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-2
Simon, Rebecca Louise, Death: 12/21/1969, Location: SOUTH EAST-30-5
Simons, Mildred A., Death: 6/27/1992, Location: CENTER-20-6
Simons, Roland J., Death: 12/22/1985, Location: CENTER-20-5
Simpson, Harry C., Location: PERKINS ROW-79
Simpson, Henry C., Location: BOGART-160
Simpson, Lucille, Death: 11/25/1985, Location: PERKINS ROW-81
Sinwald, Charles F., Birth: 1896, Death: 11/16/1963, Location: EAST-70-3
Sipes, Clyde Bridwell, Death: 12/21/1967, Location: NORTH EAST-42-7
Sipes, John Simpson, Death: 3/26/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-42-6
Skiles, Ethel, Death: 7/14/1971, Location: NORTH EAST-44-3
Smallwood, Darlene Marie, Death: 9/25/2012, Location: NEW EAST-110-1
Smallwood, Dorothy Marie, Death: 10/17/1987, Location: NEW EAST-110-1
Smallwood, Lewis K., Birth: 1925, Death: 4/3/2011, Location: NEW EAST-110-2
Smith, Annie E., Birth: 1923, Death: 8/28/2014, Location: CENTER-16-6
Smith, Belinda S., Location: SOUTH WEST-42-2
Smith, Ca'leo Kaevon "Big Clete", Birth: 1999, Death: 5/13/2014, Location: CENTER-13-3
Smith, Catherine, Death: 1849, Location: BOGART-148
Smith, Dorothy M., Location: NORTH WEST-29-4
Smith, Elizabeth, Death: 1915, Location: NORTH WEST-29-8
Smith, Eugene J., Death: 1926, Location: NORTH WEST-30-2
Smith, Frank Russell, Death: 2/10/1967, Location: EAST-66-6
Smith, Fred Sr., Death: 1956, Location: NORTH WEST-29-7
Smith, Gail Ann, Location: NORTH WEST-29-3
Smith, Gerald, Death: 1/18/1994, Location: CENTER-17-7
Smith, Helene Eleanor, Death: 1948, Location: NORTH WEST-29-6
Smith, James F., Death: 2/16/2003, Location: WEST-15-3
Smith, Jesse A. Jr., Birth: 1942, Death: 5/25/2004, Location: CENTER-2-7
Smith, Joyce, Birth: 1928, Death: 8/2/1928, Location: NORTH EAST-22-3
Smith, Laura Mae, Death: 6/8/2000, Location: SOUTH EAST-10-4
Smith, Lucy M., Death: 1847, Location: NORTH WEST-30-4
Smith, Rita D., Death: 5/7/1976, Location: EAST-55-1
Smith, Rudy G., Death: 3/22/2001, Location: NORTH WEST-29-5
Smith, Samuel, Death: 1831, Location: BOGART-147
Snyder, Alfred P., Location: NORTH EAST-30-8
Snyder, Tacy, Location: NORTH EAST-30-7
Spayde, Stephen Allen, Death: 4/24/1963, Location: NORTH EAST-45-5
Spearman, Eula Mae, Death: 7/7/2005, Location: NORTH EAST-50-2
Spearman, John L., Death: 5/14/1979, Location: EAST-81-3
Spears, Bobby, Birth: 1955, Death: 8/6/1964, Location: SOUTH WEST-38-1
Speer, Carl W., Death: 12/19/1975, Location: SOUTH WEST-50-5
Speer, Thelma, Death: 6/23/2005, Location: SOUTH WEST-50-6
Spoerr, Alma Louise, Death: 3/17/1975, Location: NORTH EAST-38-4
Spoerr, Karl, Location: NORTH WEST-26-6
Spoerr, Lloyd "Doc", Death: 1/8/1992, Location: NORTH EAST-38-5
Spoerr, Louise M., Location: NORTH WEST-26-5
Sprague, Marion Rose, Death: 1856, Location: BOGART-145
Sprau, Dorothy A., Death: 1/29/1990, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-6
Sprau, Emmett E., Death: 9/12/1978, Location: SOUTH EAST-26-5
Sprau, Leroy A., Death: 10/12/1966, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-3
Spring, Albert Charles, Death: 12/12/1958, Location: NORTH WEST-37-4
Spring, Albert J., Death: 11/25/1983, Location: NORTH WEST-37-2
Spring, Virginia M., Death: 10/6/1997, Location: NORTH WEST-37-3
St. John, A., Location: NORTH EAST-5-5
St. John, Aaron B., Location: NORTH EAST-5-6
St. John, Evelyn J., Death: 5/6/1968, Location: SOUTH EAST-9-3
St. John, James B., Death: 2/27/1961, Location: SOUTH EAST-9-4
St. John, James B., Location: NORTH EAST-5-8
St. John, Philo, Location: NORTH EAST-5-7
Staley, Bertram, Death: 5/20/1991, Location: SOUTH WEST-30-3
Staley, Donald M., Death: 11/5/1971, Location: SOUTH WEST-19-6
Staley, Hattie V., Location: SOUTH WEST-19-1
Staley, John, Death: 7/9/1990, Location: SOUTH WEST-19-4
Staley, Laura A., Death: 4/5/1999, Location: SOUTH WEST-19-5
Staley, Mary Nora, Location: SOUTH WEST-19-3
Staley, Richard, Location: SOUTH WEST-19-2
Staley, Viola Rose, Death: 12/24/2006, Location: SOUTH WEST-30-4
Stanley, Richard Sr., Death: 8/3/2008, Location: NEW EAST-105-1
Stanley, Susanna J., Location: NEW EAST-105-1
Staub, Christina, Death: 1912, Location: BOGART-72
Staub, Henry J., Death: 1939, Location: BOGART-71
Staub, John H., Death: 1909, Location: BOGART-73
Stephens, Isaiah S., Location: SOUTH WEST-15-2
Stephens, Mary Ann DeSoe, Location: SOUTH WEST-15-1
Stevenson, Charles Edward, Birth: 1908, Death: 2/28/1963, Location: EAST-52-6
Stevenson, Charles F., Birth: 1943, Death: 12/30/2005, Location: EAST-52-7
Stevenson, George, Death: 12/30/1983, Location: SOUTH EAST-23-5
Stevenson, Infant, Death: 8/31/1959, Location: PERKINS ROW-36
Stevenson, Infant, Death: 11/29/1960, Location: PERKINS ROW-42
Stevenson, Leona, Birth: 1920, Death: 10/31/1993, Location: EAST-52-7
Stewart, Angeline M., Location: NORTH EAST-22-5
Stewart, Bert R., Location: NORTH EAST-21-2
Stewart, Berton Chester, Death: 9/24/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-21-3
Stewart, Charles, Location: NORTH EAST-22-2
Stewart, Georgia B. Taylor, Death: 12/21/1946, Location: NORTH EAST-21-7
Stewart, Hiram H. Sr., Death: 8/11/1945, Location: NORTH EAST-22-7
Stewart, Jeanette M., Birth: 1928, Death: 3/8/2005, Location: NORTH EAST-21-3
Stewart, John C., Location: NORTH EAST-22-6
Stewart, Lillie May, Death: 12/30/1951, Location: NORTH EAST-22-8
Stewart, Lois Lahanas, Death: 8/4/1957, Location: NORTH EAST-22-4
Stewart, Lula Mae, Death: 9/9/1979, Location: EAST-80-6
Stewart, Michael Rolland, Death: 8/7/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-21-1
Stewart, Paul H., Death: 12/19/2000, Location: CENTER-31-6
Stewart, Robert B., Death: 12/1/1951, Location: NORTH EAST-21-6
Stewart, Robert R. Jr., Location: NORTH EAST-21-8
Stewart, Viola C., Death: 7/20/1983, Location: NORTH EAST-21-4
Stewart, Webster John, Death: 9/26/1978, Location: NORTH EAST-21-5
Stierhoff, Ernestine Mina, Death: 10/23/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-48-3
Stierhoff, Karl Emmanuel, Death: 11/14/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-48-2
Stierhoff, Paul, Death: 2/6/2004, Location: WEST-28-8
Stierhoff, Sylvia Marie, Death: 10/19/2003, Location: WEST-28-6
Stimmel, Mary Ruth, Death: 9/20/1984, Location: EAST-89-3
Stimmel, Nelson W., Death: 11/20/1989, Location: EAST-89-2
Stone, Charles M., Death: 9/25/1978, Location: EAST-82-6
Stonerook, Bessie Mae, Death: 2/6/1965, Location: SOUTH WEST-39-5
Stonerook, Robert B., Death: 7/10/1973, Location: SOUTH WEST-39-6
Storrs, Arden A., Location: NORTH EAST-11-1
Storrs, Arthur H., Death: 10/12/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-12-7
Storrs, Augusta Mae, Death: 1/10/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-12-1
Storrs, Austin A., Death: 5/14/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-12-6
Storrs, Blanch E., Location: NORTH EAST-11-3
Storrs, Elisha G., Location: NORTH EAST-11-6
Storrs, Harry Elisha, Death: 8/12/1963, Location: NORTH EAST-12-3
Storrs, Helma Louise, Death: 5/6/1945, Location: NORTH EAST-12-2
Storrs, Jerusha T., Location: NORTH EAST-11-7
Storrs, John M., Death: 08/11/0848, Location: NORTH EAST-2-6
Storrs, Lucy, Birth: 1786, Death: 02/20/1860, Location: NORTH EAST-2-7
Storrs, Mina House, Location: NORTH EAST-11-2
Storrs, Reuben, Birth: 1787, Death: 05/09/1881, Location: NORTH EAST-2-8
Stroud, Caroline S., Death: 10/12/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-45-4
Stroud, Frank T., Death: 3/3/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-45-3
Suggs, Jessie, Death: 8/23/1965, Location: PERKINS ROW-59
Sullivan, Ella D., Birth: 1915, Death: 5/17/1994, Location: EAST-80-7
Summerell, Arthur G., Death: 6/26/1948, Location: SOUTH WEST-34-2
Summerell, Lovina Taylor, Death: 11/9/1963, Location: SOUTH WEST-34-1
Surratt, Howard F., Birth: 1913, Death: 11/8/1993, Location: WEST-29-2
Swain, Virginia Harper, Birth: 1944, Death: 7/25/2000, Location: CENTER-31-5
Swift, George R., Death: 1917, Location: BOGART-25
Swift, Sally E., Death: 1918, Location: BOGART-26
T., T. N., Location: PERKINS ROW-4
Tanke, I., Death: 1956, Location: PERKINS ROW-21
Tate, John H., Death: 6/25/1986, Location: EAST-52-9
Tate, Sally Mae, Death: 5/4/2005, Location: NEW EAST-86-1
Tatner, Ensley, Death: 8/30/1981, Location: CENTER-1-2
Tawney, Infant Boy, Death: 1/14/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-45
Tawney, Infant Boy, Death: 9/19/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-50
Taylor Bailey, Mildred A., Birth: 1925, Death: 8/7/2003, Location: NORTH EAST-24-4
Taylor, Alice A., Death: 4/19/1950, Location: NORTH EAST-26-8
Taylor, Almon S., Death: 7/30/1927, Location: SOUTH WEST-24-2
Taylor, Anna J. Kidd, Death: 1884, Location: NORTH EAST-7-4
Taylor, Aurilla, Death: 1885, Location: NORTH WEST-9-7
Taylor, Candace D., Birth: 1849, Death: 11/10/1901, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-5
Taylor, Caroline E., Location: SOUTH WEST-12-1
Taylor, Charles Wesley, Birth: 1836, Death: 10/6/1919, Location: SOUTH WEST-12-2
Taylor, Charlotte Bell, Location: SOUTH WEST-21-3
Taylor, Chester Arthur, Death: 12/18/1967, Location: NORTH EAST-24-5
Taylor, David J., Location: NORTH EAST-6-8
Taylor, Dennis, Death: 1896, Location: NORTH WEST-6-8
Taylor, Elroy, Birth: 1808, Death: 03/17/1898, Location: SOUTH WEST-4-1
Taylor, Emma Rogers, Location: SOUTH WEST-24-1
Taylor, Eva Mae, Death: 8/3/1982, Location: EAST-87-8
Taylor, Gertrude E., Death: 12/20/1958, Location: NORTH EAST-26-7
Taylor, Grace E., Location: NORTH EAST-6-5
Taylor, Hannah, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-8
Taylor, Hattie P., Birth: 1867, Death: 08/21/1868, Location: NORTH EAST-6-3
Taylor, Henry, Location: SOUTH WEST-32-1
Taylor, Herbert, Death: 1823, Location: NORTH WEST-9-5
Taylor, Ida May, Location: NORTH EAST-6-4
Taylor, Jesse, Death: 1852, Location: NORTH WEST-6-1
Taylor, Joseph, Death: 06/15/1840, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-2
Taylor, Joseph, Location: SOUTH WEST-22-1
Taylor, Julia, Death: 1867, Location: NORTH WEST-6-2
Taylor, Julius, Location: NORTH WEST-9-8
Taylor, Lattie Bell, Death: 4/2/1956, Location: SOUTH WEST-12-7
Taylor, Lois Bell, Death: 12/30/1869, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-1
Taylor, Lyman, Location: SOUTH WEST-22-5
Taylor, Martha, Death: 7/7/1932, Location: SOUTH WEST-4-3
Taylor, Martha, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-6
Taylor, Martha A., Location: SOUTH WEST-5-4
Taylor, Mary A., Birth: 1811, Death: 11/01/1892, Location: SOUTH WEST-4-2
Taylor, Mary E., Location: NORTH EAST-6-7
Taylor, Nelson, Location: SOUTH WEST-11-7
Taylor, Nelson B., Location: SOUTH WEST-12-5
Taylor, Nelson W., Location: SOUTH WEST-32-2
Taylor, Phoebe, Death: 1895, Location: NORTH WEST-6-7
Taylor, Polly A., Location: SOUTH WEST-22-4
Taylor, Sara Hette Rogers, Death: 1925, Location: NORTH EAST-6-2
Taylor, Sherman, Location: SOUTH WEST-12-3
Taylor, Sophia S., Location: SOUTH WEST-22-2
Taylor, Thomas Ezra, Location: NORTH WEST-9-4
Taylor, Walter N., Location: SOUTH WEST-32-4
Taylor, William E., Location: NORTH EAST-6-6
Taylor, Wm. D., Location: NORTH EAST-6-1
Tennon, Cecil W., Death: 6/14/2001, Location: CENTER-12-1
Terry, Lucy Hyde, Death: 3/21/1973, Location: EAST-55-3
Tetzloff, Alex M. "Tank", Birth: 1995, Death: 9/23/2016, Location: NEW EAST-93-6
Thomas, Anna Pearl, Death: 1/31/1957, Location: EAST-51-6
Thomas, Arthur L., Birth: 1919, Death: 6/15/1997, Location: WEST-63-8
Thomas, Bruce R., Death: 12/13/1989, Location: WEST-45-8
Thomas, Dale Wendell, Death: 7/2/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-47-3
Thomas, David W. Jr., Birth: 1948, Death: 9/5/2003, Location: WEST-35-1
Thomas, Henry Jamal, Birth: 1944, Death: 3/9/2010, Location: WEST-63-5
Thomas, Infant Girl, Death: 3/14/1965, Location: PERKINS ROW-57
Thomas, Irene, Birth: 1959, Death: 8/19/1959, Location: EAST-51-6
Thomas, Lilly, Death: 10/18/1989, Location: WEST-63-7
Thomas, Lionel F., Death: 8/30/1977, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-6
Thomas, Lois, Death: 4/13/1980, Location: SOUTH WEST-25-6
Thomas, Mary Katherine, Death: 7/3/1951, Location: NORTH WEST-33-4
Thomas, Mayme M Bardshar, Location: NORTH WEST-33-4
Thomas, Paul, Death: 10/8/1962, Location: PERKINS ROW-51
Thomas, Robert Earl, Death: 9/4/1989, Location: WEST-63-6
Thomas, Sandra Lou, Death: 1958, Location: NORTH WEST-31-1
Thomas, Viola, Death: 1/18/1977, Location: EAST-77-1
Thompson, Cora, Death: 2/27/1985, Location: EAST-89-6
Thomson, Anthony George Jr., Birth: 1951, Death: 12/23/2014, Location: CENTER-28-6
Thurston, Michael A., Death: 10/13/1989, Location: WEST-9-1
Thurston, Nancy A. M., Death: 1873, Location: BOGART-98
Tight, Edith, Death: 3/10/1991, Location: NORTH EAST-36-8
Tight, Lawrence L., Death: 6/15/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-36-7
Todd, George Edward, Death: 11/17/1985, Location: CENTER-5-1
Todd, Hedwig Hedy, Birth: 1937, Death: 9/2/2016, Location: CENTER-5-4
Todd, Leota, Death: 6/14/2001, Location: CENTER-5-2
Todd, Margaret V., Death: 9/13/1983, Location: EAST-81-6
Towner, Eddie, Birth: 1980, Death: 7/31/1980, Location: EAST-56-5
Towner, Edith, Birth: 1980, Death: 7/31/1980, Location: EAST-56-5
Trnavsky, Theresa D., Death: 9/4/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-19-3
Truitt, Levina P, Birth: 1943, Death: 5/28/2012, Location: WEST-13-3
Truitt, Sharon A., Birth: 1961, Death: 12/23/1980, Location: WEST-3-8
Truitt, Thomas O., Death: 5/12/1987, Location: WEST-3-7
Trussell, Beshyryne Beshawn Bemson, Death: 10/1/1993, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-2
Tucker, Electa, Death: 08/14/1892, Location: SOUTH EAST-20-8
Tucker, Hope, Death: 03/29/1880, Location: SOUTH EAST-20-7
Tucker, Hope, Location: SOUTH EAST-20-3
Tucker, Lucy, Death: 12/11/1868, Location: SOUTH EAST-20-4
Tucker, Orange, Death: 07/12/1872, Location: SOUTH EAST-20-6
Twitchell, Sarah S., Death: 12/17/1932, Location: SOUTH EAST-27-7
Twymon, George, Death: 12/5/1984, Location: NORTH EAST-25-4
Tyson, Willa Mae, Death: 7/11/1992, Location: EAST-51-3
Uland, Jimmy, Death: 10/10/2005, Location: EAST-78-3
Vannatta, Aaron B., Location: BOGART-154
Van-Wees, Yoka C., Death: 7/26/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-49-6
Velaquez, Jose, Location: PERKINS ROW-72
Vernier, Clarence Gazette, Birth: 1895, Death: 9/26/1960, Location: EAST-65-2
Vincent, Ruth, Death: 2/29/1984, Location: NORTH EAST-37-3
W. C. H., Location: NORTH WEST-10-7
Walk, Allan J. "Big Al", Birth: 1955, Death: 4/20/2014, Location: CENTER-2-8
Walk, Kim Douglas, Death: 7/14/2003, Location: CENTER-1-5
Walker, Beatrice E., Death: 3/3/1997, Location: CENTER-11-3
Walker, Dorsey L, Death: 3/8/1969, Location: EAST-55-6
Walker, Flora, Death: 10/4/1989, Location: EAST-82-7
Walker, George Sr., Death: 11/1/1981, Location: CENTER-11-1
Walker, George Jr., Birth: 1922, Death: 7/31/2011, Location: CENTER-11-2
Walker, Jessie Jayner, Death: 10/18/1964, Location: EAST-54-3
Walker, Willene, Death: 11/26/1967, Location: EAST-58-2
Walker, Willie Jr., Death: 4/8/1988, Location: CENTER-68-8
Wallace, Edmund James, Death: 8/8/1981, Location: EAST-72-3
Wallace, Rosaleen P., Death: 2/2/1962, Location: NORTH EAST-45-1
Wallace, Ross T., Death: 9/13/1989, Location: NORTH EAST-45-2
Walsh, Martin P., Birth: 1888, Death: 2/15/1954, Location: EAST-67-4
Ward, Harry, Death: 4/26/1993, Location: WEST-36-4
Ward, Paul Martin, Death: 3/28/2007, Location: NORTH WEST-44-1
Ward, Ronald A, Death: 3/10/1991, Location: WEST-36-3
Ward, Violet, Death: 11/13/2005, Location: WEST-36-5
Warren, Raymond Thomas Jr., Death: 6/5/1991, Location: EAST-72-6
Warrens, Everett J., Death: 3/12/1983, Location: CENTER-9-4
Washburn, Edgar C., Location: SOUTH WEST-16-1
Washburn, Mabel A., Location: SOUTH WEST-16-2
Waterfield, Donald M., Death: 2/11/1987, Location: WEST-55-8
Waterfield, Marie F., Death: 8/18/1993, Location: WEST-55-7
Watters, Ralph M., Birth: 1888, Death: 12/3/1955, Location: EAST-68-1
Weaver, Judith E., Birth: 1932, Death: 9/15/2008, Location: NEW EAST-94-5
Webb, Thomas, Death: 12/11/1986, Location: EAST-60-6
Webster, Ray, Birth: 1896, Death: 11/16/1955, Location: EAST-63-6
Weed, Adilaide L., Location: SOUTH EAST-8-5
Weed, Eliza D., Death: 11/21/1858, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-4
Weed, Frank, Death: 3/2/1947, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-2
Weed, Mary Mrs., Death: 09/30/1878, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-8
Weed, Sarah P. Seaford, Birth: 1811, Death: 04/24/1892, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-6
Weed, William, Birth: 1807, Death: 04/18/1886, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-7
Weed, William, Death: 08/02/1855, Location: SOUTH EAST-8-3
Weichel, Elsie F. Hills, Death: 1/31/1973, Location: NORTH EAST-32-2
Weichel, John P., Location: NORTH EAST-32-1
Weis, Philipp P., Birth: 1833, Location: NORTH EAST-40-6
Wells, Helen H., Death: 7/2/1967, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-1
Wells, Nathanial H., Death: 5/15/1973, Location: SOUTH WEST-36-2
Wendt, Laura B., Death: 3/18/1969, Location: BOGART-32
Wendt, William L., Death: 9/10/1959, Location: BOGART-31
Wertz, Wilhelmina, Location: BOGART-92
Wetzel, Walter, Birth: 1907, Death: 9/14/1963, Location: EAST-70-1
Wheat, James, Death: 09/20/1854, Location: SOUTH WEST-5-5
Wheeler, Goldie Marie, Death: 5/9/1981, Location: EAST-77-7
Wheeler, Robert, Death: 6/8/1983, Location: EAST-77-6
White, Amos G., Death: 11/27/1978, Location: NORTH EAST-42-5
White, Vera A., Death: 8/27/1970, Location: NORTH EAST-42-4
Whitlow, David, Death: 1956, Location: PERKINS ROW-23
Whittemore, Beulah Jameson, Death: 9/26/1985, Location: SOUTH WEST-24-7
Widmer, Edna F. Aust, Death: 11/10/2000, Location: NORTH WEST-17-3
Wilber, Herman L., Location: SOUTH EAST-17-1
Wilheim, Miriam H., Birth: 1932, Death: 9/3/1993, Location: NEW EAST-88-3
Williams (limb), James, Death: 10/16/1967, Location: PERKINS ROW-64
Williams, Alfred N., Death: 08/13/1854, Location: SOUTH EAST-14-4
Williams, Eugene, Death: 10/27/2006, Location: WEST-12-7
Williams, Eva, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-2
Williams, George E., Death: 11/28/1923, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-3
Williams, James, Death: 8/7/1978, Location: EAST-56-5
Williams, Oscar H., Death: 12/24/1974, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-5
Williams, Robert, Birth: 1896, Death: 3/12/1955, Location: EAST-63-4
Williams, Susietta, Birth: 1924, Death: 4/1/2013, Location: WEST-12-8
Williams, Walter Franklin, Birth: 1875, Death: 11/22/1954, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-4
Williams, William, Death: 1/16/1977, Location: SOUTH EAST-29-8
Williford, Marshall T., Death: 12/24/1994, Location: EAST-71-5
Willis, Infant Twin, Birth: 1966, Death: 4/27/1966, Location: EAST-53-4
Willis, Infant Twin, Birth: 1966, Death: 4/27/1966, Location: EAST-53-4
Wilmoth, Charles R., Birth: 1941, Death: 7/21/2002, Location: NEW EAST-108-1
Wilson, Burt A., Death: 1978, Location: BOGART-68
Wilson, Charles F. Jr., Death: 2/27/2013, Location: SOUTH EAST-46-2
Wilson, Mary E., Death: 1877, Location: BOGART-67
Wimer, Edwin K., Death: 12/28/1995, Location: NEW EAST-108-5
Wimer, Gladys Irene, Death: 11/8/2006, Location: NEW EAST-108-6
Windmer, Clayton C., Location: NORTH WEST-17-2
Winters, Alice Sprau, Death: 5/9/1985, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-2
Winters, Anna, Location: SOUTH WEST-14-2
Winters, Carol M., Death: 9/13/2005, Location: SOUTH EAST-37-4
Winters, Christian, Location: SOUTH WEST-14-1
Yontz, Edward P., Death: 11/18/1976, Location: NORTH EAST-39-3
Yontz, Harvey Lee, Location: PERKINS ROW-71
Yontz, Henry E., Death: 3/29/1984, Location: EAST-90-1
Yontz, Lucita, Death: 1994, Location: EAST-90-2
Young, Alberta, Death: 11/26/1967, Location: PERKINS ROW-65
Young, Infant, Death: 2/13/1964, Location: PERKINS ROW-55
Young, Infant Sonya, Death: 5/17/1983, Location: EAST-53-6
Young, Lillie Vee, Death: 2/20/1964, Location: EAST-53-6
Young, Robert, Death: 1/13/1968, Location: PERKINS ROW-66
Zellner, Burton L., Death: 8/4/2008, Location: EAST-78-1
Zellner, Dorothy J., Birth: 1926, Death: 1/26/2009, Location: EAST-78-2
Zemke, Dorothy I. (Lewis), Birth: 1918, Death: 8/31/2015, Location: EAST-92-1
Zemke, William A., Death: 10/30/1983, Location: EAST-92-2
Zimmerman, Helen Ann, Death: 1/11/1993, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-4
Zimmerman, Richard Harding, Death: 2/21/1979, Location: SOUTH WEST-44-5

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