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Lake View Cemetery
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

12316 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4393.

Lat: 41° 30' 45"N, Lon: 81° 35' 31"W

Managed by the Lake View Cemetery Foundation. This cemetery was founded in 1869, and is situated on 285 acres of land, resembling the garden cemeteries of Victorian England and France. There are over 99,000 people buried at Lake View, with more than 700 burials each year.

There is one mass grave and monument near the Euclid Ave entrance for the 19 unidentified students (out of the 169 and 3 adults) who all died 4 Mar 1908 in Collinwood School Fire (Lakeview Elementry School).

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 13, 2008. Total records = 82.

Contributor's Index:

Amster, Arthur Louis, b. Jun 11, 1920, d. Sep 15, 1988, w/o Shirley Lee Hollander Amster, [SW]
Arting, Maria, b. Jul 1827, d. 24 Sep 1912, w/o Peter, [JS]
Arting, Mary, b. 7 Mar 1857, d. 10 May 1920, w/o Peter H., [JS]
Arting, Peter H., b. Sep 1857, d. 14 Apr 1942, son of Peter and Maria Arting, [JS]
Avery, Donald Jesse, b. 1932, d. 1999, s/o Auda Ann Ogle & Robert Lee Avery, [VT]
Baker, Newton Diehl, b. 3 Dec 1871, d. 25 Dec 1937, mayor of Cleveland 1912 to 1916, h/o Elizabeth Wells (Leopold), s/o Newton Diehl & Mary Ann (Dukehart), [GN]
Benich, Joseph John Sr, b. 19 Feb 1919, d. 9 May 1984, [OS]
Berndt, Albert E., b. 1877, d. 1945, age: 67yr, Father, h/o Augusta, [RO]
Berndt, Augusta, b. 1878, d. 1936, age: 58yr, Mother, w/o Albert (nee Nabokofsky), [RO]
Billinghurst, Albert W., b. 1897, d. 1991, age: 94yr, s/w Elma, [RO]
Billinghurst, Elma D., b. 1896, d. 1984, age: 88yr, s/w Albert (nee Bluhm), [RO]
Boardman, Edward A., b. 1843 England, d. 1921, Father, h/o Lillie, [RO]
Boardman, Lillie Richards, b. 1853 Ogdensburg, NY, d. 1910, Mother, w/o Edward A, [RO]
Boardman, May, b. 1884, d. 1908, d/o Edward & Lillie, [RO]
Brush, Charles Frances, b. 17 Mar 1849, d. 15 Jun 1929, h/o Mary Ellen (Morris), [GN]
Chesnutt, Charles Waddell, b. 20 Jun 1858, d. 15 Nov 1932, h/o Susan (Perry), s/o Andrew J. & Maria, [GN]
Collins, Christopher Jeremiah, b. 2 Oct 1905, d. 5 Jun 1991, [OS]
Collins, Smiley J. Miller, b. 1 May 1896, d. 2 Jan 1958, [OS]
Cuilli, Louis, b. 1912, d. 1992, age: 80yr, Father, [RO]
Easingwood, Albert Edward, d. 1949, [RE]
Easingwood, Albert Huntington, d. 1965, [RE]
Easingwood. Cecile Marguerite Striegel, d. 1977, [RE]
Fonda, Mary A., b. 1834, d. 1910, age: 76yr, (nee Foster), [RO]
Griese, Clarence Emil Jr, b. 04/7/1905, d. 06/20/1905, Cleveland Oh, 74yr, Sec 22 Lot 738, [LG]
Griese, Clarence Emil Sr, b. 12/17/1888, d. 05/24/1936, Lake Erie Oh, 47yr, Sec 22 Lot 738, [LG]
Griese, Eleanor Johanna, b. 02/02/1891, d. 02/23/1891, 20da, Sec 30 Lot 179, d/o Gottlieb G. Griese and Caroline Louise Wellhausen, [LG]
Griese, Florence, b. 05/1896, d. 06/22/1896, 30yr, d/o Gottlieb G. Griese and Caroline Louise Wellhausen, Sec 30 Lot 179, [LG]
Griese, George Gregory, b. 04/30/1894, d. 02/19/1976, Marshfiled, WI, 81yr, Sec 30 Lot 179, [LG]
Griese, Gottlieb G., b. 07/1860, d,07/10/1902, 42yr, Sec 30 Lot 179, [LG]
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, b. 24 Sep 1837, d. 15 Feb 1904, U.S. senator, h/o Charlotte Augusta (Rhodes), s/o Leonard & Samantha (Converse), [GN]
Hartzell, Eugenie L., b. 1878, d. 1966, age: 88yr, s/w Homer J. (nee Langlois), [RO]
Hartzell, Hilda R., b. 1910, d. 1971, age: 60yr, s/w Homer C. (nee Friedman), [RO]
Hartzell, Homer C., b. 1915, d. 1993, age: 78yr, M.D., s/w Hilda, [RO]
Hartzell, Homer J., b. 1873, d. 1953, age: 80yr, M.D., s/w Eugenie, [RO]
Hartzell, Mary E., b. 1910, d. 1984, age: 74yr, d/o Homer J. & Eugenie, [RO]
Hartzell, Mary Louise, b. 1910, d. 1984, age: 74yr, [RO]
Hilands, Nellie M., b. 1868, d. 1944, age: 75yr, s/w Rufus (nee McGregor), [RO]
Hilands, Rufus V., b. 1866, d. 1940, age: 73yr, s/w Nellie, [RO]
Hoffman, Charles J., b. 1857, d. 1916, Father, h/o Mary, [RO]
Hoffman, Mary, b. 1850, d. 1929 Newport, MI, w/o Charles J., [RO]
Kindel, Edward J., b. Aug 21, 1906, d. Apr 14, 1988, bur. Sec 31, Lot 434, [LW]
Kindel, Ethel M, b. Aug 11, 1915, d. Mar 24, 2000, bur. Sec 31, Lot 434, [LW]
Malchow, Michael R. Sr., b. 1954, d. 1999, age: 44yr, beautiful lakeshore scene, s/w Kathleen M., [RO]
McGregor, Frances F., b. 1860, d. 1915, age: 55yr, s/w George (nee Foster), [RO]
McGregor, George H., b. 1854, d. 1912, age: 58yr, s/w Frances, [RO]
McGregor, Nettie J., b. 1875, d. 1949, age: 73yr, Mother, (nee Mills), [RO]
Merritt, Gladys Griese, b. 03/10/1905, d. 06/14/1905, 96yr, Sec 30 Lot 179, [LG]
Midolo, Maria, b. Sep 9, 1892, d. Jan 30, 1983, w/o Sebastiano, [SM]
Midolo, Sebastiano, b. Jan 21, 1892, d. Sep 6, 1958, h/o Maria, [SM]
Norris, Margaret Helen, b. 3 Nov 1898, d. 23 Nov 1920, w/o William Henry Norris, d/o Alexander and Rebecca Campbell, [LN]
Reale, Edith Visick Hibbard, b. 10 Jun 1902, d. 13 Oct. 1956, d/o William and Gertrude Visick, [RM]
Rhodes, Lewis James, b. 15 May 1833, d. 31 Dec 1910, m. 1 Dec 1863, h/o Mary Curtis Treudley Rhodes, s/o James Flower Rhodes and Rindia Norton Rhodes, [MF]
Rhodes, Mary Curtis Treudley, b. 1 Dec 1839, d. 22 Nov 1924, m. 1 Dec 1863, w/o Lewis James Rhodes, d/o Frederick Treudley and Phebe Chamberlin Curtis Treudley, [MF]
Rockefeller, John D., b. 8 Jul 1839, d. 23 May 1937, h/o Laura Celestia (Spelman), s/o Wm. A. & Eliza (Davison), [GN]
Ross, Catherine M., b. 1860, d. 1939, age: 79yr, w/o Murdoch, [RO]
Ross, Donald McK., b. 1887, d. 1908, age: 21yr, s/o Murdoch & Catherine, [RO]
Ross, Ian M., b. 1888, d. 1935, age: 45yr, s/o Murdoch & Catherine, [RO]
Ross, Murdoch, b. 1846, d. 1918, age: 72yr, h/o Catherine, [RO]
Schultz, Julia A., b. 5/21/1903, d. 5/20/1974, [CE]
Schultz, Louis, no dates, [CE]
Scrapschansky, Elizabeth M., b. 1916, d. 1988, age: 72yr, w/o Joseph (nee Weisensell), [RO]
Scrapschansky, Joseph P., b. 1911, d. 1988, age: 76yr, h/o Elizabeth, [RO]
Striegel, Elizabeth Anne Ramsden, d. 1950, [RE]
Striegel, William John Henry, d. 1942, [RE]
Turreff, Lydia Hudson, no dates, [RW]
Turreff, William Flemming, no dates, [RW]
Van Sweringen, Mantis James, b. 8 Jul 1881, d. 12 Dec 1935, [GN]
Van Sweringen, Oris Paxton, b. 24 Apr 1879, d. 22 Nov 1936, [GN]
Van Tassel, David D., b. 29 Mar 1928, d. 3 Jun 2000, h/o Helen (Lidell), s/o Dr. Walter Raymond Van Tassel & Etta May (Stathie), [GN]
Vandemark, Lillian Mae, b. 4 Feb 1880, d. 8 Jan 1932, dau. of Peter and Maria Arting, [JS]
Vandemark, Thomas E., b. 11 Jan 1874, d. 22 Feb 1909, [JS]
Walsh, Esther Marguerite Watkins, b. 03 Jun 1893, d. 2 Sep 1953, m. 2 Sep 1916, w/o John H. Walsh, d/o Wiliam Henry Watkins and Emma Laura Rhodes Watkins, [MF]
Walsh, John H., b. 29 Apr 1892, d. 5 Apr 1964, m. 2 Sep 1916, h/o Esther Marguerite Watkins, s/o James B. Welsh and Mary Jane Rees Welsh, [MF]
Watkins, Emma Laura Rhodes, b. 7 Oct 1866, d. 13 Sep 1944, m. 13 Apr 1887, w/o William Henry Watkins, d/o Lewis James Rhodes and Mary Curtis Treudley Rhodes, [MF]
Watkins, William Henry, b. 12 Apr 1866, d. 18 Jun 1934, m. 13 Apr 1887, h/o Emma Laura Rhodes Watkins, s/o Lewis Jones Watkins and Agnes Shanks, [MF]
Weiss, George Lewis Weiss, no dates, [RW]
Weiss, Katherine Inez Sigler, no dates, [RW]
Weiss, Laura Lydia Turreff, no dates, [RW]
Wellhausen, Charles Arthur Sr, b. 06/14/1899, d. 02/13/1954, 54yr, Sec 49 #151, [LG]
Wellhausen, Charles J., b. 08/1876 Fraser MI, d. 01/27/1905, 28yr, [LG]
Wellhausen, Latty Caroline Louise Griese, b. 02/10/1866, Fraser MI, d. 10/03/1939, Sec 30 Lot 179, [LG]
Wellhausen, Mary D. Lubahn, b. 04/23/1873 Imlay MI, d, 04/15/1941, Barstow, Ca, 67yr, [LG]
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