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Starbuck Hill Cemetery
Chester, Warren County, New York

Lat: 43° 38' 18"N, Lon: 73° 45' 36"W

Contributed by Thomas Dunne, Jul 31, 2004 [thmsdunne9@aol.com]. Total records = 67.

It sits in heavy timber, on a mountain, west of Hwy 87 about 1 1/2 mi south of South Horican.

It is unknown who owns Starbuck Hill Cemetery at the present time, it appears to be abandoned and is not in use, but it is cared for at least occasionally.

This is a list of all the stones I could find in this cemetery, there are many graves there with no stones, or missing stones. I have digital photo of the stones listed here which I will share.

I have transcribed from my readings when I visited this cemetery May 6, 2004 which includes all existing headstone.
- Thomas Dunne

Austin, Abel, d. Dec 19, 1842, age: 76 y
Baker, Eunice, no dates, dau of Sally & Levi
Baker, Harriet, no dates, dau of Sally & Levi
Baker, Peleg, d. Oct 19, 1842, age: 79 yr
Baker, Sally, d. Apr 30, 1847, age: 78 y, wife of Peleg Baker
Baker, Silance, no dates, dau of Sally & Levi
Bartlett, David, d. Jan 4, 1853, age: 74 Ys
Bartlett, Dwight P, d. Feb 22, 1875, son of Hosea & Lucinda
Bartlett, Harriet, d. Feb 8, 1852, dau of H & L M Bartlett
Bartlett, Hosea, d. Dec 28, 1900, age: 85 yrs
Bartlett, Infant, d. Jan 29, 1852, dau of H & L M Bartlett
Bartlett, Lucinda, d. Jun 18, 1876, age: 60 yrs, wife of Hosea Bartlett
Bolster, Lovica S, d. Jun 25, 1876, age: (?),wife of Daniel S Bolster
Duel, Hannah, d. Jan 12, 1869, age: 71 yrs, wife of Asa Duel
Duell, Rexcy M, 1838, d. 1872, wife of John T Weller
Hill, Clarissa, d. Feb 16, 1862, age: 16 yrs 17 (?) ds, dau of Sydney & Phobe Hill
Hill, Infant, d. May 20, 1842, son of Sydney & Phebe
Hill, John P, d. Mar 14, 1862, age: 1 yr 24 ds, son of Geo W & Sarah Jane Hill
Murdock, Lorenzo D, d. Sept 6, 1833, age: 1Y 11M 25D, son of H & S Murdock
Murdock, Sally, d. Nov 8, 1850, age: 19Y 6M, wife of Hiram Murdock
Newberry, Willie A, d. Sept 23, 1864, age: 4Y 3M, son of Stephen D & Julia A
Newberry, Willie J, d. Jun 2, 1867, age: 8M 8D, son of Stephen D & Julia A
Prichard, Mary, d. May 9, 1839, age: 73Y 18D, wife of Richard Prichard
Prichard, Richard, d. May 27, 1816, age: 45Y 10M 20D
Prichard, Samuel, d. Mar 11, 1817, age: 19Y 6M 28D
Prouty, Abel d., Nov 23, 1867, age: 79 yrs
Prouty, Charles H, d. Oct 13, 1847, age: 4Y 4M 5D, son of Holland & Diania M
Prouty, Daughter, d. Oct 8, 1847, age: 1Y 7M 2D, of Holland & Diania M
Prouty, Eunice J, d. Aug 26, 1851, age: 2 mo 15 ds, dau of Charles & Adelia
Prouty, Eunice, d. Apr 16, 1849, age: 27 y 10 m 22 d, wife of Charles Prouty
Prouty, Frank, d. Aug 8, 1877, age: 15Y 18 D, son of H.N. & D.M.
Prouty, Frank, d. Jun 23, 1859, age: 4 y 6 m, son of Charles & Adelia
Prouty, Infant, d. Sep 27, 1852, of Abel & Sarah Prouty
Prouty, J Jones, d. Feb 5, 1851, age: 6, son of Abel & Sarah Prouty
Prouty, Lydia, d. Jun 26, 1846, age: 61 y 6 m 24 d, wife of Able Prouty
Prouty, Martha Ann, d. Feb 13, 1854, age: 10 weeks, dau of Abel & Sarah
Prouty, Mitalda A, d. May 6, 1880, age: 70 yrs, wife of Caleb W Smith
Randall, Joshua, 1787, d. 1867
Randall, Malvania, d. May 25, 1856, age: 30 y 8 m, wife of Elisha Randall
Randall, Malvinia, d. Dec 30, 1859 (?), age: 4 y (?) 80 d, dau of E & M Randall
Randall, Paulina, 1792, d. 1878, wife of Joshua Randall
Richards, Jane A, d. May 15, 1841, age: 3Y 9M 14D, dau of Hoels & Pruda
Smith, Almira, d. Jun 4, 1834, age: 3Y 11M 12D, dau of Caleb & Mitilda
Smith, Alvira P, d. Dec 26, 1860, age: 24Y 3M, wife of Joel Lobdell dau of E & L Smith
Smith, Armidda, d. Apr 11, 1854, age: 50 y 6 m 21 d, wife of Ephraim Smith
Smith, Caleb W, d. Dec 2, 1866, age: 62 yrs
Smith, Charles, Oct 1, 1863, C Co D, 118th Reg. NYS Vol in VA
Smith, Christopher, d. Oct 19, 1824, age: 18Y 3M 2D, son of Joseph & Freelove
Smith, Ezra B, d. Feb 6, 1862, age: 50Y 9M 23D
Smith, Frelove, d. Feb 17, 1826, age: 55Y 11M 26D, wife of Joseph Smith
Smith, Holmes, d. Feb 13, 1848, age: 5M 5D, son of Caleb & Matilda
Smith, Infant, b. Jan 20, 1839, son of Caleb & Matilda
Smith, Joseph F, d. Aug 26, 1854, age: 16 y 2 m 8 d, son of Ezra & Lydia Smith
Smith, Joseph F, d. Aug 26, 1854, age: 16Y 2M 8D, son of Ezra & Lydia
Smith, Joseph, d. Oct 21, 1834, age: 64Y 3M 25D
Smith, Lydia, d. Dec 4, 1874, age: 58 y 7 m, wife of E B Smith
Smith, Nehemiah, b. Apr 14, 1811, d. Dec 1812, son of Joseph & Freelove
Wallace, Aurinda T, d. Aug 1818, age: 3Y 11M 29D, dau of Jabez & Rebecca
Wallace, George, d. Nov 20, 1834, age: 2Y 6M 14D, son of Jabez & Rebecca
Wallace, Henry M, d. Aug 6, 1833, age: 6Y 10M 26D, son son of Jabez & Rebecca
Wallace, Infant, d. Oct 23, 1871, age: 1M 27D, son of F & Sarah
Wallace, Jabez, b. Oct 24, 1798, d. Mar 14, 1876
Wallace, Rebecca, b. Jul 12, 1802, d. Jan 2, 1870, wife of Jabez Wallace
Wallace, Rufus, b. Apr 3, 1830, d. Dec 20, 1913
Weller, C P, Co H 69 NY Inf
Weller, Eathen D, d. Feb 29, 1924, age: 77Y
Weller, John T, 1837, d. 1880

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