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River Road Cemetery (Hogsback Hill Cemetery) (Burnett Corners Cemetery)
Orange Twp, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Lat: 41° 27' 38"N, Lon: 81° 24' 45"W

Contributed by Loretta Evans, Apr 24, 2002, last edited May 18, 2010 [lusegenealogy@msn.com] Total records = 62.

This cemetery is located about � mile west of the intersection of State Road 87 and Riverview Road on Route 87. A small lane leads from Route 87 north over a curb and through a wooded area. The cemetery is about � mile from the main road at the end of the lane.

The land for the cemetery was originally owned by Serenus Burnett, one of the first settlers of Orange Township. What began as a family graveyard eventually expanded to include burials from the entire neighborhood. The government of Orange Township now has responsibility for the burial ground. The cemetery has at least 65 burials and consists of 0.4 acres.

This survey was completed in June of 1993 by the families of W. Ray Luce and Loretta Luce Evans. The earliest grave was that of Charles Burnet who died 3 Sep 1838. Charles was Serenus' grandson. The second grave was that of Henry Luse in 1843. Henry was the son of Sarah Burnett Luse, Serenus' sister.

Some stones in the cemetery are broken or unreadable. Occasionally there is a large stone with information on both husband and wife. Beside the large stone are smaller stones named father and mother. Those smaller stones were not included in this inventory.

In the corner of the cemetery is a large obelisk with birth and death information on the family of Jesse Hall Luse and his wife, Sylphina Hamblin Hanchett Luse. Small stones beside the obelisk show where these people are buried. Ethel Luse Schultz' name appears on the obelisk, but there is no small stone for her. Family sources say that she is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Chagrin Falls next to her husband.

- Loretta Evans

??, John H., no dates, unreadable stone
??, Joseph P., no dates, unreadable stone
Abell, Adalaide, d. 26 May 1858, age: 10 yrs, dau of H & J Abell
Abell, Henry, b. 1816, d. 1899, s/w Julia A. Abell
Abell, Julia A. (Luse), b. 1820, d. 1898, s/w Henry Abell
Abell, William H., d. 19 Apr 1846, age: 1y 10m, son of H & J Abell
Baker, Jane C. Christian, d. 18 Apr 1853, age: 25th yr (28?), wife of Geo. N. Baker, name may be Buler
Bardon, Ida, d. 6 Dec 1862, age: 4 yrs
Beach, infant dau., no dates, age: 6d, dau of I F & S C Beach
Burnet, Charles, b. 19 Aug 1836, d. 3 Sep 1838, son of Stephen & Lamira Burnet
Burnet, Jane (Burnside), d. 22 Sep 1864, age: 70 yrs, wife of Serenus Burnet
Burnet, Mary, d. 27 Apr 1872 (1857), wife of E. Burnet
Burnet, Serenus, d. 8 May 1858, age: 70 yrs
Burnett, Edmond, d. 1 Oct 1859, age: 1y 9m 21d, son of S J & M A Burnett
Cathan, Betsy, d. 17 (12) Jun 1856, age: 50 yrs, "dau of L & R Carter, wife of O Cathan"
Cathan, Louise Christian, d. 22 May 1857, age: 24 yrs, wife of Heintze Cathan
Eames, Nancy Smith, d. 15 Feb 1878, age: 81y 1m 27d, wife of Joseph Eames
Eames, Joseph P., d. 26 Feb 1869, 75y 2m 16d
Ellsworth, Jennie, d. 12 Jun 1858, age: 1y 8 m, dau of A B & P Ellsworth
Frisbie, Nelson, d. 17 Sep 1852, age: 59 yrs
Frisbie, Rebecca, d. 7 Feb 1864, age: 65y 2m, wife of Nelson
Gardner, Stewart, d. 22 Mar 1845, age: 77 yrs, broken stone
Gastemire, C. Herman, b. 1884, d. 1911, s/w Gastemire family
Gastemire, Jacob, b. 1839, d. 1911, s/w Gastemire family
Gastemire, Regina, b. 1865, d. 1928, s/w Gastemire family
Gerstenmaier, Anna, no dates, dau of J and L, broken stone
Gerstenmaier, Jacob, d. 24 ??? 1868, age: 59y 8 m
Gillett, Jacob, no dates, broken stone
Hanchett, Elvira E. Luse, d. 25 Nov 1868, age: 34y 9 m, dau of Wm & S Luse wife of Lafayette Hanchett
Hanchett, Lafayette, d. 14 Mar 1872, age: 42y 9m
Hanchett, William H., d. 22 Jun 1883, age: 25y 3m
Hayden, Frankey, d. 11 Oct 1874, age: 2y 6m, son of M. & J. Hayden
Hewit, Lucy R., d. 30 Jun 1848, age: 6m 12 d, dau of Wm & Rosanna, name may be Dewitt
Hinman, Harriet Hanchett, b. 1831, d. 1909
Lotridge, Abigail, d. 31 Oct 1847, age: 32 yrs, wife of A. Lotridge, name may be Lolridy
Luse, Derrel W., b. 13 Aug 1895, d. 19 Jul 1951, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Dwight H., b. 12 Jun 1894, d. 13 Aug 1955, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Ella Dewey, b. 17 Mar 1865, d. 2 Apr 1952, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Elliott, b. 25 Dec 1856, d. 12 Feb 1926, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Hannah Hall, d. 13 Oct 1861, age: 88th yr
Luse, Helen Common, b. 11 Apr 1863, d. 9 Apr 1941, wife of Elliott, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Henry, b. 2 Jan 1841, d. 13 Oct 1843
Luse, J. H., b. 13 Apr 1813, d. 1 Sep 1891, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Jessie H., b. 13 Jul 1894, d. 15 Dec 1903, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Sarah (Burnett), d. 18 Feb 1873, age: 75 yrs, s/w William Luse
Luse, Sylphina Hanchett, b. 27 Oct 1819, d. 29 May 1897, wife of Jessee, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, Wesley M., b. 5 Dec 1858, d. 2 Jul 1942, s/w J. H. Luse family
Luse, William, d. 15 Oct 1872, age: 77 yrs, s/w Sarah Luse
Metcalf, Ransom, d. 17 Feb 1895, age: 67 yrs
Pelton, Charles Oliver, d. 27 Sep 1864, age: 3 yrs, son Thos & Sus Pelton
Pugsley, Adeline Abell, b. 1848, d. 1931, s/w John Pugsley
Pugsley, John, b. 1842, d. 1915, Civil War, s/w Adeline Pugsley
Reed, Adelaide, d. 1858, age: 9 yrs, child of J B & E B Reed, s/w Reed family
Reed, Alice, d. 1860, age: 12 yrs, child of J B & E B Reed, s/w Reed family
Reed, Lydia, d. 5 Feb 1849, age: 3y 8m 11d, child of J B & E B Reed, s/w Reed family
Schultz, Ethel Luse, b. 5 Jan 1888, d. 29 May 1966, not buried here, s/w J. H. Luse family
Shaw, Alexander, d. 28 Sep 1854, age: 34 yrs
Shaw, John, d. 9 Dec 1854, age: 78 yrs
Sheffield, Russel, b. 1800, d. 1874, s/w Sybil Sheffield
Sheffield, Sybil, b. 1798, d. 1872, s/w Russel Sheffield
Sheffield, Thomas, d. 1851, age: 1yr, son of T M & C Sheffield
White, Jane C., d. 23 Oct 1860, age: 58 yrs, wife of Thomas White

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