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Fish Cemetery
Igerna, Warren County, New York

Lat: 43° 42' 51"N, Lon: 73° 53' 36"W

Contributed by Elaine Cope, Nov 13, 2005 [copekecope@aol.com]. Total records = 54.

To reach cemetery, drive south on Igerna Road from Community of Igerna for about 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Perry Road and you will see the cemetery on your right in just a short distance.

Rumour has it that the cemetery was started by 3 women from the Fish family. It did start out as a family cemetery and almost everyone here is related somehow. The list below shows burials in the mid 1800s. I believe the cemetery is now owned &/or kept up by the county or town.

There were 3 sunken unmarked graves in back of cemetery next to CW Cowles w/ rocks to mark them. A few of the stones are falling but most are still in good shape.

This is a complete transcription of all the graves compiled by Tim Dewell and I on Sep 14, 2004.

- Elaine Cope

Cowles, Charles W. (Sylvester), b. 11 May 1831, d. 25 Oct 1897, CO C 93 Regt NYSV, C.War Veterans Flag & Star
Eastman, Harriet E. (Cowles), b. 24 Dec 1843, d. 30 Dec 1907, Wife of Chas. W. Cowles,
Fish, Burton, b. 1873, d. ? ? 1941, Father,
Fish, Caroline (Ferriss), d. 2 Jan 1881, age: 48 yrs, Wife of Merill Fish, back of stone C.Fish
Fish, Clarissa, d. 30 Sep 1893, age: 92y1m, Wife of Elijah B.Fish at rest,
Fish, Cynthia L., d. 28 Mar 1864, age: 3m3d, Dau of WH & PA Fish,
Fish, Effie W., b. 1894, d. ? ? 1931, s/w Merwin W. Fish
Fish, Elijah B., d. 22 Apr 1881, age: 83y7m, brother of Isaac Fish
Fish, Emma, b. 1878, d. ? ? 1942, Mother,
Fish, Ettie, b. 4 Apr 1882, d. 19 Jan 1841, wife of Samuel Sanford Fish
Fish, Fostinah C., d. 22 Jul 1876, age: 27 yrs, Daut of Merill & C. Fish, s/w Scott Vanderwarker
Fish, Gardner A. (Albert), b. 17 May 1827, d. 6 Nov 1911, Fish, s/w Luraney Mead
Fish, Howard M., b. 28 Nov 1892, d. 27 Feb 1967, Father, s/w Olive & Lawrence Fish
Fish, Isaac, d. 4 Nov 1876, age: 81y7m21d, husband of Obedence
Fish, Laura A. (Mead), b. 1840, d. ? 1922, His Wife, s/w Harlin H. Mead
Fish, Lawrence, b. 20 May 1936, d. 3 Feb 1937, Brother, s/w Howard & Olive Fish
Fish, Lucy C., d. 9 Apr 1855, age: 31y9m20d, Wife of Sanford Fish,
Fish, Mabel E.(West), b. 3 Nov 1884, d. 1 Oct 1916, His Wife, "s/w Phil.West, Flor.& W.West"
Fish, Martin J., b. 20 Jun 1859, d. 3 Jan 1919, s/w Elizabeth Welch (his wife)
Fish, Merill W.(William), d. 5 Sep 1877, age: 52 yrs, back of stone M.W.Fish
Fish, Merwin E., b. 26 Jan 1915, d. 25 Jul 1954, PFC CO A 82 Armd Recon, "WW11,& temp.mk.Barton F.Home"
Fish, Merwin W., b. 1887, d. ? ? 1949, s/w Effie W. Fish
Fish, Mildred P., b. 6 Jul 1904, d. 14 Jan 1905, Daughter of W & N Fish,
Fish, Nora, b. 4 Nov 1870, d. 14 May 1967, His Wife, s/w Walker Fish
Fish, Obedience(Dawley), d. ? Jul 1893, age: 91 yrs, Wife of Isaac Fish,
Fish, Olive B. (West), b. 15 Jan 1900, d. 28 Jul 1954, Mother, s/w Howard & Lawrence Fish
Fish, Orvis, d. 21 Dec 1861, age: 21 yrs, CO A 93 Reg NYSV, C.War Veterans Flag
Fish, Phebe A. (Mead), b. 29 May 1839, d. 15 Aug 1896, Wife of Winslow H Fish, "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Fish, Russell P.(Preservid), d. 10 Feb 1914, age: 82 yrs, s/w Malvina Jones (his wife)
Fish, Sanford B., d. 8 Mar 1860, age: 30y4m, C.War Veterans Flag
Fish, Waitcy J., d. 15 Jun 1862, age: 1y11m6d, Dau of SB & PA Fish,
Fish, Walker A., b. 13 Jun 1871, d. 28 Jun 1929, "s/w Nora Fish, son of Dana Fish"
Fish, Winslow H., b. 24 Feb 1837, d. 8 Oct 1823, (Hiland)husband of Phebe A.Fish
Jones, Malvina (Fish), d. 29 May 1888, age: 58 yrs, His Wife, s/w Russell P. Fish
Mead, Harlin H., b. 1840, d. ? 1928, s/w Laura A. Fish Mead
Mead, Luraney (Fish), b. 17 May 1834, d. ?, His Wife, s/w Gardner A. Fish
Mead, Mary C. (Southwick), b. 31 Jul 1842, d. 23 Jan 1897, His Wife, s/w Isaac L. Southwick
Meade, Edgar, b. ? 1884, d. 1966, s/w Mattie (Fish) Meade
Meade, Mattie (B. Fish), b. ? 1891, d. ? 1959, s/w Edgar Meade
Roller, George, b. 1908, d. 1983
Southwick, Albert A., b. 28 Oct 1816, d. 17 Jan 1874, age: 57y2m1d, CO K 93rd Reg NY Vols, "Sergeant" s/w Hannah P. Fish"
Southwick, Hannah P.(Fish), b. 17 Apr 1823, d. 26 Jan 1905, "His Wife, bottom Southwick", s/w Albert A. Southwick
Southwick, Isaac L., b. 14 Oct 1844, d. 16 Oct 1882, Southwick, s/w Mary C. Mead
Southwick, Marshal A., d. 1 Apr 1853, age: 1y6m, Son of AA & HP Southwick,
Southwick, Rosolvo W., d. 5 Apr 1853, age: 11 yrs, Son of AA & HP Southwick, inscrip.unreadable
Southwick, Rupert E., d. 9 Nov 1875, age: 1y1m5d, Son of IL & MC Southwick,
Southwick, Scott, b. 11 Apr 1891, d. 24 May 1892, Son of O & A Southwick,
Southwick, Truman A., b. 25 Dec 1875, d. 15 May 1905, son of Dana Fish
Vanderwarker, Scott, d. 30 Oct 1876, age: 27 yrs, Son of Marcus & Annis V., s/w Fostinah C. Fish
Welch, Elizabeth (Fish), b. 17 Jun 1858, d. 15 Jun 1936, His Wife, s/w Martin J. Fish
West, Baby Girl, d. 1946, temp marker Swain Funer.Home
West, Florence M., b. 21 Feb 1905, d. 31 Oct 1918, Child of PE & ME West, "s/w Phil.& Mabel West,W.West"
West, Philander E., no dates, s/w Mabel Fish, Flor.& W.West"
West, Wilfred M., b. 23 Mar 1909, d. 2 Apr 1909, Child of PE & ME West, "s/w Phil.& Mabel West,F.West"

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