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St. Charles / Resurrection Cemetery
Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York

GPS: 40.734809, -73.407726

2015 Wellwood Ave
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Last edited: May 5, 2006
Total records: 44

St. Charles / Resurrection Cemetery is owned and maintained by Saint John's Cemetery Corporation.


In the 1900's, Bishop Charles McDonnell, the Diocese's second bishop, started to acquire the lands that now comprise St. Charles Cemetery. Land was acquired from the Archdiocese of New York, Pinelawn Cemetery and various individual owners. After Bishop McDonnell passed away in 1921, the Diocese's third bishop, Archbishop Thomas Molloy, completed the purchase of lands that now form St. Charles Cemetery. Resurrection Cemetery, the portion of the land bordering Wellwood Avenue, was originally created and operated by the Archdiocese of New York, and in 1953, Archbishop Molloy arranged for the purchase of this cemetery from the Archdiocese.

When the Diocese of Rockville Centre was established in 1957, the combined lands that formed St. Charles/Resurrection Cemeteries were retained by the Diocese of Brooklyn to serve the future needs of families of the Diocese, as well as family members on Long Island who wished to choose the same Catholic cemetery as their relatives. Today, St. Charles/Resurrection Cemeteries serve Catholics throughout the area.

In 2007, St. Charles/Resurrection Cemeteries were transferred from the Diocese of Brooklyn to Saint John's Cemetery Corporation.

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Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Contributor's Index:

Casal, Joseph,
d. 3/1961, f/o Carmen Casal Lopez and Joseph Casal, [KL]
Catallano, Louisa Crisi (Perez), b. 1923, d. 1/1992, d/o Joseph Perez Lopez and Josefa Perez, [KL]
Collins, Stephen, b.1962, d. 2000, s/o Edward & Joan Collins, [LN]
Daly, John R., no dates, h/o Dorothy Daly
Devine Geraldine, b. 12/5/1928, d. 11/11/1998, d/o Kermit & Anna Wichelns (McKenzie), [NP]
Devine John Robert, b. 7/1/1923, d. 3/1/1982, s/o Arthur John & Mary (Kelly), [NP]
Hamilton, George, Feb 04, 1906, d. Jun 07, 1969, h/o Beatrice Anne Harley, s/o George and Florence Hamilton, [JH]
Helmke, Joyce, b. 1968, d. 1974, [KH]
Lawry, Ellen, b. 3/24/1916, d. 12/24/1977, w/o Russell Lawry, d/o George & Frances Tollefsen, [CK]
Lawry, Russell, b. 9/1/1913, d. 7/26/1947, h/o Ellen Tollefsen, s/o William & Sarah Brennan, [CK]
Lawry, Sarah, b. 5/24/1871, d. 5/18/1948, w/o William Lawry, d/o Thomas Brennan & Margaret Smith, [CK]
Lawry, William, b.7/25/1869, d. 4/21/1948, h/o Sarah Brennan, s/o Ebenezer Morton Lawry & Elizabeth Gallagher, [CK]
Leonard, Dorothy, d. 2000, w/o Joseph, [KL]
Leonard, Joseph, no dates, [KL]
Leonard, Richard 'Richie', no dates, h/o Elizabeth (Richter) Leonard, s/o Magdalena Miller Leonard, [KL]
Licata, Frances Theresa, b. Feb 7, 1918, d. Nov 28, 2003 NY, d/o John and Carmela Palladino, w/o Mario Calogero Licata, 15-P4, [LL]
Licata, Mario Calogero, b. Nov 3, 1919 NY, d. Oct 10, 1999 NY, s/o Frank and Leonarda Licata, h/o Francesca Palladino Licata, [LL]
Licata, Mario Calogero, b. Nov 3, 1919 NY, d. Oct 10, 1999, s/o Frank and Leonarda Licata, s/w & h/o Francesca Palladino, 15-P4, [LL]
Lombardo, Agostino, b. 19 Oct 1887, d. 4 Mar 1968, h/o Francesca Spicali, [AV]
Lombardo, Francesca Spicali, b. 2 Jun 1889, d. 8 Nov 1967, w/o Agostino Lombardo, [AV]
Lopez, Carmen Casal, b. 9/04/1923 La Coruna, Spain, d. 4/09/1991, w/o Joseph Lopez, [KL]
Lopez, Joseph Perez, b. 1891 La Coruna, Spain, d. 1956, h/o Josefa Perez, [KL]
Lopez, Joseph Perez, b. 8/04/1921, d. 1/18/1994, h/o Carmen Lopez, [KL]
McKenna, James Warren Jr., b. 17 Jan 1908 Greenpoint NY, d. 14 Jun 1965 Brooklyn NY, [DP]
McKenna, Mary (O'Donnell), b. 26 May 1912 Brooklyn, NY, d. 10 Jun 1982 Staten Island, NY, m. 27 Jun 1931, [DP]
Miller, George, d. 8/26/1977, h/o Charolette (Tessie), s/o Christopher and Magdalena Miller Leonard, [KL]
Miller, Gustave, b. May 5, 1907, d. Jan. 1962, h/o Edna Mae Casey, s/o Christopher Miller & Magdalena Miller Leonard (Ramdecure), [KL]
Miller, Harriet Slucher 'Hattie', d. 11/30/1973, w/o Julius, [KL]
Miller, Julius Daniel (Red), no dates, h/o Harriet, [KL]
Miller, Maude, b. Mar 7, 1904, d. Jul 1977, d/o Christopher Miller & Magdalena Miller Leonard, [KL]
Morales-Vivas, Angel Maria, b. 1911, d. 1980, f/o Migdalia Morales, [DM]
Nastor, Frank, b. Jan 26, 1930, d. Dec 27, 1998, [RM]
Perez, John, b. 8/08/1929, d. 1999, h/o Patricia Sargent Perez, [KL]
Perez, Patrica Sargent, d. 1983, w/o John Perez, [KL]
Porter, Francis, b. 1896, d. 1986, h/o Margaret Jury, s/o William Porter and Bridget Grogan, [CC]
Porter, Margaret, b. 1898, d. 1997, w/o Francis Porter, d/o Arthur Jury and Margaret Duggan, [CC]
Prestano, Joseph P., b. 19 Oct 1925, d. 13 Sep 1968, h/o Josephine Lombardo, s/o Dominick & Rosalie Prestano, [AV]
Smith, Catherine, b. Sep 22, 07, d. Mar 13, 1989, w/o Thornton Smith, nee: Verity, [JU]
Smith, Thorton F., b. Jan 6, 1908, d. Jul 17, 1987, [JU]
Teetman, Matthew L., b. 1926, d. 1993, h/o Dolores Majewski, Dorothy Lee, s/o Leo and Stella Teetman, [JW]
Tollefsen, Frances (Wierowski), b. 2/15/1889, d. 8/28/1969, w/o Geroge Tollefsen, d/o John and Elizabeth, [CK]
Tollefsen, George, b. 4/17/1890, d. 4/1/1966, h/o Frances Wierowski, s/o Theodor & Ellen, [CK]
Uebbing, Ellen Veronica, b. 11/19/1903, d. 8/25/57, w/o Joseph Uebbing, nee Smith, Range K, Sec 7, #214, [JU]
Uebbing, Joseph, b. 5/23/1894, d. 9/26/1949, [JU]

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