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Markle Cemetery
Accord, Ulster County, New York

Contributed by Jan Stevenson, Aug 10, 2001 [janicestevenson@hotmail.com]. Total records = 28.

On the private property of the antique dealer in the town of Accord, NY.

This cemetery is in a farm field not near any roads. The gentleman who owns the property now was kind enough to take me to the site through many fields until we reached this one.

I walked and read all existing tombstones, in August 2000.

- Jan Stevenson
Baker, ??ah, d. Mar 2, 1891, 44y 10m 23d
Baker, Edwin?, d. ? 14, 1882
Baker, James, b. Jul 14, 1841, d. May 7, 1929
Baker, Rachel M., b. Apr 9, 1847, d. Nov 25, 1920
Besimer, Jacob T., d. Jan 5, 1898, 54y / 84y, h/o Permelia
Besimer, Mary C., d. Jun 17, 1878, 8y 4m 22d, d/o Jacob T. & Permelia
Besmier, Permelia (Markle), b. 1838, d. 1916, w/o Jacob T.
Burgher, Hannah M., b. 1847, d. no date
Burgher, Levi B., b. 1848, d. 1907, his wife Hannah M
Bush, Benjamin, b. Dec 10, 1843, d. Feb 2, 1902, h/o Elizabeth A.
Bush, Edward, no dates
Bush, Eliza L. C. (Osterhout), d. Apr 13, 1898, 77y 8m 22d, w/o Edward
Bush, Elizabeth A. (Markle), b. Mar 30, 1843, d. Feb 18, 1916
Bush, Irene, d. Sep 11, 1873, 2y 8m, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth
Connor, Joab Jr., d. Apr 18, 1901, 40y
Corwin, Mary J., d. July 12, 1888, 10y 4m 28d
Markle, Elias, b. 1833, d. 1911, h/o Maria J.
Markle, Mary C. (Wood), b. Feb 1, 1858, d. Dec 7, 1917, w/o Willhemas
Markle, Willhemas, b. Aug 7, 1840, d. Oct 10, 1907, h/o Mary C.
Osterhout, Hannah M., d. Jan 8, 1928, 78y, 2m, 9d, w/o Peter
Osterhout, Maria J., b. 1841, d. 1918
Osterhout, Peter, d. Nov 9, 1900, 78y 6m 5d
Osterhout, Sarah H. (Wood), b. Dec 25, 1827, d. May 13, 1907, w/o Thomas J.
Osterhout, Thomas J., b. Mar 10, 1825, d. Dec 2, 1897, h/o Sarah H.
Rider, Maria (Markle), no dates, w/o James H.
Roosa, John, b. Feb 18, 1860, d. Jun 18, 1895
Rose, Prisilla A., d. Dec 24, 1871, 75y 8m, w/o Jacob
Wood, Jacob, d. Oct 27,1891, 66?y, 9m

John ??
J. W. R.
M. J. Q. O.
Plus some broken and illegible stones

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