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Riverside Cemetery
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

3607 Pearl Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Lat: 41° 27' 24"N, Lon: 81° 41' 47"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 54.

Beach, Henry, d. Feb 12, 1907, age: 89y, [AG]
Beach, Sabrina H., d. May 28, 1894, age: 68y, [AG]
Bradner, Carrie Lucinda, b. Aug 20, 1847, d. Mar 16, 1891, w/o Frank Holland Bradner, m. Feb. 16, 1865, d/o William S. Carpenter and Lucinda Wheeler, bur. Sec.9, Lot 270, [FB]
Bradner, Florence May, b. May 5, 1870, d. Feb 2, 1916, w/o William Webster Hazzard, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 88, [FB]
Bradner, Frank Holland, b. Nov 5, 1840, d. Jan 1, 1884, h/o Carrie Lucinda Bradner, s/o Samuel Denton Bradner and Louisa Benedict Holland, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 270, [FB]
Bradner, Frank Holland, d. Jul 18, 1880, infant, s/o John Holland Bradner & Mary Townsend Bradner, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 88, [FB]
Bradner, John Holland, b. Apr 22, 1844, d. Jan. 19, 1916, h/o Mary Townsend Bradner, s/o Samuel Denton Bradner & Louisa Benedict Holland, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 88, [FB]
Clarke, Grace M., d. Dec 6, 1954, age: 60yr, [AG]
Clarke, Willard N., d. Mar 4, 1922, Rocky River OH, age: 4yrs, [AG]
Cormick, Mary H., d. Apr 9, 1944, age: 64y, [AG]
Cottier, Helen Fritz, b. 1903 d. 1931, [RF]
Day, Nettie, d. Jan. 1921, age: 69yrs, [AG]
Dewitt, Lyda E., d. Aug 18, 1904, age: 46yr, [AG]
Fritz, Augusta, b. 1873 , d. 20 Jul 1946, [RF]
Fritz, Frederick, b. 1870, d. 26 Jul 1943, [RF]
Hart, Otto H., d. Sep 21, 1940, Lakewood OH, age: 51yr, [AG]
Hazzard, William Webster, d. Jan 2, 1916, h/o Florence May Bradner, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 88, [FB]
Herman, Ernst, b. Mar 1848 d.27 Mar 1914, [RF]
Herman, Helen, b. Nov 1847 d.12 Nov 1930, [RF]
Keyser, Ella Emma Rosa, b. 25 Apr 1890 Alpena MI, d. 27 Apr 1960 Eustis FL, w/o Alan Irving Keyser, d/o Ernst and Emilie 'Amelia' (Wetzel) Kunath, [DK]
Knobloch, Edith Townsend, d. Oct 4, 1973, age: 85y, [AG]
Knobloch, Fred, d. Oct 4, 1968, age: 82y, [AG]
Parsell, Ada, b. Damascus OHio, d. 12 Feb 1958, Lakewood OHio, w/o Frederick Charles Parsell, sec. 22, lot 205, [JP]
Parsell, Frederick Charles, b. 2 Jan 1877, Massillon OHio, d. 12 Oct 1930, Lakewood OHio, s/o George H. and Emma Parsell, h/o Ada Parsell, sec. 22, lot 205, [JP]
Peffers, Mary L., b. OH, d. May 14, 1928, age: 65yr, [AG]
Shaw, Rhea Townsend, d. Jan. 20, 1932, Lakewood OH, age: 45yr, [AG]
Townsend, Baby, d. Apr 18, 1891, age: stillborn, [AG]
Townsend, Catherine C., b. OH, d. Aug 17, 1944, Chagrin Falls OH, age: 77yr, [AG]
Townsend, Charity B., b. OH, d. Aug 31, 1892, age: 62yr, [AG]
Townsend, Charles A., d. Jan 3, 1922, 68y, [AG]
Townsend, Edith E., d. Jun 20, 1933, Lakewood OH, age: 31yr, [AG]
Townsend, Ella, b. NY, d. Dec. 30, 1946, Mansfield OH, 83yr, [AG]
Townsend, Emma J. Beach, d. Apr 30, 1950, 91y, [AG]
Townsend, George H., d. May 22, 1878, age: 19yr, [AG]
Townsend, Gladys A., d. Oct 19, 1911, Lakewood OH, age: 10yrs, [AG]
Townsend, Harold A., d. Feb. 27, 1930, Fairview Park OH, 53yr, [AG]
Townsend, Helen E., b. May 11, 1909, Chicago, d. Jul 15, 1988, Lakewood OH, age: 79yr, [AG]
Townsend, Helen Malley, d. Apr 13, 1950, age: 68y, [AG]
Townsend, Henry B., d. Oct 15, 1933, age: 53y, [AG]
Townsend, Hiram M., b. OH, d. Jun 30, 1893, age: 63yr, [AG]
Townsend, J. Edward, b. Greenwich OH, d. Mar 6, 1940, Lakewood OH, age: 73yr, [AG]
Townsend, James R., d. Dec 14, 1942, age: 1m, [AG]
Townsend, John R., d. Jun 11, 1943, age: 2y, [AG]
Townsend, Marguerite E., b. OH, d. Sep 18, 1903, age: 11yr, [AG]
Townsend, Mary, b. 1843, d. Oct 9, 1916, w/o John Holland Bradner, m. Sep 19, 1866, bur. Sec. 9, Lot 88, [FB]
Townsend, Norman, d. Jan. 23, 1931, age: 26 days, [AG]
Townsend, Thomas C., d. Nov 6, 1943, age: 3y, [AG]
Townsend, William B., Jr., d. Nov 14, 1938, 18d, [AG]
Townsend, William B., b. Mar 16, 1910, d. Dec 1, 1985, 75y, [AG]
Townsend, William, d. Nov. 4, 1936, 2yr, [AG]
Townsend, Colette M. Sheehan, b. Mar 25, 1911, d. Jul 20, 1994, 83y, [AG]
Williams, Beulah D., b. Aug 11, 1890, d. Oct 25, 1978, Lakewood OH, age: 88yr, [AG]
Williams, Helen Sue, b. Apr. 6, 1928 Cripple Creek, CO, d. Feb. 6, 1983, Rocky River OH, age: 54yr, [AG]
Williams, Meredith, b. England, d. Feb. 25, 1934, Lorain OH, age: 40yr, [AG]

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