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Federal Hill Cemetery
Bolton, Warren County, New York

Lat: 43° 34' 51"N, Lon: 73° 39' 42"W

Contributed by Thomas Dunne, Jul 31, 2004 [thmsdunne9@aol.com]. Total records = 101.

Take Hwy 9N from Bolton for a bit less than 2 miles. In the area of Bolton landing turn left onto County Route 34 (Federal Hill Road) and continue north. The cemetery is on the right side of the road, opposite the golf course.

This cemetery is possibly the oldest cemetery in Bolton, circa 1799. It is well maintained, with many unmarked and sinking graves. Several sites are marked with field stones. Some markers are broken, many are almost illegible. I estimate there are at least 50 unmarked burials, not included here.

Edward Pratt and I walked this cemetery using digital cameras in summer of 2004. I have a photo of all existing headstones/markers and am willing to share.

- Thomas Dunne

Barber, Electa A, b. Dec 28, 1827, d. May 25, 1897, wife of Leroy Barber
Barber, Henrietta, d. Apr 7, 1854, age: 20yr, dau of E & S Barber
Barber, Leroy, b. Jun 27, 1820, d. Oct 19, 1892
Barber, Otis A, d. Dec 9, 1882, age: 44yr 8mo
Barber, Sally, d. Mar 24, 1864, age: 64yr
Bentley, Hattie M, d. Feb 26, 1894, age: 15yr 2mo 19da
Boyd, Alice M, d. Mar 15, 1855, age: 5mo (?)d, dau of Phiny & Martha Boyd
Boyd, Eunice, d. Sep 28, 1849, age: 64 Y, wife of Robert Boyd
Boyd, Pliny C, d. Apr 26, 1870 (?), age: 63yr 4mo
Boyd, William M, d. Mar 6, 1855, age: 5yr 1mo 10da, son of Phiny & Martha Boyd
Bronson, George Byron, no dates
Bronson, Sally, no dates, wife of Alvah Bronson
Brooks, Lois, d. Aug 12, 1850, age: 75yr, wife of Elam Brooks
Bugbee, Harriet, d. Feb 19, 1883, age: 62yr 5mo 8da, wife of William Bugbee
Church, David G, d. Dec 15, 1858, age: 75yr 5mo
Church, Mary, d. Apr 30, 1821, age: 66yr, wife of Ephraim Church
French, Achsah E, d. Jul 9, 1842, age: 15yr 4mo, dau of Jonathan & Betsey
French, Eleanor Rebecca, d. Jan 6, 1850, age: 2yr & (?), daughter of David J & Ruth French
French, Johnathan, d. Apr 31, 1838, age: 48yr
French, Jonathan, d. Dec 18, 1837, age: 78yrs
French, Samuel, d. Mar 21, 1833, age: 78yr
Goodman, Allen, b. 1783 (?), d. 1857 (wife Clarissa Goodman)
Goodman, Capt Eleazar, d. Dec 15, 1829, age: 79yr
Goodman, Clarissa, b. 1787, d. 1874, wife of Allen
Goodman, Eldad W, d. May 12, 1821, age: 4yr 5mo 5da, son of O & T Goodman
Goodman, Eleazar, b. Nov 16, 1843 (?), d. May 23, 1818(?), son of Eleazar Jr & (?)uhula Goodman
Goodman, Hannah, d. Nov 28, 1815, age: 24 Y
Goodman, Helen Amanda, d. Mar 22, 1826, age: 13da, dau of O & T Goodman
Goodman, Infant, no dates, Children of Geo & Betsey Goodman
Goodman, Lucy Caroline, d. Aug 10, 1842, child of Oton & Lucy Goodman
Goodman, Lucy, d. Jun 21, 1849, age: 46yr 4mo 8 D, wife of Oton Goodman
Goodman, Lucy, d. Mar 21, 1835, age: 10 M, child of Oton & Lucy Goodman
Goodman, Lucy, d. Sep 18, 1859, age: 83yr, wife of Nathan Goodman
Goodman, Nathan, d. Nov 21, 1860, age: 86yr (wife Lucy Goodman)
Goodman, Origin, d. May 7, 1847, age: 61yr 11mo 9da
Goodman, Oton, d. Dec 1, 1879, age: 86yr 9mo
Goodman, Rebecca, d. Jun 4, 1846, age: 94yr, wife of Capt Eleazar Goodman
Goodman, Samuel C, b. Feb 9, 1802, d. Oct 12, 1845
Goodman, Samuel Catlin, d. Sep 4, 1849, age: 2yr 3mo 15da, son of Eleazer & (?)
Goodman, Sarah, d. Aug 15, 1832, age: 51yr 6mo 21 D, wife of Samuel Goodman
Griffin, Electa D, d. Jul 18, 1845, age: 47yr 3mo (?)da, wife of George S Griffin
Griffin, George S, d. Feb 3, 1885, age: 90 Yrs
Griffin, John W, d. Jun 3, 1845, age: 22yr 2mo 26da, son of George & Electa
Hawkes, Anna M, b. Feb 15, 1819, d. Sep 23, 1886, wife of Elam Miller
Hibbell, Mary D, d. Oct 8, 1858 (?), ageyr, Vol. 6th VT Reg Co A
Jacobs, Huldah, d. Sep 7, 1825, age: 27yr
Jacobs, Richard L, d. Mar 19, 1851, age: 16yr 4mo 17da, son of Cyrus & Almira Jacobs
Johnson, Mary, d. Jun 6, 1840, age: 82yr, wife of Samuel French
Miller, Abigail, d. Aug 8, 1860, age: 83yr, wife of Frederick Miller
Miller, Elam B, b. Sep 22, 1816, d. (wife Annamo Hawkes)
Miller, Fanny E, d. Nov 20, 1843, age: 20yr
Miller, Fideliamo B, d. Apr 1, 1862, age: 46yr, wife of Wm Miller
Miller, Frederick, d. Jan 27 (?), 1832, age: 67yr
Miller, Sumner, d. Jul 26, 1845, age: 32yr
Murch, Hiram, d. Dec 7, 1886, age: 80yr
Murch, Lucy, d. Jan 2, 1897, age: 72yr 10mo 21da, wife of Hiram Murch
Page, Maryette, d. May 4, 1848, age: 23yr 2mo 20da, wife of Wm C Page
Patchen, Fanny E, b. Jun 27, 1835, d. Nov 19, 1895
Patchen, Lois W, d. Nov 5, 1855, age: 54 Yrs, wife of Jabez Patchen
Perkins, Helen E, d. Sep (?), 1848, age: 1yr 22 D, dau of (?) & (?) Perkins
Perkins, Mary F, d. Mar 26, 1845, age: 24yr 4 M, wife of Newman Perkins Jr
Perkins, Palmer, d. Apr 11, 1824, age: 31yr
Pierce, Jonathan, d. Feb 23, 1802, age: 18yr, son of Jonathan & Susanna Pierce
Pierce, Maj. John, d. Jan 12, 1812, age: 56yr, (wives Miriam & Polly Pierce)
Pierce, Miriam, d. Jun 26, 1799, age: 43yr, wife of Maj. John Pierce
Pierce, Phiny S, d. May 28, 1853, age: 30yr 10mo 20da
Pierce, Phiny, b. Aug 20, 1779, d. Jul 10, 1869
Pierce, Polly, d. Mar (?), 1809, age: 38yr, 2nd wife of Maj. John Pierce
Pierce, Rebecca, b. Jul 18, 1791, d. Sep 12, 1866, wife of Pliny Pierce
Pike, Bhulah, d. Feb 1, 1840, age: 90yr
Place, Sally, d. Jun 15, 1838, age: 30yr 5 M, wife of Nathan Place
Pratt, Sewell, d. Feb 1, 1837, age: 28yr
Prosser, Juliett, d. May 19, 1863, age: 7yr, dau of J (?) & (?) J Prosser
Randall, Abel R, d. Aug 8, 1856, age: 91yr, (wife Salome Randall)
Randall, Salome, d. Aug 22, 1856, age: 84yr, wife of Abel R Randall
Skiff, George Hovey, d. Mar 1, 1828, age: 2yr, son of Pliny & Eunice Skiff
Skiff, Irene, d. Aug 25, 1831, age: 1yr 3mo 22da, dau of (?) & Olive Skiff
Smith, Dea R, b. Feb 21, 1759, d. Mar 20, 1842, age: 83 Yrs
Smith, Miriam, b. Jun 1, 1761, d. May 14, 1847, age: 86yr, wife of Rueben Smith
Stanton, Prudence, d. Mar 9, 1828 (?), age: 50yr
Stanton, Samuel, d. Feb 5, 1818 (?), age: 43yr
Stewart, Sarah, b. 1819, d. 1911, wife of Sidney W Tuttle
Tanner, Dorcas W, d. May 8, 1842, age: 25yr 4mo 29da, wife of Harvey D Tanner
Terry, Belva G, d. Sep 27, 1838, age: 23yr 24 D, Consort of Elam Terry
Tuttle, Capt Stephen, d. (?) 25, 1813 (?), age: 33yr
Tuttle, Lilian, b. Jan 1, 1883, d. Jul 12, 1895, dau of Jay & Mary Tuttle
Tuttle, Roxa G, d. Mar 2, 1810, age: 35 Yrs, Consort of Sidney W Tuttle
Tuttle, Sarah, d. May 12, 1851, age: 2yr 6mo 20da, dau of Sidney & Sarah Tuttle
Tuttle, Sidney W, d. Sep 15, 1882, age: 56yr 10mo
Tuttle, Stephen, d. Mar 25, 1813 (?), age: 33yr
Vowers, Marietta, b. Aug 7, 1818, d. Jun 3, 1889
Wells, Betsey, d. Aug 16, 1845, age: 55yr 3mo 11da, wife of Elder George B Wells
Wells, Simon R, b. 1826, d. 1886
Winter, Abigail, d. Aug 6, 1837, age: 42yr, wife of Moses Winter
Winter, Ansel, d. Sep 19, 1869, age: (?)yr
Winter, Martha J, d. Jun 14, 1834, age: 2yr 24 D, dau of Moses & (?) Winter
Winter, Moses, b. Mar 2, 1785, d. Jan 6, 1869 (wife Abigail Winter)
Winter, Nancy, d. Feb 25, 1878, age: 97 Yrs
Wright, Mary, d. Nov 25, 1838, age: 5mo, dau of Zenus & Sally Wright
Wright, Sally, d. Jan 4, 1839, age: 36yr, wife of Zenas Wright
Wright, Zenas, d. Jun 23, 1839, age: 37yr

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