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Swedenborgian Cemetery
Burial Records

Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York

GPS: 40.92260, -72.66425

612 Roanoke Ave
Riverhead, NY 11901

Published: January 22, 2024
Total records: 39

Swedenborgian Cemetery is located adjacent to one of the parking lots of St. John's RC Church in Riverhead. According to Suffolk County NY GIS, the cemetery is owned by St. John's.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were compiled in July 1993 by Stuart E. and Anne Hotchkiss

BOYER, Dr. Samuel P., b. 1839, d. 14 Apr 1875
COE, David C., b. Nov (broken), Ag 34yr 6mo, only son of Edwin COE & Fanny
COE, Edwin, b. 1810, d. 1885, Husband of Fanny Davis
CONKLIN, Asa P., b. 1845, d. 1870, Son of Stephen & Caroline (Davis)CONKLIN
CONKLIN, Stephen P., b. 1824, d. 1881, Husband of Caroline Davis
CORWIN, Amanda, b. 15 Jun 1832, d. 3 Jan 1894, dau of Nathan & Mehitable
CORWIN, Frederica V., b. 1849, d. bef. 1900, wife of Hannibal CORWIN
CORWIN, Hannibal, b. 1845, d. 1914, probably son of Nathan & Mehitable
CORWIN, M. Keturah, b. 1840, d. 13 Nov 1879, dau of Dr. S.P. BOYER, wife of Orville B. ACKERLY
CORWIN, Minor T., b. Sep 1838, d. 8 Mar 1839, son of Nathan & Mehitable
CORWIN, Nathan, b. 17 Oct 1801, d. 20 Apr 1890
CORWIN, Wallace, b. 15 Feb 1848, d. 28 Feb 1879, son of Nathan & Mehitable
DAVIS, (Infant), b. 16 Feb 1846, Dau of John Ch. & Mary Ann
DAVIS, Betsey Maria, b. 25 Nov 1818, d. 6 Apr 1901, Dau of Chapman Jr. & Mary; Wife of Eliphalet KETCHAM
DAVIS, Caroline, b. 1826, d. 1896, Dau of David; Wife of Stephen CONKLIN
DAVIS, Chapman Jr., b. 29 June 1789, d. 21 Aug 1848, Son of Chapman Sr.
DAVIS, David, b. 2 Dec 1790, d. 22 Dec 1859, No marker for wife, Hannah ALDRICH
DAVIS, David Frank, b. 3 Dec 1834, d. 22 Dec 1879, Son of David
DAVIS, Fanny, b. 1816, d. 1889, Dau of David; Wife of Edwin COE
DAVIS, John Chapman, b. 29 July 1818, d. 20 Jan 1890, Son of Chapman Jr. & Mary
DAVIS, John Chapman, b. 7 Nov 1850, d. 23 Feb 1857, Son of John Ch. & Mary Ann, Little Chatty on stone
DAVIS, Laura, b. 11 Nov 1816, d. 20 Aug 1856, Dau of David, No marker for husband, Richard NORTON
DAVIS, Mary Ann, b. 12 Nov 1816, d. 14 Oct 1848, Wife of John Ch.
DAVIS, Oliver A., b. 20 Sep 1838, d. 19 Nov 1888, Son of Oliver H. & Sara J.
DAVIS, Oliver H., b. 8 Oct 1815, d. 6 Jan 1872, (Prob.) Son of Chapman Jr. & Mary
DAVIS, Samantha, b. 1838, d. 1930, Dau of David, No marker for husband, David W. YOUNG
DAVIS, Sarah J., b. 17 Apr 1819, d. 24 Mar 1874, Wife of Oliver H.
GRIFFING, Ellen J., b. 26 May 1848, d. 5 May 1908, dau of Nathaniel A & Jane Griffing
GRIFFING, Jane, b. Aug 1830, d. 25 Dec 1870, wife of Nathaniel A.
GRIFFING, Nathaniel A., b. 20 Oct 1823, d. 27 Mar 1898
KETCHAM, Eliphalet, b. 12 Feb 1815, d. 2 Feb 1880, Husband of Betsey Maria
NORTON, Edwin R., b. 17 Mar 1844, d. 3 Jun 1873, Son of Laura & Richard NORTON, Was a Masonic
NORTON, William Harrison, b. 1840, d. 1864, Son of Laura & Richard NORTON, Died in Civil War; Pvt, Co. K, 127 Reg. NY Vol
TUTHILL, Mehitable, b. 11 Jun 1809, d. 28 Sep 1887, wife of Nathan CORWIN
WELLS, Mary ("Polly"), b. 22 Aug 1790, d. 23 Aug 1848, Wife of Chapman
WIGGINS, Betsey Sophia, b. 1 Jan 1843, d. 9 Apr 1909, Wife of D. Frank, Dau Capt. Nathaniel Floyd Wiggins of Greenport

Names found on a few other markers with no additional info...

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